Monster Paradise

By Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine

Gives me a face

Gives me a face

During two female fights, Lin Huang is maintaining vigilant, preventing oneself to be hit by the unexpected misfortune.

Sure enough, Xia Yu is fruitless after a Mu Lan storm, returned on the goal oneself.

Sees Xia Yu looks like toward oneself, has not waited for her to begin, Lin Huang takes the bull by the horns, sends out sonic boom to drink.


The next flash, Tyrant emerged out of thin air, blocks before the Lin Huang body. The huge build the Lin Huang camouflage in oneself behind, has been cut off thoroughly the line of sight of Xia Yu.


Sees Tyrant to appear, Xia Yu cold snort, seized to a Lin Huang's claw also turns the claw into the palm, printed toward the chest of Tyrant.

According, Yellow-Gold Third Step monster that she expects, even if Variation Monster, under oneself this palm, the possibility of also decisively not having survived.

However, this is in charge after the Tyrant chest, Tyrant was shelled to explode has drawn back several steps, but above the chest only presents a spider web crack. Moreover strength of the formidable counter- shaking also transmits, making her draw back One Step.

Xia Yu the whole face was astonished immediately looks to Tyrant, the fissure that above his chest the spider web proliferated was carrying on the self- restore in by naked eye obvious speed unexpectedly fast, only several breath restored completely.

„Has the Two-time Variation Monster of strong defense and strong resilience!” Xia Yu looked at immediately both eyes brightly one.

Nearby Mu Lan sees Tyrant not dead under this palm, slightly some surprise. She just had fought with Xia Yu, fully realized that her is powerful. Although this strikes has not used the sickle, but a palm ejects, but should not be Yellow-Gold Third Step monster can stop.

But reviewing nearby Tyrant, besides exploding draws back several steps, wound has completed the self- restore instantaneously, immediately also knew Tyrant is Two-time Variation Monster.

„This defensive strength and repair capability, a little terrifying.” Mu Lan could not bear express the exclamation.

„Lin Huang, you also really make me pleasantly surprised!” The Xia Yu lip angle raises high, „makes me try limit defensive strength of this big fellow strongly.”

The voice falls, in the Xia Yu hand the giant sickle wields once more.

But at this moment, the quiet blue sword glow delimits Void Breaker to be spatial together once more, toward the direction Extreme Speed assault that Xia Yu is.

A Xia Yu brow wrinkle, has to wave to return to base.

Black sickle tearing air, comes toward Mu Lan cutting.

Next flash, huge black sickle once more and quiet blue long sword hit in one.

Between two pointed weapons, a mutual impact of gold/metal black two Life Energy incites to make noise, just like electric current sound.

After moment, two Life Energy dashed arrived in the eruption, fierce thundered crack.

Mu Lan stand up/turning over explodes draws back, the landing ground, unloads into the bottom following the surface of armor all impact strengths once more completely.

„Mu Family Eldest Miss, you determined that you can pester continuous?” Xia Yu looked indifferently to Mu Lan.

„Lin Huang is our Hunter Association person, I am impossible to make you take away him. Your solemn does Transcendent, what skill bully White-Silver realm is?” Mu Lan actually blocks before the Tyrant body is not willing the inch to let.

„Do I have to bully him? I thought your Hunter Association to his good training, therefore decided that brought to cultivate to our Heresy him well. I believe, in our Heresy, he will shine the brilliance greatly. Let alone, he now not through inspection, does not calculate your Hunter Association regular member.” Xia Yu looked that as if looked to the Tyrant look to the sweetie pie.

„Is the regular member, he is my responsible examinee. As his Head Examiner, I am impossible to make you take away him. Also, training of our Hunter Association to talented person, did not need you to worry, I believe that Lin Huang will have very good development in Hunter Association.” Mu Lan has stopped up the Xia Yu words.

„Therefore you were determined to stop me?” Xia Yu facial color once more cold.

„Right.” Mu Lan has not made concessions with Xia Yu looking at each other.

„Is very good, some methods I did not plan to use, this is you compels my.” Xia Yu was saying, took back the black sickle in hand, both hands started to pinch hand seal fast.

The Mu Lan complexion changes, immediately turns head to say to Lin Huang, „Lin Huang, runs away quickly!”

„Late......” Lin Huang has looked up to the sky, in the vision dreaded completely.

in the air, that thing has not appeared, the formidable aura spread, in the trim Little Daemon Island air seems filling this terrifying aura.

Innumerable monster crawl in the place, body trembles, just like is worshipping the King.

Tyrant before Lin Huang body, even if has not kissed the ground, the body actually also starts to shiver slightly.

Under two people gazes, a pure golden giant sickle slowly condenses the formation before the Xia Yu body.

„King Treasure Tool Divine Punishment Sickle......” on the Mu Lan face did not have Bloody immediately, in the mouth has squeezed out these characters difficultly.

„This is Heresy ultimate Treasure Tool Divine Punishment Sickle. In entire Heresy, only has three Holy Daughter and Presiding Judge can stimulate to movement.” Xia Yu looked with a smile to below Mu Lan, „as for this characteristics of sickle, you should also hear?”

„Cuts all......” Mu Lan to deeply frown.

„Right, cuts all. No matter your hand Dark Sea Sword in that Five Stars Treasure Tool, Four Stars Treasure Tool runner armor that on you puts on, or side this defensive strength quantity astonishing big fellow...... So long as a blade gets down, can cut in half around the middle!” Xia Yu held up this to aim at Mu Lan compared with huger golden sickle a moment ago.

The Lin Huang hear some discolorations, he has not thought that this world really also has to have terrifying characteristics the weapon of such to exist.

The Xia Yu voice falls, the golden sickle in hand wields suddenly.

Golden blade glow as if baseless appeared before the Mu Lan body together, Mu Lan with enough time has not dodged, even has not defended with enough time, that golden color blade glow cut together on her body.

„Was killed?” Mu Lan looked down to oneself the cut spot, actually the discovery was only the runner armor starts to break up, own body has not been injured.

„Does not need to be worried, I remove your annoying runner armor. Massacres you, might as well capture alive together you. You are in the 7th District Gold Medal Hunter ranking the fourth powerhouse, one of the Hunter Association Intensive Training objects, killed has rather been a pity. If can be used by our Heresy, in the future promotes Sacred Fire realm, the strength will not be definitely weak.” The Xia Yu sound transmits from the midair.

Lin Huang deeply frowns, is thinking deeply about the countermeasure in the brain fast, in the terrifying degree of present that weapon by the opposite party hand, no matter summoned any monster, she only needed a blade to be able killed. If summoned Black Charcoal and White and others, in vain brought death, cannot resolve the present crisis.

Moreover one side, in Mu Lan also heart anxious, opposite party Divine Punishment Sickle completely is great killing weapon, not only cutting myriad things, even attacks invisible. Even to run away, from present this situation, definitely cannot escape.

„Then this blade, solemn Eldest Miss you said meet again/goodbye to your Dark Sea Sword.” The Xia Yu lip angle brings back, in the hand the golden sickle cuts once more.

Wipes the golden blade glow to emerge out of thin air once more, in quiet blue long sword hit toward Mu Lan hand in the past.

At this moment, purple golden thunder light shoots to come from the distant place illness/quick together suddenly, with golden blade glow hit in one.

Under the hit of that thunder light, the golden blade glow was struck unexpectedly to be defeated and dispersed.

Afterward, a big form appeared side Mu Lan.

That is a heavy features middle-aged man, the left lip position, there is Scar.

Lin Huang in seeing his earliest possible time has recognized him, is previous time war outside Reaching West City and that middle-aged Transcendent of Ghost-masked Clown.

„Uncle Zhu Nian!” Saw that the middle-aged man appears, on the Mu Lan face flashes through wipes pleasantly surprised.

„Are you Zhu Nian?” Xia Yu has listened obviously also to the Zhu Nian name.

„Sir Holy Daughter also knows that below name, lets somewhat feel extremely flattered below.” Zhu Nian looked with a smile to that young girl in midair.

„7th District six Great Deacon the name of candidate, I naturally must remember clearly.” In the Xia Yu eye flashes through wipes to dread, he knows the opposite party will stride soon in the Long Life realm Exceed Grade powerhouse. So long as strides in Long Life realm, will immediately become Hunter Association Great Deacon, the palm real power, when the time comes the status will be no comparison between them.

„Sir Holy Daughter, gives me a face, do not feel embarrassed two juniors.” Zhu Nian looked with a smile to Xia Yu, he said like this, actually also under giving an opposite party stair.

The Xia Yu status venerates, if make a move to capture really her, perhaps entire Heresy can make war with Hunter Association directly. When the time comes 7th District, from 1st District to 12th District, will fall into the chaos caused by war incessantly.

Xia Yu also knows, has Zhu Nian, oneself cannot take away anybody. Moreover the opposite party also gave fully oneself face, she also knows that those words in fact in suggesting „you should receive the hand to leave.”

The duty announced the failure , to continue to pester truly not to have any significance again.

„Since Mr. Zhu Nian you have opened the mouth, that this time.” Xia Yu said that and looked at Lin Huang and Mu Lan, the lip angle selects, „the later day is long, these two first made your Hunter Association help to raise, waited later to find the opportunity, I met our Heresy again.”

The following these words also obviously brought to instigate the flavor, Zhu Nian listen to smile not to speak.

Received the golden sickle, Xia Yu is in front of three people to summon transmission great door directly, the stride has entered into, before the front door was closed, but also beckoned with the hand to three people.

Departs to Xia Yu, Lin Huang finally takes back Tyrant.

Zhu Nian slightly has thought looked at Lin Huang, this to two humanity, „we first returns to the inspection point, later you narrated the complete matter process of matter.”

Leads two people to return to inspect the point, the held examinees have put from False Black Prison Jail, Zhu Nian then starts to inquire the complete process of matter.

Lin Huang and Mu Lan two people narrated the process of matter, after Zhu Nian hear, nodded.

„This matter, I will report truthfully. Your inspections, must suspend a while. Must continue specifically, finished in light of this, must wait for the above notice. These days, first is stationed on the island.” Zhu Nian has given the disposal plan quickly.

Mu Lan and an examinee have not raised the objection, respectively has set up the tent, is stationed.

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