Beauty and the Bodyguard

By Fishman The Second

Local despot

Local despot

„......” Hong Qingyuan people look at each other in blank dismay, the previous ice made a decision without authorization to make routine Supreme Elder heartlessly, this matter they did not have report with Supreme Elder with enough time, presently was booing, this added First routine Supreme Elder, what ghost was this?

The unstated criticism turns over to the unstated criticism, but others presently is solemn Yuanying Initial Phase peak expert, they including the leeway that Hong Qingyuan has not bargained back and forth from the start, regardless of the opposite party proposed anything to request, only they can do was obediently is listening.

„Good, such decided.” Xue Jianfeng from attending to making the decision.

Hong Qingyuan people complete/even complete/even looks at ice to be heartless, at this time had the qualifications also he who opened the mouth to oppose, Xue Jianfeng the First routine Supreme Elder must ride on him obvious, must say that regarding this responded biggest person, definitely was he.

Finally, the ice unexpectedly completely is heartlessly aloof, the meaning that starts talking continually does not have, but the look is having the taunt looks at Xue Jianfeng, as if no what interest.

Quick, Xue Jianfeng and Hong Qingyuan these people then one after another diverge, after they walk away, the ice turns the head to remind heartlessly to Leng Leng (coldly): „Will not give up by the urogenous of this fellow, then this time period was careful, can avoid and approach to evade.”

„Knew.” Leng Leng (coldly) nods, because was just promoted Jindan, she just needs to consolidate a lower boundary well, so long as looked to hide a place to be good slightly, let alone there is an ice heartless this deterrent, Xue Jianfeng does not dare to be extremely unscrupulous.

As everyone knows, at this moment ices heartless empty, do not look that he ate to decide the Xue Jianfeng stance a moment ago, that blustered actually radically!

The sudden appearance of Hong Qingyuan people, has given the Xue Jianfeng stair, rather has solved his encirclement.

Makes black cold ice that Xue Jianfeng most dreads, truly was he recently cultivate come out killed greatly. What a pity by far truly has not taken shape, actual combat getting up effect extremely is limited, so long as this point begins absolutely unable to conceal. However was good because of Xue Jianfeng is daunted.

The ice also planned to continue to consolidate some time heartlessly again, presently is not good. Braves come out Yuanying Initial Phase peak expert facing Xue Jianfeng this suddenly, he must promote strength to be good as soon as possible, the role that his very clear Xue Jianfeng is not good to deceive, this time can daunt, the next time may not necessarily.

Is good also pinches two best quality goods gathering infant Jindan that Lin Yi is giving in the hand, in addition these days precipitation and stability, so long as closes up some time, the ice has enough assurance heartlessly the boundary promotion first-level. Luck good words even may rise continually two-level, when the time comes has the enough strength use black cold ice, the class of nature Xue Jianfeng to fear insufficient!

The ice never will be heartlessly loathsome, after deciding, immediately starts to close up, for three days, uneventful.

However this tranquil quick was broken, the time that Xue Jianfeng tasted is more heartless than in the expectation to be much earlier the ice, he has not seen the black cold ice the details, but he can see ice heartless putting on airs, but or ice heartlessly incomparably practical natural disposition. As long as there is enough strength such not to swallow an insult.

Especially when discovers Leng Leng (coldly) to go into hiding, but after icing heartlessly also starts to close up, the feeling of Xue Jianfeng this being swindled is immediately more intense. Under becomes angry out of shame First to respond, then rushes to the ice heartless cave mansion.

Anybody will start in closing up protects formation, preventing the bystander to invade, the ice heartless here is no exception, to be only a pity that his here defense rank and not high, most can only shoulder the attack of Jindan grand perfection rank, old strange front exists in name only in Yuanying simply, Xue Jianfeng was needless to say.

Xue Jianfeng suddenly rushes stems from the ice heartless anticipation greatly, at crucial moment that he at this time closed up. Only one puts in an appearance suffered a loss, if not for he emitted the heartless ice potential to delay the opposite party to flicker at the final moment reluctantly. Otherwise almost by face to face fate of second of killing, Xue Jianfeng this time, but real thing murderous intention.

However. The ice heartlessly is the ice is heartless, bountiful by Xue Jianfeng such ruthlessly cloudy, unexpectedly can also single-handedly be saved from death, brought a severe wound to run away actually.

This matter, the snow sword sends in an uproar.

Hong Qingyuan people knew after this matter, quick was simply insane, in them there are many people are the sect benefit is higher than all people, before then also in looking forward to the future of incomparable brilliance, Xue Jianfeng and ice will be adding on Supreme Elder originally heartlessly again, these will be entire three Yuanying is old, so luxurious top disposition has surpassed all ten small sect Family levels, even has been able to start to launch the impact on Four Great in Legend, that will be Antiquity small Jianghu true to high ruler!

Once advances into Four Great sect Family, will then send regarding the entire snow sword is a brand-new big time, they, will soon make the history.

Has not thought, this fond dream has not done, Xue Jianfeng and ice hit heartlessly, moreover these time will ice unexpectedly heartlessly making into the severe wound, so that escaped from the snow sword faction finally at risk of life, missing.

„Snow does Elder, trouble you to explain to us well this what's the matter?” Hong Qingyuan restrains by force the anger to ask, if the opposite party is not Yuanying is old, his presently does not want to speak, already sect rules handled!

Was only a pity, all sect customs decide to the Sect Leader following person, regarding Xue Jianfeng this Yuanying old strange, all sect custom that are one.

„What's the matter? This also with asking? The ice betrays sect heartlessly, so is simple!” Because of the strength reason, Xue Jianfeng has not paid attention to Hong Qingyuan these people now completely, this matter is disinclined to arrange including the connection from the start, casual a few words gave to deal with.

„......” Hong Qingyuan people all is a constipation strange expression, even if at heart 10,000 damn galloping, that also absolutely not being at all scope rebuttal.

„, Which Leng Leng (coldly) went, you looked for come out to me not at any cost.” Xue Jianfeng ordered to the people directly, then has made up one: „Emits the wind, if before today sunset, could not have seen her person, then I will take her Master Xu Xiao winter operation.”

This saying made Hong Qingyuan people complexion big change again, under the heart, not only did not have the joy that three Yuanying old brought strangely again, instead flustered, Xue Jianfeng was so unscrupulous, this was the preparation local despot, when the entire snow sword sent!

The bonus was so, still did not have anybody to dare to refute, was depending on the Xue Jianfeng presently urogenous, even if were Hong Qingyuan this Sect Leader stands come out to refute face to face, it is estimated that could the overhead pin a revolting gate big hat, perhaps also will directly get rid, that was not saying play.( To be continued.)

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