Monster Paradise

By Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

The will arrives

The will arrives

Ninth wave of Beast Tide arrives to be different from beforehand any one time, before this one time Beast Tide no matter quantity or quality far ultra, even can say front eight time add more dangerous.

After Zang Bing they welcomed Transcendent monster, monster beast group under Transcendent also finally arrived. monster that 100,000 many only build vary, is similar to the tide of mountain flooding from wells up generally in all directions, surrounded more than 800 special training students completely in finally that foothold.

„This fight, is a defensive war, your primary missions are the protracted time. The kill monsters matter, gives me to be done.” The Lin Huang's sound clears away the audience, this sounds the extremely arrogant words, at this moment made many tense people feel at ease.

The voice falls, Lin Huang Divine Speed opens full power, the Thunder Step electricity shoots, eruption that Epic Grade blade skill Startling Hibernation is outspoken.

The flash, he just like a sharp blade of belt/bring blood, deeply has only inserted in the abdomen of beast group. Originally formation neat beast group, after Lin Huang intrudes, seemed like invested a water surface of gravel, the mighty waves suddenly had, starts becomes chaotic.

Many people dumbfounded looked to this astonishing one, Lin Huang all alone in beast group, the fierce tiger who looked like leaving intruded the flock of sheep. The blade light place visited, all monster's bodies instantaneously separate two halves, does not have monster, needs him to use the second blade.

Is this fellow really Yellow-Gold realm?!

Sees this, in many person hearts has flashed through the similar question.

Lin Huang's makes a move suddenly, although has triggered the small scale shake of beast group, but not the footsteps that prevents beast group to lead the way. Massive monster, focused on the several hundred people before body, launched the attack to the Yi Yeyu and other special training students.

Saw the special training student who much Lin Huang performance somewhat is eager to try from the beginning, but has the earliest possible time of collision with monster, they then understand that fact are not Lin Huang. These monster by Lin Huang insta-kill, are not because the strength is weak, because Lin Huang is too strong!

In beast group, Lin Huang looks like a fatal dagger, place visited beast corpse has spread place. From the beginning many monster saw he also crazily launches the attack, but afterward as if realized that this is Killing God, saw after him, started to go all out to dodge.

The several seconds time, Lin Huang's slaughters the quantity to cross hundred, but he thinks insufficiently quick.

„Was too slow, I must be quicker!” Stands on huge beast corpse, shoots a look at direction that people were, discovered that everybody fell into struggle, Lin Huang knew the time press.

„Bloody, does the ample force control here monster?” Leapt has jumped down beast corpse, Lin Huang continued to slaughter, while the inquiry said.

„Basically all Parasitic Seed have been used to investigate the Yellow-Gold Frog trail, I most can also release about 10,000 Parasitic Seed.” Bloody replied.

„That surplus seeds will release, making them attack other monster.” After Lin Huang gives this instruction, also summoned Slaughtering Sword Lord Lancelot and Blood-robed Bone Spirit, but also made Blood-robed Bone Spirit reduce the ordinary human build specially.

„Lancelot, Blood Robe, both of you make a move full power, as far as possible thorough beast group slaughters, should not be seen by human!” Summoned them, Lin Huang arrived has simultaneously used five summoned beast upper limits.

He lets Lancelot and Blood Robe joins to slaughter, on the one hand to accelerate to slaughter the efficiency, on the other hand their slaughtering can also provide Life Energy for oneself continuously, was not needed to have scruples the loss of Life Energy by oneself again.

After Lancelot and Blood Robe leave, Bloody also releases massive Parasitic Seed from the Lin Huang sleeve cuff, penetrated beast group.

But Lin Huang, an eye also starts becomes blood red. Bloodthirsty Particle, condenses four Bloody sharp blade above the back fast...... In this case, he did not have the means to do to retain to oneself strength again. Even if strives for one second, is a victory.

After the Bloody sharp blade above back opens, the Lin Huang hand grasps Treasure Tool war-blade once more, the figure changes to the Bloody electricity glow wind to shoot together.

The blood blade of Bloodthirsty Particle constitution, strength ratio beforehand Blood Spirit Wings, endures compared with Two Stars Treasure Tool, not in war-blade compared with Lin Huang hand sharp effect difference many.

Under the assistance of Bloodthirsty Particle, in addition now does not need scruples the output of Life Energy, Lin Huang's slaughters the range to extend dozens meters all of a sudden, the efficiency promoted dozens times to continue instantaneously. Actually Bloodthirsty Particle farthest extending distance can arrive in hundred meters, but over 30 meters intensity will weaken, otherwise the efficiency will also promote.

If beforehand Lin Huang is a sharp blade, that present he absolutely is a bulldozer, the place visited, in a radius 30 meters range almost does not have a living creature.

But what Lin Huang does not know, when just summoned Lancelot and Blood-robed Bone Spirit, had been observed closely by an eye.

„I finally found you!”

spirit energy volcano, in Spirit Energy Magma, is soaking a build gigantic golden color frog. Picture Lin Huang that at this moment in a eyeball on its back, flashes before summoned Lancelot and Blood-robed Bone Spirit that.

Although has not seen Lin Huang to summon transmission great door, but Yellow-Gold Frog almost immediately on assured Lin Huang is that Imperial Envoy that must look, also has determined that only God Blood monster in Lin Huang.

Because performance of Lin Huang in battlefield is extremely really shocking, Yellow-Gold Frog is almost unable to imagine, if subdues God Blood monster's is not he, but can also anyone.

„God Blood was my!”

A Yellow-Gold Frog pair of green eye pupil turned into the color of ink black suddenly, the next flash, above his back had an eye pupil also to turn into the same black ink black. But in that piece of ink black, is actually producing an inverted image a fiery-red frog.

That fiery-red frog, is away from the Lin Huang more than hundred meters, the aquamarine eyeball suddenly becomes a piece of ink black, then the aura and build start to rise suddenly.

Almost is only the several seconds time, turned into a golden frog, looks like the Yellow-Gold Frog diminished version . Moreover the aura also originally broke through White Flame realm from Yellow-Gold realm Perfection, Scarlet Flame realm, will stops until Blue Flame realm.

The formidable aura that here rises suddenly, has brought to the Lin Huang's attention instantaneously, he is only immediately high about ten meters huge golden frog to look toward that.

„Yellow-Gold Frog?” Some Lin Huang doubt, but is quick he to realize that the unusuality of this frog aura, „aura has not stabilized extremely......”

„This should be the Yellow-Gold Frog will arrives, can adhere to stick cohere own will on same category monster's, lets have to be lower than his main body two realm strengths by attachment.” The Bloody's consciousness passes message transmits quickly, as reading through existence of Monster Illustrated Handbook, his skill to Yellow-Gold Frog knows from A to Z. „But this skill, usually receives to attach the limit of body fleshly body intensity, is hard to maintain too for a long time. This only taken possession frog strength originally only then Yellow-Gold realm Perfection, the fleshly body intensity is limited, it is estimated that under taking possession of this intensity, cannot maintain including ten minutes.”

That was only completed the golden frog of taking possession, a pair of jet black eyeball swept in beast group, the vision has stayed on Lin Huang's finally, then opened the mouth suddenly.

„The human little rascal, hands over that only God Blood monster!”

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