Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

The struggle of symbol pen

The struggle of symbol pen

Chapter 408

The struggle of symbol pen

, Was excited, wanted.

But in her the time that opens the mouth to comply with, after the crowd, suddenly resounds a familiar sound.

„bluish green trace/strand? Snort, I look to be called the nose excrement also almost!” This sound is not only familiar, that vulgar argument is familiar.

Entire Cloud Talisman Sect also only then this person cannot withstand vulgarly, every time bad language vulgar language. Jiang Wuyi listened is actually one happy. However thinks oneself do not have Foundation Establishment to succeed, now has taken ugly changing countenance pill, she also embarrassed walks, has lowering the head to stand after the stall.

That male cultivator can deceive the disciple of the same clan with some village goods in such exchange frequently, the trash that this time 110 spirit stones buys shortly wanted make a move to gain greatly.

Has not actually thought that some people disturb.

male cultivator is angry, exclaims, „who clamored? Speaking without merit, custom not! Has to plant bright! Everybody exiting private war is!”

A that crowd point, a shiny black actually very vivid face chest cavity revealed that chest five gold/metal cloud Geng were outstanding is uncommon. Stands along with the successor in front of male cultivator, sneers to ask, „does this Foundation Establishment three/3rd Layer Senior Brother, want with Li private war? Li just Foundation Establishment a few days, just wants to try the strength to increase many!”

Seeing is at the height of power Li Heizi, that male cultivator was short immediately the half.

This fellow Qi Condensation 8th Layer can rout the Foundation Establishment Late Stage time the forest day to become aware, now he Foundation Establishment, oneself with his private war? Does this non- bean curd hit the stone?

In the male cultivator heart complained of hardship secretly, early knows that this deicide came, oneself today did not deceive this girl, now good, but also in the challenge, really went out has not read the almanac.

„Originally is Li True Master, below empty many two Cultivation Base, how dares to challenge Li True Master, everybody is exchanges the goods, so-called friendly disposition leads to wealth, forget about it.” Swindler male cultivator complained constantly, wants to run away.

How however Ye Kong can ask him to leave, sneers saying that „I said your bluish green Sifu pen is the nose excrement, probably do you have the complaint very much?”

Everybody want the honor, swindler male to support were saying: „Li True Master, respects your Magical Power to be extraordinary below, but you cannot the shame my magical artifact rune/symbol Bi, I probably ask that for no reason but actually this symbol pen where isn't good? I introduced a moment ago can have the place of exaggeration?”

The swindler male is somewhat righteous, he does not believe that this fellow can see the flaw of this pen.

„You have not exaggerated, but your some had not said!” Ye Kong walks, said loudly, „this pen biggest flaw lies in this green pen!”

The people, strongly come line of sight including Jiang Wuyi, hearing somebody also saying that „what, although in oneself not clear that sea the fungus category is, but oneself can actually conclude that fungus category is Water Attribute! Manufactures rune/symbol Bi with one Water Attribute material, violated has manufactured the Spirit Connection Talisman Brush big death anniversary!”

As soon as the people listen, immediately nods hastily , some people Zhuge Liang after the fact said immediately, „right, this symbol pen are most is paints pictures the Water Attribute spell, other picture attribute spells, particularly the Fire Attribute spell, feared that is absolutely not 10%.”

Swindler male cultivator strong from discuss say/way, „this is Water Attribute rune/symbol Bi! Specialized manufacture talisman Talisman Master has several different attribute rune/symbol Bi!”

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