Monster Paradise

By Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

Conducts a tour Lin Huang

Conducts a tour Lin Huang

„Finally I said this round points Rule.”

„Every time delivers a White Flame realm monster corpse, obtains 100 points.”

„A Scarlet Flame realm monster corpse, obtains 200 points.”

„A Blue Flame realm monster corpse, obtains 400 points.”

„A Purple Flame realm monster corpse, obtains 800 points.”

„A Gold Flame realm monster corpse, obtains 1600 points.”

„Hehe, if you can killed Leader Grade monster( Long Life realm), be able to obtain 10,000 points. However in this ruins, altogether only has three Leader Grade monster probably.” Zang Bing final these words, are teasing the people obviously.

monster invaded the present to pass for more than 800 years, the Yellow-Gold realm powerhouse of human most evildoer/monstrous talent, most also can only resist Blue Flame realm monster, whom Purple Flame realm and Gold Flame realm upward have not listened to be able with it contending, do not say that endured to compare human Long Life realm Leader Grade monster.

„What no matter you deliver is White Flame realm, Scarlet Flame realm, is the Blue Flame realm monster corpse, everyone two beast corpse this Rule will not change.” Zang Bing said points Rule, has supplemented one.

9 : 30 am, Zang Bing inspects Rule to narrate Second Round completes, everybody's question one by one about inspection has also been explained.

Zang Bing is obviously more sincere than beforehand squinty eyes Sikong Jian, many answers of giving have some guidances, always does not evade the important questions for the easy like squinty eyes before, gives only does not have the answer of too big use.

„Was good, the words of other everybody not issues, then I announced now, Second Round special training starts! Before ten days later 9 : 30, here the set delivers beast corpse! Over 9 : 30 has not arrived, regards as gives up the epicycle inspecting, loses the next round special training qualifications directly.”

Zang Bing issues an order, some have distributed the person who forms a team to depart fast, remaining people also in assignment team.

Yi Yeyu, Li Lang two people look at each other one, then looked to Lin Huang.

„Which direction do we walk?” Two people almost asked to Lin Huang with one voice.

Lin Huang helpless looked at two people one eyes, this they worked as to conduct a tour themselves obviously.

However, Lin Huang has not actually declined this „tour guide” work, because his also hope is leads the traveling schedule by oneself, some matters he can plan ahead of time.

Projected the map, Lin Huang had found the position that oneself several people of present was at quickly.

„We should near this position, Lin Huang refer to point on a map projection now”, on the map also many Transcendent monster's marks.

„Did not say that the map can't use?” Some Li Lang surprise asked.

„This is I downloads before ruins ahead of time, therefore does not have the means localization, can only judge the position.” Lin Huang somewhat reluctantly answered, he can look that Li Lang and Yi Yeyu have not made this preparation before coming in completely.

„We walk in this direction.” Before Lin Huang has aimed, Magma Great River direction that several people of passes.

„Why toward that side, on this map hasn't marked nearer Transcendent monster?” This inquiry is Yi Yeyu.

„Has the map continues my, for these days here snatched the strange person to be definitely many, we might as well simply left. Rides the flight mount to go back, has more than enough how much time.” Lin Huang answered like this, actually this was only a reason, a more important reason was, the Undying Withered Tree forest was away from Magma Great River not to be far. Although has not thought how is good to solve these dead trees, Lin Huang decides to go back nearby that first, when the time comes tries to find the solution again slowly.

Yi Yeyu and Li Lang two people actually do not know that Lin Huang calculation at heart, only thought Lin Huang's considers some truth.

„Ok, the route you plan, we follow you.” Li Lang nods assent immediately.

Yi Yeyu also nods, does not have any objection.

Lin Huang summoned Purple-eyed White Eagle, Yi Yeyu and Li Lang two people also respectively takes out Taming Beast Token to summon a flight class mount.

The Yi Yeyu mount is Rainbow Sparrow, is very attractive Ominous Bird Species. The tail feathers are seven color colors, a pair of pupil like sapphire glittering and translucent carving. This monster's shortcoming is the build is quite small, can only ride one person.

The Li Lang mount is also Ominous Bird Species, named White-feathered Eagle, is feather assumes white large-scale ominous bird an all over the body, even also wants big about one time compared with the Lin Huang's Purple-eyed White Eagle build.

„Hehe, what kind, my mount is charming enough.” After White-feathered Eagle summoned, Li Lang show package of places show off to say.

„My Purple-eyed White Eagle can hit ten.” Lin Huang be relentless has opened.

Lin Huang's Purple-eyed White Eagle from the beginning is Bronze Third Step Variation Monster, now already followed Lin Huang to promote Yellow-Gold Second Step. Hits ten White-Silver Third Step White-feathered Eagle, truly an issue does not have.

Lin Huang's Monster Cards is different from the Imperial Envoy summoned beast place has many, follows the Lin Huang promotion strength automatically is. This point, besides Demonic Dandelion Vine Bloody, other Monster Cards is so. Except that several originally are Yellow-Gold Third Step card, other Monster Cards present strengths are Yellow-Gold Second Step.

Regarding the Bloody's matter, Lin Huang had also inquired Little Black, why it does not have already directly not to surmount realm like other Epic Grade card, hasn't followed oneself advance a step? The answer that Little Black gives is, because before Bloody, evolves exceptionally causes the skill flaw, belongs to incomplete Monster Cards. Must wait for the skill to be perfect, can the strength of coincidence system promote Rule, before then, its strength promotion can only depend on it. Why this was also, initially White-Silver Second Step subdued Bloody, near nine months also stayed in White-Silver Third Step in the past.

Lin Huang's these words, letting Li Lang are unable to refute, because he can also look that Lin Huang this Purple-eyed White Eagle has only raised Yellow-Gold Second Step, although own White-feathered Eagle physique is big, but truly cannot hit.

However Li Lang also noted another matter Lin Huang not to use Taming Beast Token.

„Are you Imperial Envoy?” Li Lang knew the Lin Huang's time, Lin Huang just subdued white, has not summoned in front of Li Lang, therefore he does not know Lin Huang was Imperial Envoy.

But Yi Yeyu had seen in the reserve duty Hunter inspection Lin Huang summoned Tyrant, already knew his censor status.

Lin Huang nodded, lay slightly, „after knowing you have awakened a few days after Imperial Envoy Talent.”

„Wait, do you know him also before me?!” Some Yi Yeyu surprise asked.

„You who he who in June of last year knew, knew in July.” Lin Huang nodded.

The Li Lang hear whole face self-satisfied appearance, has been scissors of victory to Yi Yeyu, the expression that the Yi Yeyu whole face is not feeling well.

„Like this two people can fight, is really the child temperament......” Lin Huang somewhat helpless shaking the head.

„Was good, we should embark, do not lose the time. Ten days of time, we must complete six Sacred Fire realm monster's to hunt and kill, only has one -and-a-half days the booth to each monster time.” Lin Huang has to open the mouth to shift the topic.

Hears the Lin Huang's urging sound, on two people then stand up/turning over the mount, sped away to go toward north with Lin Huang......

【These days holiday were very many, yesterday the steamed rice dumpling festival, tomorrow the children's day, several days later was the college entrance examination festival, first wishes baby children's day joyful this month altogether in addition 15 chapters, hit to enjoy also to owe everybody 8 chapters, next month will return completely.】

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