Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

The strength of true source

The strength of true source

Chapter 2262

The strength of true source

„great array under deity arrange/cloth, again?”

„Do you want to hide in inside how long?”

„Haha, told you, in my incarnation 10 million/absolutely simultaneously under the attack, this Array Method supported many...... Five days!”


Hoary-headed Yangtze River number by 10 million/absolutely, what encircles immortal light mountain is watertight! But attack that 10 million/absolutely person simultaneously launches, so violent, unprecedented! Original Yangtze River already very formidable, after instead swallowed Ji Xiaolou, got rid has spent Ji's curse, strength even better!

In great array, people surface like dying embers!

Although temporary was safe, is most can only safe five days of! Five days of time wants to restore, easier said than done?

The person on the scene and others, which isn't the immortal strength overdraws massively? Immortal Monarch, Encompassing Heaven Exalted Immortal, massive Great Firmament Golden Immortal, even their immortal artifact, have made Ye Kong borrow the strength two!

They have been incapable of resisting, if God were broken, the fates of all people, is a character, the death!

But the Ye Kong's situation is less optimistic, the consecutively several field wars, have made his immortal body be damaged! The massive overdrawing use immortal strength, has made his immortal strength unable to transfer! Even, benevolent king armor was unable to use!

The final barrier, has formed nominally. Ye Kong these years encountered danger to pass each time safely, depend on nothing but were benevolent king armor. But this time, benevolent king armor also entered the dormant state!

At this moment, he could not see also has any turning over opportunity!

He not like these Immortal the ant on panic-stricken, same probably hot pot. He sits cross-legged to sit, puts out a hand one to wipe in the front. The appearance, is a small jug.

And, Five Elements Rogue Master bone ash that installs!

„Teacher, Ye Kong I arrives in this world, the help that receives are too many, the person who needs to thank are also too many...... But gives is you who I in a big way help, Five Elements Rogue Master! I once promised you, must bring back to the world that we come your bone ash, I have been trying hard, has wanted to achieve!”

„Sorry, I could not achieve. However, I did not regret! My not regret!”

„Because arrives at this world first day, told itself, rather was standing dying, was not kneeling living! I know, actually I am only a hoodlum, what I must do is one, the hoodlum of being indomitable spirit! Even if dies, cannot lose face to the earthman!”

Ye Kong said, sets out to give that jug to kowtow, afterward, gives Wang Hai bao the jug, said: „This is your father's bone ash, I come back from the Devil Realm belt , because I comply to its burying in some special place...... However now, I could not achieve, yourself find a place, buried.”

Ye Kong said, raises the step to move toward God.

Wang Hai bao received the jug, raised the head in great surprise, shouts hastily: „Ye Kong, do you do? Can you exit?”

His shouted, immediately brings in attention of all people, everybody stands, hurried say/way: „Leaf Immortal Lord, are you what intent? Can exit to bring death?”

Ye Kong turns head, the vision has swept...... In front, is the 10 million/absolutely person! Because the population are too many, therefore in immortal light mountain, completely is the person! This has boosted the Ye Kong's confidence!

„, Staying little while, Ye gives everybody to strive for an escape as far as possible the opportunity! Everybody aimed at the opportunity, runs away!”

Ye Kong said these words, as we all know, Ye Kong must use the last strength, went all out to wrestle! It is not, runs away.

Only is, strives to run away the opportunity that for others!

„Ye Kong, you......” the person also want to urge in the presence of everyone again. But Ye Kong response is actually a low roar!

„I will not make everybody accompany me dead! I, cannot achieve!”

People completely silent, both eyes with tears. Perhaps, once Immortal World so brutal, so selfish, for treasure, brothers remnant, flesh and blood quarrel. But since this person has come, Immortal World had a thing finally, this thing, is called the loyalty!

Ye Kong said, flies slowly, flies unmanned airborne.

Pū! His opens mouth puts out blood fog! The blood fog fills the air! His body surrounding!

„Is the blood sacrifice!” In all person hearts understands, the blood sacrifice, Immortal arrived at the last minute, is really not good the unique skill that uses! After using the blood sacrifice, inferior immortal artifact can become formidable! Did not have the strength goods, can burst out, final spark!

The technique of this blood sacrifice, injures deeply to the person! Moreover, the time will not be long!

Good. Blood sacrifice of Ye Kong use, is used for blood sacrifice benevolent king armor! Only then benevolent king armor can let his temporary security, can make him attract the incarnation of many Yangtze River!

In that red blood fog, departed wear black to fight armor Immortal, presented all people silently to kneel down, because all people know, this went!

Does not come back again! Perhaps Ye Kong uses the technique of this blood sacrifice to run away assigns, is, with the life of 10 million/absolutely person, trades his life. He cannot achieve!

Shout! When the black light shadow, the lightning drills from God together probably equally, departs from the crowd of 10 million/absolutely Yangtze River! In the Yangtze River heart is really wild with joy, „, your this idiot, you must cast off everybody to run away finally! Haha, actually I already prepared to you!”

Originally, the 10 million/absolutely incarnation of Yangtze River, has half momentarily to wait for Ye Kong's appears. So long as Ye Kong breaks through, that will reach several million incarnations immediately to encircle! If Ye Kong wants to break through, radically is impossible!

Ye Kong black fights armor, floats in airborne, turns head to smile lightly, „comes!” Ye Kong did not seek the escape, only strove for attracting many Yangtze River.

At this moment, sees a shadow to fly to hang sky over immortal light mountain, but several million Yangtze River pounce upon suddenly!

However also at this moment, the crowd of immortal light mountain surrounding, there are white clothing young man to be also pleasantly surprised inexplicably! Originally, wolf king came to have one to meet, but immortal light mountain was surrounded by Yangtze River completely, he simply did not have the opportunity to enter in immortal light mountain Array Method!

Also said that is the Ye Kong good intention has the good report, Ye Kong comes out, Howling Wind Wolf King wants to become spirits, cannot achieve. He has not seen Ye Kong dead in the hand of Yangtze River!

„Ye Kong! Puts out the imperial seal of Immortal Lord, I came!” When a as if spring thunder same roar resounds sky over immortal light mountain, the vision of all people gaze , the massive immortals know crazily sweeps!

All people see, that is a young man of white clothing, the youngster, is long a little strangely, the chin is a little long......

Yangtze River looks, in the heart in great surprise, exclaimed: „Is you!” In the words sound, massive Yangtze River throws down Ye Kong unexpectedly, throws toward Howling Wind Wolf King! That many horse Yangtze River, probably a wall same keeps off between Howling Wind Wolf King and Ye Kong!

Ye Kong cannot clarify the condition at this moment, shouts a question hastily, „why?”

Howling Wind Wolf King sees the opportunity to be urgent, is indecipherable, roars, „puts out the imperial seal of Immortal Lord quickly!”

When Ye Kong takes out the imperial seal of Immortal Lord from storage ring...... Sees the body of wolf king to start becomes illusory! But the imperial seal of Ye Kong's Immortal Lord also becomes bright! Sends out seven color unusual brightness!

wolf king distinct feeling, his body by a formidable strength control! Complete unmatchable! His body turns into the empty shade, when the incarnation of Yangtze River throws to his front, could not touch him!

This is the formidable ban in imperial seal of Immortal Lord has the function! The time when Ye Kong hand imperial seal of radiance in Immortal Lord puts greatly, the Howling Wind Wolf King distinct feeling a strength, drew that piece of endless abyss him stiffly!

Howling Wind Wolf King turned head and looked at this world, closes one's eyes silently, whatever that strength is towing him!

„Friends, I came!”

Yangtze River sees the wolf king form to be inhaled in the imperial seal of Immortal Lord, his a white hair of fluttering has let fall. In his heart clear awareness, this time, ended. Runs away, hurries to run away!

„Haha, I walked, Ye Kong you play! Haha, I have the 10 million/absolutely incarnation, so long as escapes from one, I can maintain a livelihood! Ye Kong, bye!”

However at this moment, actually the exceptionally formidable strengths, come in waves from the day! That purple thunder and lightning, as if leads the genuine King to arrive, that scene, initially Ji Xiaolou summoned the strength of source compared with it, is formidable and shocks, hundred times!

The number by the 10 million/absolutely Immortal surprised vision, sighed: „This is Immortal World is true, the strength of source!”

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