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Lies softly

Lies softly

? Has appraised a Lin Huang individual strength, Mr. Fu sudden thread of conversation One Revolution.

„That that just opened the door miss who called Little Witch, was your governing beast?”


„I thought her strength am Black-Gold Emperor Palace realm, was you strongest governing beast?” Mr. Fu also asked.

„It is not, my governing beast arrived at Black-Gold Emperor Palace.” Lin Huang answered with a smile.

„All arrived at Black-Gold Emperor Palace? How many?” Mr. Fu listened to stare.

„More than 20.” Lin Huang has not concealed.

„Summoned the largest quantity, I tried your governing beast strength to be what kind of again.” Mr. Fu controlled the puppet person occasionally once more to move immediately, obviously a moment ago and Lin Huang's fight has not made him enjoy oneself to the full.

Lin Huang selects the brow, the one breath will be white, Tyrant, Thunderclap, Blood Robe, Cyan Demon, Daemon, Black Charcoal, Strength King, Ice King, Death Knight, Fallen Knight, two Darkness Moon Snake 13 monster summoned.

Bloody in his sleeve cuff, Witch Woman in a building living room, occupied two summon quotas, enabling him also only to summon 13 governing beasts to fight.

Saw that 13 monster also appear, Mr. Fu obviously in same place, he is first time sees the summon quantity upper limit of Lin Huang governing beast.

„Can you control these many Black-Gold Emperor Palace governing beasts?” The Mr. Fu whole face is astonished asks.

He felt each monster aura to compare general Three-time Variation Monster to be strong clearly many, obvious within the body has formidable bloodline.

Although he is not Imperial Envoy actually also knows, the governing beast is more formidable, is bigger to the Spirit Soul burden of Imperial Envoy. By the strength standard of Lin Huang Four Steps Long Life realm, can control a Black-Gold Emperor Palace governing beast to be according to the common sense the limit. But looking back now, he not only has controlled more than ten Black-Gold Emperor Palace monster, but also a point cannot see the burden of any Spirit Soul level.

„Most can control 15, many are not again good.” Lin Huang nods.

Mr. Fu deeply looked at Lin Huang one, he knows on indistinctly perhaps own disciple is hiding any secret, but has not continued to go into seriously.

„Aura are very actually strong, does not know that the strength is what kind.” The Mr. Fu vision has swept 13 governing beasts, „lets them on together, time-saving.”

White and others looked toward Lin Huang, seemed looked down on some to be not quite satisfied regarding oneself.

„This is my Teacher, he wants to have a look at your strengths. On, does not need anything to retain together.” Lin Huang nodded to white one line.

He knows that White and others on together is also unlikely to win, that puppet person occasionally under the Mr. Fu's control, the strength can promote to Purple-Gold Emperor Palace with ease, even the strength can endure to compare the Exceed Quality evildoer/monstrous talent.

These days White and others has killed the four directions greatly, occasionally makes them suffer setbacks is not the misdemeanor, at least can stimulate them to become stronger.

Although the non- sentiment does not hope, but White and others obeyed the Lin Huang's instruction, entered the battle condition quickly, occasionally throws to strike to go toward the puppet person who Mr. Fu āo controls.

White and others thinks, a person occasionally, even if the fierce person controls not to be strong, result one flock of governing beasts suffered the hardship quickly.

The puppet person of Mr. Fu control occasionally is only maintaining and White and others same Black-Gold Emperor Palace strength, the figure just like the ghosts and demons, walks randomly in beast group with ease, they plays with Black Charcoal in the stock palm thoroughly.

White and others one crowd collaborates, absolutely does not have the tacit understanding of community joint operation, strengths only display the 50-60 percent standard.

Lin Huang looked at the brow slightly wrinkle, he hand/subordinate had not been collaborated by oneself governing beast collective, most is only 22 collaborates. Runs into the formidable enemies is directly with the corps resentment, now manifests the malpractice. White and others coordinates is very really bad, the overall strength has missed also more than one scale compared with Sword Formation that Lancelot 18 Sword Servant composed. Must know, their single body strength can crush Sword Servant.

„Individual strength is good, but can look, your this batch of governing beasts have not played the coordination completely.” Mr. Fu has given such appraisal.

At this time, Bloody was a little unable to continue watching.

When Mr. Fu prepares to receive the hand, Bloody passes message to White and others one. White and others arranged according to Bloody's quickly, has composed simple Battle Formation, the imposing manner is different immediately.

„Battle Formation?” The Mr. Fu brow selects, the line of sight shot a look at a Lin Huang's left hand sleeve cuff.

By his False God Grade strength, already induced in the Lin Huang sleeve cuff Bloody's to exist, heard regarding Bloody passes message clear. Had planned he who gives up was also interested immediately, he wants to have a look to hide the little fellow in Lin Huang sleeve cuff can achieve any degree.

„Takes two already the knight of synthesis as the Battle Formation core, other person of coordination attack......” Bloody to send greetings is directing the motion of White and others.

The Battle Formation same place, is Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace Death Knight attacks, in the hand long spear pounds like the long line, the place visited, the air was torn the nihility. The sharp incomparable lance point just like biting the poisonous snake of marrow, points to the puppet person occasionally head.

Puppet person occasionally strength was also promoted Yellow-Gold Emperor Palace realm by Mr. Fu, does not evade does not let, wields toward the lance point heavy blows. This fist had numerous sonic bangs, the institute and place, the trim region pulls out the vacuum.

Void, two bombardments hit loudly in one.

Similar to million Thunderclap simultaneously crack, wild air current waves toward clear away in all directions.

This one time collides, Death Knight only drew back Three Steps, the puppet person occasionally is actually thrown to fly, pounded into ruthlessly.

„A little meaning.” This one time collision makes Mr. Fu at present one bright.

The finger moves slightly, the puppet person occasionally jumps out from sea level Extreme Speed, rushed over toward Battle Formation that the governing beast composes once more.

Under the guidance of Bloody's, entire Battle Formation is centered on two synthesis knights, is responsible for attacking, is responsible for defending.

The coordination of White and others even more is also tacit, how almost does not need to open the mouth to following Bloody, they know how should change.

Mr. Fu controlled the puppet person occasionally almost to exhaust all means that has attempted for nearly two hours, throughout did not have the means to break through the formation.

Finally but in, occasionally promoted White-Gold Emperor Palace the puppet person strength, spent for more than 20 minutes thoroughly to break through the formation.

White and others also wants to fight again, was actually stopped by Lin Huang.

„Quite good, your group of governing beasts, the learning capability is strong, was almost not inferior to human.” Mr. Fu also occasionally thoroughly takes back the puppet person, nods satisfied, afterward looked to the Lin Huang's left hand sleeve cuff position, „naturally, what was fiercest was in your sleeve cuff this little thing.”

Under Bloody in Lin Huang's hints, crawled the Lin Huang's sleeve cuff, twined on his left arm.

„If I have not guessed that wrong, this little thing should have Exceed Wisdom?” Mr. Fu guesses this point with ease.

„Yes, Bloody is my military strategist.” Lin Huang nods.

„Isn't it the purple?” Mr. Fu somewhat strangely looks to Lin Huang, said at heart silently, „my this disciple is a color blindness?”

Lin Huang saw that the Mr. Fu's look had guessed correctly he is thinking anything, answered hastily, „the Bloody's body from the beginning was the red, but afterward advance a step caused the body color change. The name was called to be used to it, has not changed.”

„I can also turn into other colors.” Bloody was saying, will turn into the red

„Exceed Wisdom monster is not good to subdue.” Mr. Fu could not bear looked at Bloody two, knows that was Host mediates, should be subdued completely.

He has dealt with monster of many type, meets has Exceed Wisdom monster. But has Exceed Wisdom monster to have the superiority feeling in intelligence quotient generally, is unlikely to submit to human.

„Body lies softly, it is estimated that does not have any actual combat capability, therefore was subdued easily.” Mr. Fu after a Bloody observation, in drew this conclusion at heart silently.

He does not know completely, by the overall strength, Bloody now absolutely is under Lin Huang one of the strongest several governing beasts. Watches the first round zui new chapter welcome to the female guest line--- Cell phone address:

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