Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

Small medicine garden

Small medicine garden

Chapter 283

Small medicine garden

For all that but a Core Formation Old Ancestor spirit pressure or makes many new person disciples unable to endure, several disciples the calf have trembled, the forehead full was the sweat.

Cao Muqing proceeds step by step, but the spirit pressure is also getting more and more heavy, to afterward, Ye Kong a little could not withstand.

If Ye Kong has not been injured, but can also resist, but before him , the wound has not recovered, a little could not bring one's strength to bear.

Waits for Cao Muqing to stand above the stair most central, spirit pressure receives unexpectedly, the new disciples of these resistance the hole thump, the prostration throw down with hardship immediately.

Ye Kong and Jiang Wulin look at each other one, thought that this woman is somewhat excessive, even if you want to everybody demonstration of authority, does not need such ruthlessly, that several to fall to the ground, feared that does not have unable to restore for half a month.

But the disciple of Cao Muqing to falling to the ground looked radically did not look, waves saying that „sends out the sect to go that several, to one bottle of Essence-Replenishing Pill, cancels outside the hall disciple status.”

Her such saying, these new disciples mutually looked at each other immediately, a heart this woman was really ruthless enough. Others climb mountains to acknowledge as teacher laboriously, first day bewilderedly got a cut by you, finally also expels the sect, really owed in a big way.

Several small cultivator of falling to the ground, are incapable of revolting radically, was towed.

Cao Muqing also said, „introduced oneself, I was Cloud Talisman Sect all sea hall chief steward Cao Muqing, Core Formation Early Stage Cultivation Base, you from now on all work and cultivate have me to arrange...... First, congratulated you to adopt my inspection, now you are the true outside hall disciples! I know, in you many people, before were rogue cultivator, was used to idle cloud wild crane (carefree life) to be unrestrained, therefore I hope that do not have rogue cultivator these bad styles to Cloud Talisman Sect......”

Cao Muqing said above, Ye Kong some are impatient, always thinks very ear-piercing. day his Immortal, rogue cultivator has the bad style, do you send on the high character and integrity greatly? Has not mistrusted each other.

Waited for a Cao Muqing long sets saying that the under disciples then relaxed, to this board the beautiful woman of dead face, in the eyes of all people was having the awe.

When she said, was each minute of steward arranges the janitor, some disciples by the taking away meals room, in the sect many people ate meal, even if did not eat meal must drink water, did not drink water also the having mystical powers liquor to supplement spiritual power \; Some were taken away the pill refining room or the refiner room, although Cloud Talisman Sect to the pill refining regulator is not the strong point, but ordinary medicine pill, new magical artifact can do.

But because Jiang Wulin has the system talisman paper technology, therefore was arranged the talisman paper work place. Finally Ye Kong, was sent the control medicine garden unexpectedly, moreover is not the Cloud Talisman Sect public medicine garden, unexpectedly is the Cao Muqing personal medicine garden.

When the person have dispersed, Jiang Wulin said with a smile, „black mole brothers, you really walked the peach to transport, to beautiful woman Ancestor Master control medicine garden, perhaps...... Hehe.”

„Hehe.” Li Yao sneers, walks saying that „Li Heizi, you may be miserable, experienced according to the past, admiring sentiment Uncle-Master control medicine garden, did not lack the arm breaks the leg, shortest did three double-hour to be expelled Cloud Talisman Sect.”

Ye Kong depressed say/way, „not? This woman psychology? Should she not be an old maid?”

Li Yao had a scare by this saying, hurries to turn head to have a look, in a low voice scolded, „you not awfully?”

Ye Kong is temper of fearless, said with a smile, „that I traded to ask the law, does she still have Dao companion?”

Li Yao has smiled, „does not have.”

„I said.” Ye Kong thinks oneself have guessed right, said, „this woman reaches the age, lacked moistening of man, the psychology starts to have the barrier, a time long time, the nature on.”

Jiang Wulin said with a smile, „, this just you did not moisten, if did not say that her expression and complexion, that was a great beauty.”

„You think that I am willing to go? Is she beautiful closes my bird matter.” Ye Kong scolded and asks, „Senior Sister, you said why she did select me to give her to manage the medicine garden? That many people, bad luck did such errand fall on me? Whom I incur to annoy.”

Li Yao covers the mouth to say with a smile, „who will call your skin to be so black, admires sentiment Uncle-Master to elect the ugliest disciple to defend the medicine garden to her each time......”

Ye Kong this must spit blood, „am I ugly? I am the facial skin black......, It is not black, my this is the bronze, the healthy color, you cannot understand...... Also, even if black, I am also the dark horse prince!”

Has not thought that the Li Yao shame said with a smile, „what was prince? Even if Emperor Martial Nation, marries the girl who our Cloud Talisman Sect has served tea.”

Also let alone, in this Immortal Cultivation continent , compared with cultivator, a prince bird does not calculate, the emperor can marry female cultivator, that was his huge good fortune.

Ye Kong only then changed a statement, „that I was dark horse Old Ancestor!”

Jiang Wulin haha said with a smile, „I looked am black egg Old Ancestor, hahahaha.”

Three people were chatting happily, but an icy sound inopportunely has actually made a sound, „hasn't Li Heizi, how gone to the medicine garden?”

Cao Muqing suddenly appears, frightens Li Yao and Jiang Wulin hurries to shut up, Ye Kong actually complexion one positive, holds the fist in the other hand saying that „report/give Muqing Old Ancestor, to manage well the medicine garden to you well, therefore I before taking office, as far as possible many obtain some materials and experiences, this can draw the lesson of predecessor, avoids passing through some unnecessary roughness. Once had Nascent Soul Old Ancestor that called Einstein has said that does not excel in learning the lessons, the failure will accompany with him life-long.”

Listened to Ye Kong such saying, Li Yao and Jiang Wulin looks at each other one. Has to admire quick of this fellow, the time of turning hostile was also one certainly, a moment ago smiled was so dreadful, now says so frank, truly did not admire good.

Good that those words also said that „will not excel in learning the lessons, the failure will accompany with him life-long”, will say good...... Where this Einstein is Old Ancestor sacred?

Regarding Ye Kong such reply, some Cao Muqing obvious surprise, cannot help but much looked at Ye Kong one. However the mouth still iced cold said: „Hopes that you live up to one's words.”

Then Cao Muqing also said: „Walks, you go the medicine garden with me together.”

„Thanked Ancestor Master.” Ye Kong is proper, a black face seems but actually decent.

Left all sea hall, Cao Muqing took out own flight magical artifact, what making Ye Kong surprised was, her flight magical artifact, unexpectedly was a spell of rectangle. Snow white talisman paper, above is drawing the strange mark, this is one enlarges the non- several fold Spirit Talisman.

Looks that Ye Kong sizes up curiously, Cao Muqing cannot help but has thrown the despising expression, raises the lotus foot lightly, stands leisurely, the mouth snort/hum, „has come up.”

„.” Ye Kong walks, this discovered, steps on is very soft above, probably is any precious fur. He somewhat understood, this is not real Spirit Talisman, but is one with own Flying Blanket similar flight magical artifact, but this surface has made the Spirit Talisman appearance.

Hehe, the hobby of this old place is actually similar to the father, does not know that on this Spirit Talisman type Flying Blanket, is what experiences? Ye Kong thinks shameless. He stands in Cao Muqing behind, looks at the front female, a light purple clothes, appears her noble beautiful graceful bearing, tender body plump and smooth-skinned, fluctuates to send under the purple clothes. Under small waist that back, especially gracefully grasps movingly, arousing curve that the jade stock and sleek/moist of long two legs sudden enlargement outlined, was the moving heart and soul.

If with such woman on her jade symbol Flying Blanket, comes a friendly match, that was turns simply crisply.

If Cao Muqing knows that this boy in back yy, she estimated that will kill the dregs this fellow bang immediately. However she at this moment, has the thoughts.

Cao Muqing lowers the head the ponder in front, Ye Kong actually looks in the back dreadfully, this was seen by many Cloud Talisman Sect disciples, is extremely surprised. Because this Mu sentiment Ancestor Master had not led any man to fly. Everybody was guessing, is it possible that admired sentiment Old Ancestor to transfer the temper?

a short while later, arrived at behind in a Cloud Talisman Sect mountain valley.

Flying Blanket lowers, not a big small medicine garden appears at present, under moistening of abundant spiritual energy, various spirit grass long deep green desires drops, pleasing.

Achieved the place, Cao Muqing lowered the flight jade symbol, said: „I think that you also heard much the fate about predecessor probably, but should not be worried, if you manage well the medicine garden to me steadfastly, I not only will not punish you, will also reward you!”

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