Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Blazing the day plot

Blazing the day plot

Chapter 725

Blazing the day plot

He also asked that Yi Family few hosts also really called Yi Manying, Ye Kong believes that was not the same surname of the same name.

Therefore the news is happy and worried at the same time, although the Shadow Race Patriarch position snatched to the person, may return to Southern Great greatly to be hopeful. Yi Manying can the two sides take a stroll, explained that their Yi Family has the Southern Great means that so long as can find Yi Manying, oneself can return safely.

However Yi Manying this woman, is extremely really astute, Ye Kong thinks that she a little has a headache, does not know that what condition when the time comes this woman can pledge?

Does not manage, is the strength is most important. The Black Clothes Demon Sect big elder has not replied, oneself just take advantage on the road of pipa boundary, second magical treasure Flying Sword refining.

Had confessed with Huang Shishi several, Ye Kong sneaks in Pipa Bead, under the arrange/cloth Array Method, starts to refine Purple Jade Fierce Water Sword.

Pipa boundary. Pipa Mountain. Under jade pipa.

In some spacious palace, is tall, the handsome incomparable man, is crossing the hands behind the back to stand, looks at out of the window heavyheartedly.

This person wears tall Guan, the foot treads brocade boots, wears is embroidering the white clothing of gold thread, the bearing is extraordinary. His frown sword, an item of meteor, both eyes move, then such as cold lightning flash.

This person is the Lord of Shadow Race, the emperor blazing the day.

„Patriarch, what worry matter you have, do the servants play a qin to be good for you?” An appearance such as the picture Shadow Race palace maid said boldly.

The Shadow Race females are quite bold, to liking the man expressed the love, this was the indisputable matter.

But the emperor blazing the day revolutions to turn head, kindly gives her is together the ice-cold vision, the coldness in vision is not inferior to a sharp long sword stabbing palace maid, the palace maid frightens immediately shakes all over, kneels begs for mercy.

But the emperor blazing the day basis to remain unmoved, beckons with the hand to shout to clear the way, „delivers Le Bifang.”

Maid who Le Bifang, is used to seek pleasure in it place. Actually is the Shadow Race officer prostitute, makes mistakes or the guilty female to these, will deliver to Le Bifang, plays with for the Shadow Race the friend of upper society people or other families.

Loses the freedom, lets the person to play with, this to advocating free the Shadow Race female is the biggest penalty. The palace maid kneels on the ground weeps and wails begs for mercy, may early have the Shadow Race guard to well up, towed to walk.

„This is fate of talking too much!” The emperor blazing the day to have a look at other palace maids, frightens these palace maid small feet relieving, lowers the head panic-stricken.

The emperor blazing day of cold snort/hum one, moves toward the rear palace, in his resting palace corner, the peaceful room, his stride walked.

This peaceful room is the restricted area in this palace, blazing the day except for the emperor, anybody cannot enter. Because is putting a plain heavy big bronze mirror.

In big bronze mirror keep flat peaceful rooms, mirror surface such as tranquil water surface, smooth reflection. Around the bronze mirror has plain green pattern, appears sinks to congeal old, has several ancient literary style small characters in the pattern „10000-Miles Samsara Mirror”.

The emperor blazing the day to handle gently caresses the mirror body, the finger delimits the vicissitudes plain pattern slowly, in the mouth has sent out a sigh.

„10000-Miles Samsara Mirror, may illuminate ten thousand miles, may according to the samsara, be possible according to the previous generation this life, to be possible according to the past future, but you actually cannot illuminate in my heart to think.”

His sighed, that tranquil mirror surface unexpectedly was similar to the lake surface flood layer upon layer the ripples, really cannot think why this bronze mirror surface can be similar to the liquid ripples generally.

After ripples, in the mirror surface floats off a mask same face, the face mouth opens and closes, opens the mouth to say lightly, „, if not for I, you now are small Monster Cultivator, the splendor of what from now on date? The people obtain, naturally will lose, this is very fair. Compared to losing, were many to be many, you who you obtained should not blame god and man again.”

The face light tone on this bronze mirror has the meaning of lesson unexpectedly greatly, but the Master emperors of million Shadow Race people flaming day Patriarch, unexpectedly honest was taught.

„Yes.” The emperor flaminged the day to sigh one, said that „, if not for the millennium ago tour of that Five Elements Immortal's Residence, if not for ran into you, if not for saw 1 million filmmakers to kneel from the mirror in my...... Perhaps to the present, I is also only Shape Transformation shortly, by Monster Cultivator that others look down upon.”

The bronze mirror face also said that „, therefore you should be very satisfied, why is one mortal female sorrowful these many years? Must know that your Shadow Race females hand/subordinate all pretty like flower, that is many men has a dream unable to think. These years pass by, the females do not know that samsara several, what vigor you also did keep thinking about?”

The emperor blazing the Heavenly Dao, „, but the human cultivate breakthrough reason must melt every again Divine Transformation first, I had suspected she in every cultivator, mirror senior, you whether to illuminate her present situation to me?”

On the mirror face anger said, „I and you said how many times, I can only illuminate with the party concerned related previous generation this life, future in the future, this female and you are again uninterested, cannot illuminate, isn't your this forces someone to do something against his will?”

The emperor blazing the day to hurry saying that „mirror senior, you not must get angry, I am also the sudden heart have a feeling today, was offensive.”

On the mirror the face then look relaxes, asks, „are you so why panic-stricken today, are mixed up?”

The emperor blazing the Heavenly Dao, „I do not know, but the feeling has an inexplicable crisis, as if has any danger thing to approach, probably, probably...... Is feeling that bead must come back.”

On the mirror the face hesitates saying that „your main body is a jade on that summit pipa, has induced with Pipa Bead is also possible, if some people bring the bead to come back......”

The emperor blazing the day handsome facial features obviously startled, busy say/way, „senior helps me.”

On the mirror the face said, „not nervous, I help you have a look.”

The face abates immediately, the mirror surface returns to normal, afterward, around the mirror body plain pattern shines, has the mysterious abstruse spirit article to reappear, screens the emperor to flaming the day snow white face.

Afterward, presented a picture in the mirror surface, that is a stretch of vast and bare boundless spirit wheat field, the shining spirit wheat is similar to the tide, a path in the wheat field, as if by the straight crack that a sword cuts. On this path, a motorcade, as if a row of ant slowly is crawling......

The quick, spirit article dissipates, image abates, the face appears, face at this moment is somewhat exhausted.

The emperor blazing the Heavenly Dao, „mirror senior, the line of sight is too far, is unable to see clearly.”

On the mirror the face said, „was too remote, that place distance here has nearly 100,000 miles remote, can only like this.”

The emperor blazing the day annoying say/way, „early knows that the late two months looked again, that was clear at a glance.”

On the mirror the face said, „was too far, I was tired, making me rest, in several months should not be called me.”

On the mirror the face enters in mirror along with the back-heavy, the mirror surface restored a tranquility.

The emperor blazing the day to go out of the peaceful room, hesitates saying that since 10000-Miles Samsara Mirror has demonstrated that thinks that some people bring Pipa Bead to come back really...... It is not good, I must early make the plan am.

He back and forth walks in the luxurious palace, in the mouth whispered, „that many spirit wheat, only then the Qingtian boundary will have such picture, drove to the caravan of pipa boundary from the Qingtian boundary direction......”

The emperor flaminged the day to have haggling over, in the eye severe glow flashed, he just wants to open the mouth to call the person, may anchor.

„This person is bringing Pipa Bead, 80% are the Shadow Race people, if transfers this clan guard to slaughter this clan caravan, passes on to affect badly to me, was inferior...... Invited the Saint demon sect help, oh, does not want to invite them, may also only be able like this.”

After meeting, Saint demon sect. Saint main shrine.

„Reported the enlightened ruler, the emperor flaminged the day to look for me a moment ago, wants to make me help him tribulation to kill the caravan.” An old age Saint causes to report.

The enlightened rulers stroke the pale beard, said with a smile, „emperor flaminged a day of that young child, he was dingdong makes a sound poorly, remembered to take by force the caravan?”

The Saint causes saying that „I am also very strange, did not inquire about him not saying that only said was kills off all Qingtian boundaries to drive to the caravan of pipa boundary, especially their Shadow Race caravan.”

The enlightened rulers knit the brows saying that „somewhat strange, what does the Shadow Race caravan have to hate with this Shadow Race Patriarch?”

The Saint causes saying that „enlightened ruler, the emperor blazing day these years to pull open the relations with my Saint demon sect intentionally, generally will not ask us to help, this matter has two possibilities \; first, this matter is really important, he has to ask us to help \; Two are he has any schemes and tricks, wants to frame my Saint demon sect.”

The enlightened ruler bird selects, said, „he dares! The emperor blazing the day, we help him kill that several to question that his shade Patriarch is old, this Patriarch does not become! If he is not loyal, I his secret announcement, he die do not know how dead!”

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