Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Swallows Heavenly Eye

Swallows Heavenly Eye

„The Lord of resurgence, invited seat of honor.” Sits in the main hall most on the seat, the red lotus somewhat is timid to act, she is one served the shi female of person, now one makes her the Lord of prison clan, such corner/horn color/look transformation, is really makes her be caught off guard.

However after short adaptation, she has had the courage, opens the mouth saying that „God Venerable......”

Her these words just exported are broken by the red front, „the Lord of resurgence, later you are the Master of my prison clan, although I am the prison God must obey your verbal command! Later the prison clan will help you to obtain more formidable God Lord Godhead fully! If cannot obtain is more formidable, I will change my prison God Godhead to forward to you, therefore your certain meeting is when the time comes formidable, therefore you called me the red front to become! 10 million/absolutely do not ask my God Venerable again!”

„Trades your prison God Godhead!” The red lotus had a scare, the say/way is not applicable hastily.

The red front said with a smile, „this had anything not to be applicable, when the time comes said that again, although before red lotus you, was only a shi female, but you were the person who the ancestor elected! You do not know, I for you stem from our red family/home, is my younger generation is proud!”

Listened to the red front to say like this, red lotus was also deeply moved, the nod said, „red lotus wanted this entire life, for prison clan for red family/home, even if died, was willing absolutely!”

Below prison clan numerous Boss hears the words of red lotus, kneels down completely. Although the status of red lotus is not high, but the ancestor is in the most important status in the heart of prison clansman!

After red lotus and a prison God chitchat, cannot help but also asked that „that prison palace, inside situation was how what kind, leaf Half-Step God......”

The prison God shakes the head saying that „the Lord of resurgence, I could see you are passionately devoted to that Half-Step God, but you at this moment are the Lord of resurgence! This is inappropriate! Most important, I think surnamed Ye that to you also not too many enthusiasms, therefore I urged you do not worry over for nothing, placed xiu to refine the jing strength to be quite good!”

The red lotus was said the thoughts, on the face one red, nie several, said, „also had been lucky leaf Half-Step God I can come out, we cannot be ungrateful.”

Prison God red front said, „among them the fight, we are unable to participate, moreover we do not have the map, we wanted to help Ye Kong unable to find.”

The red lotus said, „is not, does not need to help him, he has all killed the silly God deaf God mute God, remains a blind God to run away. Meaning that I said that is we can do not feel embarrassed him and his friend.”

„He has killed the silly God deaf God mute God!” Hears such news, prison God is startled to grinning with ear to ear!

Must know, four lack God that is the can violent is also very formidable! Four people about in same place strength, can defeat Immortal with joint forces! But is so formidable four lack the God, like this had been massacred three by Ye Kong unexpectedly! Runs away!

This success, the prison Gods were shocked! Must know, a prison God person also does four to lack the God, but that Ye Kong is only Half-Step God!

„Half-Step God so was when formidable!” The prison God is startled.

However he believes that the red lotus will not speak, waits to meet Ye Kong to come out, this matter lies is also useless. If Ye Kong is really such formidable, his red front must reconsider and Ye Kong's relates!

The Lord of prison clan resurgence comes out, do not annoy a small evil star of extermination!

„Comes the person! All is closing Ye Kong their a group of child people put completely, polite, brings before the mi imperial city gate, prepares to greet leaf Half-Step God to come out!” The red front has gotten instantaneously down decision.

As for the prison palace, he could not go, because after that place is called the prison palace, he goes to be able the mi road!

Also in prison palace.

Ye Kong and Yao Hui explained clearly, thinks that Yao Hui also sits the prison for him, in his heart was ashamed and anxious, in the heart the secretly thought, this mi palace was under the prison clan arrange/cloth, the ancestor temple in this mi palace was also the ancestors of prison clan, only then found the prison clansman to rescue Yao Hui!

Ye Kong looked forward to rush to the mi palace to find the red front to ascertain immediately, but after leaving the ancestor temple, Ye Kong saw the mi palace map above lemon spot!

Ye Kong cold -ly snorted and said, „eliminates evil thoroughly! The blind God, you cannot escape!”

That side blind God was soon anxious, he had arrived at the exit|to speak, sees two choices, his heart said that these two gates, each gate has 50% opportunities! Spelled!

His blind person actually does not know, actually two gates both have the opportunity to exit, but must choose the opportunity! If his first exited at that time into the Lord of prison clan resurgence, that matter had the tremendous changes!

However this blind person does not know, such one step enters in the gate!

His jin enters, is just lives and dies two character alternate times, in other words this he has bad luck, immediately was transmitted, appears in another deep place of mi palace!

Road that the blind God can find, that is because he has recorded the road from the entrance. But the present is the random transmission! One was chaotic, he road that which went to find?

However after his short panic-stricken, has put down the heart.

He does not believe that Ye Kong will have the map. If he were transmitted randomly, he believes that Ye Kong could not find him! Therefore he thought that slowly explores, this big mi palace is the misdemeanor, is the good deed! Ye Kong was very at least difficult to find him!

„Invincible might, Heavenly Eye!” The blind God opens Heavenly Eye once again. Those who let the person surprise is, the invincible might of this blind person is truly unusual, sees only that Heavenly Eye to be able from the forehead third eye to depart unexpectedly, in an instant, departed over a hundred Heavenly Eye!

„Dispersing!” Under blind God shouts a question, over a hundred Heavenly Eye are similar to over a hundred detection soldiers is unexpectedly same, flies to each road fork in all directions!

Over a hundred Heavenly Eye more divide more opens, goes toward each direction exploration!

Originally his invincible might, really also has such effect!

„Ahem, over a hundred Heavenly Eye are more convenient than over a hundred individual explorations, actually I most suit the person who explores the way!” The blind God makes over a hundred Heavenly Eye exit, he stands is freezing, directs with divine sense.

Ye Kong knows his position, but does not know Heavenly Eye! Therefore Ye Kong rushes to the time of blind God rapidly, visible Heavenly Eye naturally!

„That is anything!” Ye Kong sees a light shadow of eyeball, in the heart to be startled.

He also has fought many battles, the experience is experienced and reliable, almost immediately had guessed correctly that is Heavenly Eye of blind God!

„It is not good! Cannot make the blind God feel the danger!” Ye Kong's speed also quick very much, luckily, just in time that eyeball light shadow carries to his!

„Invincible might! Swallows!” Ye Kong wants not to think, an opens the mouth, that eyeball induction port in!

That side blind God induced to immediately being short of one, although somewhat suspected, but was unascertainable, immediately transferred nearby eyeball to look at an outcome!

But Ye Kong hides in the corner of that road fork, so long as comes one, swallows one, a short while later, swallowed Heavenly Eye of ten blind Gods. Then the blind God could not see Ye Kong, in the heart also to understand, is it possible that was the secretly thought this surnamed Ye knows the road? Ok, I hurry to run away!

That side Ye Kong actually stood there was motionless, because he clearly felt, there are previous time has swallowed the feeling of ugly God invincible might!

Ye Kong's swallows the invincible might, can swallow all! Especially can swallow the invincible might! Under certain circumstances, the invincible might that swallows can transform own invincible might, used one time for oneself or several times!

Previous time has swallowed the invincible might of ugly God, after Ye Kong refine, continuously on useless. But this time, he swallows Heavenly Eye of several blind Gods, he had the induction once again!

„Heavenly Eye! Can break the domain class attack! Good, this invincible might is good! I like, comes!” In the Ye Kong heart the great happiness, seeks in the nearby immediately!

At this moment, the blind God is running away, nearby No. over a hundred Heavenly Eye follows behind him, Ye Kong discovers one batch quickly, happy complete swallowing!!.


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