Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

By Midnight Iced

Chapter 910 Flying fat!

Chapter 910 Flying fat!

.. , landing a 98k

With a helmet, it is equal to a guarantee.

At this moment, Shen Zeyan, who is holding the bird 狙 win94, is even more powerful. The threat to the three people of ftd is even greater.

Under his gun,

Li Muqiu, who was holding a pan, finally passed the blood to the first person who was knocked down by Shen Zeyan, and immediately squatted behind the bunker.

I waited for a long time in the bunker waiting for the teammate's rescue boo, but I didn't expect to wait for an enemy with a pan.

After the bunker.

The two are squatting,

I looked at each other.

Li Muqiu and his aunt smiled, Boo’s body was stiff, and his heart was like a gray...

Soon, the screen prompts Li Muqiu to use the pan to make up the tips.

The rest of the ftd three are also angry!

At this point they finally reacted - this is the inferiority of a team of weapons, sneaking into their territory.

And they not only failed to sanction the other party in time, but also played like a monkey.

Now think of it, a few people suddenly have a burning feeling.

"Grass! We are being played by this second team!"

"What do you say now?"

"How do you say? Do him!"

"The one who just squatted in the pan, I saw that there were two or three shots in my body, and the blood volume was definitely not much!"

"Okay, let him take the knife first!"

Soon, the ftd side has determined the combat plan - that is, the soft persimmon pinch, first kill the Li Muqiu sacrifice flag!

However, when the three men moved from different directions to Li Muqiu, the man who was the fastest on the field was reluctant to appear again.

That person is naturally Liu Zilang riding a happy motorcycle.


"I am going, that guy is coming again!"

Hearing the tearing of the motorcycle engine, the three people of FTD suddenly got angry and got green!

Just if it was not attracted by this motorcycle, it would not be stolen by Shen Zeyan.

Now, after seeing the disappearance of this motorcycle, I dare to come back.

It was determined that the three people who were strong outside the motorcycle quickly shifted their targets, and they were a hit against the motorcycle.

The dingd, which is close to the motorcycle, turned suddenly and turned directly to the near point!

The next moment, the motorcycle rushed up from the side of the military base administrative building, and suddenly flew up!

I saw Liu Zilang riding all the backseat on the motorcycle in the air, holding a Uzi with one hand.

Against the dingd rushing over the ground is a gust of wind and rain!

In a flash, as the rain hits the beach, the bullets hit!

"The thick line! The hot man is flying!"

"Wow, this flying grass is a little handsome!"

"Wait, but how do I feel that vic is not shot?"

"It seems that Nyima is not hitting... Is this shooting method a teacher of Ma Cheng?"

At this time, it is not only a water friend in the live broadcast room.

Even the audience under the scene found Liu Zilang's "flying scorpion", which turned into a big monkey.

Everyone could not help but be shocked!

In general, when the big monkeys come out, the picture is definitely ugly.

However, this wave of Liu Zilang is a strange style.A group of guns and horses, but the picture looks like a handsome stream of water!

"How handsome!"

On the stage, the big Sima eyes are bright!

Liu Zilang's operation is like pointing a light, guiding him in a new direction in the boundless darkness!


What is the relationship between horses?

Handsome is finished!

In the game game, the crazy snakeskin was walking away from the other side to avoid the dingd of the other side to see their blood, suddenly found that the other side swept a shuttle faster or actually full of blood.

In his heart, he could not help but be proud of his own body, but on the other hand he secretly despised Liu Zilang.

What is flying?

In this way, there is a false name.

At this moment, dingd was cold and could not send a letter, and there was a shadow at the foot in front of him.

He licked for a minute and a second.

I couldn't help but look up.

This eye is directly looking at his whole person as stupid!

I saw the motorcycle in the air in his field of vision, constantly zooming in... zooming in...

Zoom in again!

In response to the dingd's mind, a spirit, just pulled out to avoid, was taken down by a car.


Dingd knees soft, the whole person instantly smashed uncontrollably.

“The se7en2-vic driving vehicle overwhelmed ftd-dingd!”


Seeing this sudden picture, the audience around the venue suddenly disappeared!

"Oh ~! I know!"

On the commentary, Big Sima exclaimed!

On the side of Rongye was shocked and couldn't help but ask, "What did you know about Teacher Ma?"

"Vic is not a flying scorpion." Big Sima stared at the picture of the game with enthusiasm, and said with great enthusiasm, "He is a flying fat!"

When I heard the words of the big Sima, the commentary on the stage and the audience under the field could not be smashed!

What do you mean?

"I understand it too!"

Rongye suddenly reacted over there.

"Flying in the sky is killing each other, flying fat is directly crushing each other, so this wave of vic is the ultimate flying fat!"

"Right right!" Big Sima nodded, his face full of a look that the blind can teach.

"So what you said..."

Msjoy suddenly made a bold conjecture. "You said that the wave of the vic horse will be deliberately empty, just to force the opponent to kill."

When I heard this, Big Sima and Rongye couldn’t help but look at it. You guessed it was really bold!

at the same time,

The audience in the live broadcast of the event was speechless, and for a time, the fans were madly brushed up.

"The gun line seal is gone? I learned it!"

"Fat laughter skr people, Ma teacher is not a commentary treasure, pcpi this time is really a ghost!"

"3 Feitian fat, I am convinced! Even people bring more than a thousand kilograms of car, who can stand it?"

"Hello, I am suggesting that I am a fat man, Marc is a fat man? Be careful, my master is punching you into a concussion?"

"Flower beautiful man? Are you screaming?"

"I don't think there is anything wrong with the flower man, prprprpr..."

"..."In the game game, after Liu Zilang pressed one side, Li Muqiu picked up the gun and started the medicine.

During the time, the situation of the ftd on the field suddenly turned sharply.

They only have two people left to think about it at this time - this is the se7en second team, the legendary second team that is more than a few times more than a team!

Playing or running?

This is not a problem. UU reading book www. Uukanshu.com

At this moment, living is the most important thing.

So the two people of FTD decisively sold their teammates and quickly removed from the door of the military base.

They parked their cars there, and they were also hopes for two people to escape!

But in this case, Liu Zilang, they have the reason to go across.

At this time, the four people are completely anti-customer. With the help of Liu Zilang's motorcycle, it is like a fall wind sweeping the leaves and chasing the ftd company is a wave of death.

Soon, the military base was cleared.

At this time, Liu Zilang was due to the delay on the road and here.

The first wave of poison has shrunk from the safe area around the map towards the Lion City.


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