The Novel’s Extra

By Jee Gab Song

The Novel’s Extra Chapter 259

The Novel’s Extra Chapter 259

New episode (2) & gt;

Vast Expanse did not take his foot off the ground. He did not have to move his legs. His will penetrated the earth. The sharp-edged crust intercepted the enemy that rushes, and at times the whole ground rose soaring over the sky.

A perfect gift at workshop.

Vast Expanse became a body with the ground and played against the Chameleon Troupe.

However, the full power of the Chameleon Troupe fought wildly with the Gift of Vast Expanse. Cheok Jungyeong shattered the shield of soil with power and energy. Boss scratched the soil with chlorinated gashin shadows. The spell of destruction of Hirano Arashi was poured out, and not only Kaita’s wire, but also Jin Yohan’s long-serving wife, Ketrin’s dagger, was flooded.

The fighting was explosive. The magic power and the magic power collide, and the ground and the metal collide, and the splendid fireworks are done. It was like a huge firecracker bursting into a fire.

“… Stop it now.”

But I could not turn off the time anymore. Now that the battle is in a lull, Boss has asked Vast Expanse for a conversation before using his life.

“If we get time like this, we can not help it.”


Vast Expanse looked at Boss without speaking. I was so confronted with a little laugh.

“The kid who was next to the Fed, grew up like this.”

Lee Yeon Jun.

I’m Boss’s name.

It was a sore name, and Boss grabbed his fist.

“But it’s a child. Why do you want to have that child? “

Vast Expanse pointed to the illness in the safe place.

“I want to protect my child.”


There was a change in the expression of Vast Expanse.

“This child is now being used as a fireplace by the mighty. It will be exhausted and eventually it will die. So I want to protect it. ”

“· · · · Who made the request. Is that the request of the child, the black lotus? “

Boss nodded.


“Do you like that, why?”

“I do not know.”

“· · · · · · · · ·

Vast Expanse built the scoff.

“I did not teach the Fed this way.”

“· · · I know.”

But Boss shook his head. The relationship between the former Boss – Lee Jun – jun – and Vast Expanse, was to say a teacher and a student. Vast Expanse taught former Boss a mindset as a mercenary, which also led to the present Boss.

“But this is a request from the one who must atone for my whole life.”

The person who is so precious now is asking.

It can be seen from the gathering of Chameleon Troupe. Boss did not force participation in this operation. However, all the members voluntarily participated.

Kim Hajin soon became a very important person in the Chameleon Troupe

“So, you can listen. I am not Lee Jun-jun. “

In the end, Vast Expanse’s face hardened hard.

Vast Expanse wanted to find traces of old disciples in Boss’s face. She had a similar but different wrinkle, so a deep smile was engraved on the mouth of Vast Expanse.

“······························. Put down the sword. “

Kim Junwoo reaped the sword. The magic power of Vast Expanse was also scattered.

Vast Expanse was a mass expedition to send the Chameleon Troupe, and Chameleon Troupe was not to refuse that favor.

“Thank you.”

“There is no need to thank you. It’s just that you and I agree. “

Vast Expanse turned around saying so.

“After a little more time, I will go back to you. Keep the child well until then. “

It’s a bump.

Vast Expanse slowly walked, suddenly, flashing – ─!

With the brilliant light, it disappeared from the view of Chameleon Troupe.

[Historical Past, Auckland]

The continent of Auckland was similar to the fantasy world that emerged as a background to novels. There were two satellites in the sky, like the moon, and there were countless stars. The unfreedom of the universe was revealed by the darkness. I walked in the unfamiliar beauty of the landscape.

[First goal – reaching the capital of Freelion]

Once the first goal was revealed, a notification window popped up.

I kept pausing while I fixed this notification window in the upper right corner of my field of view.

With the help of the Book of Truth, did I just walk around like that?


When the sun was bright and the sun was rising, there was a wall in the distance. However, the wall had already collapsed and lost its function. I confirmed what that was.


[Fleuriean Outer Walls]

“It is the outer wall of the fortress.”

I read the information window as it is. Jin Sahyuk, who was behind him, opened his eyes and confirmed it.

“Right …

We stopped in front of the wall. Over the ruined walls, the inside of the ruins was exposed. The odor of dead bodies stuck to the ground and the smell of dead bodies. It was quite a gruesome view.

“In 555, the entire continent had already been destroyed. Because many wars have been swept up like storms, and the monsters have been gathered before they can recover. In 555, the only good territory in Freelion was just the overthrow of the Schupfert monarchy and the capital ─ Freelion. But even the two territories were in opposition. “

Jin Sahyuk explained the reason for the illusion. She said that she was different from the earth. ‘Memory seal’ or something that is a little loosened.

“Anyway, let’s go.”


We crossed the wall of broken walls. There was no man’s presence in it. The houses and bodies were all broken down. It was the body of soldiers and residents who guarded this place.

“I do not think it’s broken down.”

The state of the body, no matter how long, did not exceed a week after the death.

Jin Sahyuk also nodded as if he agreed.

“It looks so. There must have been a battle recently. · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · · The question of Jin Sahyuk did not make me crazy. This guy still can not figure out the situation. I put my hand on Jin Sahyuk’s shoulders, giving a sigh instead of anger.

“Let’s say straight. I was brought here because of you, why ask me that. ”


Then Jin Sahyuk’s face was frown. Jin Sahyuk stared at me with his sharp eyes.

“Now it’s time to be honest, you bastard.”

“What? What the fuck – “

At that time, everything was all over – a lot of horseshoe sounded. There was a lot of sound, but there was no reason why it was ringing.

I heard the sound and looked at the direction I was coming from.

There was an army that was supposed to be the army. 300 troops carrying the flag of the king. But the condition of the horses is very poor. I have to say that I have starved or not.

Do it. The continent of Auckland is a level that can be called ‘Post Apocalypse’, a world already in ruins.


The cavalry arrived with a strong cry. However, when they saw our modern attire, they became embarrassed for a while, and in the meantime, Jin Sahyuk tried to beat the king.

“What is it? These guys. Which is safe – “

“shut up. Is not there a king besides you here? ”


Jin Sahyuk quickly understood what it meant. She threw a gaze into the basket of cavalry with her open eyes.

There was a girl with a wide armor inside. I think ten years passed. The smallest of them, the girl with the biggest word.

“· · · · · Thank you.

The girl stepped forward slowly, comforting her words.

We watched him as he pierced.

Indeed, it looks like Jin Sahyuk is here It had been 15 years or so. But the color of hair and pupils was different, and it seemed like a completely different person.

“Who are you?”

The blonde and the wall. The cute little child, like the picture, said in an effort to keep his body. Sumin musical instruments and poetry have been passed on to the pupils.

I saw Jin Sahyuk. Jin Sahyuk was looking at the king with a soul.

How do you feel facing yourself in the past? I could not tell.

“Answer it. If you do not answer -! “

When the young king was about to yell, the horse responded.

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stay still. Ino Ohm …. “

Then the king looked down upon us.

“Sing your names. Is it a spell from Schupfert? What is the dress? ”

“no. We are · · · ·. “

I watched Jin Sahyuk’s eyes. However, Jin Sahyuk was not in a position to say anything.

“I am from the temple.”

“The temple?”


Naturally, they did not want to believe me.

“Tough guy! Which is safe to say lies! The temple has already been destroyed …? “

Behave more than words. I showed substantial evidence.

The manifestation of divine power as a magic power of Stigma. The knights stare blankly at the white light from my hand. The group of light suddenly penetrated into the wounds of any knight, and the wound was healed by a single shot.

“Oh, Ow. My wound is better! “

“how is it. This would be evidence? “

When I watched them with their nannies laughing.

The voice of the girl filled with joy came out from young Jin Sahyuk.

“The temple, the temple has not been destroyed yet!”

I looked at the young Jin Sahyuk.

The mouth with the bright smile and the glazed eyes were too much to call the king.

We have been escorted by the knights to the capital. But the state of the capital was not so good. The walls were corroded all over the place, and the people inside the walls were starving the placenta. They did not give any attention to the king who had come.

“… There was no hope in 555.”

It is the VIP room of the palace which received the guidance of the knights.

“I missed precious things because of the struggle, and the servants who had caused the struggle fled with food and goods. I did not know until the treasury and the warehouse were empty, and the servants were gone. When I saw it, all I had left was the articles that pledged my loyalty. “

In a neat room with two large beds, Jin Sahyuk said with wet eyes.

“… And two years later, in 557, I was chased by the monster and Schupfert.”

“Will Kim Suho be the escort of the escort until the end?”


Jin Sahyuk snorted in the rush.

“He is not my last escort. He died, and he survived. So, Kim Suho, he’s here too. ”

“· · · · Whatever it is.”

I lay down on the bed.

Suddenly a new episode occurred, but you should not be bothered. Rather, this episode is the most important turning point.

The reward for this episode was definitely [correction of purification]. The earth ‘s meteoric period has not come yet. I did not set the answer to how to stop the monsters, so I gave them the answer in the remake year.

‘Modification of purification’ is probably a modification that can purify the system.

Tire Ring –

Then, another notice came to my eyes.

[Second goal – acquire 6 pieces of ‘Sculptures of the Continents’, restoring some of the preelions]

“· · · ·. Where are the crystal fragments? “

I immediately asked Jin Sahyuk.

“What do you mean?”

“The fragment you exploded. Take a look in your pocket. ”

“What a bug – hey, this freak!”

“Look at your pocket.”


While trying to get past Jin Sahyuk ‘s pocket, the knock sounded.

─ Come out.

A big voice came in at the same time.

“No, I do not! This is fucking! “

“· · · · · Why is not it irritating. It really does not help. ”

I went out after noticing Jin Sahyuk had no crystal debris. The young knight was staring at us with an unhappy face.

“The king prepared the dinner for you, hungry. Follow me. “

We followed suit at the end of the article. The article led us to a restaurant.

A large dining room. There is a long dining table in the center, and knives on both sides of the wall. Young Jin Sahyuk, ‘Frihi’, sat in the chair.

Frieze was guilty, but guided us with a delightful face.

“I greeted you, and I have nothing but mine.”

At the table was a big pig, a couple of soups, a salad and a bushman brad. The metal plates were also cleaned, and the dishes and bowls were all made of wood.

We sat there once.

“Thank you.”

“haha. Thanks for what. But, is it still a temple left? ”


I laughed as much as I could, and nodded. It looks like you’re playing a house.

“Yes. I hope that the temple will be ready soon. “

Friedh laughed, hiding his smile.

“Big. Now, now that you’re Saddam, let’s go. ”

“Thank you.”

The king was pleased, but the articles around us were somewhat dissatisfied.

It seemed that this dinner was a real lethal dinner. In exchange for this meal, all other articles have to starve.

Friedrich said not to eat soup.

“· · · · · · · · · · · · ·

“Yes. Please call me Kim Shin-kwan. “

“Uhm. Kim Shin Won. Then what’s next? ”

“Ah. My maids. “

“· · · · · Well, wait. What? What? “

Jin Sahyuk, who looked down at the Yeonha crab with a smoked pig, cried out.

As if he did not like the lame reaction, Friedhi shot himself in the future. It was not just Freih.

─ Well.

─ Is it possible for a maid to have a pew with the king?

Jin Sahyuk tries to get to the point that the knights have raised their complaints. Even one maiden eats what they can not eat – a complaint.

“Haha. Sorry. In fact, being a maid is a joke, and this is also a fuse. It’s a new building with a little extraordinary power. ”

“Ah. Yes. divine power. It is the power of glory … “

Anyway, the meal continued. Duckling. I moved the tableware and looked around.

– That pig, Sir Leot, has caught it.

– I was expecting to eat it when it was baked.

– But I can not help it. He came from the temple.

– So it is more a problem. There is now nothing in the temple. They can not help us. I will be out of the temple and celebrate food only.

I did not eat much. I was not hungry, and the remaining food would be a part of the knights, and I would make concessions.


Instead, I watched Fried.

Friedrich was eating smoked pigs with small hands. It was a delicious world. The fact that the knights do not complain more than this is probably due to the happy face of that king.


And Jin Sahyuk looked at the past alone, without touching the food.

─ I am glad that they still have noticed.

─ Because the king can not eat so much, either one or two is possible.

─ Thank goodness. Sue.

So when the meal is going on and the little king will be hungry.


Suddenly the door of the restaurant opened and a scout rushed in.

“Looks good! The Schupperts have invaded into the wall. ”


Friedrich spoke of yelling. The lips of a young child ‘s cherries shook with pig oil.

“The Count of Schupfert now has a strange crap that he captured the spies that the king had dispatched.”

“The VIPs are here. Let’s go -! “

At the same time as the king, all the knights were ebbing away.

A situation where you can not understand the situation Inside, suddenly one thought came to mind.

“Wait a second. Spy? “

At the first meeting, Friehy looked at me and said:

‘Is it a spy from Supert?’

If so, Schupfert also ….

I got up quickly.

“Hey. Follow me. Somehow, there is a man who has fallen here but us. “

“I was not going anymore.”

Jin Sahyuk is already poised to mobilize magic power, and I ran with Jin Sahyuk.

They quickly rushed through fearful citizens and climbed over the wall.

“King, please! I have brought you a spy! “

There was a large group of Schupfert under the wall. Though it was about three thousand people who tried to be a great army, it was a mercenary army compared to the king.

“I’m not a spy!”

And then, a loud voice came up from below.

I laughed a little while watching them.

There were Jin Seyeon and Aileen in jail. Hands and feet are tied up with the restraint.

Again, they were also involved in a crystal explosion.


[magic power constraint constraint]

Well, that’s a good item.

When I was thinking about it, Friedrich cried out loud.

“These cheeky ones!

Bloodstripes The limbs shaking with eyes and anger.

Frieh was angry as a king. The object of the rage was the Count of Schupert, a man looking up at the king under the wall.

“Haha. Young King. Now, even in this situation, do not you think? I am truly sorry. So your servants have all gone! “

─ Ha ha ha ha ha! A foolish king, a young man pretending to be a king is so funny!

However, the soldiers under the castle only laughed at Frieh. Frizz bit his lip, and the knights hid such kings behind them.

“Those fucking things … These are all over today. “

Jin Sahyuk sprang up the anger of the extreme and stood on one foot.

“Ha ha ha ha ha. We will go, O king of infants. “

But they seemed to have no intention of fighting. They left Aileen and Jin Seyeon and started preparing to leave.

So said Count Count Schupfert.

“King, it was good to take a spy and pull a monster. However, “

Then, on the far horizon, something gruff was wriggling. It was too bizarre to be a natural phenomenon.

“Hmm …”

I’ve seen something like that someday. That was a crowd of monsters. The army that the monsters gathered together came to this side.

“You are too foolish, weak and bad. Now accept the reality, Free. Perelion has already been destroyed. ”

“Yes, this is a shorthand!”

Friedrich made a sound. It was a dignified crying to look dignified.

“Haha. Think about how you can stop those monsters in time to be angry. “

Schupfert turned his head. 3000 soldiers turned sideways and followed Schupfert.

For those who were far away, the knights could not do any harm.

“The numbers of the monsters ……….”

They also saw it. The monsters slowly pushed from the horizon.

Said Jin Sahyuk.

“Hey. Can you deal with it? ”

“It’s possible you are opponents.”

I took out a small iron box in my Stigma. It is a bullet box made with ‘Modify Settings’, which contains about 10,000 rounds of bullets.

“You go down. We will stop. ”

“No, you said you were from the shrine. So please take my king and run away. That monster can not stop us. ”

“If the temple is still there, I have a way. Think of it as a retreat for advancement, and run away with the king. “

The knights told us each one word. But the king did not say anything. The king, covered in sorrow and anger, was just drowning. It was a cry that did not overcome my division.

Jin Sahyuk looked at such a king.

“No. You can stop it. “

I stretched Aether and surrounded Jin Seyeon and Aileen. Then I pulled it up to the wall. Weak – 꺄 꺄 – With a strange scream, they sat on the floor of the wall.

“I have to stop it. We, and you too. “

So grabbed Desert Eagle. A sharp light emerged from the muzzle.

All the knights gathered here looked at me with blind eyes. But I did not care about their gaze, I aimed at the muzzle of that many monsters.

Meanwhile, this is the home of Seoul Yoo Yeonha.

“Ha ………”

Yoo Yeonha took all the piles of mountains and buried her in a chair. Orden was responsible for a lot of toxic work. I still have a day off, so I can rest tomorrow.

“Haaam ………”

She turned on the TV while yawning. A funny drama was on the air. It was an unexplainable story between Romance Dra Djinn, Low Rank Hunter and Master Rank Hero.

– It does not matter if you are the lowest rank. The important thing is that I like you.

The moment the screen switches, the news suddenly appeared.

─ It is a breaking news. On the Orden side, it is the news that the heroes who entered their territory were taken hostage.

“· · · · What?”

Yoo Yeonha got up hurriedly and looked into the TV.

─ I have not seen anything yet, but Orden is now in the temple of justice ‘Aileen’, ‘Yonghae’, ‘Park Han-ho’, Master Rank Hero ‘Jin Seyeon’, Seo Yeongji ‘ Shin Jonghak and S-class mercenary ‘Fenrir’ as hostages, and to the Association and the Government of the Republic of Korea.

The moment Yoo Yeonha’s face hardened hard.

With Shin Jonghak, to Kim Hajin.

She waited for a moment because she wanted to hear it wrong.

Tyrrho Long –

But this time the alarm went off on the smartwatch. It was a clear message sent directly by the association and the government.

[Urgent meeting request. Orden has hosted heroes and mercenaries.]

Inside, the names Shin Jonghak and Kim Hajin were clearly written.

New episode (2) & gt; End

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