Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Common-law marriage meeting

Common-law marriage meeting

Chapter 742

Common-law marriage meeting


In elder assembly, not only No. 3 purple water chestnut elder , several other elders, seeing Ye Kong to come, opened the mouth saying that „9527, just we were also looking for you, heard that Qing Liewei ascended, was true ascended, you just in that you said the situation, was real ascended?”

These fellows are actually well-informed. Ye Kong stands in the center of circular room, looks all around an anxious black-clothed person, he said with a smile, „17 th was not, his well-informed, was really ascended, asked that he didn't know?”

Ye Kong aims at No. 17 elder not actually, but is he just in Le Dianjing the news, definitely is No. 17 issue. Market Order Demon Sect, the news was quickest.

No. 17 elder walks with a smile, said, „9527, you are not happy? Our these old fogies are also well-meant.”

The Ye Kong busy say/way, „17 elders, what opinion I do not have, is only your Market Order Demon Sect news is so quick, making me repeat one again interestingly?”

„, This......” 17 th makes to be suspended in midair to him, is very awkward.

That side No. 3 purple water chestnut elder spoke, „9527, our Black Clothes Demon Sect is the information sharing, knew you at that time in Le Dianjing, therefore wants to ask you to query, what manner were you?”

The Ye Kong busy say/way, „3rd, everybody, you have misunderstood, the small leaf I am not have the opinion to everybody, reason that I am not willing to repeat, that is because I have a better idea!”

„? You said that looks.” No. 3 purple water chestnut said.

„I did not say, but makes everybody look!” Ye Kong lifts the hand, souvenir photo bead appears.

Haha said with a smile on the 17 th, „original boy you also had this, I know that your boy will not disappoint us.”

All elders impatiently said, „that quickly puts!”

Ye Kong said with a smile, „had a small request below.”

„Said quickly.”

„Small leaf I do not observe for a while, my Qing Liewei sinister plot, was extracted the essence and blood by him, got down the essence and blood to plant the demon oath......”

Ye Kong has not said, an elder hiss, shakes the head in abundance, said on the 17 th, „you let alone, this matter we knew, attainments of Qing Liewei in Array Method ban is extraordinary, is Great Ascension Stage Great Perfection, this matter we are helpless.”

Ye Kong has fallen immediately as if into the ice water, „, everybody, I cannot count on everybody.”

„Does not have the means.” The purple water chestnut elder said that „you on Le Dianjing the dull 100 years. This requests us unable to satisfy you, you trade one again.”

„But I want this.” Ye Kong was annoyed, 100 years! Mother, 100 years later, the day lily was rotten.

The elders shake the head.

„That big elder? Also, why I stand in Black Clothes Demon Sect, hasn't related?” Ye Kong also asked.

The people think, yes, Ye Kong does stand in Black Clothes Demon Sect is not all right?

The purple water chestnut elder said, „Black Clothes Demon Sect is a mysterious place, very possible is the illusory space that does not have truly, therefore you are all right. I think that perhaps the big elder has means that but he has not presented True Master, he is unlikely to come for you.”

Ye Kong almost despaired, does not lose heart asks, „several elders who other have not come?”

Speaks of elder who other have not come, immediately some people fall the eye on the 2nd spatial stool.

„Had!” Several elders simultaneously shouted.

The purple water chestnut also thought that said with a smile, „this damn forgetting Demon Technique, was really hateful, the person can your solution Shi, that be our Black Clothes Demon Sect No. 2 elder, he was......” purple water chestnut was saying cannot think, asked that „17 th, he was any situation is coming, my point could not record.”

Said with a smile on the 17 th, „, since he refine that forgot Demon Technique, who and he stays the time for a long time to forget more to be quicker, I drank with him before daily, en...... Drank? Is drinks? Am I in drink or gamble with him together?”

Ye Kong has fainted, indeed you said for quite a while, was equal to that anything has not said. Nameless does not have the surname, non- Master gate does not have the appearance, which on looks? What most certainly is, who he forgot himself is...... The day, it is estimated that the immortal emperor descended to earth to find him, was the impossible mission.

The people forget cleanly, Ye Kong in that pain, No. 13 elder is proposing to be good to suggest.

„Are you so stupid? Asked that Yun alizarin red, she is not a person, she definitely remembers.”

„Yeah, yes.”

After elder assembly half personnel pass, Yun accent takes the material, said, „head-family No. 2 elder, name sect side, once was the star group consisting of four stars in draco demon sect disciple, the Qing Liewei Senior Brother, last debarkation head-family, 595 years ago, debarkation position for wine and meat boundary......”

Ye Kong then understands why Qing Liewei spoke of his Senior Brother, indeed his Senior Brother was the Black Clothes Demon Sect two elders.

„This was right, I remember, this Qing Liewei banned Array Method is the 2nd institute studies, therefore No. 2 can certainly help you.” Said on the 17 th.

The purple water chestnut elder then said, „this, you looked at to us the souvenir photo bead first, then our fellow elders go back to help you inquire 2nd news, we help you seek, this also easily found.”

Has smiled on the 17 th, „3rd, this is not good, I feared that I have not left sect inside, has forgotten this matter.”

The purple water chestnut elder also nod forced smile, „, I forget also to forget demon sect matter.” She said that also said to Ye Kong: „Feared that yourself left Black Clothes Demon Sect to forget the sect side that old was clever.”

The Ye Kong forced smile shakes the head, experiences this matter, but also is not really easy to do.

„That souvenir photo bead in this, you looked that I went back first.” The Ye Kong mood is depressed, does not want to gain spirit stones, threw down the souvenir photo bead to walk directly.

Ye Kong walks, the elders look at each other in blank dismay, but does not have the means that they really cannot help.

Ye Kong transmits to own space, he does not think that also forgot such important matter, urged Yun alizarin red him to enter Black Clothes Demon Sect each time, reminded his one time, but so long as he remembers that every day entered Black Clothes Demon Sect, this will not forget sect side the name.

However remembers, must find this person, is quite difficult. First, Ye Kong he cannot leave Le Dianjing, next, sect side do not remember oneself name, finally, this person of what appearance?

In brief was almost unlikely to find. That only then placed hopes in the big elder to show mercy.

Day day-by-day past, that ten elders also calculated to be conscientious but actually, everyone has given a 10 million/absolutely spirit stones, a Ye Kong income more than 100 million, but also loan also more than 100 million. But he happy, the big elder had not appeared, sect side could not find. Asked that the disciple of star group consisting of four stars in draco demon sect, no one remembers that this person, afterward turned the disciple name list finally to find, but found is also useful?

The Ye Kong's mood was also getting more and more bad, thinks own old lady, perhaps this whole life was hard to meet again, he almost must go crazy. Qing Liewei made him say every day „I made a mistake.” But he was scolding every day, „I held you!”

Looks that Ye Kong is unhappy, Huang Shishi also depressed, she was also made awfully did not have the thoughts to make mortal, but she could not help, before Ye Kong liked occupying her to be cheap, now does not occupy.

On this day.

Ye Kong sits on the stone stool of yard looks up the sky Array Method, was cursing at heart also Qing Liewei, heard sound of footsteps rapid resounding of Huang Shishi.

The people have not arrived, the language first, „Ye Kong, today is the common-law marriage meeting of governing male demon sect, many people participate, outside very much, we have a look lively.” Huang Shishi said by far.

„Does not go.” Ye Kong cold sound said.

This common-law marriage meets him early to have hearing, is the governing male demon sect handles, every year two. The reason is the man who to come Le Dianjing seeks pleasure is not centralized, but governing male demon sect these female cultivator Cultivation Base will arrive at the bottleneck to need the massive men, therefore has held this common-law marriage meeting, will let on this day the male cultivator centralism that will come to seek pleasure, will then help them to break through the bottleneck. Such male cultivator happily, female cultivator can promote, to pour also accords to his need, complements each other.

„Goes, outside is very lively, many people.” The Huang Shishi entreaty said.

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