Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

I want

I want

2414 I want

The Dongsheng God country, is the fire is the river system managed a household. The &\;&\; fire god is too the king monarch sovereign, is too the sovereign. The current king monarch sovereign is fire anger God, but that fire spirit God is also a well-known Spiritual God of fire, the influence is under large!

As for the daughter of fire spirit God, is called Miss Rui Qi, her radically is Little Tyrant of this Yingzhou city general usually in the city is also lawless, therefore she in the presence of everyone will speak to ridicule the advisor. But now Miss Rui Qi is ridiculed in the presence of everyone, that will definitely not give up.

The pine three always looks at each other one, in their hands has a list, which theater box sits. However the only exception, is actually the theater box of that mystifying man, actually in the record does not have.

However so, the famous elder as Yingzhou city, they decided that must stand Miss Rui Qi.

Some other pine and crane God stands just about to open the mouth. However actually some people first walked.

In theater box not far away that Miss Rui Qi is, also there is a theater box. At this moment sees Miss Rui Qi to be angry, from goes out of one to swing the handsome young master of fan. That handsome young master walks, outside these Deity immediately project to envy the vision that the envy hates, in the mouth said in a low voice: „Accurate Half-Step God! Also is a rich man! Snort!”

„Accurate Half-Step God?” In some theater box, actually first time hears the concept of this accurate Half-Step God in Ye of seeing a play. He paid attention to look, sees only young master forehead that walked, was a gangster dun dun air mass. That position obviously is Godhead, but actually is not the rhombus, does not have the fixed shape.

Nearby Zhou Xiaozhong looked that Ye Kong is not clear, opens the mouth to explain: „Leaf deity, this accurate Half-Step God Godhead very rare precious thing! It can be said that this is one type has not calmed down firmly Godhead. After obtaining this Godhead, will become Half-Step God, which Half-Step God but will be, temporarily does not know. Must arrive finally, decided according to the cultivate cultivate direction!”

„This Godhead......” the Ye Kong heart said that this accurate Half-Step God Godhead is actually similar to his seven color Godhead, is growth, does not arrive finally, does not know that which God it becomes.

However, changes mind again thinks, accurate Half-Step God Godhead were too more than Ye Kong's seven color Godhead difference. Why, seven color Godhead, are primitive Godhead why is precious, that is because this Godhead final determination is God Lord! Has certain opportunity becomes creates world God!

But accurate Half-Step God Godhead is different, that thing final determination is Half-Step God! In other words, if he cultivate, to eventually determines, is Half-Step God! Becoming will never create the world God! But creates the world God not to have a seven concept, only has one!

Therefore this point difference, is day badly leaves.

Naturally, accurate Half-Step God Godhead, although does not compare Ye Kong's seven color Godhead, compares not formidable God Lord Godhead. But is actually in Half-Step God Godhead, compared with expensive and valuable, precious incomparable, only then the rich man has the person of big backstage, can have!

Ye Kong when understands all these, the outside play is still developing. Sees that rich person young master to swing the fan to walk, in numerous frustrate in the vision that envies poorly short, arrives the theater box advance party that Miss Rui Qi to decide, said, „Miss Rui Qi why is angry for these clumsy mischief-doers, little Lord permits Xiao below mahjong Xu, is willing the guarding a gate town to be wicked for Miss Rui Qi!”

Then, assigns the person to move in a big chair unexpectedly, sits in the theater box entrance.

Deity that these sit in a low voice whispered, „mahjong Xu, what background?”

„This you do not know, mahjong Xu Patriarch is the God Lord square God! The influence is unusual, in Dongsheng God country that is the respected family who the number results in!”

„, No wonder this permits Xiao really had expensive incomparable accurate Half-Step God Godhead. However although Xu Patriarch is God Lord, but actually cannot compare fire, the daughter who therefore this permits Xiao wants to flatter the fire spirit God, strengthens his capital of Xu!”

„Yes. One is the young lady of fire, one is few hosts of Xu...... The mysterious character in that theater box, feared that was this time must have bad luck.”

Really so, the pine of stage three old are opens the sound saying: „Say/Way in No. 15 theater box, this Yingzhou city, this Huang auction market, is not the place that you can act unruly! You now two choices \; first, immediately get lost \; second, apologized to Miss Rui Qi in the presence of everyone!”

The people heart said, good pine three old gave a stair to give under that mysterious person, so long as under apology. After all, no one knows that he is, under the apology has what?

But that mystifying sound continues to resound, „why do I want to apologize? Is your young ladies ridicules the auctioneer obviously first loudly, if the young lady to that not well-known auctioneer apology, I can actually consider your proposition.”

This person of speech sound said, field immediately in an uproar. Although everybody knows some truth that this person said that but was musing, this person has the stair not, really does not show due respect for the feelings.

The pine three old is really angry, shouts: „Said, we only then the custom of execution auction room, please exit!”

In this time, account curtain of that theater box, goes out of an old man.

A hall people and others looked, in a low voice said: „Half-Step God! So is no wonder brave, originally is also Powerhouse!”

However what lets everybody accident/surprise is, the old man just walked, goes out of a big demon person, unexpectedly is also Half-Step God!

Everybody heart said, a moment ago that mystifying sound was the old man or the demon person?

At this time, in the theater box went out of a graceful bearing to be moving unexpectedly, female who the show flattered the bone to inter the body, unexpectedly was also Half-Step God!

The female walks, a fork waist said: „To ask our lords to leave...... You, are perhaps unqualified!”

A female these words saying, person on the scene and others had a big shock. Has not thought that these three that coming out are not the hosts! Can make these three Half-Step God be called as the Master, is how formidable Powerhouse?

These three people come out, is the pine three old cannot help but starts to consider the opposite party strength, by their strength, perhaps also really not opposite three people to ㊣ 5.

In this awkward time, in this hall is actually resounding suddenly a voice of female.

„Good good, everybody goes shopping, did not quarrel. Let alone, is not because the purchase thing had the dispute, I apologized to that the buyer for Rui Qi, this matter such has uncovered.”

That female voice spreads from Miss Rui Qi's theater box, not anxiously not slow, delightful interesting to listen.

But Ye Kong actually fiercely one in theater box startled, „is that goddess Elder Sister!”

Initially, Ye Kong in the ascended pond, the Goddess biography read to him, has given him not the small help. If not for that Goddess, Ye Kong perhaps early leaves the ascended pond, will not have that many chances.

Ye Kong has wanted to thank face to face. However thinks, Ye Kong's fiery both eyes are also gloomy. Others must be the formidable God, do not need the thanks of this small mixed fish.

That sound Goddess of pleasant to hear as if has a charm, in the voice makes the situation of being in sharp opposition relaxes. The auction continues, the three subordinates of mysterious person entered the theater box. However permits Xiao of mahjong, actually with a sudden burst, must sit in Miss Rui Qi the entrance of theater box.

Had the matter, everybody auctions is also some cautiously, the person who also somewhat buys the thing starts to leave. However also many people still here.

Then is several goods, but that mysterious person had not spoken. When the same goods appear......

„Under, must appear, is goods of mysterious say/way provision, everybody certainly unusual being interested that I want to present.” In the auction market center, that attractive female auctioneer takes up a jade Cambodia saying: „This jade Cambodia , China, is a very formidable God technique, is called exterminates the God technique greatly!”

Hears here, under buzz discussed immediately. But in the theater box, Ye Kong is also both eyes concentrates, „I want!”

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