Monster Paradise

By Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

Delivers you to send Misfortune Card

Delivers you to send Misfortune Card

The Beast Tide crisis has solved, but was not fights in all battlefields finished. In several outpost battlefields, the fight is continuing as before......

South Beacon outpost, a tall gold-robed man is built on in the air arrogantly, looked distantly to opposite black-robed figure and her side that only giant monster.

„If I have not guessed that wrong, you start Beast Tide, to give in city that several intruder dragging time. But now in White Capital City came from other Stronghold Emperor Palace realm powerhouses rushed over, several people that in addition guarded, in the city at least over 15 Emperor Palace realm are looking around for your companions at present. 15 : 4, I did not think probability that your companion has many returning alive.”

„Naturally, your plans are very thorough, starts Beast Tide specially, attacks our entire south boundary boundary. Like this even if other Emperor Palace realm catch up, first definitely is to plunge the southern boundary boundary exterminates Beast Tide, in four people regarding the city had no time to attend. But the person calculates that is inferior to the day to calculate eventually, that say/way white glow shortly will clean up Beast Tide a moment ago cleanly, blocks your final escape routes thoroughly.”

„Then following, you are choice continue to delay the time meaningless, does the choice give up already the incurable companion? Visits you are a younger sister, my good intention reminded one here, chose former's words, will be very likely dead here.”

„I have not thought actually, Shangguan aristocratic family head of household Shangguan Feng'ao can be words discusses.” Under black-robed, a female voice is away from the voice change shell to transmit.

„Yo, has not thought that you also know me, it seems like ahead of time has done the schoolwork.” The gold-robed man smiles lightly, „that you should be very clear, you who Emperor Palace realm does not arrive, even if will only collaborate with side this Emperor Palace realm monster is not my match.”

„Not only the words discussed that but also was very arrogant.” The female voice has supplemented one.

„Makes your choice, leaves, is the fight?” Shangguan Feng'ao as if not prepare to continue to get down wordy, has issued the final diplomatic note to the opposite party.

„Must hit hits, that many idle talk that which comes.” The black-robed female direct command that Emperor Palace realm giant beast is only throwing to strike toward Shangguan Feng'ao.

„Does not want to hit the woman...... Shangguan Feng'ao to make an effort really” to fling two upper arms, this got hold of the earthenware cooking pot big fist to move forward to meet somebody......

Except for South Beacon outpost, another two outpost also respectively had an emperor of alliance influence to revere boundary powerhouse encounter Emperor Palace realm black-robed figure and Emperor Palace realm King Grade monster, fell into struggle.


The Linked Mountains outpost battlefield, one group of people after the monster total changes to the ashes, stands in same place delay the moment. Some quick then people think that white glow raised from nearby small hillside a moment ago together, immediately comes toward the direction search that Lin Huang hides, they want to know that just cleaned up in the battlefield counts 100,000 Beast Tide is anything.

Dozens people of quick building up in groups, search for in the nearby.

Lin Huang just examines card reward, some discovery people crossed the hill to see itself, he did not plan that to this daughter body condition contact with other people at present, immediately summoned leaf of white transmission great door stride, vanished does not see.

Except that a few people saw the Lin Huang's face, other most people only noticed that Lin Huang of white skirt strides in the back that white transmission great door leaves.

White transmission great door of Lin Huang this use, is not the Wu Mo front door, but after is before struck to kill Yu Wenbin, from his storage ring obtains the spoils of war that. This leaf of transmission great door named Wheel of Gold, is Exceed Quality Treasure Tool. The true colors of front door are the golden color, he changed to the white the color specially, is used to mislead the public.

Actually completed the unlocking in Yang Ling, Lin Huang just attained this Wheel of Gold earliest possible time, his investigates passed/lived, transmission great door of same funds in quantity of 7th District sell, only then seven, but that side Core District had over a hundred actually. What in addition this camouflage is a woman, even if the Saint person saw, will not associate to oneself on.

However this leaf of Wheel of Gold Lin Huang altogether also useless several times, after eliminating the Yu Wenbin beforehand localization, Coordinate that he locates only then few three, one is Hunting Martial Institute Teacher Dorms.

Bridged over Wheel of Gold, Lin Huang then appears in own dormitory. Returns from the battlefield, lets his relaxing of slightly. Although he knows that three Emperor Palace realm monster have not solved, but that has gone beyond own ability category, he also knows that in White Capital City naturally can have the Emperor Palace realm powerhouse to go to deal.

Just prepared to remove the Disguise Card transfiguration effect, well made up a sleep/felt, Lin Huang then hears the sky to hear fiercely crack, as if had any powerhouse in the Hunting Martial Institute sky fierce combat.

„Projected on here to come?” Lin Huang thinks somewhat bewilderedly, he has not known matter that in the city has. But from the intensity of energy collision, he guessed indistinctly, what fighting was the Emperor Palace realm powerhouse.

„Should not be Hong Zhuang will be fighting with whom?” Lin Huang first has thought of Hong Zhuang, because before her, has hidden in Hunting Martial Institute, moreover according to the Mr. Fu's view, she, although strength, only then Nine Steps Long Life realm, the strength actually endures to compare Emperor Palace realm. These two conditions conform to the present tactical situation.

While Lin Huang realized sky fight, was also realizing with Leader black-robed of Liu Ming fierce combat the space that in the Lin Huang house has transmitted fluctuates, under the ugly face mask, the expression on his face flashes through immediately wipes joyfully, „comes back just right!”

A blade compelled to draw back Liu Ming, the Leader black-robed figure then appeared in the sky of Lin Huang dormitory in a flash. Claw cover press/pressure , the entire house was eradicated to raise to fly instantaneously, in same place only remaining piece of bare floors and a few furniture, as well as have not relieved the camouflage with enough time Lin Huang.

The Lin Huang whole face compels to look up the top of the head bright moonlight ignorant, had not responded at once exactly had anything.

Above black-robed figure saw that Lin Huang of white skirt has also gawked, was the first response in his brain I raises the wrong house?

After about looks around, determined oneself have not made a mistake, this opens the mouth to ask, „who are you? Lin Huang?”

At this time Lin Huang has also recovered, saw that black-robed figure then knows he should be this time starts Beast Tide one of the several people . Moreover the opposite party is not Hong Zhuang. However after hearing the question of opposite party, he also immediately understands, the opposite party comes to oneself.

„Side is Teacher Lin, I had changed the house with him couple days ago.” Lin Huang has almost aimed without hesitation around Hong Zhuang that dormitory.

black-robed figure has gawked, chose has believed Lin Huang, grasped stretches out, has also raised nearby Hong Zhuang house, but inside nobody left.

While black-robed figure prepares to ask once again, white blade glow after his back killed.

He turns around the brandishing a sword standard to keep off immediately, the figure also draws back along with it exploding.

After moment, Liu Ming appears in the position that he had stood a moment ago, he also looked down to the position of below Lin Huang dormitory, saw that Lin Huang of white skirt has also gawked, „who you were, Lin Huang?”

„I was most recent several weeks just responded to here Teacher, Teacher Lin have changed the house with me, he was side that but he today probably not.” Same set of excuse that Lin Huang uses, black-robed figure in side, he easily will not acknowledge own status. He does not hope that Liu Ming knows own transfiguration becomes the matter of woman.

„You find a place to hide, this fight is not you can participate.” Liu Ming does not have anything to suspect, he also knows a while ago the school advertised for the new Teacher matter. Since had determined present female Teacher is the school, he immediately has also chosen the asylum.

Lin Huang nodded, moves sideways to be far away hastily.

When black-robed only he is a passer-by, does not have concerned, was only somewhat depressed was just white happily.

After Lin Huang flees to the distant place, hides after a building, is peeping here two people fight from afar.

His vision stared on the body of that black-robed figure, in the hand much left card.

【Misfortune Card】

【Use: After activating this card, may let assign the misfortune of goal within three days to be encumbered】

【Note 1: Assigning the goal can be random lifeform】

【Note 2: Assigning the goal must in user line of sight range】

【Note 3: This card effect has the lifeform of complete Godhead to within the body invalid】

【Note 4: The attack of this card has the lifeform of misfortune immunity class Divine Object to within the body invalid】

【Note 5: After this card activates, is irrepealable, to assign the goal within a half hour. Otherwise, nearby card random selection user, including the user own random target.】

【Note 6: The effect of misfortune is different from person to person, the effect strong and weak has certain randomness, receives to assign goal itself destiny influence】

„Hehe, wants to catch me. Delivers you to send Misfortune Card, bad luck three days had not discussed!” The Lin Huang whole face badly smiled the crumb Misfortune Card, „assigned the goal for that black-robed figure!”

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