Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao

Taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao

Chapter 1620

Taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao

„Does slaughter immortal extinguish Buddha to grow great array?” Peng Batian listened to nod immediately, „good, was a great idea, managed his anything armor, even if he were the deity world of mortals, can refine him with this!”

Chu Yiyi listened is the doubts said, „what was the slaughter immortal extinguishes Buddha to grow great array?”

Northern Emperor urgently said, „that is a very slowly actually very effective method.”

„Once the Immortal World refiner person of high skill, he accidentally obtained the day material treasure source bloodstone together. When that source bloodstone is Divine Realm founds the fragment, hard incomparable, is harder than the divine tool. Therefore that Immortal worry is incomparable, how to dissolve the refine source bloodstone?”

The attention of all people were attracted. Truly, a refiner person of high skill obtains a source material, is he is actually not able the refine use, this simply is awfully!

What Array Method however does this story with that have the relations?

Northern Emperor continues saying that „that refiner person of high skill is uses the liquid medicines refinements of various types of flame and various corrosions first, is about 100 years later, he failed. Then, he racks brains, time does not lose the person with high aspirations, has spent for 100 years, he has thought of the method finally.”

„That grows great array! He looks for the fungus insect that one type cannot see not to trace, making these things multiply to live on the source bloodstone. These fungus insects start to grow on the bloodstone, their life is short, but several double-hour, however their births reproduce the function to be formidable, survival death of such generations of fungus insects on bloodstone.”

„The fungus insect that starts has not affected to bloodstone, will be the time in the course of time, the descendant of fungus insect by the aura assimilation of bloodstone, one generation was compared one generation of unexpectedly, to afterward, these fungus insects has been able to corrode the absorption very micro bloodstone powder unexpectedly!”

„However these have eaten the fungus insects and their descendants of bloodstone powder, the body also gradually becomes is similar to the bloodstone generally is unexpectedly hard. These fungus insects are getting more and more formidable, finally unexpectedly can swallow and digest the source bloodstone in gulps. What is fiercest, the speed that because these fungus insects grow is too fast, therefore is less than 100 years, the source bloodstone was ground to the powder powder, can be used for the refiner.”

„Therefore after hence, grows Array Method specially to give the refiner Master to be used for the refine extremely hard day material treasure. Arrived afterward, there is a smart person to revise into this Array Method that deals with the person, so long as is stranded the opposite party, then uses the fungus insect to rub him to refine him slowly, has the strong defense to be useless, finally is also becomes pile of powder. Therefore is called the slaughter immortal to extinguish Buddha to grow great array!”

„Originally is this!” The people listen are in the heart once again gloomy, if Western Emperor really uses this evil and cruel method, Ye Kong puts on God armor, finally must die without doubt!

The Chu Yiyi hear, opens the mouth to obloquy saying that „Peng Batian, you are very concerned about face! Reaches an agreement to meet your 100 moves of this matter to relinquish, now over 150 have incurred, you not only do not relinquish, instead must refine Ye Kong with that rascal Array Method...... Did you speak are similar to talk nonsense inadequately?”

Peng Batian haha said with a smile, „, I was not concerned about face, how did you treat? I said when had not said, you do nip me?”

Meets immortal emperor who such is not concerned about face, the person on the scene and others wish one could to nip him, was too hateful, this that is the immortal emperor, this simply is a rascal!

Northern Emperor opens the mouth saying that „Old Fourth, I urged you do not make that anything to grow Array Method, the Big Brother pass on the news to come back a while ago, he currently ranks to approach first in the deity training battalion, believes that will not need for a long time to come back very much......”

„, This!” In the Peng Batian heart is startled.

If use great array to refine Ye Kong, perhaps does not have 350 years of over a hundred years not to be even good. Such long time, Hong Dingfang must certainly come back, when the time comes has not killed Ye Kong, instead makes a trouble.

„This, if this boy can three strike not dead by me again, I give his way out!” Peng Batian opens the mouth to say finally.

He said like this, naturally has taken advantage, because he also has move of useless!

That taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao!

This is Peng Batian senses taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao in recent years, has been useless, nobody knows. This is also strength of the quite weird Heavenly Dao, can obtain other Immortal immortal strength to use for oneself!

If gets up, this borrows the strength Heavenly Dao to be actually similar to the strength of taking a life. However had not been abandoned by the entire Immortal World screen taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao, that is because it does not need to kill people, moreover borrowed strength provides the immortal strength voluntarily.

Peng Batian wants with the strength, naturally is his these immortal soldier immortal general. Feels sorry for these fellows, although does not want, may also only be able to be willing was borrowed the strength!

The immortal strength that was borrowed, Peng Batian forever will not use, but these immortal soldier immortal general will also restore, but needs long time.

In other words to let Peng Batian crazy, they must pay for several years, even several years!

However they do not have the means that at the worst multi- spend some time cultivate, if not agree, at present must die at the scene!

„Kneels down!” Peng Batian drinks greatly, that over a thousand immortal soldier immortal general kneel down loudly.

„Recited the incantation of voluntary offer immortal strength completely!” Peng Batian flies the immortal soldier immortal general top of the head, exclaimed loudly.

„We offer our immortal strength voluntarily, even if by the suck dry, we also had no complain and regret!” Over a thousand immortal soldier immortal general open the mouth with one voice, the sound is neat, but that sound is not heroic, but very solemn and stirring.

Although these officers not revolts, does not have a complaint, but no one is a simpleton! Opposite immortal soldier immortal general anything treatment/salary, their anything treatment/salary! The immortal strength that their hard Xinku Ascetic Cultivation refining up must give to others to spend freely! Do not hope obviously, but must pretend voluntarily!

This simply is a humiliation! We are immortal general, is not your slave!

Northern Emperor Chu Xiaoyu sees angry and unwillingness in these officers eyes clearly. His opening the mouth light say/way, „from behaving badly, cannot live! Works too certainly, one day also!”

However Peng Batian is actually indifferent very much, he also sees under the eye does not want. But he does not spare a glance!

You are unwilling, can be what kind of? If you dare instead, I to kill your entire family! Ahem, let alone I quickly on ascended Divine Realm, you looked could not find me!

Peng Batian laughs, the right hand holds up high, shouted loud, „lent me to use your strengths, taking advantage of the strength Heavenly Dao, I wanted 90% strengths!”

Hears these words, Northern Emperor here immortal soldier immortal general to sympathize looks to the opposite. Must know, was extracted 90% strengths, that will be seriously injured! Perhaps hundred years not necessarily recover! But perhaps these low level immortal soldiers, this fresh Cultivation Base is unable to go forward one step!

Immortal soldier immortal general of these Western Emperor government offices have not thought that Peng Batian one takes they 90% strengths unexpectedly, is the surface like the dying embers!

But Peng Batian no matter they, see only from the top of the heads of these common soldiers by the aspiration massive seven colors of the spectrum immortal Yuan, complete gathering to top of the head Peng Batian.

The Peng Batian facial color is dignified. Actually this borrows the strength also to have certain risk, like the blood transfusion, gave others' blood, actually is not very crisp, own blood cannot adapt.

The immortal Yuan is also same, therefore Peng Batian sits cross-legged to sit down, simple refine.

a short while later, Peng Batian has stood finally, both eyes unexpectedly incomparable bright, he gets hold of nine night startling thunderclap sword, opens the mouth saying that „cannot think one doubled unexpectedly half strength, Ye Kong, you die!”

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