Monster Paradise

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Kally's Small World

Kally's Small World

„This time of Saint two Elder hiding position exposures, rather and Purple Crow these days motion degree of polymerization was too high......” Qin Tianxing the news to make Lin Huang be lost in thought that „Hong Zhuang has not appeared today, Purple Crow this motion should be very likely to be related with Saint!”

„They have coveted to the Saint any treasure, prepares to be void while the Alliance Government headquarters, begins to the Alliance Government headquarters......”

After breakfast, in the Lin Huang's brain is unable to stop this motion to Hong Zhuang and guess of Purple Crow, when the library glances through the material the person somewhat are absent-minded.

To about 10 : 30 am, Kally's consciousness to send greetings together transmits suddenly.

„Matter finished.”

Only then simple a few words, obviously acquisition of Three-time Variation and bloodline has not made her beforehand uncommunicative aloof the disposition change.

„The words of other determination matters, I have not taken back you.” Lin Huang before taking back two people, inquired one.

„Was all right.” What this transmitting is the White's sound.

Obtained the White's answer, Lin Huang has then taken back two Monster Cards.

Kally and White's take back, makes the Lin Huang's train of thought shift finally from the Purple Crow matter.

However, Purple Crow this motion to the invisible pressure that Lin Huang creates, even more lets Lin Huang urgent wish grow stronger. This involuntary, may degenerate into the feeling of cannon fodder to let his very not being feeling well anytime.

However just promoted White Flame realm, Life Fire also not stably, Lin Huang does not have the means to carry on the promotion of strength in the past one month, wants to obtain the promotion of strength, he can only seek the breakthrough from other aspects. Therefore he falls on the vision Monster Skills Column of oneself within the body, on the skill column of that 20 standard, eight blank spaces,

„Now except for Lancelot and Thunderclap, other card this promotions promoted to Legendary Grade, my within the body except for Darkness Barrier, other Monster Skill had almost the transformation. Remaining Divine Strength Ape, Blazing Ice White Ape, two Darkness Moon Snake skills have not withdrawn at present only...... First has a look to be able to use.”

Is placed four card before the body, Lin Huang one by one is examining the card skill.

„Divine Strength Ape Inborn Divine Strength, Vajra Body is good, can significantly promote my fleshly body strength. Blazing Ice White Ape Blazing Ice is also good, but is not big to my use, this White Ice Helm and Armor to had Absolute Defense and Darkness Barrier me also dispensable...... Darkness Moon Snake Moon Flame is also the good skill, actually does not conform to my fight style......” four monster carry on after a careful examination, only has the Divine Strength Ape skill he to be satisfied.

To Lin Huang, if only does not remain eight skill blank spaces, Monster Skill definitely the more better. But now Monster Skills Column can the skill quantity of carrying/sustaining be limited, Lin Huang can only discard these to own use not big Skill Extraction. Even if the free thing, occupies the words of place uselessly, might as well does not want.

Will take back except for Divine Strength Ape other three card, Lin Huang summoned Kally, the unusual fluctuation that to avoid Skill Extraction caused caused the person to pay attention, he makes Kally feed in that piece of Independent Space that beforehand Blinking Star Beast has hidden.

With Kally returns to this piece of space, Lin Huang to think that together once more present all changed greatly.

Before the entire space was a piece of vast prairie, now has the prairie, had the forest, had the mountain range, had the rivers...... Was different from before completely.

Saw the different environment, Lin Huang somewhat was shocked completely at once, long time turned head to ask to nearby Kally, „were these you make?”

„Here present is my Small World, I can transform at will.” Kally nods.

Concept of Small World, before Lin Huang, has also seen in the novel, but this is first time sees the material object. After Kally's this transformation, this Small World seemed with the real world almost does not have anything to distinguish, but has been short of various lifeform existed......

„Wait...... What is that?” Lin Huang is just thinking here should not have other lifeform besides Blinking Star Beast, saw that a distant place giant beast is running crazily, seems is fleeing hunt of any thing.

„Black Tooth Colossus, my and White grasps, my corps needs food.” Kally's replied as before succinctly, she said, sound slightly, this then said, „this batch of prey finished eating after a period of time, I need to catch more prey to give them.”

Lin Huang has neglected this point actually, because Kally and other card monster do not need to eat food, he has forgotten somewhat Kally's corps not by card transformation normal monster, needs to eat food to maintain the survival.

„This does not have the issue, you greeted ahead of time, where needs to go, when the time comes me leads you to go.” Lin Huang complied refreshedly, but also immediately asked that „this only Black Tooth Colossus build, although was huge, but should your corps more than 300 people, how many days unable to eat?”

„My and White all grasped Meteor Desert seven Sacred Fire realm.” Kally unemotionally has given this answer, „should enough they eat over half a month.”

Lin Huang listened to stare, he has not thought actually Kally and White completely packed Meteor Desert Transcendent monster directly. Big piece of Meteor Desert, unexpectedly because only Kally's corps lacks food simple reason, such dropped Rank 4 Wild Zone from moderate Danger Zone. Thinks of this point, Lin Huang somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry simply.

That several Sacred Fire realm that „your and White grasps strongest should at least have Purple Flame realm...... What strength these Blinking Star Beast completes evolution after the cocoon is? Can capture and kill Purple Flame realm monster?”

„They are the same with me, is Gold Flame realm.” Kally has given this astonishing reply quickly, „their strengths will grow with me together, is a little similar to...... doppelgänger.”

Lin Huang hears the answer that Kally gives at the same time, saw several Silver-armored Monster speed past in the midair fast, was almost only the flash overtook that only Black Tooth Colossus.

That Silver-armored Monster seems with Kally has not only completed Third Time Variation beforehand Judger almost to be exactly the same, but the build seems slightly has the difference.

And in a hand purple long spear separates the spatial ejection suddenly, that long spear changes to together purple instantaneously, penetrated the body to have the heads of more than 50 meters Black Tooth Colossus instantaneously considerable, struck nails tight it at the scene, the brain fluid and bloodstain split open everywhere.

After killing the great shape, several Judger realized quickly Kally and Lin Huang's existed, sped away hastily.

After the Kally body first more than ten meters positions stand firm, makes a fist to place the chest to bow saying that „Sir.”

„Is busy your, does not need to pay attention to us.” Kally beckons with the hand saying that this stance has the makings of Upper Position actually.

„Yes!” Several Judger depart hastily, dragging that only Black Tooth Colossus to leave.

These Judger just nearness, made Lin Huang feel the intensity of their aura, truly was a very formidable team, perhaps the strength of single sufficiently challenged One Step Long Life realm.

Thinks that Kally has corps that more than 300 this monster compose, the Lin Huang heart somewhat is fiery, oneself were away from forms the dream of monster corps to be getting more and more near!

Experienced this small interlude, Lin Huang has recovered quickly, remembers to make Kally deliver this Small World real motive.

The vision falls in the hand on this Divine Strength Ape card, Lin Huang has given the instruction to Little Black, „Little Black, carries on Skill Extraction!”

【Skill Extraction start...... For host random designation skill...... The random designation is completed!】

【congratulations to the host, obtains the skill......】

【Early tomorrow morning has the matter to go out, if can catch up with the next chapter tonight, that fixed time 9 : 00 am automatic publishing. Could not catch up only to wait to write tomorrow evening again. Therefore, in the morning surpasses nine point everybody not to see the renewal the words, did not need to wait.】

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