Mad Cultivator

By Small Barbarian King

greed ( 2 )

greed ( 2 )

Chapter 95

greed ( 2 )

He did not attend to that building up 50% rice polishings grain fruit, appointed it pounds to fall in the ground, sticks the full dust, hardly becomes together the green stone.

„Quick! When he is weak, trigs him, obtains the thing that you want to obtain with Soul Searching Great Technique! Do not hesitate! On! What scruples your does Old Ancestor Yellow Spring have? Has killed that many people, but must install any sage!”

Is puzzled in the Heart Demon drum, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring stares fiercely, a pair of small hand approaches slowly to the Ye Kong's head......

This time Ye Kong simply had not realized that arrival of danger, he immersed in the refine spiritual energy, a wisp of another wisp of spiritual energy after the filtration, enriches in his Qi Sea.

„Right, this, both hands according to his top of the head, emits spiritual power, your wasn't spiritual power not many? That his body, brings with his spiritual power...... The natural selection, having Powerhouse can survive...... This world is this, must blame only to blame him not carefully......”

Both hands of Old Ancestor Yellow Spring have hung in the Ye Kong's top of the head, but actually cannot fall slowly, that at present appears, is Ye Kong said angrily, „in brief I will not become this person, that type selfish heartless to inhuman realm so-called Immortal, I will not like!”

Then changed into Ye Kong to scratch the head says with a smile, „I did not fear that you were bored, if did not want me to accompany, my cultivate.”

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring that sound howled at heart once again, „you pressed quickly! You were really more live are stupider! Remembers that Shadow Race person, he is also your friend, different was used by you, this has stolen the Shadow Race treasure, where otherwise can you live now?”

„Right, friend.” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring remembered friend these two characters suddenly, the vision suddenly pure brightness, two small hands trembled fiercely, the body one retroceded.

„has money spend together, has the food to eat together, has to be difficult to rush to shoulder...... It is not the brothers, surpasses the brothers...... Is battered for the brothers, does not wrinkle the brow......” the Old Ancestor Yellow Spring mouth to meditate.

The Heart Demon not willingly own failure, exclaimed, „should not be silly! What nonsense friend? Has what genuine friend in Southern Great Continent where? If he works as the friend you, why against aren't you, giving back to you spiritual energy?”

„Yes.” The Old Ancestor Yellow Spring vision was also sharp, but at this time, the Ye Kong's smiling face actually appeared, „others harm me, Old Ancestor you not, because we are the friends, has money spend together, has pill to eat together, has difficultly also together to shoulder.”

„No! We are the friends! Old Ancestor I should not be that bastard ordinary selfish heartless person again!” A Old Ancestor Yellow Spring at heart rave, finally Heart Demon pursuit in heart.

In each individual heart has Heart Demon, but looked that he does have to cope with the Heart Demon strength, but this strength has nothing to do with strength spiritual power, is only to the cordiality, just, persevering of responsibility.

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring long vented anger, sat, lifts the hand green flame to appear, another move, a rice polishings grain fruit flew......

„Boy, calculates that your luck is good, Old Ancestor I kill people innumerably, cannot think of today not being able to get down hand, snort/hum, if after you, does not help me look for Five Elements spiritual root, looked how I punch you!”

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring was whispering, continued to refine Fasting Pill, but Ye Kong simply has not felt, oneself passed through struggling of life and death.

„, Old Ancestor, your Nascent Soul Stage Great Cultivator, refine this most foundation Fasting Pill, will pound the ground?” Ye Kong wakes up, points at the ground to turn into the azure stone the rice polishings grain fruit to say with a smile.

„Yes, person has to let slip.” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring smiles awkwardly.

„Haha, no matter what, I must, this time, I be able thank you well long-term closed-door cultivation.” Although Ye Kong is laughing, but can see his sincerity gratitude.

Old Ancestor Yellow Spring haha said with a smile, „this was anything, we were the friends.” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring said this, in heart unexpectedly very comfortable feelings.

Ye Kong is also very surprised, first time listened to the old fogy to say like this, somewhat curiously looks at Old Ancestor Yellow Spring.

The old fogies somewhat looked on the face to give off heat by him, the anger said that „I am not the white wine! Remembers that must lead me to stroll the brothel!”

„Haha, I said that your not such good intention, pure is because the friend helps me.” Ye Kong dismantled spirit stones, Array Method eliminates immediately.

„Was not the friend, Old Ancestor I early swallowed you!” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring whispered, discovered that he relieves Array Method, immediately shouts, „feeds! Do you want to make others see me?”

„You shrink inside Little Sword.” Ye Kong badly with a smile replied.

„Hypocritical, knows that you are the fellow of dismantling the bridge after crossing, used this Old Ancestor to catch up with the person, is right?” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring scolded one, more shrinks is smaller, finally turns into a wisp of green silk smoke, sneaks in Little Sword magical artifact.

However in flash that he goes, in that azure smoke unexpectedly branched out very small one wisp, flies to the Ye Kong's head.

„Do not hide! Old Ancestor keeps divine sense to you, later does not need to ask me to come out, can divine sense talk.”

„, Amusing, this is the same with the intercom, has not needed to say.” Ye Kong communicates with him with the thought said, „Old Ancestor Old Ancestor, I am old eight, called Old Ancestor.”

„Your brain immersion? Is all right do not harass me! Old Ancestor I have been stranded, goes to Hidden Spring Pavilion to remember that called me!” Old Ancestor Yellow Spring scolded to resound in the Ye Kong brain.

„Wait/Etc.!” Ye Kong thinks suddenly an issue, „your divine sense in my brain, like yesterday you in my brain, you who I saw also sees, did you who I heard hear?”

„Your pig! My this wisp of divine sense, can only talk with you! However, I in Little Sword, Little Sword am my body, so long as you do not throw into storage pouch me, I can hear to see!”

„, This is good, don't you want to enter storage pouch now?”

„Does not think.”

Since Old Ancestor Yellow Spring is not willing in storage pouch to stay, Ye Kong then hangs with the silk bolting spring that Little Sword magical artifact on the waistband, the Southern Great Continent good military to become common practice, many people bring the sword weapon, Ye Kong to hang dagger Little Sword, pours not obviously the raised high-rising . Moreover the average person cannot see this is Immortal Cultivator magical artifact.

Can lose as for Little Sword magical artifact, that did not need to be worried, Old Ancestor Yellow Spring Nascent Divinity stayed in inside, momentarily can contact with Ye Kong.

Blew night of wind to stop, the air was neat, this moment weather still early, but in the courtyard, had the young girl form that had just grown into, was dancing a handle three chi (0.33 m) azure front sword.

This is Lu Qin of getting up early morning exercise, the swordsmanship that she waves, transformed to come, to inherit the Shadow Dance basic characteristics from Shadow Dance, the footsteps such as the flowered win butterfly, the reciprocation has alternated, body taking the form of passing clouds and flowing water, graceful moving, the ponytail that in addition the Lu Qin slender physique, the happy facial features, in the morning breeze swung slightly, looked at her to practice martial arts, absolutely was beautiful enjoyment.

Ye Kong goes out from the room quietly, looks the young girl who in the dawn dances, the corners of the mouth cannot bear flood wipes the smile, but he actually shook the head quickly.

He shakes the head is not because the Lu Qin dance not good or is not adept, because he knows, this Shadow Dance is not common custom martial arts, but is Shadow Race by the Immortal Cultivation method that the military becomes a lay priest, Lu Qin regards common custom martial arts to practice this mysterious Immortal Cultivation method, truly fell the low grade, has the feeling of a pearl before swine.

Matter that but this does not have the means that Lu Qin does not have Immortal Cultivation spiritual root, Shadow Dance in Shadow Jade she not to perceive through meditation, she only then regards ordinary martial arts to practice Shadow Dance, but this, she is expert in common custom.

„Hi!” Lu Qin reprimanded tenderly, in hand three chi (0.33 m) azure front was similar to flood dragon Long Naohai, turned over to puncture forward suddenly, but that moving young girl body seemed actually led by the long sword general, the illness shot.

„Clang!” A sword cry, sees only three chi (0.33 m) azure front sword to let go, sews on an old tree in institute firmly, this strikes the might to be intrepid, the sword has passed through the tree trunk sharp unexpectedly, the sword handle fiercely is still vibrating.

„Good!” Ye Kong that the one side watches cannot bear applaud, Lu Qin can change to the swordsmanship Shadow Dance, practices so realm has been not easy, can handle a to praise.

„Elder Brother Ye Kong.” Lu Qin then discovered Ye Kong that one side watches, draws out the long sword, is smiling running over, the young girl who under the dawn moves, reveals the health to be happy.

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