Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Resurrecting Le Er

Resurrecting Le Er

2620 resurrecting Le Er

Can see, although sword God for a long time, but is discontented with sword demon God. In fact truly is this, sword God is human, the sword demon God is Demon Race, to their altitudes, must naturally consider two clans in the Divine Realm equilibrium issue, will not relate absolutely harmoniously.

Therefore although Ye Kong talked irresponsibly, actually picked a quarrel to the sword God by a good excuse.

However must say that the sword demon God is truly unusual, facing calling to account of sword God, he was not worried, is not excited, but said with a smile: „That asked leaf City Lord you to produce the evidence, if my sword demon said, I was speechless.”

If changes other people, worries to argue, or bickers with Ye Kong, that fell the low grade. But sword demon God relaxed indifferent, even after he said these words, unexpectedly has not compelled Ye Kong to want the evidence, but also said with a smile: „God your father, your younger generation quite likes talking irresponsibly, must know that this is very easy to become enemies...... Good, since is the God your father's younger generation, then the gratitude and grudges, wrote off in those days.”

The sword demon said, waves, brings hand/subordinate to fly, turns into rays, vanishes in the end of sky.

In the Ye Kong heart the secretly thought, this sword demon God is really a character, knows the onset and retreat, showed weakness on own initiative, making a sword God point be cut by broken glass radically could not find! Like this asks him to leave, does not know when makes him free and unfettered.

However these matters are not, he who Ye Kong can manage flies to salute to say to the sword God couple: „Sees two Gods Venerable, younger generation Ye Kong, from Great Purple Star, with some Wan Family origins.”

Original Ye Kong thinks that the sword God must inquire Great Purple Star and Wan Family situation carefully, what makes Ye Kong unable to think, the sword God is light smiles, „leaf young friend is also the world of mortals old friend, but we save you , because the fog God said that your aptitude is good, in the future will have a future, is useful to my human, therefore you do not need to thank.”

The sword God simply has not asked the matter of world of mortals, but turns head to think, is natural. The sword God from Mortal World to Immortal World, arrives at Divine Realm again, the middle does not know many ten thousand years of experience...... What he now is more is to the sentiment and ponder of person clan, to any Mortal World Wan Family, basic did not have what sentiment.

Therefore according to this logic, if not the speed of Ye Kong cultivate promotion is quick, even if the Great Purple Star Wan Family later generation, the sword God will not respond.

Ye Kong this person of heavy affectionate righteousness, listened to the tone of sword God, in the heart is not cheerful.

The sword God wife sees the Ye Kong's mentality probably, shows a faint smile saying: „Little friend, you arrives at Divine Realm from Mortal World, hasn't completely understood? This is one only stresses the world of strength and benefit, if the people as well as their descendants of our a little friendship must manage, our how cultivate, can be busy? If our not cultivate, how can also be built on Bei Jian God country most peak the position, frightens the group demon?”

Ye Kong listened to this, this has profound respect. Already knows that sword God is the mainstay common character of person clan, cultivate that originally he also keeping, advance. He is not such as the outside hearsay same being addicted to sword like the life, but has to cultivate, he probably forever stand in the most peak of Bei Jian God country's, can play the role that frightens.

„God Venerable the principle of righteousness, my Upper Division Deity is inconceivable, I made a mistake.” Ye Kong this time is the sincerity bows.

The sword God said with a smile lightly: „Actually this time you have also helped me. I already arrived a moment ago, waited for sword demon God make a move to strike......”

Here, his Dao companion Li had the flower also to open the mouth to say with a smile: „This time one, feared that in the lump that in his Dao Heart leaves behind, many years are unable to make up.”

Although sword God couple has not talked clearly, but understood by Ye Kong's smartly immediately.

Sword demon God struck with the invincible might a moment ago, the sword God selected giant loophole! This matter will make the sword demon God take to heart, leaves behind a flaw in his Dao Heart, before the sword demon God this flaw shadow elimination, he do not want to promote the strength again!

In the Ye Kong heart sighs with emotion, if these matters the sword God did not say, he is unable to think. It seems like these old monsters astute deceitful, is not his Ye Kong can imagine, the sword demon God this time suffered a loss.

If sword demon God cannot go forward for a long time...... Does not know oneself one day can catch up with him, eliminates him? In Ye Kong's heart thought bitterly.

However these are the things to do after death, Ye Kong think of here, said: „Thanked two Gods Venerable again, should two saviors bury the sword city to sit, but the boy worries to rush to Craftsman God Realm now, asking Craftsman God to resurrect his granddaughter.”

„This matter......” sword God listened, every day wrinkles, opens the mouth to say faintly: „Craftsman God grows perceptibly with the regulator, although calls Immortal, is the strength...... If just the person of dying, making him resurrect feasible perhaps also...... But waits for him to catch up from afar from Craftsman God Realm, feared that was he has been powerless!”

The people died later resurrecting, most critical is the time. The time drags to be long excessively, coming fierce Immortal not to help matters!

Ye Kong listened to the sword demon God to say a moment ago like this, now listened to the sword God also like this to say. He has a big shock immediately, if is really this, Le Er can die without doubt?

However Ye Kong raised the head, had the hope. This time his fiercely kneeling evil ways: „Ye Kong wants to invite sword God Sir make a move, rescues my Le Er!”

„This......” sword God brow wrinkles once again, obviously does not want, has opened the mouth saying: „It is not good! You may know, after resurrecting each time the person, the resurgent will suffer the Divine Realm scourge infliction from god, receives the eternal God to punish! My many years are unable to restore! Moreover, does the period person clan that if I am unable to restore what to do receive to attack? What to do also has the person who needs me to resurrect to appear? Therefore...... Like Craftsman God granddaughter role, I cannot spend the strength to resurrect she, this is unworthy to me!”

Ye Kong urgently said: „Is worth to me!” Here, Ye Kong could not bear open the mouth saying: „Sword God Sir, you may remember that half immortal jade!”

Half immortal jade!

Initially in the Wan Family city, scenery entire Old Ancestor gave the Ye Kong's half immortal jade. It is said these half immortal jade can make open/stretch Yongwei do a matter, but Ye Kong has not discovered this person in Immortal World, therefore half immortal jade continuously ㊣ ( 5 ) useless, brings in the side.

However has troubled to Divine Realm that the immortal jade is ascended cannot bring. Therefore, Ye Kong gave Da Yu all things at that time! Now it is said Da Yu ascended, that half immortal jade does not know that in whose gets so far as hand.

The Ye Kong half immortal jade in the hand, only has not hoped that the sword God can remember the past matter! Can observe the past agreement!

Must say that the generation of sword God credit, the nod said actually: „If you use of that half immortal jade to make me keep the commitment, I can give you to resurrect the Craftsman God granddaughter......”

The sword God just said that side his wife is reminds: „God Venerable, do not forget the matter of chaos dense boundary!”

The sword God beckons with the hand, said: „Might as well, before chaos dense boundary I should be able to restore. Moreover immortal jade matter, I in the heart, imperceptibly instead become the shadow in my heart, if this matter understood, should benefit to outweigh the shortcoming!”

Hears the sword God to observe the agreement unexpectedly, the Ye Kong great happiness, but in the heart actually some worries, kowtow saying: „God Venerable, is only that half immortal jade in the world of mortals, when my ascended is unable to bring to come up, only then and other later world of mortals, takes to the God Venerable.”

The sword God nods saying: „That half immortal jade wants certainly, you must bring to me, only then sees that half immortal jade, I can Dao Heart be complete.”

Ye Kong nods to thank hastily, sword God then said, „was good, puts that doll.”

Waited for Ye Kong to emit the Le Er corpse, the first matter of sword God actually completely destroys that corpse. Listened to the sword God wife saying that this world did not allow to have two same things, fished the person from the time river, must wait/etc. all destroy the corpse.

Afterward, sword God then calls the time river! Waits for the time river to come out, Ye Kong then sees from a picture, originally City Lord's Residence Array Method, is sword demon God bastard secretly defeats! Otherwise these monster Gods, how possibly does the quick attack enter City Lord's Residence?

But a Le Er unexpectedly also life also his life, is really the silly girl!

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