Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Grandma yellow came

Grandma yellow came

Chapter 1782 Grandma yellow came

Mildew territory, salt first star.

„Does Grandma yellow currently have the time to see me?” Zhai Dongliang very polite inquiry yard entrance yellow clothes female young lad. He has stood outside the yard some little time, does not dare to knock on a door, can only wait for in the institute some people to come out to ask.

„Snort, naturally had time. Grandma yellow makes me come out to call you, you wait for three double-hour unable to see me again.” That female young lad cold snort/hum, turned head the yard.

You are any thing. Zhai Dongliang scolded one, was counting on Grandma yellow copes with Ye Kong, kills him not to be willing to look for this smelly woman, no wonder older generation immortal *** many does not like this woman, although she is very attractive.

However on Zhai Dongliang mouth is definitely does not dare saying that he very humble entered the room with the yellow clothes girl, sees Grandma yellow to stand in the institute, must leave evidently probably.

„Mother-in-law, just obtained Gong Yefei news, said that Ye Kong they study motion Array Method that one type carries along, after wearing that Array Method jade pendant, sidereal revolution star great array is unable to lock them unexpectedly. Now Ye Kong and the others entered. Gong Yefei soldier is not under high Cultivation Base, perhaps cannot block them. Now Gong immortal general opened Array Method to stretch, believes that can drag previous some time, but stretches all Array Method, most delays ten days of time, if within ten days have not reenforced, sidereal revolution star great array might be broken very much......”

Zhai Dongliang said these words time gingerly, for fear that Grandma yellow heard that Array Method was broken, but violent anger murder, what lets his accident/surprise is, Grandma yellow unexpectedly very happy said with a smile: „Originally is this, that Ye Kong actually some skills.”

Zhai Dongliang listened to being confused, the heart saying that is it possible that Grandma yellow silly inadequate, great array must be broken, was she so why happy?

„Mother-in-law, that...... How do we deal now?” Zhai Dongliang submissive asking.

„How to deal?” On the face that Grandma yellow smiles reveals some fierce, gloomy say/way suddenly: „Naturally holds her, tears to pieces her face, making her entice the man!”

Zhai Dongliang the virulent appearance had a scare by Grandma yellow, does not dare to say. However in his brain is actually muddled, the heart said that Ye Kong does entice the man? Has not heard.

Listens to Grandma yellow also saying that „was good, the matter had ended, why you should why go. I on the demineralization two stars, this matter, finished now.”

Grandma yellow must personally make a move! Zhai Dongliang listened to the great happiness, by the Grandma yellow strength, the immortal imperial capital is not her match, does she want make a move, how can there be the principle of Ye Kong life? Therefore Grandma yellow said that the matter had ended, that finished.

However when Zhai Dongliang goes out of yard, in the heart is actually blurry who who very much, „Grandma yellow said that is...... Did that boy surnamed Ye snatch the man with Grandma yellow? Oh, cannot think that Ye Kong that boy unexpectedly good male homosexuality, was really too abnormal.”

Actually Ye Kong likes the man not actually, but Grandma yellow make a move does not want to help Zhai Dongliang, the key question is, Grandma yellow obtained the positive news, some woman left immortal light mountain.

The salt two star main cities, were being covered at this moment under a piece of bright galaxy.

But outside the city, does not know that many immortal soldier immortal general brave goose feathers same white Yanxue, flies in airborne, static watches that radiant starry skies.

In big piece immortal soldier distant place airborne, pure white forms, hangs there is motionless, her form is also that white, as if melted in the snow and ice , seemed a white lotus flower that in the snow and ice bloomed.

But on she consistently faint face, at this moment had worried about the color much.

Ye Kong one line has gone in two double-hour, but the sound does not have. Also does not have the explosive sound not to fight sound, even Gong Yefei that repugnant voice also vanished, no one knows that Ye Kong their 11 people are any situations.

However what is different from the previous time: After previous time open/stretch Shaoyu enters, sees on great array some small stars to move l to get up obviously, but this time, actually could not see that these stars have any sound, has not moved!

This is a good phenomenon, explained that sidereal revolution star great array has not locked them!

However , the specific situation were very not difficult to say! We hope that they can be successful. Xiling Lin wants to say at heart silently.

In, somewhere.

A rain forest same bog, here has the tall thin straight great tree, the sunlight straightly shoots gets down, in ground shining, everywhere is the water. However that water is not deep, is inch permits Shen, can see in the water to have the redfin of little finger size clearly, can see the ground that the underwater fine sand overspreads. But on the water surface of bog, actually boughs of some innumerable old deaths by various strange angle lodging.

„Damn, is Illusion Array also makes clean point Illusion Array, the bog, my most repugnant bog.” The don't gold was foul-mouthed, walked cautiously on the bough that these dropped down.

However these boughs are unsafe, very possible foot to step on, immediately fell in the silt.

Naturally, regarding their these Encompassing Heaven Exalted Immortal, will definitely not be killed by the silt, but steps on the mud of full Jiaoman leg, to these hobby clean Immortal, that truly is a depressed matter.

What with not gold coordination is west Qin Jun's another immortal general, is inferior Encompassing Heaven Exalted Immortal Cultivation Base. This is an old man, named Luohong ritual, old age blanch beard, he as assistant, must pay attention not to leave not the gold five scopes, the under foot was more difficult to walk.

Suddenly, the front not gold suddenly stops in a head end of bough. Back a Luohong ritual foot hangs in airborne, wants to extend, steps from this bough to that bough. May not the gold suddenly anchor, stands in the place that Luohong ritual must step on, such Luohong ritual leg could not extend, has a foot to step on the water.

„Crash-bang”, Luohong ritual half leg was wet.

He somewhat was discontented, words said that not the gold is a surrendered general, he has entered the mildew territory with Ye Kong, why to make gold take the team leader? Why also to move Array Method to hang on the don't gold? If is a team leader, a foot will not step on the spate!

Luohong ritual white beard has shaken shaking, gets angry: „Surnamed Mo! Can't you walk well? Will not walk moving Array Method gives me!”

The don't gold meets this environment is also sad, gets angry: „Mr. Luo, are you envy me to be the team leader? You know why Sir leaf makes me be our group of team leaders, that is because of my strength compared with you! Snort, is not willing to walk with me, you leave my distant point!”

„To your over five steps, I will be locked by the stars! You too do not reason with! You think what nonsense Sword Array really you do have I to fear you? Our western Qin Jun is not affable!”

„Has western Qin Jun, western Qin Jun I feared how you?”

They on a bough, at daggers drawn are in sharp opposition unexpectedly.

But at this time under the water surface, a low and deep sound order said: „Quarrelled while these two idiots, on! Has killed them!”

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