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Brain Food

Brain Food

«Thunder Step» practices to complete, Lin Huang also started to prepare for the journey officially.

Very early in the morning completes the breakfast, Lin Xin and Lin Xuan happen to washes to go downstairs.

After Lin Xin begins school, every day getting out of bed time and Lin Huang are similar, she was also responsible for shouting work that Lin Xuan got out of bed.

Before the dinner table, three people sit in a circle one group, is having own that breakfast respectively.

„Arrived new school nearly one month, you adapted what kind of?” Lin Huang swallows a rolled cat to ask.

„Good, I reported the Firearms Master curriculum, over the two days will have the monthly examination, I believe that I can attain the perfect score.” Lin Xin is very confident to oneself.

She is truly striking in the Firearms Great Master training achievement, although now has not arrived including Black-Iron realm, Beginner Grade marksman skill that however grasps had eight to plant. Let her test the Low Grade Firearms Master license now, can perhaps test.

„By your present standard, the firearms class of foundation military academies inspected to you indeed is the department of pediatrics.” The Lin Huang nod smiled, he also knows that progress of Lin Xin in firearms practicing aspect, „other aspects, does have does not adapt?”

„What has not adapted, actually the similar of curriculum and Dark Forest Town, has not changed difficult. Result good student were many, but competes intensely is not the misdemeanor, can let me in a better direction diligently.” Lin Xin does not dread the challenge, she ranked among the best in the Dark Forest Town result before, now the new school has many result and her similar fellow, aroused her fighting spirit on the contrary.

Saw that her working zeal is full, Lin Huang finally has also felt relieved.

„Does elder brother, when you plan to leave?” Lin Xin already knew that Lin Huang must leave hunting Life Seed monster.

„On these days, the time has not decided temporarily, waits to decide to tell you again.” Some Lin Huang preparatory work have not been done.

After breakfast, Lin Xin went to school, Lin Xuan went upstairs to look that the arena video.

Lin Huang has tidied up a kitchen, returns to the living room, is preparing to dial the Mr. Fu's number, actually receives an notice that Hunter Association comes, the title is «No. 7193 Stronghold Presents Brain Food Doubtful».

Since previous time has consulted the Demonic Dandelion Vine skill gain direction, Lin Huang continuously „Brain Food” and „Parasitic Species” established as the keyword subscribed the Hunter Association news. So long as Hunter Association has about „Brain Food” and „Parasitic Species” information, reminding automatically Lin Huang.

Saw this title, Lin Huang clicks on the detailed information to examine immediately.

This is one matches the chart the writing information, the content roughly what said that this morning in No. 7193 Stronghold, a sewer of community has the jamming problem, several sewer workers when carry on the service, now in the canal has several corpses. After the medical examiner conducts the inspection presently, suffering corpse altogether four, completely are the young men, all corpse brains hollowed out, preliminary appraisal, doubtful Brain Food behavior.

Obtains the Brain Food news with great difficulty, Lin Huang naturally is not willing to miss, looks at the prompt news. He examined immediately No. 7193 Stronghold information comes.

No. 7193 Stronghold, names Rossi City, is very ordinary level Stronghold. The economical show even is inferior to Domineering City, belongs to level Stronghold, rank after that. Even if the traveling, few people will go to that side, because the position is really remote, is in the entire 7th District northwest corner.

However saw that No. 7193 Stronghold sets in map Upper Position, Lin Huang actually at present one bright, „this Stronghold is away from Meteor Desert to be quite near!”

He inquired next No. 7193 Stronghold and Meteor Desert distance on the map immediately, 2 ooo kilometer.

„Has not thought happen to the way, I can not have completely stable these days while within the body Life Energy, first solves that only Brain Food, then completes the promotion of Yellow-Gold realm.” Lin Huang has completed the plan quickly.

Has switched off the information page and map, Lin Huang has then dialed the Mr. Fu's communication number.

The prompt sound two, the Mr. Fu's projection projected before the Lin Huang body.

„What's wrong, your within the body did Life Energy consolidate? Preparation hunting Yellow-Gold Life Seed?” Mr. Fu looked with a laugh to Lin Huang.

„Did not have, but should soon be able to consolidate completely.” Lin Huang this nearly two months, although does not have to stimulate to movement Life Art on own initiative, but Life Art itself also in automatic performance, within the body Life Energy after two months of precipitation, almost soon consolidated. „My this time hits to ask that side Teacher has the equipment of Spatial Transmission class, my here is away from Meteor Desert too to be really far, if that side Teacher had the space components to me the direct transmission in the past, can save the time on road much.”

„Ok, I have Spatial Door to locate probably that side, when do you leave?” The Mr. Fu hear selected the brow, refreshed complied.

„On these days, I wants to go to Rossi City as soon as possible.” Lin Huang has not concealed own destination.

„Goes to Rossi City to do? What is recent from Meteor Desert is Meteor City.” Mr. Fu thought that Lin Huang has made a mistake the place.

„That side Rossi City resembles Brain Food, I want to give a try to catch, am used to train my only Parasitic Species.” Lin Huang has not concealed anything.

„Do you want to make your Parasitic Species capture the wisdom skill?” Mr. Fu understands immediately, „this idea also pretty good, if Variation Parasitic Species, makes the wisdom skill, waited till every was easier to live Two-time Variation.”

„Un.” Lin Huang nodded, has not said anything.

Even if Mr. Fu is own Teacher, something, this security must keep secret as far as possible.

„Ok, I directly send you to Rossi City. The day after tomorrow leaves?” Mr. Fu asked.

„Does not have the issue.” Lin Huang nods.

„You later the address my, the day after tomorrow very early in the morning I will meet you.” After Mr. Fu said that has hung up the telephone conversation directly.

Lin Huang quickly in the Overlooking Winter City address in the past.

Mr. Fu here journey arranged, Lin Huang was relaxed immediately, because he just had saved time at least one-and-a-half month to himself.

„How should find that only Brain Food?” Lin Huang starts some headaches this issue.

Brain Food this monster intelligence quotient is very high, since it has submerged human Stronghold, the natural meeting wants completely various means to hide itself. Level Stronghold at least over a million people, wanted to find one to camouflage human Brain Food over a million people, was no different looks for a needle in a haystack.

„Since can only start to look up from case position first, since it throws the corpse one after another in the same position, then has the possibility thereby housing extremely after a period of time. Is, on that several corpses does not know that can have any clue, I want to notice that the corpse and autopsy reported that needed the local Hunter Association branch to coordinate, this was also quite troublesome......”

Lin Huang has thought carefully, presently wants to find this only Brain Food, but also is really not an easy matter.

After he also simply first possibly can meet the issue that has thrown into the brain these, before starting to consult, Hunter Association catches the Brain Food case......

【Today does not have in addition, although the behind thin outline has done well, but the detail I require time to stroke well.】

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