Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Domain divine tool broken domain

Domain divine tool broken domain

2471 domain divine tool broken domain

Along with issuing an order of that Hall Master, from the summits of all around 12 mountain, 12 bright assorted rays, raids unexpectedly to valley Ye Kong! 12 killers, least are Mid Division Deity, is higher than Ye Kong Cultivation Base, but they do not have any having a low opinion of the enemy, simultaneously make a move!

The Ye Kong heart said, day the ancestors board board, you also really think highly of me! 12 people hit my one! Gangs up on, you were really too shameless!

Urgent, Ye Kong exclaimed, „unhaired hide, how didn't they have the toxin to send the body dead?”

The unhaired hide spits blood saying that „Master, I had not poisoned at that time with enough time, was attracted!”

This time of Ye Kong really must spit blood. ■ hundred plate the search: ■ \\ \\ green ^ color ^ small ^ said // ■, although his individual strength is extraordinary, has the formidable God body. The enemy were too but many! He must deal with 12 powerful enemies, has strength overbearing Half-Step God!

Ye Kong knows, does not put out oneself trump card not to be good.

Sees that 12 the flowing light of summit throwing to hit the Ye Kong's time, sees only him to pull out the waistband of waist suddenly, in the mouth shouts, „receives to me!”

Sees only, is almost instantaneous, the white light that 12 throw, completely vanished does not see! But in the central valley, the Ye Kong's body week, presents one to circle the body river!

That overwhelming river, not only received the light of 12 god of journeys, but also in crazy increasing, as if giant rivers!

The summits of 12 mountain peak, these Deity are one startled, because their magical instruments were received! Their divine tool product Jie are not very high, therefore Wanbao river, receives completely!

That highest mountain peak it, is called in the Half-Step God heart of Hall Master first is one startled, escapes the tastes, „he really also has the domain class divine tool! Moreover, murdering the God car(riage) is much higher than! At least is the Half-Step God rank!”

Truly, in the domain class divine tool, if the ratio murders God car(riage) product Jiedi, is unable to use. Since can use, that certainly wants tall passed/lived to murder the God car(riage)!

Hall Master this saying, person on the scene and other in complete both eyes projected the greedy light!

Domain class treasure! This is everybody long-awaited treasure! The murdering God car(riage) of this trash, they can treat as the treasure, the Ye Kong's Wanbao river, truth how can there be they do not move?

Looks at that more and more inflation Wanbao river, some subordinates asked that „Hall Master, runs away?”

Hall Master Half-Step God cold -ly snorted and said, „runs anything to run! This person fears the treasure is not two! Does not want to get rich, gets the hell out to me! Snort, how many tenth might Lower Division can Deity display the domain class treasure? Clash/To routs him! Kills him to seize the treasure!”

Facing the Wanbao river of rapid rise, Hall Master turns into the light shadow, leaps the mountain peak, throws into the Wanbao river domain!

Back these Deity also nod, Lower Division Deity, has the heavy treasure, that is the fat sheep! Oneself do not flush away to butcher the fat sheep, how can there be the principle of retreat!

Also is ten together light shadow, throws into the Wanbao river domain! But after they grip the Wanbao river medium, the Wanbao river continues to expand unexpectedly violently!

The loess roadside, a black car, the car(riage) murders the character pennant at the same time, flutters in the breeze! Passed by the person numerous, was already panic-stricken, frightens hides by far, surrounding area ten miles, only then near car(riage) section Deity.

But in this is, listens to bang one! Originally the Wanbao river murdering God car(riage) are too formidable more, one will murder the space of God car(riage) unexpectedly, supports the collapse! Murders the God car(riage) to have rupturing, is split up, broken becomes one after another, sprinkles everywhere!

But in murdering the original position of God car(riage), the turbulent perpetual flows appears, Deity that outside that waits, also covers!

At this moment, 13 killers fully entered in the Wanbao river. However Ye Kong is actually the Master in Wanbao river, he can actually pass and out at any time!

The form in a flash, a big demon person form appears in river it!

„Here is too near from the Yingzhou city! That 13 killers solve perhaps are not that easy! If brings in the formidable enemy again, that is the disaster! Has to guard!” The Ye Kong frown moves, about looked, the vision gathers distant place white one piece......

„Life 13, you poisoned a moment ago inadequately, now you have enough opportunity! Even if cannot kill by poison, must delay a meeting to me!” In the Ye Kong heart rave, turns into the light shadow, is bringing a river, charges into the white sea of clouds crazily!

The big gray city wall, the densely covered rune/symbol writing giant wall brick, sends out the golden light under the sun protecting city God, puts on golden armor powerful guard Deity......

Yingzhou city gate, is military might is always still busy, stands was waiting for in city gate Jiang Wenzhe and several Deity anxiously, they have not noted slightly, not far away has a face dirty young beggar, is loafing behind them.

„Had the news to have the news, the front caravan said a moment ago, the black God car(riage) stopped in the roadside, tall Cha murdered the God pennant! Obviously is murders the God hall to handle matters, these caravan pedestrians, all detour the line!”

When this news comes, in Jiang Wenzhe both eyes, reveals the wolf same ruthless severe, is bringing the depressing excitement, opens the mouth saying that „hurries to give clear(ly) Kun to report the news, murdered make a move of God hall, five star crag crystals did not have the white bloom!”

Originally, assassinates Ye Kong, they have spent five star crag crystals unexpectedly, the Five Hundred Thousand two God crystals! Therefore murders the God hall Yingzhou city to divide the hall to be able to send out!

Fire clear(ly) Kun of Jiang Wenzhe side another Deity to cultivate institute sends the news, slightly waits for the moment, has been responded, „clear(ly) Kun said we were laborious, making us go to Flower Goddess building relaxed, the expense calculates his!”

The people happily said with a smile, „that we played, I have not gone to the Flower Goddess building to play for a long time!”

Jiang Wenzhe remembers own green cloud beast again not to have the opportunity to bring back from now, in the heart hates darkly. However is thinking the attractiveness that this matter manages, won the fire clear(ly) Kun's trust, he also has to clench teeth, has a look at the city outside, cold snort/hum, „Li black Li black, that green cloud beast, quite was buried along with the dead to you!”

When their this crowd gangs up, strolls to enter a city...... But that a moment ago in the common young beggar who behind them walked randomly, actually speedily hid in the alley, extended the dark small hand, the ㊣ 5 palm unexpectedly was one big sparkling the shining star crag crystal!

„These rich souls are pale, does not steal does not steal white/in vain!” This young thief and Ye Kong distinguishes later Le Er, she receives greatly the star crag crystal, another lifts the hand, the palm were also many a black jade Cambodia.

Intention of Le Er toward sinks, thought aloud, „murdered God hall Yingzhou to divide the hall duty to show, demon person who dark deicide country cultivate was called Li black! Snort, demon person, murders the God hall, is not the good person!”

Then, Le Er lecture of jade Cambodia has thrown into the drainage of roadside.

However when she wants leaves alley to seek for the next goal, her pass on message token had the response. She puts out looked, „grandfather asked me to go back! Really, making others play again some time, perhaps that death boy surnamed Ye comes back to ask me to play, oh, how at that time not to have exchanged divine sense that passed on a message makes with him. That soul is pale, as man, does not know on own initiative!”

Le Er does not know, she in waiting Ye Kong, a moment ago is discarded the actor of token by her!

In the Wanbao river, 13 killers stand shoulder to shoulder, before by 12 magical instruments that Ye Kong received, here also entirely respectively turned over to his Lord.

„Hall Master, this domain class divine tool can break open unexpectedly murders the God car(riage), obviously is an unusual treasure! Our times may be developed!” That stood in a moment ago murdering section Deity outside God car(riage), he is also received in the Wanbao river now, somewhat excited saying.

„Do not negligently!” That Hall Master cold snort/hum, „, although that boy is only Lower Division Deity, is this treasure is tyrannical, moreover unexpectedly also already accept owner! Thinks that this child decides some methods, we cannot have a low opinion of the enemy, in order to avoid in the sewers capsizes!”

„Good, I and others wanted more careful.”

The time of but in these 13 people whooping, in the under foot tranquil river, flood soars to the heavens the turbid wave unexpectedly fiercely, „crash-bang!” The dreadful muddy river water wells up the sky, 13 people of present lines of sight were all camouflaged!

„Everybody was careful!”


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