Monster Paradise

By Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

The pit deceased person does not pay with a life

The pit deceased person does not pay with a life

Zhu Xing and Snow and Ice Giant two people dialogues, looked at clear by the monitoring by Bloody, it immediately has also given Lin Huang the lip language translator.

„They think that on me had Divine Tool to twist the investigation result.” Lin Huang looks at the monitoring video, shakes the head to say with a smile, „has this mentality to be also good, at least in a short time, they by this mentality misleading, do not think of was actually is monitored.”

„Looks at their present manner, as if the plan has pursued.” The Bloody reminder said.

„They are willing to pursue, we slide are playing.” The Lin Huang mentality is very good, was not worried oneself were held.

Saw that Zhu Xing completed own Coordinate locking once more, Lin Huang summoned Wheel of Gold again, bringing Bloody to vanish on the spot.

Waits for Zhu Xing and Snow and Ice Giant is transmitted, came up empty-handed once more.

But two people have not lost heart obviously, Zhu Xing one time has broken by biting the finger, surveys the Lin Huang's position......

After such one pursued ran away program that has performed 78 times repeatedly, Zhu Xing each time activates surveys the Rune time to be getting more and more long. But that only Snow and Ice Giant also starts to swallow the energy crystal, gave itself the supplementary energy to consume.

„This Zhu Xing is fierce enough, has used 78 Weeping Blood Rune, sign that but also do not collapse.” Lin Huang said after a sigh with a smile.

„This Rune, the blood is only the medium, the consumption mainly Mental Strength. If at the Zhu Xing Mental Strength intensity, could not support several this Rune. But but the parasitic body of his within the body Wu Zhi, how said again, he once was also the False God realm powerhouse.” Bloody dreaded to the Wu Zhi once False God status throughout, „by him that only has Half God realm Snow and Ice Giant of Space Shift method, is not the good kind. By his strength, so long as puts in an appearance can both of us instantaneously frozen, runs away cannot escape.”

„I know certainly me now in the wire walking. Early 12 seconds of transmission leaves, Zhu Xing locking is my new Coordinate. Late 12 seconds transmit, will be bumped by them. But if ignores they no matter, such escapes from this mainland, they will look for the trouble of White Bones that ethnic group.” Lin Huang does not hope that own matter implicates others.

„White Bones they were building up other ethnic groups, the preparation and Wu Zhi they make war.” After the silence of moment, Bloody said this matter eventually. „I also spread Parasitic Seed in White Bones their territories, heard White Bones to say personally.”

„Why they must make war, because of me?” Lin Huang deeply frowns immediately.

„You only calculate that a blasting fuse......” Bloody was saying, has projected the picture that White Bones and stone tower great face talked at that time.

Looked at the picture projection silent, Lin Huang long time.

White Bones is lives really the quite thorough person, he knows that any thing should, any thing should not result, when also knows this choices.

Actually Lin Huang resulted in Witch God Inheritance, White Bones knows , can definitely massacre him to capture the inheritance, but he did not have to do this, chose on the contrary has sheltered Lin Huang.

In the projection picture, „lived much 30,000 for many years, but also is insufficient?”

Let Lin Huang cannot help but not admire this old man, he has completely understood the life and death seriously.

„This war was inevitable.” Bloody stares at Lin Huang saying that „we leave, will not affect the general situation.”

Lin Huang lowered the head long time then slowly had gained silent ground, „and other tomorrow's deadlines arrive walk again, I want to fight together with them at the last minute.”

Bloody looks at the Lin Huang firm look, knows oneself said again anything is the futile effort, „good, since you have such decided that I accompany you to fight at the last minute.”

After escaping another wave of pursuit of Zhu Xing, Lin Huang and Bloody appear in the unmanned space that snow and ice cover again.

„I thought that our has run away, besides delaying time, does not have what substantive effect.” Bloody opens the mouth to say suddenly.

„What other ideas do you have?” Lin Huang asked hastily.

„Since already in wire walking, did not care are many to be dangerous.” Bloody said with a smile, „we can attract to have the beast group accumulation them or have the place that formidable monster occupied, created to them troubles.”

„This idea is good.” Lin Huang listened brightly at present one.

„Before I have met Ice Corpse Grand Ape, although does not arrive at Half God realm, but is not far from Half God realm. Snow and Ice Giant transmits each time consumes greatly, directs there them, should create to them troubles. Initially to prevent to be chased down by formidable fellow, nearby several Emperor Palace realm monster territories that passed by I have also located.”

„We transmit to these Coordinate positions, looks to them troubles.” What although leaves is the sinister bad idea, Bloody ashamed look does not have, the tone is very indifferent.

„Cannot look, you can also offer this bad advice.” Lin Huang said with a smile.

„To the enemy, is not overrated with any method.” Bloody very confident say/way.

Looks in the projection picture, Zhu Xing located once more own Coordinate, Lin Huang summoned Wheel of Gold again, smilingly transmitting coordinate adjusting nearby beforehand localization Ice Corpse Grand Ape territory.

Waits for the Snow and Ice Giant transmission vortex to condense the formation once more, he then brings Bloody to stride in the Wheel of Gold front door.

Strides from Wheel of Gold, Lin Huang returned nearby one month ago Ice Corpse Grand Ape territory.

Has identified under one slightly, Lin Huang found the position that Ice Corpse Grand Ape has only hidden, he is restraining the whole body aura, float safe region outside Ice Corpse Grand Ape territory, the patience was waiting for steadily Zhu Xing and Snow and Ice Giant below one time pursues.

After ten minutes, Zhu Xing tracing Rune soon condenses the formation time.

At this moment, the summon that the Lin Huang lip angle raises Wheel of Gold, summoned Dao of the Witch Book.

Dao of the Witch Book turned the page to Rune above fast, Lin Huang empty according to above Rune, together golden Rune in in the air fast condensation formation.

„Melts the snow!” Lin Huang puts out a hand a finger/refers, Rune changes to dazzling gold glow to cover that piece of space that Ice Corpse Grand Ape has hidden instantaneously. The snow of trim region seemed roasted by high temperature roasts the fast melting, in a short less than three seconds of time, the Ice Corpse Grand Ape hiding place turned into a black gulf.

After moment, angrily roars from the gulf spreads.

In the Bloody's projection picture, Snow and Ice Giant also summoned the transmission vortex.

„Hopes that you can enjoy my this big ritual well.” The Lin Huang lip angle raises, shoves open Wheel of Gold front door stride.

Almost in the next second that Lin Huang vanishes, angry Ice Corpse Grand Ape fled from the place bottom. While he presents, Snow and Ice Giant and Zhu Xing happen to from transmitting the vortex took a step......

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