Raising a Bun with a Daily Life System Long Qi

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Yuanxi had a spring dream. After the coolness, he found that it was actually a real gun. He stupid for a long time and he fled. Whoever thinks, he will be pregnant with a big man, and he will have a son. The question is, who is the child? It’s too dark and I don’t see it! And, is this a living system that is tied to it? Planting, Breeding, Cooking, Cooking, Peeling, Sewing, Casting... There is no head in a long row. Wait... The middle of the room is a hair? Reading guide: male and female students, farming land reclamation, future starry sky, upgrade hegemony, long articles, slow heat, please touch the fork quickly. Update frequency: The day will go up~ This article will enter V on Thursday (August 22nd). At that time, there will be three more drops, please sister papers are ready to pick up. #favorite_1lor:#1E90FF;font-weight:bold;border-style:double;}The new text of the base friend~ farming to the food.

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