Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Becoming famous a war

Becoming famous a war

Chapter 509

Becoming famous a war

At this moment, two people saw to fight intent from the opposite party, flaming combustion war intent!

This is not the private war, this is dies to fight! Took a side death as to finish, can say that few people will make such agreement.

„Good! After half double-hour, in the third Otsufuru, I and others you, did not know, asked casually which Time Immemorial Sect cultivator knows.” side Xiafei takes back the look, laughs departs.

He has no reason not to be unhappy. He also was a little worried, was worried these five fellows on together, oneself nobody helps...... But now looks like, this problem solve. So long as oneself solve here one, moreover is Cultivation Base is in middle and lower reaches one.

Haha, was really good! The person is really famous, keeps off cannot block!

After side Xiafei requests half double-hour, has his consideration. These a half hour enough spreads over each islands, making the disciples in correct path alliance 18 schools know, hurries to three Otsufuru to observe. Thus, he can cut to kill Cloud Talisman Sect to manage a household in the presence of everyone Nascent Soul direct disciple. If can like this, other source summer Fei given name, spread over Southern Great immediately, even becomes the entire Southern Great Foundation Establishment first person.

Although the friends do not favor Ye Kong, is as the friend, at this time, cannot throw the cold water.

Jiang Wulin and Lan Tianming are the comparison meet the human relations, they drive out to inquire side Xiafei the news. Cao Junfeng and Huang Zixuan are sit accompany Ye Kong. But during leaf new actually still immersed is betrayed to falsely accuse by waiter a moment ago.

„It is not good, I must ask that waiter, how can tamper with my words like this!” leaf new stands up, wants to exit to call to account waiter.

But actually had held on by Ye Kong, „forget about it, he also for livelihood, if he told the truth, how later also to live in Time Immemorial Sect.”

leaf Xindao: „But the person cannot base and low to this situation! He did not betray me, betrayed his conscience.”

Ye Kong said with a smile: „Do not go, if a person does not want to rescue itself, came uselessly including God.”

Ye Kong very ordinary words, leaf new has stood in amazement, some little time asked: „That, Senior Brother, who is God?”

Ye Kong faints, this Southern Great person did not have the culture, did not have the culture, on the imperial capital did not know.

„This God is the one religion of our hometown...... En, the religion your this does not have. Said that God is Immortal of world of mortals, understood?” Ye Kong said like this, if leaf Xincai is somewhat clear.

However he also asked: „Heard that Immortal World does not permit the Immortal world of mortals, how God gets down?”

Ye Kong is speechless, „...... He is...... Is his mother lives.”

Had comedic a few words very much, but no one has smiled.

Huang Zixuan annoying say/way: „leaf new, for your matter bothersome black mole elder brother, immediately he with side Xiafei the private war, should not be fighting of life and death!”

Cannot think that leaf new actually raised the head saying: „Has anything to be good to be worried that the Senior Brother said can win, can win!”

Looks at his expression, as if Ye Kong said that can defeat Nascent Soul he to believe.

Ye Kong laughs, racket leaf new, „right! Said right! I said can win, can win! Do not have any suspicion!”

Ye Kong such saying, Huang Zixuan and Cao Junfeng then relaxed, but other Jiang Wulin and the others inquired the news to come back, they cannot help but are worried.

Showed according to the news, this side Xiafei is Time Immemorial Sect manages a household Nascent Soul thunder Miao Old Ancestor direct disciple. Becoming Nascent Soul Old Ancestor direct disciple, is not simple. side Xiafei, unexpectedly is the special peculiarity, is an ice fire double spiritual root aptitude.

Before has said that disciple who Time Immemorial Sect needed, best not variation double spiritual root. For example water and fire double spiritual root, or construction double spiritual root, this is the good aptitude that Time Immemorial Sect needs.

But these, not having side Xiafei the aptitude to be good! He is ice fire double spiritual root.

ice spiritual root is mutation spiritual root, although is the double spiritual root synthesis, but after the variation, became single spiritual root, mutation spiritual root adds on a fire again is single spiritual root, is studies the beginning of the universe vigor the top picks, side Xiafei fortunately was then received by thunder Miao Old Ancestor is direct disciple.

Moreover after this side Xiafei beginner/enrolment, Cultivation Base is really gratifying, not only young has reached the Foundation Establishment Great Perfection altitude, but also beginning of the universe vigor cultivate to the 5th Layer peak, has gone unexpectedly also to the vigor Jackie Chan's situation, in entire Time Immemorial Sect Foundation Establishment Stage True Master, is difficult to seek the rival, does not have the defeat.

However regarding these news, somebody is light smiles, does not comment, as if following war and he does not have the relations to be common.

They are in the hotel not to know, outside passed on fiery one piece.

Comes Time Immemorial Sect all school of disciples, almost simultaneously obtains the news. Time Immemorial Sect managing a household Nascent Soul direct disciple must manage a household the Nascent Soul direct disciple private war with Cloud Talisman Sect!

This news not less than is a bomb, exploded to seethe with excitement this bowl of water. The original war nears, these cultivator have no interest cultivate, is worrying to idle bored, immediately had may look lively.

Starts to have Cultivation Base to believe, these two definitely cannot hit. Time Immemorial Sect and Cloud Talisman Sect upper formation will definitely act to repress.

What is but accidental, the upper formation of both sides probably does not know to be the same, no one has acted, resembled the ear deaf generally.

Offshore islands, discussing official business palace.

Cao Muse catches up hurriedly, said to Cao Guang Old Ancestor: „Uncle, you heard that black mole that boy challenges Time Immemorial Sect fake pill cultivator unexpectedly, he ate has confused the soul grass to hoodwink the heart, he Foundation Establishment three/3rd Layer!”

Cao Guang Old Ancestor actually resembles Ye Kong is not his disciple, laughs saying: „Foundation Establishment three/3rd Layer how? At that time he was Qi Condensation 8th Layer time, defeated the Foundation Establishment 9th Layer forest day to become aware, was separated by ten one/1st Layer, more than realm, didn't he win?”

Cao Muse urgently said: „Initially that was in the gate competes with, Lin Tianwu emitted stone puppet, hit his full mountain to run. Moreover Lin Tianwu has not used fully, said again, side Xiafei beginning of the universe vigor already......”

„Retreat, can have a lot of reasons! The fight, only has a reason!” Cao Guang sinks to drink to break Cao Muse, coldly said: „I believe that he can win! If he cannot win also forcefully challenges, counted on that I save him, is impossible!”

Cao Muse retrocedes one step, gets angry: „Does not know is really uncle's your disciple, has not taught him anything, makes him go to select fake pill cultivator only!”

Cao Guang curls the lip, this said: „Yes, I have not taught him anything, is...... He has not made me teach, aiya is really, where has such masters and disciples.”

He said, actually frowned, thought aloud: „Is a little strange. thunder Miao that old fogy should send to send greetings according to the truth at this time to me, he should not look at such private war occurrence, he did not fear that 18 alliances therefore do have the fissure?”

Similarly, on not far away another island, in a peaceful room.

Ma Xiaowei enters the room hurriedly, said: „Senior Sister Ruolan, heard that Time Immemorial Sect two generations of big disciples must manage a household the Nascent Soul direct disciple private war with Cloud Talisman Sect, you left stuffily in the room, watches the fun.” For fear that Lian Ruolan did not agree, he adds: „Is Fellow Daoist Ye is not willing to look that you are crushed with grief like this.”

Lian Ruolan has turned around, that peerless appearance exposes the light smiling face, „anything is crushed with grief, I believe him, will happen one day, open and aboveboard will certainly appear! I have something not happily? I do not like looking these lively, moreover then just came back a meeting, yourself go.”

„Good.” Ma Xiaowei snort/hum, heart said that added was not worried, before you liked joining in the fun.

After half double-hour, No. 36 islands.

No. 36 islands of original legal proceeding, today become incomparably lively. The disciples in major schools converge here, everybody wants to watch the fun, many idle potato pain Core Formation Old Ancestor came out, naturally, they are not mediate.

Some lively does not look, silly?

No. 36 islands, the scenery is good, all around has the palm in twos and threes, with the wind swinging, swaying shadows of the trees, a little aura of vacation resort. In the islands is together dozens zhang (3.33 m) hard and caked sand beach, smooth, is together the natural arena.

Naturally, has not made the arena, plays the beach football to be also good, just Southern Great Continent person not good this.

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