Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

The hundred flowers valley has the treasure

The hundred flowers valley has the treasure

Chapter 1346 hundred flowers valley has the treasure

Ye Kong is clear Da Yu their ascended point of descent examination, in the heart has stabilized much. However he also somewhat anticipated, later has the family member good friend to come up one after another? Said, but also really thinks them.

At this time Lin Zequan also said, „actually here is the eastern seven ranges, was inferior that the western eight ranges were beautiful, that side had a hundred flowers valley, a hundred flowers in full bloom, competed to be the most unusual, very attractive.”

Ye Kong said, „that has a look.”

The people harness saying that a short while later on the flying western eight ranges sky over, saw the hundred flowers valley.

Sees only in the ground, a slender canyon splits a mountain ridge, but in canyon, is putting various color strange flowers and grass, the color is riotous, looks, probably lets fall among a colored silk ribbon in big piece red.

Ye Kong said, „scenery is really unique, the strength of nature is the clever axe marvelous ability, does not know why the fresh flower blooms in that small canyon does not come out.”

Lin Zequan said with a smile, „I do not know. However this scenery 500 years ago may not have, is the recent several hundred years has.”

„.” The Ye Kong nod has not thought much.

But a prison guard said, „Sir, I have the research to these matters actually. According to ancient book record, among some Heaven and Earth rare rare treasure, before being born, several hundred over a thousand years will have the phenomenon, the phenomenon maintains the time longer, the treasure is precious, but two in phenomenon are Heaven and Earth splits, all flowers blooms together.”

Listened to this saying, people actually started to be interested. Ye Kong is also an eye bright, rare rare treasure, is it possible that does this line have the unexpected benefit to be inadequate?

However Lin Zequan urged hastily, „Sir, may not!” He also said that „before the view of this Sir, has been popular one, caused that many people come to search the treasure, but this hundred flowers valleys can only observe, cannot enter!”

Ye Kong strange can't say/way, „why enter?”

Lin Zequan said, „in the canyon cracks of this hundred flowers valleys, has the 10 million/absolutely sword to project unexpectedly, what is most important, these swords destroy the hardest defenses, but also is the stealths. Therefore before , these search treasure, so long as will go to be torn several pieces, will again also frighten back person nobody to dare to come.”

The sword of stealth, destroys the hardest defenses, goes to be torn several pieces...... Terrifying that although Lin Zequan said that but the prison guards actually do not believe.

Wu Yongdao, „you personally sees, I look in the hundred flowers valley the scenery to be exquisite, the immortal knowledge puts to open access, has not felt the danger.”

That said that has the prison guard of treasure also saying: „Yes can it be that some people want to wrest away the treasure, rumor that says.”

Lin Zequan said, „other I do not know, in brief I personally see Immortal to walk to be set upright am cleaving in two . Moreover the sword of that stealth does not have including the sound of murder, saw that Immortal one to be divided into two halves, the heart and liver intestines came out, Sir 10 million/absolutely do not go in!”

Fishy that Lin Zequan said that Ye Kong does not believe. This sword stealth, cannot see unable to feel, the murder does not have the sound, the bewilderment to cleave in two......

The prison guard said, „Sir, I thought this explains the great strength of its under treasure, if has such invisible sword, my iron prison mountain it, what is inadequate?”

The Ye Kong nod said, „good, has a look.”

Lin Zequan does not have always, has with the past, to keep reminding, 10 million/absolutely do not enter the canyon.

Lowers the cloud top, stands outside the canyon, this can see, this canyon also is really thin, the two sides distance is also more than one meter, an adult vertical step leaps, can jump over.

However Lin Zequan actually shouts, „10 million/absolutely cannot jump! Generally we are go round from the above flight, let alone jumps over from above, such died!”

If not for Lin Zequan, these prison guards already flung about. Kuang Peng is actually careful, lifts the branch of hand don't next mangrove, is throwing toward the canyon.

The people line of sight follows that branch to drop canyon...... All right!

Looks look that the people do not believe that Lin Zequan smiles bitterly saying that „I come.” He turned head to cut a mangrove directly, then horizontally tree advancement canyon.

The inconceivable matter occurred, really sees that mangrove to succeed in giving up several sections, resembles several sharp invisible swords to wait there, so long as you one in the past, were deducted several sections.

Also asked the prison guards who was not believing to look a moment ago, the face was white. Time that the mangrove falls, they not only lock with the line of sight, but also locked with the immortal knowledge.

But is frightening, their immortals know actually slightly had not responded, that wood/blockhead on bewildered breaking.

Sword that the immortal knowledge is unable to realize, whom that does not want to kill to kill who?

Although the people fear, is greedy not losing hope. Das Kapital has said that 0% many benefit can take risks in desperation. But at present is the unmatched in the world opportunity!

The prison guards have the means that turns head to cut trees down, then deeply does not see the bottom in the fresh flower canyon to throw toward that......

a short while later, draws the conclusion. First, the positions of these invisible swords are fixed. Second, between has the slit, can be tolerant of other people to pass. Third, the positions of these invisible swords so long as grasps, the person can get down!

Lin Zequan is also urges, „Sir, do not take risk. Your these methods, early some people have tried. But, under this canyon the invisible sword of one/1st Layer level, how many trees this must cut, how much time can cost? Moreover, these invisible swords, each 1-2 days will have changed the position, I fear you to get down, cannot come up!”

„! Also will change the position?” The prison guards thought that this really did not have always, although the treasure was good, the life was important.

Ye Kong had not moved, thinks, in the heart had an idea, just about to puts into practice, actually saw under the canyon to have the sound.

Sees only these brilliant purple and red fresh flower changes, under the flower departs a person! This person disregards these invisible swords to be ordinary probably, like this flew.

Ye Kong and the others were startled is not small, that invisible sword is so fierce, this comes the person actually flies, not affected, is this what kind of strength?

Again looks like, is an old man, to the first impression of person is thin, three muscles go against of head. The second impression is high, is not inferior to Wu Yong, has more than two meters unexpectedly high. The third impression is thin and high, is the same with the thin waste of flax.

Looks at Cultivation Base of waste of flax old man again, actually does not have Cultivation Base, mortal! Naturally, if also some people thought that now this is mortal, he is a deceased person.

In Immortal World mixes, did not fear that has Cultivation Base, feared that does not have Cultivation Base, like this type obviously is not mortal, seems probably is mortal this type most fearful. 10 million/absolutely cannot offend!

However the words said, seemed like Ye Kong they offended him.

Wood/Blockhead that „who threw a moment ago? Also wants to refuse stubbornly?” The waste of flax old man steps on a foot to step on clouds, hangs gets angry above the canyon exclaims.

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