Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

The invincible might, splits by cart!

The invincible might, splits by cart!

2440 invincible mights, split by cart!

Bang! The flame flaming combustion of gold/metal color/look, is similar to a magnificent gold/metal color/look beast of prey, opens the great mouth, in all several cloud ghost house, complete swallowing!

Flame flaming! The roaring flame is billowing!

Completely in the flame, these white color/look, azure color/look, black color/look, cloud ghost of gold/metal color/look, is incapable struggles in the flame, sends out fierce shouting, is really ordinary like Ghost Realm clever thing withering away, very fearsome!

„Ye Kong! You will regret! Your this hateful fellow! You die!” Has negotiated that only cloud ghost of negotiation with Ye Kong, in the flame, quick cannot endure, the whole body was ignited by the flame!

That flame is not the common flame, but is the God fire that the fire kind God leaves behind!

Before the fire kind God leaves, against Huang Jing zhao is sending cloud Guilai to plot against Ye Kong, therefore then under arrange/cloth God fire ban in room! But fire seed of God fire ban in that burden, so long as shakes off the burden, in the entire room, was covered by this mysterious gold/metal color/look flame!

Any cloud ghost is unable to flee this flame, but Ye Kong stands in the fire, is actually the unusual security!

„Huang Jing zhao, I already knows that you have to kill the meaning to me, my possible sincerity and do you trade? Snort, even if I give in vain the Divine Sword to you, you will not feel relieved me! You are certainly afraid me to tell others the matter, therefore you must kill me finally! Extinguishes kills my Lower Division Deity by the never recurring trouble, to you such heartless deity, what is also?”

Ye Kong stands in the flame sneers, said: „Slayer, the person kills it permanently! You move to my Ye Kong kill heart, my original design presents also! This is my Ye Kong's principle, manages you are God Lord or Immortal, moves to my Ye kills heart, I do not forgive him!”

At this moment, in the flaming sea of fire of gold/metal color/look, cloud ghost was lit completely, even if that gold/metal color/look cloud ghost, the whole body is the fire!

However this, in that flame, transmits severe howl, „Ye Kong, you will receive my retaliation, will not be long, will not be absolutely long!”

Of bang, sparks/Mars explode, scene ashes! The flame of that gold/metal color/look comes quickly, goes also quick! The flame zone when cloud ghost the completely burnt cleanness, the flame of that gold/metal color/look, the fire kind God leaves behind cloud ghost the ashes, are taking away as many things as possible!

When last sparks/Mars vanish, in the Ye Kong's room fell into a darkness, only then the clear and bright moonlight, gets down from the window oblique incidence together.

Ye Kong then vented anger, having a look at jade Cambodia in hand, the corners of the mouth to turn upwards a curve slightly.

However, at this moment!


The Ye Kong's gate, was shoved open unexpectedly once again!

„!” Sees in the doorframe is standing last most common white color/look cloud ghost, Ye Kong suddenly extremely not good feelings!

„Ye Kong, you made me get angry really! The anger soars to the heavens!” All cloud ghost burnt vanishing into thin air, only then cloud ghost of this last white color/look, has stayed in the back, had not entered the room a moment ago...... Thus, he had not been burnt!

Last cloud ghost the low and deep and angry voice resounds, „you not only has played a trick on me, twice deceives me, you also kill all cloud ghost who my these many years refine laboriously...... Ye Kong! You must die!”

This last roars, that is only white color/look cloud ghost to explode unexpectedly fiercely! But in that white fog dispersion tearing, a big form clear emergence!

He is a man of wear simple hempen garments, seems looks like a not too rich student, but the white color/look car mark of his forehead, actually has appeared his honored, uncommon! He is God Lord, Huang Jing zhao!

„You came!” Ye Kong this was startled, must know, the fire kind God has been saying, Huang Jing zhao does not certainly dare to come to the God crystal mine...... Obviously, the fire kind God has underestimated Huang Jing zhao. Naturally, the fire kind God does not know that here has God Lord to display the incomparably formidable attraction!

„Yes, I came! Actually, my this time comes with cloud ghost together!” Huang Jing zhao absolutely did not have no God Lord style, in both eyes to blush because of angry at this moment, he had decided that front decision the death of this little fellow!

„I should guess correctly you regarding earnestly seeking of God Lord.” Ye Kong nods.

In Huang Jing zhao eyes emits the wolf same vision, „also has in a big way exterminates the God technique! Your life, I must benefit the bright grandson to revenge to me!”

Ye Kong lifted the hand, in the hand presented a jade sign, „Huang Jing zhao, you may know, this mine heavy, the biggest protector was God Lord! I want crumb sign, that God Lord will come immediately, when the time comes, you may eat the crime!”

„Isn't Vesta that idiot?” Huang Jing zhao laughs saying: „That idiot covets including the incense and candle of world of mortals, so long as I finger/refer to the seam a class point coming out, he will crawl like only the dog! You do not believe that your crumb trying!”

Must say that Ye Kong copes with these cloud ghost, now God Lord stands in own front. He is really not a match, is holding an expectation to the sign, fiercely crumb!

In mid-hill, fog deep place. In some cave mansion, an old man of red nose drinking one after another. Has a stone table in his not far away, but the smashing that puts a jade sign is exploding in that table suddenly.

However the old man of that red nose looked, continues to drink saying: „Has not seen, has not seen...... The fire kind God, is not I do not help your apprentice, but is I truly has not seen.”

But in that side, after Ye Kong crumb jade sign, simply had not responded!

„Haha, ha haha......” Huang Jing zhao laughs, after laughter, he lifts hand finger/refers of Ye Kong, the mouth middle course: „This, you can peaceful died!”

Ye Kong knows that could not count on others, opened the mouth to get angry exclaim: „Huang Jing zhao, your not strange that to where the sword? You did not fear that I admit along the space it, I die, the sword also vanishes!”

The Huang Jing zhao withered finger is pointing at Ye Kong, shakes the head to say slowly: „Which possibly was hidden by you, is impossible to admit along the space, if can put, you early put!”

Ye Kong haha said with a smile: „You could not find!”

„Could not find, I also want you dead! Died!” In Huang Jing zhao heart hated to swell Ye Kong, he does not hope with the Ye Kong idle talk, for fear that on once more working as of this boy.

Therefore he points at Ye Kong, in both eyes lu is leaving savage, mouth middle course: „I think that you want certainly to know, my transportation trades the God Lord invincible might is anything, ahem...... The invincible might, splits by cart!”

Although Huang Jing zhao cannot compare the sword God fire god, cannot compare the deity God of the Earth, even the Half-Step God fire spirit Gods were inferior, is...... Has to acknowledge, Huang Jing zhao is enough formidable!

Especially his invincible might!

Sees only him to refer, invincible might emits! A formidable imposing manner, explodes fiercely! That imposing manner is not Ye Kong can be a worthy opponent completely, Ye Kong complete surrounding. At that moment, Ye Kong as if rapidly left the mine, left the temple, left his room......

But went to a strange place, all around anything does not have. Only then various singularly varied color/look rays, are involved, does not have the direction!

At this moment, a being startled day great car(riage) loudly engages in factional strife to come, that giant gold/metal color/look wheel, fast trundle! Huge ship everywhere one visit, the Heaven and Earth light shadow, all splits!

But that huge ship, is rolling with great speed to Ye Kong!

Ye Kong roars, „wants me dead, I will not be resigned! I spelled with you! Benevolent king armor, incarnation ancient God!”

Instantaneous, sees only the Ye Kong's form, hundred zhang (333 m) that increases fiercely! Is pouncing upon suddenly to that huge ship!

Huang Jing zhao who emits the invincible might sees the Ye Kong also incarnation for giant ancient God, is unexpectedly equally matched with the huge ship, in his both eyes was not worried, but is cold snort/hum one, „you think that my this is only the ordinary wheel? Big, is useful, I look your God body suffices, but...... Remember, this is the God Lord invincible might!”

„Ye Kong! You, cannot block!” ro!.

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