Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Looked that dies also value

Looked that dies also value

2410 looked that died also the value

„, Came.” Ye Kong the necessary goods will admit along the space, but that cannot put the sword of God Lord, Ye Kong has to continue to carry, received Array Method, out goes out.

„Grandfather......” this Pei Chunguang asked the grandfather to become addicted actually, opened the mouth is the grandfather.

Ye Kong beckons with the hand the interruption saying that „Pei brother, we later or the brothers are symmetric, you called me like this, even if you did not matter, I listened to be also uncomfortable.”

„It is not, father...... I said the father, if your my brother were symmetric, I emitted a father frequently, to have taken your advantage?” Pei Chunguang rubs hands to compensate to say with a smile.

Runs into this person, Ye Kong also only then sighed one, said, „good, later you said the father, I did not blame you, but you did not permit to occupy me to be cheap intentionally.”

Pei Chunguang then refreshedly said with a smile, „that father called you Brother leaf, later you were father's good brothers, on this God crystal mine, there is father one day, had brothers one day......”

Runs into this person, had temperament Ye Kong not to have the temperament, sighed, „good, you were saying again really became my father, you came just, I must comply with this matters with you.”

Pei Chun ecliptic, „old...... I have gotten down banquet in that side arrange/cloth, we chat while eating.”

Arrives at a next door small palace, had one table of sumptuous banquets. But at the table, sits two posture color/look good females, seeing Ye Kong to come, immediately the charming smile was welcoming.

Ye Kong looks, these two females are Cultivation Base of Immortal Monarch time! Must say with the person different lives, if these two females go to Immortal World, that is a character of proud Li side, the big energy of controlling the forces of nature! Even if goes to Absolute Beginning World, is each risk squad marketable character.

But in this Divine Realm, they actually can only betray posture color/look and physical body, is it may be said that sorrowful.

Pei Chun ecliptic, „Brother leaf do not shut out, actually the father makes these sons-of-a-bitch do two Lower Division Goddess to have a drink, but has not actually thought, that side said that the Goddess does not get the outside business! Only fond of playing jokes two female Immortal Monarch......”

Ye Kong said surprised, „also has the Goddess to make this business?”

Pei Chunguang said: „Goddess how, so long as there is enough God crystal and a treasure, you want to do the chrysanthemum that becomes famous the big God, the father also to you do.”

Ye Kong spits blood, beckons with the hand saying that „you do not want to be disgusting I.” Their table sits well, on that two female Immortal Monarch full good wines, Ye Kong this drinks, immediately immersion in.

This is Ye Kong first time drinks the Divine Realm liquor, that taste drinks absolutely unforgettablily! Ye Kong in the world of mortals is not the person of nice wine, but drinks the Divine Realm liquor, made him immerse. Drinks, the chun space between teeth liquor air/Qi lingers, as if a mysterious strength circles in the mouth......

„Tastiness drinks, this is the liquor of Bacchus!” Pei Chunguang was also greeting but actually liquor.

„The liquor of Bacchus?” Ye Kong in great surprise, does not have to think oneself just came Divine Realm, can drink the good wine that God Lord ferments, that also? Wants unable to think!

Pei Chunguang said with a smile, „Bacchus where had the time to brew alcohol to us drinks, was the liquor of liquor Half-Step God brewing is also the thousand gold (daughter) is difficult to ask. This calls the liquor of Bacchus, is legend that workshop by the mystique fermenting of Bacchus wine-making, as for is really false, father did not talk clearly.”

„, So that's how it is.” Ye Kong nods.

„Come, drinks!” Pei Chunguang proposes a toast once again. Actually his some wicked interest, want to get drunk Ye Kong, then teased Ye Kong.

Because the liquor of this Bacchus has the request regarding the God body, the God body is abundant, is more difficult to be drunk! But Pei Chun optical center said that although your Ye Kong compared with me, but your always Immortal World just came up? But I actually am serious Upper Division Deity! The God body, you definitely are inferior to me!

Which however his knows, Ye Kong stayed for three years in the ascended pond, mentioned the God body, Ye Kong did not know many times compared with him! Therefore during exchanging toasts, Pei Chunguang little actually drinks started to violate mi to stick, Ye Kong drinks several times compared with him, is the matter does not have!

Eats and drinks while chats, Ye Kong from Pei Chunguang mouth, had a preliminary understanding to this world.

First Divine Realm is a very mysterious place, is not the star world, is not piece of continent. But is constituted by several continent, main four continent, were born the Divine Realm main four big God countries, Ye Kong he was, was the Dongsheng God country that human was in the majority.

Naturally, is not only then these four big God countries, other many God countries', but the scale is not big. But in these every large or small continent, is not the sea that separates, is not void dark green deep, but is the thick sea of clouds!

These seas of clouds are also very mysterious, in some seas of clouds has the strange antique life, ancient race \; In some seas of clouds, is actually by the temple that the history that the antique time stays behind forgets, if there is a chance to go, will pick the treasure, even Godhead \;

Some seas of clouds are danger are incomparable, enters must die! It is said that will have the terrifying creature \; But more seas of clouds are actually white one piece, since later, if loses the direction, forever will unable to find the outlet, these people called are, mi losing.

In brief Pei Chunguang view is, in the sea of clouds the danger outweighs the opportunity, general Half-Step God must make the foot preparation, the approximately good manpower, to explore together. It is not the father can participate!

Said that geography situation, said the influence situations of various aspects again.

The Divine Realm ruler, is the God king, god of thunder Zhu Wen Yu! However although he is the God king, is, not like Mortal World, world's number one. It is not!

Compared with God king big! That is the fellow elders in sky temple! These elders it is said have the right to reject God king!

Ye Kong hears in the heart astonished, this thinks that this world God king was biggest, indeed, ox Cha!

Ye Kong also asked that who these elders have, the light Gods and are thousand arm Buddha Gods, the elders? However, this issue, to Pei Chunguang, is really father cannot reply.

Pei Chunguang also said that not only the elder in sky temple is fiercer than the God king, many fierce God Lord, is neither friendly nor aloof! For example war-god, sun god, deity and God of the Earth...... These formidable Gods, are not God king Ganguan!

However these Gods live in seclusion in the sea of clouds deep place, trillion years do not come out one time. These people, are called the God recluses.

In addition, Spiritual God that many God kings have not dared to offend, for example Craftsman God, Bacchus, food God and pill God and weaving God of...... These eat meal depending on the technology, the disciple trillion, Divine Realm does not know that many Spiritual God were asking them, the God king does not dare to offend it!

„Originally God king also has these many scruples people!” Ye Kong by one's heart rushes toward one's destination that Pei Chunguang said that the confidence is multiplied!

Ye Kong wants to say secretly, if my which day, can become these formidable God, can that God king my what?

Snort, when the time comes let alone he does not dare to snatch my wife, is I snatches his several wives! He is not at all my surface cī the tooth!

Ye Kong thought in here heart to be greatly crisp, accompanies Pei Chunguang to drink several cups greatly. Also starts to ask the situation in Dongsheng God country's.

Pei Chunguang tongue started not to be easy-to-use , to continue saying that „the present age king monarch sovereign of Dongsheng God country's is Half-Step God of hot department, the title is the fire anger God. His father is the fire god of name brand, the present is the remote antiquity king monarch sovereign! The fire god is also Dongsheng God country's the God of founding of the nation, but his wife is God Lord of name brand, the water deity!”

„Their husband and wife fire water, is the formidable God! Then founded the Dongsheng God country, even/including Shenwang sees their husbands and wives, must give several points of face. However it is said that the fire god and God king Guanxi is very good, is the hardcore supporter of God king!”

The Ye Kong hear said with a smile, „it is said as incompatible as fire and water, the fire god married the water deity, didn't that fight daily?”

„Fire god and fire Half-Step God has to marry the river system goddess the tradition.” Here, the Pei Chunguang sudden feeling of being drunk disappeared, both eyes put the ecliptic, „river system had the water-blue God...... That called beautiful, sent blue...... father looked that dies, is willing!”

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In the evening also has...... ro!.

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