Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Dream fragrant boudoir

Dream fragrant boudoir

Chapter 1163

Dream fragrant boudoir

Ye Kong most fears to run into the acquaintance at this moment, who knows also to run into the acquaintance, in the heart is one startled, has not actually thought, calls on his gorgeous boat the maidservant of dream girl.

The maidservants look at Ye Kong to be in a daze, but actually some are at heart indefinite. She looked at the personal appearance of this person probably is Ye Kong, this spoke the summon, now looks at Ye Kong to be in a daze, but also thinks that admitted mistakes. The girls who however on the gorgeous boat grows up are quite rude and unreasonable, is also quite bold to the man, therefore one step goes forward, has tucked up the Ye Kong bamboo hat front gauze directly.

The maidservants look at Ye Kong, said with a smile: „Really is Young Master leaf, you promise the young lady to have free time to come again, but more than one year, a person's shadow did not have now.”

Also is really a rude and unreasonable maidservant. The Ye Kong forced smile said: „Knows, pulls up others cotton thread to be in danger.”

The maidservants said with a smile: „This is not on a pleasure boat, will pull up the cotton thread child to see these matters.” The small girl are young, grows up on the pleasure boat, mentions that matter not to blush unexpectedly.

Ye Kong actually lags behind the mantle, asked: „You said that your family young lady waited to be very long, is it possible that she knows that I can come from this today?”

The maidservants said: „Yes, I have not believed that cannot think that the young lady also is really the divine strategy.”

In order to play a stringed musical instrument Hong Mengni who was well-known to change professions to tell fortunes unexpectedly. However since she calculates that own today must come, has not reported Zhai, it is estimated that is the friend non- enemy. Ye Kong slightly hesitates, then nod said: „Good, where your family girl is at?”

„That side.” The maidservants lift hand one finger/refers.

Sees only the blue water riverside, the green willow tree forms a line, a gorgeous boat calmly floats on the deep green water surface. River wind light pendulum, swings the mighty waves, rear the gorgeous boat, a Tingting beautiful woman is standing under the sunlight to oneself unfolds the face smile.

Saw Hong Mengni, in the Ye Kong heart a loosen, the stride to walk, said with a smile: „Cannot think that dream Miss did not play a stringed musical instrument to change to tell fortunes, does not know that had not to calculate below this time was ominous lucky?”

Hong Mengni not only could not say, but could also not hear, therefore saw Ye Kong to speak, but summoned behind the Ye Kong young housemaid anxiously. Ye Kong then remembers, Hong Mengni will not speak, said hastily was sorry.

The small girl are stepping the small broken step, slow that walks. Hong Mengni somewhat cannot wait, draws Ye Kong to enter the cabin hastily.

At this moment is not the time of doing business, in the cabin peaceful very much, Hong Mengni draws Ye Kong to move toward 2nd floor directly.

The 2nd floor rear end has an independent side building, approaches side of staircase, is Hong Mengni dwelling. Thinks, her dwelling establishment here, is the convenience goes upstairs to play a stringed musical instrument, will not be harassed by the gorgeous boat 2nd Layer guest.

Ye Kong enters room with Hong Mengni, she then hurries near walking dressing table, turns on the small drawer, takes out a medicine pill bottle to give Ye Kong, then keeps doing is drinking the medicine the movement, the meaning makes Ye Kong hurry to take in the bottle medicine pill.

Ye Kong turns on the jar to smell, feels the flavor/smell to be chilly, has a fragrance. However for all that Ye Kong does not dare to take medicine pill of unknown origin easily. But Hong Mengni is actually pushing the Ye Kong's arm, making him hurry under the clothing/taking.

Is refusing to compromise, the young housemaid came, the backhand closes, opens the mouth saying: „Young Master leaf, you hurries under the clothing/taking this medicine pill, this is the pill of immortality that dream Miss asked that the effect was some time makes you escape Zhai Dongliang immortal to know the search.”

Ye Kong Gacsy, asked: „How you know that I am escaping, how also to know that is Zhai Dongliang is looking for me?”

Sees Ye Kong not to take medicine pill, Hong Mengni is greatly anxious, draws the young housemaid to delimit to rule out in her hand hastily.

The young housemaids said: „Young Master leaf, the young lady said that this is a senior person of high skill tells him...... The young lady added, under you hurry to take medicine pill, after other matters accommodate reconsiders, if Zhai Dongliang comes back, the immortal knows puts, you could not leave!”

Ye Kong thinks is also, is impossible to know these by Hong Mengni, will not have this type of mysterious pill of immortality, feared that has the person of high skill really in the back. Obviously that person of high skill is well-meaning to oneself, otherwise by the ability of this person, told Zhai Dongliang these news ahead of time, does not need to frame itself with any plot.

To finish, Ye Kong holds up the vial, to face upward Bo, swallows medicine pill.

Sees under the Ye Kong clothing/taking medicine pill, Hong Mengni then racket to strike one's chest to feel relieved, Ye Kong notes, on her white Xi face, sharply had blushing unexpectedly. Reason that Ye Kong entirely believes her, looked her expression is also very real was worried for oneself.

Ye Kong induced own body, discovers under the medicine pill clothing/taking, not any improper, this asked: „Was good, the dream girl, you can tell me now, was which senior person of high skill has saved me, Ye Kong can also visit to express thanks in the future is.”

However Hong Mengni actually continues to delimit in the young housemaid hand, the young housemaid said: „Young Master leaf, that senior person of high skill does not want to see you, moreover your present danger has not passed, although under you have taken the pill of immortality, is the appearance also, Zhai will search you surely from house to house, therefore you must changed/easy appearance/allow! Then, the young lady will try to find the solution, carries over the mildew territory you.”

Ye Kong thinks to nod saying that „cannot think your path extends actually very much, is really capable of giving to cause the mildew territory me, where doesn't know to?”

Hong Mengni continues to delimit to say in maidservant hand, „actually our that big skill, has not been only coincidentally, Mr. Li of big Jubao star has wanted the birthday, inviting me to play a stringed musical instrument, therefore happen to taking the opportunity together carried over you.”

Ye Kong nods, it seems like that this time believes that Hong Mengni right, the Jubao star is also the place that want to go, went to that side, not only left the close mildew territory, but can also purchase the pill of immortality and material that many cultivate use, had heard the Jubao star is everywhere the gold.

„Good, had Lao Miss to my changed/easy appearance/allow.” Ye Kong saluted, arrives on her small bed to lie down with the dream girl.

Lies down on the cots of others girl, the black hair that Luo Zhang brocade quilt, light delicate fragrance aura, near pillow unexpectedly also falling, pouring makes Ye Kong somewhat restless.

In the heart wants saying that changed/easy appearance/allow on changed/easy appearance/allow, does lie down to do?

Is good said in the one side because of that young maidservant, „Young Master leaf, our young ladies, but is easy to accommodate expert, she said that is easy to contain 3 realms, first is to change the semblance. By medicine pill or immortal merit change semblance, this type is easy and convenient, the effect is also good. Immortal merit cultivate requires the time, is not one day two days practices, if opposite party Cultivation Base by far in you, will be discovered easily.”

Ye Kong is lying down, the nod said that „good that said that I also take medicine pill changed/easy appearance/allow in the world of mortals, the effect is good, but Cultivation Base, if differs too in a big way, the opposite party will discover.”

The maidservants also said, „the second type is decorates, for example I and young lady frequently are this. Changes the clothes of man, wipes with the bread flour furnishing paste again on the face, can play the role of the man to exit.”

The Ye Kong heart said that most important had not said that but must make the bunch chest, tightened the tall and straight spot, otherwise others eyes looked.

He thinks of these, the eye also cannot help but moves, just the dream girl bends down in the cot is busy at work, this appears some spot abundant reality, pink thin clothing there package tight......

Crime crime, others dream girl, for are busy at work, what oneself this thinks? Ye Kong scolded one at heart, looks at oneself belly with the corner of the eye, fortunately not too big sound.

Stands is busy speaking in that side young maidservant, has not noted. Listens to the young maidservant also saying that „also had the third type to change external appearances only, first covered on the face with the specially-made cheek, then used the medicinal ointment agglutination union place, in addition some materials, guaranteed after putting on make-up, no one recognized!”

Good that although the young maidservant said that but Ye Kong actually did not feel relieved. These things cheat mortal to be good, may cheat Immortal to be difficult!

Must know, the Immortal immortal knows is not ordinary, a little clues, will be discovered by the opposite party, covered a cheek to deceive Zhai Dongliang rather child's play.

However the dream girl has so grasps might also as well tries but actually, Ye Kong has not spoken, Ren Hong Mengni pastes a light cheek on his face.

That cheek does not know that is the genuine person skin, pastes has a cool feeling on the face, Hong Mengni small hand levels on the Ye Kong face the facial skin, puts positively, pastes tightly.

Then, conceals the combining site of facial skin, this quite fee/spent time, dream girl stock fell, sat side Ye Kong crookedly, very earnest the medicinal ointment solution, traced on with the paint brush the Ye Kong face.

Ye Kong only knows why makes him lie down, if sits the effect not to be good, moreover such long-term changed/easy appearance/allow, the dream girl also reduces effort.

Hong Mengni traces is very careful, as if paints general on the Ye Kong face. The Ye Kong's eyeball does not dare to transfer randomly, because the dream girl lowers the head like this bending down posture, just opened wide the neckband...... Ye Kong does not dare to look randomly, feared has the response...... Oh, personhood is difficult, is man more difficult, is a proper man, is more difficult!

Some people said that, saw the chest of dream girl? Quite crisp.

Told you, was not! Neckband that actually opens wide, is very tight! Although Hong Mengni plays a stringed musical instrument in the gorgeous boat, is a proper person, the clothing is solid of package, therefore posture at this moment, has revealed the neck, with neck under small white......

Some people must say, Elder Brother Kong, your will too does not strengthen, seeing a neck you to have the feeling, you are beginning elder brother virgin?

Actually is not this, if in Earth, sees these, that is very normal, any suspenders, the low chest, opens the mouth greatly...... Ye Kong will not have the feeling.

The key Hong Mengni clothes tightly are wrapping everywhere, makes Ye Kong see secretly this little, that psychological attribute is very intense. Let alone, Ye Kong lies down on her cot, her moving facial features at present, even on that virgin face the light down looks clearly.

Hong Mengni depends each time, has lightly intoxicant fragrant, aura that she breathes, these sufficiently make the person have the idea......

Although Ye Kong hoodlum, but is not the person who that type does not know the weight, immediately also only then constrains the idea of innermost feelings messy, does not look askance, casts down one's eyes, nose view heart.

Naturally, he did not observe oneself nose, is the nose of view dream girl. Looks on face to blush Hong Mengni, did the heart say on my nose to have flower?

Ye Kong changes external appearances only, actually does not know that outside has been in chaotic situation.

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