Devouring The Heavens

By Xiami XL

Jin Shan xiong beast

Jin Shan xiong beast

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Chapter 202 Jin Shan xiong beast

Five Element Immortals in former opening.

In this piece everywhere is on the mountains of pure gold, similarly has the innumerable extremely terrifying ominous beasts, a golden machaerodus of whole body as if pure gold construction, actually has the strength of thousand dragons, already comparing favorably with ordinary Battle Sovereign ominous prestige, but also has golden dragons, the strength arrives at more than 1000, incomparable terror.

This these ominous beasts to the Five Element Immortals front, were frail are the same with the paper, made into the smashing directly, has Inner Core anything, directly lost to Xuan Yuan, natural disposition that Xuan Yuan managed a household with diligence and thrift, was glad to receive, many a little makes a mickle!

Moreover these were arrived at Sovereign Tier Realm Inner Core, will have many Battle Sovereign to be willing to leave the high price purchase, although could not compare that type ‚Sea-Gulping Killer Whale’ that terrifying Battle Sovereign peak, the vitality was more prosperous much the seabed ominous beast, but is not bad, at least after building up melted Inner Core, changes the body mortal body intensity will improve several scales.

Five Element Immortals is domineering and tyrannical all the way, invincible.

„Xuan Yuan disciple, you look for a topography well, although said that here is ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’, but in the potential of heaven and earth, does not have absolutely, ’ has always restrained regarding ‚ Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold, or will not encourage its ominous prestige the topography.”

„Um, I know.” All the way, Xuan Yuan also keeps looking at ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ middle topography, he looked, before this piece ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’, is not a genuine Jinshan, after because just had ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’, after ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ day-by-day great strength, after day and night gradually influencing, this mountain changing magically Jinshan, this ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ has the method of touching a stone and turn it into gold actually.

„Five teachers, I felt this ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ deep place, the aura is very terrorist, we not suitable thorough, toward this ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ all around circles, has a look to have the appropriate topography.” Xuan Yuan said.

„Good, listens your.” Metal Old Man wields, as if must breaking out is the same entire Jin Shan, sees only the Fang Yuan / perimeter more than ten li (0.5km) [gold/metal] trees to cut off completely.

Giant honeycombs fall on the ground, sees only buzz humming sound densely and numerously, does not know that many golden sword bees are vibrating the wings, flashes is letting the person palpitation the point, assassinates to come toward Xuan Yuan one line, this each golden Jianfeng has child the size of a head, is very the terror.

„These many quantities!” Xuan Yuan heart one startled, the strength of each golden sword bee, the strength are unexpectedly least in the strength of 500 dragons, arrived at the strength of ordinary Battle Grandmaster peak powerhouse, dense and numerous, feared that most little has number hundred thousand, the bonus is Xuan Yuan looks that cannot help but a parade is also big.

The Zhi Xuan look is tranquil, said slowly:

„This is ‚golden sword bee’, their end are ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ the air/Qi ‚profound phoenix seizes life [gold/metal] needle’, the terror is unusual, the revolutions breaks various Battle Qi protections, even if High grade Earth Artifact evolves, but Restriction is also hard to resist its ominous prestige! ‚Golden sword bee’ in the method of sneak attack, strikes to kill one to have one set of ordinary High grade Earth Artifact Battle Grandmaster powerhouse sufficiently, therefore is certainly careful, ‚profound phoenix should not be seized life [gold/metal] needle’ to kill by these!”

„What, so is unexpectedly terrorist?” Xuan Yuan heart one startled, looks that densely and numerously, as if gathers piece by piece golden clouds, is actually concealing the endless Killing intent golden sword colony, cannot help but some creepy feeling.

„Good, ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ lethality is astonishing, its effectiveness is specially broken magic weapon Restriction, kills the strength to be boundless, leaves beside this, not other, by no means friendly kind, therefore ‚Exquisite Immortal Palace’ for generations its seal here, unexpectedly it actually changed formidable, hopes that this time Apprentice Brother Xuan Yuan can subdue it!”

„Hey, these are only little things, does not need to be afraid.”

Fire Immortal has laughed, said is late, at that time was quick, sees only at least had several thousands ‚golden sword bee’ the end to kill ten thousand ‚profound phoenix to seize life [gold/metal] needle’, saw only Fire Immortal to count on the fingers a ball, the mouth spout the burning hot the green roaring flame, has covered the body first several kilometers, less than among the moments, the dense and numerous golden sword bee immediately was burnt cleanly, did not have remaining including one.

Xuan Yuan has cannot help but held breath cold air, the Battle Immortal strength, is really as deep as a well, however at this moment, huger ‚golden sword bee’ group wave after wave wells up, the astonishment of quantity terror.

„‚Metal Immortal’ the strength of senior is really as deep as a well, felt all of a sudden innumerable ‚golden Jianfeng Nest’ has made the reflection of sneak attack, completely has cut simply this flake gold Feng Woods, now one and is solved, province troubled.” Zhi Xuan chuckle.

Xuan Yuan also understood the intention of Metal Old Man.

The Fire Old Man big sleeve wields, everywhere green Battle Qi gathers flame sweeping that becomes, sees only everywhere fell bead sizes ‚golden sword bee’ Inner Core.

Also is one wave ‚golden sword bee’ destruction, however at this moment, in sky, innumerable ‚golden sword bee’ gathers a terrifying golden great sword, is several li (0.5km), cuts to kill to come toward Xuan Yuan one line , the incomparable terror, sees this, in foreheads of Zhi Xuan, has a dignity.

„Has not thought that these ‚golden sword bee’ day by day absorbs ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ aura, unexpectedly also becomes such spirit wisdom, can actually gather to combine this to cut immortal swordsmanship together ‚’, it seems like ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ obtained the same day that ’ to study with the senior lifetime that I ‚Exquisite Immortal Palace am on good terms, together this ‚ golden sword bee’ composes ‚cuts immortal swordsmanship’ common Rank 1 Battle Emperor to meet, if cannot resist, perhaps also will fall from the sky, Apprentice Brother Xuan Yuan, if meets ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’, you incomparably must be careful!” Zhi Xuan discrete [say / way].

„Many thanks the saintess reminded.”

Xuan Yuan nodded, sees a spot to peep the overall picture, has not thought of this ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ unexpectedly fiercely to this grade of situation, but Xuan Yuan knows that ‚Diamond Buddha Clay’ is not bad compared with ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’, but ‚Diamond Buddha Clay’ actually voluntarily integrates in own spleen, when necessity, may let ‚Diamond Buddha Clay’ and ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ fights one fight.

Metal Old Man long has smiled one:

„Ha Ha, is really interesting, do I want to take a look at my Yellow Emperor to extinguish immortal sword to cut immortal swordsmanship but actually ‚’ compared with this ‚’ how?” Sees only the Metal Old Man fist is the palm, two fingers exist side by side, immediately Battle Qi of incomparable terror, changes into the golden great sword broken to kill together, this is containing the golden Battle Qi great sword together, more than ten li (0.5km), these ‚golden sword bee’ composes ‚cuts immortal swordsmanship’, in Metal Old Man ‚Yellow Emperor extinguishes immortal sword’ front, actually felt dwarfed.

Sees only all over the sky golden sword bee to gather that ‚to cut immortal swordsmanship’, was ripped the smashing suddenly, innumerable Inner Core from the sky, falls.

„Really is fierce, if can control these ‚golden sword bee’ in income magic weapon, brings, can that under Battle Emperor Realm, be invincible?” Although these ‚golden sword bee’ composes ‚cuts immortal swordsmanship’, in Metal Old Man ‚Yellow Emperor extinguishes immortal sword’ front to end the defeat, but this could not cover these ‚golden sword bee’ ominous prestige.

„That is but actually not so, if meets to think the powerhouse who Princess Shi Wan so controls the different fire, has in the same old way not fresh.” Zhi Xuan said with a smile.

Fire [gold/metal], looked that the Fire Old Man easily accomplished imposing manner knew a moment ago, now Xuan Yuan must look for one to help the hot topography.

Shi Wan shows a faint smile, remains silent, was pondering over, if can maximum limit help Xuan Yuan.

„Initially that died in a sitting posture this place, ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ formerly owner, perhaps also for future ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ consideration, I think this mountain the topography, clearly is a certainly hot topography, is prevents some people to use topography of capture fire ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’.” Xuan Yuan sought for quite a while, saw only ‚golden sword bee’ to come the 7-8 wave continuously, died cleanly, oneself have not actually seen place of fire intensity.

„Cannot think that Apprentice Brother Xuan Yuan also has such deep research regarding the topography, do I see Five Element Immortals as if very much not to be an expert to the topography? Is Apprentice Brother Xuan Yuan inadequate of studying independently?” Zhi Xuan smiles pale asked that hearing five old men somewhat to be embarrassed.

„Naturally is my this treasure disciple is a self-made person, do our five old man where have such big skill?”

Metal Old Man has laughed, the confident acknowledgment, the hand wields, immediately Inner Core of enough over ten thousand golden sword bees soars, directly very much Xuan Yuan is glad these ‚golden sword bee’ Inner Core took in own Fighter's Ring.

If these attain ‚Fighting Dragons Immortal Palace’ award and punishment stage, feared that can be Xuan Yuan trades innumerable Contribution Points.

As if feels the ominous prestige of five terrifying powerhouses, all the way ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ the ominous thing starts to withdraw in abundance, must know they by ‚Profound Phoenix Heavenly Gold’ aura day and night gradually influencing, the spirit wisdom also becomes exceptionally intelligent, even if has not escaped, hid into to the advantageous topography in the middle , the preparation killed the counter-attack at risk of life.

Xuan Yuan discovered that in this ‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ , the earth potential is extremely numerous, does not have his Earth Births Metal, [gold/metal] Shi is also extremely numerous, if cultivates the gold metallurgy is the powerhouse of magical powers arrived here, may be able to be inexhaustible for the thing that he uses, with does not end.

‚Profound Phoenix Gold Mountain’ seeks for the topography in Xuan Yuan one line of walk big in the instance, immediately has the tiger roaring sound shake together, this tiger roaring sound is quite together terrorist, to the person a feeling of everything may become vulnerable, in the sound, contains the endless [gold/metal] is being the Battle Qi strength, shakes some Xuan Yuan lungs stabbing pain, must know in this place, was Xuan Yuan did not have the concise lung.

The Zhi Xuan complexion changes, startled sound track:

„This is endures compared with Rank 7 Battle Emperor ‚Metal Immortal Sky Tiger’, Apprentice Brother Xuan Yuan is careful.”

Metal Old Man has smiled one, a whole person as if sharp sword from out of the blue, only has left behind a few words, is very rampant:

„Isn't one endures compared with the Rank 7 Battle Emperor small tiger? Has anything to be quite careful, looked that I cut it, urges to go faster comes.”

The Metal Old Man imposing manner is very swift and fierce, a moment later, ‚Metal Immortal Sky Tiger’ the miserable howling sound transmits, bang, sways once again.

Saw only Metal Old Man one is the blood came back, these blood were not his blood, was that ‚Metal Immortal Sky Tiger’ the blood, saw only in Metal Old Man to grab an eyeball size golden Inner Core, said:

„Good, this ‚Metal Immortal Sky Tiger’ is also considered as rare Beast, this Inner Core value is not small, receiving.”

Xuan Yuan received ‚Metal Immortal Sky Tiger’ Inner Core, decides to say immediately:

„Topography and other sought again, the topography of here poly [gold/metal] are many, I seized the chance ’ to say the lung with ‚ Emperor Huang's Lungs Divine Pill concise again.”

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