Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Sect Master grand ceremony ( 3 )

Sect Master grand ceremony ( 3 )

Chapter 541

Sect Master grand ceremony ( 3 )

The people after this reminder, this note, this blade really light has the blade air/Qi, not having spiritual power to fluctuate, indeed is the ordinary broadsword that a common custom people uses, most also can only refine the body use to these, to Ye Kong and the others, anything has not used. After all, raises the blade to chop the matter of person, is basically impossible this to cultivator.

Ouyang Jun to the vision that the people are having doubts, smiles lightly, said: „My Sabre and Sword Dock takes to see somebody off, how could is every? This blade I name as night dance, is a spirit blade!”

„Spirit blade! Spirit Artifact!” All cultivator stare big eye, yellow Hao is no exception, is busy at seizing the blade back and forth from the Ye Kong hand to read.

On the scene is Nascent Soul cultivator, each one understands that Spirit Artifact is representing anything, but the owner of some blade, is not quite clear.

Looks that Ye Kong is not clear, Ouyang Jun introduced: „So-called spirit blade, is Spirit Artifact one. Generally speaking, Spirit Artifact after was just manufacturing, with mortal sword weapon not different. But Spirit Artifact is heavy in this spirit character, in other words, in magical artifact can the injector spirit. A Spirit Artifact might, its main does not lie, but lies in the spirit, the key must think that you can enter fresh soul refine of any rank.”

Ouyang Jun said is too specialized, the Cao Guang for fear that apprentice loses face, hurries to pass on the sound said: „For example, you kill Qi Condensation Stage cultivator, goes in its soul refine, this blade can play 10% might. A your refine Foundation Establishment Stage cultivator soul goes, can play 30% might...... Understood did not have, the boy, this was the good thing, compared with ordinary magical artifact same level might big many.”

Ye Kong is busy at holding the fist in the other hand saying: „Ouyang Old Ancestor this blade is extremely precious, my it is too much.”

Ouyang Jun shakes the head saying: „Might as well, this blade is old man refining up, had free time to refine one again, did not have anything to be precious.”

Magnanimous that Ouyang Jun said that but Ye Kong knows that is not such simple, otherwise yellow Hao will not be surprised, hurries and thanks: „Is Ouyang Old Ancestor refining up, may use the material to think astonishingly, the boy was really embarrassed.”

Ouyang Jun beamed with joy in the presence of everyone, was self-satisfied, said with a smile: „The life of old man is you rescues, this blade is anything.”

Listened to Ouyang Jun such saying, stood Li Haotian behind Ye Kong and the others is surprised immediately extremely. They saw, oneself this new Sect Master is on good terms with various factions. They think, various factions look at the Cloud Talisman Sect face.

Now looks like, the situation at is not this. Does not look at the Cloud Talisman Sect face, but looks at the new Sect Master face! Yellow delivered High Grade magical artifact to make them very surprised white and shiny, although High Grade magical artifact was not that precious, but was others Artifact Refining Sect manages a household Nascent Soul make a move to refine personally.

Looked again Sabre and Sword Dock Ouyang Jun delivers Spirit Artifact unexpectedly, they were more surprised. However other do not have this surprised, new Sect Master has rescued Ouyang Jun life unexpectedly! How they are unable to imagine Foundation Establishment cultivator to rescue the Nascent Soul Old Ancestor life.

Immediately Time Immemorial Sect five big Nascent Soul looked at each other one mutually, in the heart had the words: It seems like our new Sect Master, are not simple!

At this time, listened to Ouyang Jun to say with a smile: „Tested Li Sect Master time. This blade is high to the spirit request, if you inject the Qi Condensation Stage cultivator soul, is basically useless. If Foundation Establishment cultivator, this blade is Low Grade Spirit Artifact. If Core Formation cultivator, this blade is Middle Grade Spirit Artifact. If Nascent Soul cultivator, this blade may become High Grade Spirit Artifact. If wants this blade to become Top Grade Spirit Artifact, that must inject the Divine Transformation Stage above soul!...... Moreover, pours into one time, later is unable to change!”

As soon as the people listen to faint, said the half of the day indeed is a weak. Does Southern Great Continent have Divine Transformation Stage cultivator?

Good, has. Did you kill? Divine Transformation cultivator, day, on the scene is Nascent Soul cultivator, Ye Kong is only then Foundation Establishment 4th Layer Cultivation Base, making him kill Divine Transformation cultivator...... Hasn't your dream done to awake?

Let alone Divine Transformation cultivator, is Nascent Soul cultivator, can level somebody easily. Therefore this blade, most was also Middle Grade Spirit Artifact.

But what depressed is, can only pour into one time, is unable to change. In other words, when Ye Kong Cultivation Base has promoted, can kill Nascent Soul cultivator, may unable to change.

The only means that never will inject the soul, when arrived at Nascent Soul Stage, or is higher, can hunt and kill high-level cultivator, at this time poured into. But do the cultivator long several hundred years of years, when need to wait till to use this blade? Feared that this whole life blade useless one time, the life span had also arrived.

Also a possibility, that was Ye Kong Nascent Soul Formation, killed Nascent Soul cultivator, refine has gone. Good, High Grade Spirit Artifact produced. When you use, discovered, High Grade Spirit Artifact cannot the quarrying a mountain crack sea, very arrive at many compared with Top Grade magical artifact. You waited for a lifetime, but also is worth?

Therefore now looks like, this Spirit Artifact is a weak. To use cannot use, time that can use , the use is not big. The best possibility, after is other Ye can strike to kill Nascent Soul, refine, to the younger generation has used.

Although others think are the weaks, but Ye Kong does not think like this. Only looks at the imposing manner of this blade absolutely is not every, looked appearance that again yellow Hao is unable to put down, Ye Kong believes that this absolutely is the good thing.

Ye Kong hurries saying that to the parents thanks, „thanked the parents to come to congratulate, delivered treasure to make me broaden the outlook, the boy what what energy, received two valuables, was really not at all ashamedly. Later if the parents are stranded in any again, needs to rescue, below bounden!”

The people began also nod, speak of each one have smiled finally, yellow Hao ridiculed saying that „your this boy, you were thank us are the incantation we? Counted on that we were stranded in strange Zhen again wait for death?”

Ouyang Jun scolded immediately, „old ghost who your this had no sense of propriety, the little friend later was also a Lord, how can you take advantage of own seniority to call his boy?”

yellow Haonu said, „he was younger than us!”

In noisy, outside fragrant wind rises from all directions, then some entrance people shout, „albizzia julibrissin sect manages a household Nascent Soul according to Tong Old Ancestor, after delivering the famous name wine happy, recited 200 jin (0.5 kg)!”

Then is beautifully attired came according to Tong Old Ancestor, comes to say with a smile, „you were also quarrelling anything, this humble lady came late one step, feared that has missed the good play.”

Lian Fanchen said with a smile, „they were also not the old styles, met to struggle endlessly.”

But yellow Hao is very discontented, „according to Tong girl, which after you goes to deliver happy, recited? That liquor old men drank to be weary, before asking you will deliver next time happy, to be anxiously good, that liquor was energetic.”

Has chortled according to Tong Old Ancestor, „after I deliver certainly happy, recited, that liquor is temperate, suits the old person.”

yellow Haonu said, „you look down upon the old man? The girls, must invite our new Sect Master arrangement room, how do we fight 3000 rounds?”

Still said with a smile according to Tong Old Ancestor, „good, so long as you joined our albizzia julibrissin sect, every day 3000 rounds did not have the issue.”

yellow Hao beckons with the hand immediately, „exempted. Your albizzia julibrissin sect this is not good, in the sect makes do, sect outsider is not good, must join your albizzia julibrissin sect.”

The people laugh, but „in sect made do” to that according to Tong Old Ancestor is very discontented, makes an effort to stare Mr. yellow.

The weather is gradually late, when Sun falls from the sea level, in front in since the beginning of the universe palace square also shone the innumerable fluorines.

These fluorines are seven color fluorines of careful choice, is similar to the holiday in the square decorating is ordinary. The crevices of several hundred tables of banquets, the innumerable attractive girl students alternate, pleasant.

Should come came, although the disciples of many sects do not hope, may manage a household Nascent Soul to come, can say to fully the face.

This made these Time Immemorial Sect disciples have the contrast. Before thunder Miao Old Ancestor reigned, so is not grand, offends various large amount gates, almost stirred up Time Immemorial Sect to be removed.

But new Sect Master is different. Although he Foundation Establishment 4th Layer, may send Nascent Soul actually very much to show due respect for the feelings respectively, offers many gifts, this made them not have any repel and contempt to new Sect Master.

Various sent greatly, naturally these attached to seven small families Patriarch of under Time Immemorial Sect also came, the mortal emperor does not dare to neglect, sending the special envoy to send Jane|treasure rare treasure. The treasure that however Emperor mortal sends is the thing that mortal likes, cultivator does not spare a glance, had nothing to say.

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