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Heavenly Eye magical powers

Heavenly Eye magical powers

Chapter 1257

Heavenly Eye magical powers

The immortal blade enters the body, the huge pain flooded into various nerve places of ancient times ominous cockroach. A painful its whole body convulsion, vibration carelessly.

But, Ye Kong where can let up this opportunity. Both hands grip the blade edge of Heavenly Dao, both feet under squat slightly, then drags the long blade to move on the neck of ominous cockroach, cuts a huge opening.

The too small injury, simply did not have the life to threaten to the ancient times ominous cockroach. It can the restore, if only blade two blades, is not of pleasant to hear with one words, the rapidness that is did not have it that you chop to recover.

All, only then cuts directly its head, can set at it in the deathtrap!

Ye Kong runs, using being disillusioned Heavenly Dao while explodes afterward, making that say/way very big opening turn into the long gully. The blue blood of ominous cockroach wells up crazily, even reaches as high as 34 zhang (3.33 m) greatness, is the tide is likely ordinary.

„Ha!” The Ye Kong's footsteps arrived at the ominous cockroach neck left edge, immediately must fall, without delay, inserts in the blade edge of Heavenly Dao its physical body, has delimited from under directly.


Ancient times although the great cockroach had a mind to struggle, but the person, but it met is Ye Kong, cruel and merciless, a respite opportunity not to its human. A moment later, the Ye Kong's form has delimited under of ominous cockroach, comes out from the right puncture of its neck. This huge ominous cockroach head, in the Ye Kong's subordinate, was cut a blood-color collar finally. However this collar is not protrudes, but is sinks, seems, is really scary.


Sound that such as the whip moves conveys, Ye Kong sees, the tail of ominous cockroach truly rapidly comes toward him.

„Snort! How I receive your whip!” The people think that Ye Kong will hide, but he actually does not hide does not evade, the personal appearance is entirely still. His hand blade edge of Heavenly Dao already make a move, shot from the distant place electricity, from the snake tail penetration of ominous cockroach in the past, has hewn two halves.


The tail of ominous cockroach flung in the Ye Kong's sound, the loud sound, the Ye Kong's personal appearance also under the formidable thrust force, again and again drew back dozens zhang (3.33 m) loudly. Thus, how great strength the strength of this ominous cockroach is.

However Ye Kong has the benevolent king armor guard, this attack does not have what influence to him. Ye Kong pats the dust that on the armor has left behind, does not care at all. His vision is profound, the straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards move slightly, treadon seven pink clouds, drew back dozens zhang (3.33 m) far one after another.

„Now, was at this time!”

Ye Kong does not receive it in vain, as soon as strikes, but to letting it wields the tail causes physical balance being out of balance the time to this ancient times great cockroach final fatal strikes. Why can the animal live the tail? And maintains the balanced function exists! The ominous beast is also same. Once this great cockroach loses balanced, is easier to be beaten. Ye Kong was at this time!

„Breaks Immortal Path!”

Ye Kong flies high to give a loud shout, the hand pulls Immortal Path. „Whiz” one, then shoots this fatal arrow! The lasing of arrow arrow under the huge thrust force, then from the collar of ancient times great cockroach, directly pierced instantaneously, has shot from the right of its neck.

Peaceful, dies the general peace! In the entire space, all people are waiting for this last minute arrival. Nobody dares to leave one, that valiant ancient times ominous cockroach , before stopped, unceasing calling out. But under all monster beasts, knew probably this time besieges the victory or defeat of person of clan tribe, is all ordinary in the life and death of this great cockroach. All people, the heart raises, waited for the final result.


The head of this ancient times ominous cockroach, finally after Ye Kong has made an effort various methods, slowly splits with its body. Suddenly, is rapidly falls to under.

This ancient times ominous cockroach, died, died truly!

„Won, won!” The person heard Wu Guibao to confirm in the presence of everyone after this ominous cockroach died, the cheers were similar to the tide generally surge again. Compared with the it first time, is more deafening!

Ye Kong has patted clapping, takes back Immortal Path, looked at this ancient times great cockroach, is about to leave. Actually sees, in the big eye of that ominous cockroach, the weak blue rays of light instantaneous lasing comes together, directly through the eye, entered in own consciousness sea. Then next quarter, in people cheer the picture in incessantly. Chu Yiyi saw, Ye Kong's looks to oneself, mouth slightly, must say anything to oneself probably. But has not said that his eyes shut, in airborne faints directly, body rapidly fell to under.

This made Chu Yiyi be possible to be worried to go bad, treadonned Yunfei hastily in the past, caught the Ye Kong's body.

Next day wakes up, is the morning shines hugely.

Lies down on the bunk, Ye Kong opening eyes slowly, wants to haunch the body with both hands, actually felt that the whole body transmits one to be sore, the brains are also murky.

„What's all this about?” Ye Kong has as if forgotten yesterday's matter, but felt the strength of own within the body, probably is weak general, rubber ball that was likely discouraged.

„Ye Kong, did you awake?” Walks a beautiful female from the room entrance, sweet smiling, who this is not Chu Yiyi that smelly girl is.

Ye Kong partly sat a while, felt that the body was much better, the strength slowly was restoring.

„Wu Guibao immortal general told me, your present is very weak, needs to rest much, but must eat food supplements with some pills of immortality.” Chu Yiyi was saying gently, in a pair of eyes pupil does not bring the slight impurity, probably deep pool clear enough to see bottom still water is common.

Since that late passed a thrilling Immortal Monarch war with Ye Kong after open country, Chu Yiyi was were at heart more to Ye Kong the feeling of dependence.

„Was right, you do not remember that last night what happened?” Chu Yiyi sees the Ye Kong's look to be somewhat confused, asks.

A saying, was actually so awkward Ye Kong, he really does not know that exactly what happened. Last night matter, oneself can remember probably, but probably could not think. Oneself and did Chu Yiyi have what?

Is having doubts in two people argued, Zhao Yu kun walked, saw Ye Kong to awake, the big feeling was surprised, hastily three and made the gait.

„Leaf Exalted Immortal, were you all right?” Zhao Yu kun looked at Ye Kong one, his present spirit fully restored, had not fought slightly yesterday from now on the weak appearance.

„I am all right.” Ye Kong strange is looking at Zhao Yu kun, asked: „Yesterday what happened?”

„You do not remember that yesterday what happened?” A Zhao Yu kun brow wrinkle, had pondered, feels relaxed to say afterward: „Last night you definitely after fight ended, was affected by any strange thing. After 11 princesses lead into you room goes off, is the nightmare is likely ordinary, disrupts to fight everywhere randomly, bed, table anything threw off. 11 fairy maidens feared that you have any accident, then defends by you, I promptly rush, perhaps 11 princesses must by your”

Zhao Yu kun such remarks, makes in the Ye Kong brain glisten immediately, the matter that last night had was similar to the tide wells up generally. Ye Kong remembers, last night after and ancient times ominous cockroach fought, in own body had any strange change to be ordinary probably. A blue energy surges in the consciousness sea, scurries about everywhere, resembles must attack own mental consciousness to be ordinary. Chu Yiyi rushes luckily promptly, otherwise consequence decides however inconceivably.

„Sweat, luckily I what happened, otherwise with Chu Yiyi am flirted by others do not know.” In the Ye Kong heart consoles oneself to say. He then, is purely the expression that cheap has also shown off cleverness.

„Good, I knew. You exit temporarily, I must inspect the physical condition, probably some are not normal.” Ye Kong said to Chu Yiyi and Zhao Yu kun.

„Good, that Exalted Immortal has anything to tell, although told me, I well will certainly complete.” The word, Zhao Yu kun are not many stops, walked.

„11, you also exit, I think a person later.” Ye Kong looks meaning that Chu Yiyi has not left, in a soft voice said to her.

„Un, yourself rest, I come to visit you a while again.” Chu Yiyi also knows, now Ye Kong needs the adjustment physical condition, therefore not like original general cunning and unreasonable, walked in a soft voice.

„After yesterday struck killed ancient times ominous cockroach, that blue rays of light what's the matter?” Ye Kong sank to the middle of the consciousness own mind, the inspection looks whether has any difference.

Ancient times the ominous cockroach, is the ancient times monster beast. The ability is the Heavenly Eye magical powers, was yesterday it the blue light beam attack that sent out from the giant pupil. Do not look that yesterday Ye Kong to fighting the great cockroach was ancient times happy exceptionally, but every time is thrilling incomparable. If his avoidance or attacks to have the least bit accident, that definitely by the smashing that blue light beam will strike.

General Encompassing Heaven Exalted Immortal, may not receive its idea attack! Even if Ye Kong after striking to have killed the ancient times ominous cockroach, the body is also weak incomparable, probably was found time the strength to be ordinary by anything.

„Comes out!” In the Ye Kong's consciousness sea, suddenly likely is some tide common fluctuations. Under the sea level, as if hides any thing to be ordinary, wants to emerge as the times require. A Ye Kong thought spreads, then has forced it.

This was yesterday that blue rays of light, in training of Ye Kong consciousness mild, unexpectedly has increased slowly, became small stars, shone in the sky of consciousness sea.

„Good strange thing, can with consciousness unexpectedly mildly.” Ye Kong wants saying: „The Heavenly Eye magical powers of this ominous cockroach, are the consciousness condense. But its consciousness, is savage, the destruction, slaughters! However such consciousness, why after the main body was struck kills, runs up to my consciousness sea?”

Is it possible that is also a Heavenly Dao inheritance? Ye Kong thinks of here, in the heart great happiness, that ancient times great cockroach was also the different kind, who knows that also had strength of such inheritance similar Heavenly Dao?

„It seems like this great cockroach also really killed right, harvested well!”

Ye Kong is on the monkey could not suspend the individuality of louse, immediately sits cross-legged, starts to transfer that blue rays of light. Has not actually thought, Ye Kong is not familiar with that rays of light, this casual transfer, really has together the tiny light beam, is similar to the acupuncture needle projects generally!

„!” Outside actually resounds one to call out in alarm.

„It is not good, offended somebody!” Ye Kong one startled, hurries to emit the immortal knowledge, sees only the demon shade electricity to shoot together......

Destructive people? The Ye Kong brow selects, his leaves, leaps from the window, followed.

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