Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

one-fifth duty

one-fifth duty

Chapter 2033 one-fifth duties

On the frozen star is also not everywhere is the snow and ice covers, for example at present one, is the big piece brown land, has the hill, has the plain, is the dust color.

After getting used to seeing the color of snow and ice, sees the so big piece the soil true colors, lets a person vision loosen actually.

However what regrets, although here has the soil, because the ground became hard such as the ten thousand years of frozen earth of iron, therefore is infertile!

In this time, the white light shadow have actually been delimiting from the sky. Because this star pressure is too big, therefore white light probably in the altitude flight of treetop.

That light shadow flies the frozen earth central region, is actually light well one, stops the personal appearance! In the midair presents one to send to be all white, the both eyes very nimble and resourceful old man, behind the old man also has actually carried a clever shell , the thing of pot.

But the old man head three chi (0.33 m) have the blood red token light shadow, astonishing.

Ye Kong that this old man puts on make-up reason that he stops here , because discovered that above this frozen earth has many small Illusion Array!

These Illusion Array some wise some are crude, under the Ye Kong formidable clue immortal knows sweeps, immediately does not have to hide.

Obviously, many Immortal dig a hole here, hides under cultivate, but confuses others' Illusion Array in cave entrance on supposing under.

„This is what valuable land with a good geomantic omen, here digs a hole cultivate to have the advantage to be inadequate?” In the Ye Kong heart moves. Actually he comes, is finding the place to dig a hole, seeing here to have many Illusion Array, lived the thoughts.

Since everybody digs a hole in this, I also find a place to try. The Ye Kong immortal knows sweeps, found in small plain a situated in hill slit to be good.

„Opens to me!” Ye Kong flies sky over that plain, lifts the hand to emit two handle seven Immortal Sword. Although that ten thousand years of frozen earth is hard, is in front of seven Immortal Sword, with bean curd, a short while later on deep has dug.

The Ye Kong's personal appearance enters, he does not forget in cave entrance arrange/cloth next Illusion Array and warns, this continues downward. Although Ye Kong is not skilled to Array Method, this immortal country unenlightened place, his bone ash level.

Arrange/Cloth good Array Method, to continue downward thorough, has arrived under the hundred zhang (333 m), was the giant rock, Ye Kong then has pulled out a square shape stone chamber in the rock everywhere, took out the rush cushion, sat cross-legged to sit down.

After sitting down, Ye Kong lifts the hand to take out one say/way type. That say/way open/stretch Maogang, does not know that this fellow has killed many people, a type compared with outside Old Ancestor sect Men mostly!

Say/Way Ye Kong of that house size does not have the time to attract, what this is small has the time to attract. Will say that the type hangs in the front airborne, a hand often from extracts a faint trace, inspiration forehead!

But another hand, Ye Kong took out open/stretch Maogang the universe bag. As Immortal Monarch, wholeheartedly multipurpose also yes, let alone keeps one eye on?

Cancelled open/stretch Mao with the immortal knowledge just the residual immortal knowledge on universe bag, Ye Kong searched toward, both eyes opened the eyes.

Originally in that potassium alum just universe bag, really had more than 2000 jade signs! According to request, so long as there are 10,000 jade signs to become the immortal royal palace envoy, can listen respectfully to the dream imperial concubine to play a stringed musical instrument.

In other words, Ye Kong only killed a person to complete one-fifth strong tasks! If killed several open/stretch Maogang this again, that was enough!

However Ye Kong thought, open/stretch Maogang had more than 2000 jade signs. That seven sword pledges the blood fairy maidens of seven big hegemon and blood celestial mountain, in their hands how many tokens? However the words said, this token are many also did have the fart to use?

Is it possible that has the advantage to be inadequate? Ye Kong starts closes/obsctructs eye to think.

How long after does not know, Ye Kong opens the eye finally, analyzes with various aspect information that currently he obtains, cannot explain that jade sign also has other any functions.

Such being the case, Ye Kong also no longer thinks, but continued to search to observe open/stretch Maogang the universe bag. This immortal country originally poor, open/stretch Maogang the thing in universe bag, same cannot be looked to glance by Ye Kong. Finally falls in the Ye Kong hand, is actually two green jade Cambodia.

Ye Kong searches the immortal knowledge, a short while later received, throws in the one side. That jade Cambodia one was open/stretch Maogang the eyes shoots the green light the cultivate method, but practiced this say/way technique to be the one-eyed...... Ye Kong is not the one-eyed, is unable a cultivate technique, only then discards.

What another jade Cambodia , China record is Immortal Technique, Ye Kong can cultivate. Is called the blood shade to escape, was open/stretch Mao just came out from the ground, overtook the Li family and others Immortal Technique, this was the blood fairy maiden passes to them. However this thing is not fierce escaping law, moreover must kill many Immortal, extracts the blood of refinement Immortal.

Ye Kong always does not like this bloody Magical Technique, is not very fierce, therefore also conveniently throws away.

„The people in this immortal country's are really poor very...... However, obtains his say/way, with more than 2000 jade signs, I should also satisfy.” Ye Kong thought aloud, said that in heart actually floats off other matter.

That moment that originally that potassium alum just died, the Ye Kong distinct feeling, some any things pulled out from open/stretch Maogang the body leave! This is the slight one feeling, the Ye Kong's soul after hammering, the Ye Kong's immortal knows unable to realize this point!

In other words, coming an immortal emperor unable to discover that this pulled out from open/stretch Maogang the body to feeling. This feeling very marvelous, after a little looks like the person of world of mortals died, his soul will leave the body, flutters in the space, waited for that Ghost Realm gathers.

Is this feeling. However is very obvious, that pulls out to is not the soul, the Immortal soul is unable the exsomatize!

Is it possible that this is that cepheus wants everybody this here to slaughter, advantage that then he obtains? Ye Kong associates to this point suddenly.

„It seems like this immortal country is very mysterious, that cepheus is also very mysterious. However these do not have what relations with me, so long as I found Hong Mengni, found 100,000 Heavenly Dao!” In the Ye Kong heart has hesitated the moment, starts the blood immortal command of refine top of the head.

Actually regarding Ye Kong, open/stretch Maogang gave under him the blood immortal to make at risk of life is not the extraordinary important matter. That blood immortal command was only open/stretch Maogang with air/Qi of hatred the strength of life turned into, or was called the resentment! open/stretch Maogang with this resentment, followed Ye Kong, float in the Ye Kong's top of the head, the disciples to nearby blood celestial mountain indicated the foe. This is the basic principle that the blood immortal made.

Since has understood the principle, Ye Kong can relaxed made refine the blood immortal.

However that resentment after all was open/stretch Maogang with dead will, was not that quick, saw only Ye Kong to lift the hand to make innumerable Magical Formula, formed bans, wrapped that blood red token in the void ban.

„The light of light God!” In the Ye Kong mouth reprimanded lightly, lifts hand one finger/refers, the straight light beam shot the space that piece of ban wrapped together, immediately brightly greatly put, bright dazzling, but that blood immortal made also to start to twist, turns into open/stretch Maogang a fierce face!

„Refining up!” Ye Kong lifts the hand is a finger/refers, started the refine process!

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