Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Sly fire anger

Sly fire anger

„Does not extinguish the God fire!”

„Cannot think that you also refine not to extinguish the God fire! If takes time, perhaps Cultivation Base under me, well is not good, you act recklessly, just this time, certainly future trouble!”

Bang! The fire anger has been full of the murderous intention!

As the king monarch sovereign of Dongsheng God country's, he absolutely is not a softhearted person! Are the brothers also what kind of? Also now became the personal enemy! Kills! While catching fire the spirit strength was unable to threaten itself, hurries to kill him first!

Refining up not to extinguish the God fire, getting a light from another light department is a very important matter! So long as can refine not to extinguish the God fire certainly to enter Immortal in the future!

The fire anger and fire spirit two people Qiu Shensi to be common, how does the fire get angry can make the fire live on dishonorably spirit in world?

Does not go too far the anger to kill to be unable to start spirit is not that easy, here and compared with Divine Realm, gets a light from another light the anger is not very cost-effective! If in Divine Realm, the fire gets angry fiercest one move is to transfer the fire is the principle! But here, he cannot achieve!

„Come, lets us with own strength, whom comes to see to be fiercer!” Fire spirit severe howl, what his body all around flaming combustion is the giant hot beast, but core one group of fierce flame of hot beast, are do not extinguish the God fire that the fire condenses spirit!

With does not extinguish the God fire and his hot beast coordination, this is move of excellent means that the fire finds out spirit, such hot beast appears formidable!

„Gives on me!” The fire spirit God is also one roars, fire beast bang, the flaming flame swings once again, their side looks from Ye Kong, sees only in the ground the flame flaming, black smoke to be billowing, but summit of sky is bigger, reaches as high as the hundred zhang (333 m) cut-throat monster that all over the body comprised of the flame.

Plunges the fire anger!

Fire spirit God move emits, the fire anger falls in leeward immediately, hurried retreat.

Latter rim-fire clear(ly) Kun said surprised, „grandfather! Be careful!” He said that also entreated to these monster Gods, „king monarch sovereign, fellow seniors, has not thought the rebel fire of Dongsheng God country's really had such strength spirit, please make a move help!”

That side beast God blood Gods nod.

However in the sky, is actually biography gets angry fierce roaring of anger, „useless thing! This is our Dongsheng God country own matter, how can want outsider other families to help?” The fire anger said that also pledged in the sky, „my fire got angry in this makes the pledge, this war did not want any outsider to help absolutely! Only then I and fire spirit two people are solved, who comes out to help, I...... Suicide!”

The fire got angry this saying, that side monster Gods applauded, „fire anger king monarch sovereign, good moral courage, good strength of spirit, admire! Our Monster Race most admires the real man!”

Sees the fire anger to fall in the declining tendency, still also makes such pledge. In fire spirit both eyes flashes through the stern countenance, turns head saying that „our brothers are listening! My fire does not want anybody make a move spirit! Even if dies, does not want your make a move! Whose make a move, I pledged that commits suicide!”

Here person did not speak, because the fire had been in the upper hand spirit at this moment.

Only then in the Ye Kong mouth has spat two characters in a low voice, „wooden club.” Others do not understand the wooden club anything meaning, Ye Kong has actually stood side a big fellow.

Sees Ye Kong to lift the hand to pull out, a jade Cambodia sends out the emerald green ray, falls on his palm.

„Doesn't the buddy of great department, this you know?”

That giant man sees small jade Cambodia, immediately both eyes shine! The startled say/way, „this is I keeps the Immortal World thing, who obtains can come Divine Realm to look for me becomes the disciple of my great department! Has not thought that gets so far as in your hand! Fellow Daoist Ye, we were really predestined friends!”

Ye Kong said with a smile, „you were the great gate! Actually I got up Divine Realm to ask you to go for shelter, but one did not have the time not to have the opportunity \; second, to hear you have sensed the heartless say/way...... My truth told you, I do not like that nonsense the heartless say/way, therefore has not asked you to acknowledge as teacher.”

Great gate previous time when outside chaos mystical place, Ye Kong with his same Half-Step God. Now Ye Kong became God Lord, is not a scale, the great gate hehe said with a smile, „I did not like the nonsense the heartless say/way, you have not requested me to be the Master fortunately, now I must acknowledge you as the teacher.”

They are the refreshed people, the great gate seems is not the completely heartless person, everybody laughs, henceforth has the friendship.

They chatted in this, in that side sky the situation has changed. Before fire spirit God did not pledge that wants the person to help, is the hot beast has pursued catches fire the anger to hit. However after waiting for the fire spirit God to pledge, the fire anger immediately stops the footsteps, in old both eyes flashes through cunningly.

He transfers turns round, white hemp/numb Paozhan in the flaming flame of sky, sees the front piece flap flap to fan, surpassingly braves!

„Fire spirits, you must kill me, practices several thousand years not to hope again!”

The fire anger said, in the hand does not know has grasped anything, lifts the hand to throw toward overtop of sky, mouth middle course, „invited fire god scepter!”

The people then see, this is a small swagger stick!

The swagger stick is not long, the stick body seems the ordinary, gray rattan winding. But stick circle light ball, in the ball has the little star flame.

The fire spirit God looked, said surprised, „this is Dongsheng God country most formidable God Lord, the strength approached the ultra divine tool! This is the scepter that the God Venerable carries along, got so far as your hand to come up?”

The fire anger God haha said with a smile, „the Old Ancestor sect heard that I must eliminate the rebel, the mood was excellent, brought to me the fire god stick! Haha, the fire spirits your this rebel, haven't you known the time of death at present? Dies in the fire god stick hand of Old Ancestor sect, you can also die content!”

In the voice, the fire god scepter rose the sky, a short while later, turns into a handle startled day great stick! In fire anger God both eyes flashes through contemptuously, lifts the hand to front flame giant beast is being a finger, in the mouth heartlessly puts out a character, „gives me, broken!”

That fire god scepter is relentless, the overhead pounds down! Similar to stretches across the sky the long stick, one hits on the hot beast of fire spirit God.


The flame sweeps across to eight sides! That flame giant beast, this was struck, good Xiangshan to step was the same! Bang, the innumerable flaming flame, one collapses, sprinkles from the sky, looks, magnificent, as if bolide rain!

Hot beast that the fire spirit God is proud, was struck unexpectedly, was disillusioned!

The hot beast was routed, in the sky only then one group of flame, are fiercest fierce formidable does not extinguish the God fire! Is fire spirit God consumes does not extinguish the God fire that countless painstaking care and treasures refine!

„Comes back!” The hot beast of fire spirit God was routed, his facial color one startled, wants to recall that not to extinguish the God fire hastily.

However was late, fire anger lifts the hand is, the mouth middle course, „receives!”

Sees only in the light ball of that fire god scepter stick head as if to have the formidable attraction to be ordinary, one did not extinguish the God fire to swallow that! Can see, in that light ball were also many a bright red star point!

The distant place, fire clear(ly) Kun and numerous monster Gods of observing laugh, „fire anger brother, splendid! Good!”

Here Ye Kong and the others are the surface has the worried look, white Shennu said, „that fire anger was too bad, first is disguises not to beat, tempts the fire to pledge spirit does not want the person to help! Waits for the fire to distribute the pledge spirit, he emits the true formidable attack immediately! The fire spirit this person is but stubborn, perhaps now he must support by strenuous efforts!”

The light God scolded, „idiot!” Said that and asked that „was that fire god scepter very fierce appearance, what thing?”

Although the fire beautiful God is Body Possession comes, but actually inherited the original fire Li's memory, she opens the mouth saying that „fire god scepter, was very ancient times time, a fire god had discovered the God beast big snake that one type liked swallowing the flame, then he killed the big snake, refine this scepter with the snake skin snake bone. How this scepter just made the strength not, but it has to swallow the God fire the instinct! Especially does not extinguish the God fire, or dies to reduce heat is Spiritual God within the body the source of God fire! Therefore many years later, this is getting more and more fierce the scepter, the fire kind God also dies of......”

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