Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Counter biochemical dragon sword ( 1 )

Counter biochemical dragon sword ( 1 )

Chapter 839

Counter biochemical dragon sword ( 1 )

Cao Muse sees these first, called the flying boat front everybody, said that „these mortal life and death overnight, since we met, stopped the boat to help them.”

Cao Junfeng said, „help/gang, naturally must help.”

Although Li Guanhua is impatient, may unable to look like this these many people were killed, said, „I and other people of spiritual cultivation, what said was the righteousness helps the world common people, Ze prepares in world common people, should make a move, what difference otherwise cultivated with the Evil Cultivator demon also has?”

The people look to Ye Kong, waits for him eventually to determine.

Ye Kong wants certainly make a move, he is that type of road saw does not put down dares the make a move person.

The flying boat stops quickly in the boundless rainstorm surrounding, several person's shadows haunch spiritual power to protect the shield, like the light balls of several ellipses, sneaks in the boundless heavy rain.

After these busy common people see, immediately shouted excitedly, „Immortal Master came, we could be saved!”

Ye Kong and the others entered in the wind and rain, sees only the flood to wreak havoc, as if arrived in the big rivers, these floods bring the silt, everywhere one visit to wash out together.

The big tree falls instantaneously, house shortly destruction. In the city the common people wept and wailed the acoustic shock day, some climbed up the roof, some searching high and low water jar, but also some simply fell to the ground to groan to wait for death. Before formidable natural strength, the strength of human so tiny.

Ye Kong and the others haunch the spiritual power cover, will not be affected by these ordinary rain water. Enters the city medium place above, seeing these to be similar to the ants common people are kowtowing, asks Immortal Master make a move.

Everybody disperses immediately, Ye Kong draws back the flood, Li Guanhua and Cao Junfeng goes to the set up formation to draw back the rain, but Cao Muse saves these injured common people.

In the city over ten thousand common people, see a azure clothes youngster to treadon Flying Sword, the whole body by the light group package, tall stands sky above the top, just like the angel world of mortals.

Ye Kong takes out the water and fire bottle gourd, makes Magical Formula, the water and fire bottle gourd one increases, hangs airborne, a big blue-green bottle gourd is so mysterious.

Ye Kong lifts hand one finger/refers, in the mouth drinks character true words, „receives!”

Sees boundless flood outside city, as if dragon whale absorbing water is ordinary, forms a current of water of uneducated person, was drawn in the water and fire bottle gourd.

Here continuous absorbing water, that side Li Guanhua has stood the roof that constructs in the city high, offers a sacrifice to Life-Source Magical Treasure, Green Jade Cold Frost Sword one point, but two, two are divided into four, four are divided into eight, more divides are more, finally forms great Sword Array in the sky, the sword points to the sky sharp.

Li Guanhua takes out many Spirit Talisman, gives Cao Junfeng, said, „under listened to my verbal command, you hit these Spirit Talisman to the sky, every four sword middle open areas make one, is quick!”

Cao Junfeng received Spirit Talisman, immediately flies away. But Li Guanhua stands in the Sword Array center, gathers spiritual power, slowly stimulates to movement Sword Array.

Sees only his body week oval-shape spiritual power to cover highlight to get up slowly, the golden ray projects, but these are hanging Flying Sword also completely bright, the sky one covers entirely the golden glow, in the boundless heavy rain is also that dazzling.

When all Flying Sword were lightened, Li Guanhua also shouted, „gave me to get up!”

His big sleeve wields to the sky, that innumerable simultaneously sends out the ray Flying Sword, whiz, the innumerable golden light leave from the sword end fire, in-line clouds, thick dark cloud locking in sky.

Then Li Guanhua shouted, „Fellow Daoist Junfeng!”

Cao Junfeng understands immediately, in Flying Sword, makes the jade symbol toward the sky one by one every time. That jade symbol starts not to have what effectiveness, but bumps into the dark cloud, immediately has the loud sound of bang, this dark cloud was exploded immediately vanishes into thin air.

Because the lock under Li Guanhua arrange/cloth clouds the Array Method imprisonment, the surrounding dark cloud is unable to flow, therefore Cao Junfeng then had the time to throw the jade symbol, the piecemeal routed the dark cloud in sky.

Rumbling the sound resounds unceasingly, in the sky the routed place are getting more and more, blue sky Sun slowly has revealed completely the face.

Has been busy at work two column fragrant time, in the sky the dark cloud has disappeared 70-80%, Li Guanhua spiritual power was weak, although he is Core Formation Late Stage, may Array Method like this be extremely formidable, depends entirely on the spiritual power supply, naturally is unable consistently to insist.

, Some Flying Sword are gradually gloomy, finally loses spiritual power, was drawn in the main sword of Li Guanhua top of the head.

However this has not related, the dark clouds dissipate basically, remaining cannot have an effect, most is also the fate fine rain.

Ye Kong that side water also attracted was similar, the water surface dropped slowly, revealed fully is the silt ground, succeeds in giving up the dilapidated building that several sections of big trees, were flushed bring.

However when the appearance of the water abates, Ye Kong feels a monster qi suddenly, but he emits divine sense to seek again, is actually not able to discover.

About after half double-hour, flood abates completely, a sky sunshine, although many houses did not have, many people also died, but over ten thousand people in city preserved after all.

Ye Kong and Li Guanhua Cao Junfeng falls in city, the common people of rescue all kowtow to thank Immortal Master, if no these Immortal Master, they must die today without doubt.

But Cao Muse leads a middle-aged man, the man is City Defend.

City Defend kowtowed to say to Ye Kong and the others, „thanked the graciousness of Immortal Master life-saving, but also asked Immortal Master to go to me and other your family places to sit.”

The Li Guanhua family background is poor, to does not have the favorable impression that these are an official, cold -ly snorted and said, „your government officials, know the fish common people! Also does not know that makes some proper business! The flood is so giant, why early doesn't prepare?”

That City Defend yelled the injustice to go the long way round, „Immortal Master has wrongly accused, you had a look outside the city these sandbag water dams, all was lower official these day life people constructs, was only that monster really extremely excels, I and other mortal had no way to deal.”

Ye Kong thinks oneself felt a moment ago the monster qi that opens the mouth to ask, „what monster beast in this unseemly behavior?”

City Defend replied, „stings turtle.”

Heard that is stings the turtle, Li Guanhua shakes the head immediately, the forced smile said, „originally is that thing, does not have the means that you moved the city to avoid.”

Ye Kong had not heard this thing, the busy opens the mouth asked that „what thing stung the turtle is, was very fierce? Can't I hit?”

Li Guanhua said with a smile, „ was not does not hit, could not find! This stings the turtle is Mortal World one of the 36 disaster beasts, the so-called disaster beast brings the flood, earthquake, sand flow, storm wait/etc. disaster to the person the monster beasts, but stings monster beast that the turtle brings the flood.

These disaster beast everybody fear, everybody hates, they respectively have the life protection method, it is estimated that was already eliminated by cultivator. This stings the life protection method of turtle is to sting the shell, it had has stung the shell to protect, not only can hidden go to the personal appearance, but can also shuttle back and forth in within the earth, did not leave a trace, appointed you high Cultivation Base, is unable to discover it. ”

That City Defend nod said, „so, in the past also had Immortal Master to save us, they also thus and such and such spoke, met this to sting the turtle, only then hid it, is unable to eliminate, if wants not to have the flood, every year spring and summer made the human corpse to place outside the city the hill to make an offering it to enjoy. Like this year, in the city does not have what deceased person, I cannot kill people to feed it...... Therefore then had this unexpected misfortune.”

Cao Muse is pressed the delicate eyebrows saying that „this stings the turtle truly not to be but actually good to cope.”

At this time Cao Junfeng spoke, he said with a smile, „what did this have not to be good to cope? Reason that the monster beast is the monster beast, that is because it does not have the brain, thinks that stings Turtle not to open the spirit wisdom, it likes eating the person, uses the deceased person tempting is.”

Although this method is not quite good, may after all also be a method, to eliminate stings the turtle, perhaps also only then this means.

Quick everybody consulted unanimously. Various people disguise to leave while the flying boat, then sneaks in the city quietly. But City Defend restrains outside the city the corpse of dead to put on the hill, waited for that stings the turtle to appear.

The nighttime sky is silent, the small town is lonely. Busy frightened several days of common people fell asleep, the small town Rioust lamp misfire, a tranquility.

But in the watchtower above city wall, several eyes from the window mullion of breakage is actually looking at outside the barren stone hill, waited for that stings the turtle to swallow the bait.

Cao Junfeng said with a smile, „this time do not struggle with me, making my make a move eliminate sting the turtle, but that tortoise shell gave me.”

One side Li Guanhua goes to sit in meditation to say with a smile, „I do not struggle with you, I have today consumed many Magical Power, has not made up, I continue to sit in meditation.”

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