Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Hempen garments old man ( 2 )

Hempen garments old man ( 2 )

Chapter 897

Hempen garments old man ( 2 )

To kill itself to snatch the valuable Monster Cultivator, now actually has become own protector. Cao Junfeng thinks somewhat oddly, simply with telling the story was the same. However the words said, the reality is generally odder than the story.

Cao Junfeng listened to the nod saying that „Yan Mo, listened to have the imposing manner appearance very much, he was really Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection, until now cultivate secret Gong resists Heavenly Tribulation?”

Huang Yiping looks at Cao Junfeng at a loss, asked that „which your this heard that we do not know, City Lord entered Great Ascension Intermediate Stage 800 years ago.”

Cao Junfeng faints, „may I listen to great banyan tree monster king saying that Black Dragon City City Lord arrived at Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection long time ago, because certain matters do not hope ascended, this cultivate secret Gong, resists Heavenly Tribulation.”

Huang Yiping said with a smile, „hearsay, no matter! No matter human or Monster Cultivator, ascended becomes an immortal is the lifetime pursue, even if City Lord Yan Mo is also no exception. You said him to be able because of certain matters, but not ascended? What matter has to become an immortal importantly compared with ascended?”

Cao Junfeng thinks is also, the world also has the ratio to be immortal, enjoys an eternal life more important matter?

„Good, I go Black Dragon City to have a look with you.” Cao Junfeng also nods to say.

Cao Junfeng and Huang father and daughter go to Black Dragon City together, naturally must go to Transmission Array of Qingshi Town. However Ye Kong early their several days went to Black Dragon City, therefore have not met.

Must say that Ye Kong they go to the Black Dragon City transmission process from Qingshi Town, as luck would have it has met unexpectedly also the dangerous situation!

That morning, outside Transmission Array.

Huai Kui gives a Ye Kong jade Cambodia, said, „my worthy brother, this is to the dragon the letter of fox, he should render you assistance, the elder brother can help your, only then these many.”

The Ye Kong nod received, this Huai Kui manner is good. The Ye Kong racket Huai Kui said, „the Big Brother, I walked, outside the town that three bandit leopards were also too rampant, your this is the mayor must manage.”

Huai Kui said with a smile, „three Shape Transformation Early Stage Monster Cultivator, if not for my worthy brother must walk, at this moment seized to apologize them for the brother.”

At this time, Transmission Array opened, because the transmission distance was quite long, therefore this was large-scale Transmission Array, circular Array Method with altar, all around inserted instant jade, among circular Array Method respectively has been setting up pillar same array eye in the east, south, west, and north four directions, on each array eye was putting a gigantic High Grade spirit stones!

A Array Method start, has a look outside Transmission Array to raise transparent rune/symbol writing, these rune/symbol writing are the palm of the hand sizes, encircles in Transmission Array, forms a mysterious light cover.

„Transmission Array operated, are two seniors the present enter or wait for the next batch?” Two Foundation Establishment Monster Cultivator walk to ask respectfully.

„This batch.” Ye Kong nods, received Transmission Talisman that Monster Cultivator hands over with Cao Muse.

However waited for Cao Muse to enter Transmission Array, Ye Kong has probably remembered anything, then asked: „Big Brother Huai, you give these beautiful woman portraits, is really only the pure portrait?”

Huai Kui ridicules saying: „Your this brat, I while convenient enticed certainly, if the picture ended can also other contacts be better.”

Ye Kong cannot help but sighed, „is really the world crow is ordinary.”

Ye Kong enters in Transmission Array, inside saw only has been standing several Monster Cultivator, these Monster Cultivator without any exception was melts pill time above Cultivation Base, the waist is hanging the number and route plate. In the Black Dragon City domain, has not achieved the Sir who melts pill time, is the right that the even/including walks everywhere does not have.

In several Monster Cultivator, what Cultivation Base is highest is a facial color turns green young Monster Cultivator that this person Shape Transformation, the attire was completely magnificent and expensive, looks is here Cultivation Base highest, least was also Shape Transformation Intermediate Stage.

Cao Muse that goes to advanced is not willing to have anything to involve with these Monster Cultivator, stands on one side peacefully, Ye Kong walks, discovered that azure surface Monster Cultivator is looking at itself. Ye Kong was showing a faint smile to him, stands the Cao Muse side.

Although Ye Kong now is only Core Formation Late Stage, but his magical powers are not general Core Formation Old Ancestor may compare, moreover just refine third Flying Sword, just wants to find the person to try the sword, if who does not keep eyes open, he also just had has tried the place of sword.

Saw that Transmission Array must operate, but beyond suddenly had to a hempen garments old man at this time, this old man facial color is jet black, is tall, on the chin full is the rough and work-soiled beard, looks is not the friendly kind. However Cultivation Base is not high, melts pill Intermediate Stage Cultivation Base.

„Halts, shows the number and route plate!” Guards Transmission Array Foundation Establishment Monster Cultivator to move forward to meet somebody. Actually the opposite party melts pill senior, generally speaking, even if no number and route plate, can stretch the rules. But mayor , the guard says anything today also impartially.

Has not thought that hempen garments old man cold snort/hum, scolds saying: „Old man crosses Transmission Array never to show number and route plate! Blind your dog eye!”

Guards Monster Cultivator to be angry immediately, shouts: „Rested dissolutely, the Shape Transformation Late Stage seniors showed the number and route plate a moment ago, did your this melt pill time Cultivation Base to be also exceptional?”

Hempen garments old man cold -ly snorted and said: „Trivial Foundation Establishment Stage...... Was the old man just busy at this time, kills you to have a look at you also to want the number and route plate?”

Huai Kui looks hand/subordinate is insulted, walks immediately, cold say/way: „This Fellow Daoist, shows number and route plate is the Black Dragon City custom, if you do not show, we have the right not to make you transmit!”

The hempen garments old man sees the opposite party is the losing concentration time senior, does not see the look changes unexpectedly. However he sparkled, finally lifts the hand, takes out the number and route plate.

Saw him to show the number and route plate, Huai Kui lifted hand hint to make it enter.

That Foundation Establishment Monster Cultivator thought to triumph, followed to shout in the back, „fed, spirit stones, was not has not transmitted!”

„Works as.” A resounding, the Middle Grade spirit stones lost from Transmission Array together.

Transmits a 20 spirit stones, this old man one loses 100 unexpectedly, this makes in that Foundation Establishment Monster Cultivator heart unable to bear happily. Snort, so was a moment ago cut-throat, finally admitted defeat, but also gives these many, is really an idiot.

Then Transmission Array highlight gets up, rune/symbol writing beyond accelerates to revolve, the white light dodges, in the person disappears completely.

Waits for in the person to vanish, that Monster Cultivator guards then remembers a matter, is busy at saying: „It is not good, the old man is extremely hurried, I forget Transmission Talisman to him.”

Huai Kui cold snort/hum, „he acts recklessly, whom can blame?”

Huai Kui said that went back on the preparation, may just turn the head, actually listened to that guard to shout, „was not good, my storage pouch?”

Meanwhile, side Huai Kui melted pill Monster Cultivator also to shout, „was not good, my number and route plate...... The number and route plate that in that old man hand took a moment ago I said am so familiar, unexpectedly is my number and route plate that stole!”

Huai Kui concentrates immediately at heart. Is loses concentration Early Stage Cultivation Base as him, when actually has not felt that old man make a move...... This old man is not an average person!

We hope that my worthy brother they do not have the conflict with this old man. Huai Kui looks at air-to-air Transmission Array, thinks at heart.

Qingshi Town has hundreds of thousands of miles from Black Dragon City, therefore transmits naturally is not that quick. Ye Kong they as if arrived at a close black space, as if arrived dark green deep, the remote place a little selects the star light unexpectedly, probably is travels to the outer space to be ordinary.

Ye Kong looks at the doing faction that sees that hempen garments old man, in his heart also cannot help but concentrates. Although he has not seen old man make a move, but he can feel that unexpectedly on that old man has a very dangerous aura. Here Cultivation Base highest is that azure surface young Monster Cultivator, but Ye Kong simply has not felt from him frightened, but on this old man has.

Ye Kong cannot help but drew Cao Muse to retrocede half step, left that hempen garments old man by far.

The hempen garments old man turns head to have a look at Ye Kong, in nose cold snort/hum, has turned the head. But young Monster Cultivator of that azure surface unexpectedly is also sensitive, looks that the hempen garments old man line of sight comes, he also calmly retroceded half step.

Sees everybody to fear him, hempen garments old man is very satisfied, stands in the middle carelessly, took out a moment ago storage pouch that stole from that guard waist, lifted the hand to cancel its divine sense, from took out the goods. In storage pouch does not have any otherness, except for Transmission Talisman is spirit stones.

Obviously, that hempen garments old man is not serious Transmission Talisman, he loads into oneself storage pouch spirit stones, then that storage pouch throwing.

„The old man actually does not want Transmission Talisman.” Cao Muse somewhat surprisedly passes message to Ye Kong.

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