Kar98K Upon Touchdown!

By Midnight Iced

Chapter 199 The 1st generation is more than the 1st generation wave!

Chapter 199 The 1st generation is more than the 1st generation wave!

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In the live room of the Betta Gold Grand Prix.

The fourth race is in full swing, and now it has entered the third final round.

The final finals of this game were brushed into the wilderness south of S City, and there were almost no bunkers in it. So the poison circle just shrank and the battle was unprecedentedly fierce!

"Okay, there are still 18 people on the field. We can see that the current situation of 4AM is very unfavorable. They are stalked away from the safe area, and there is also the only 17Shou that the Douyu17 team hopes to survive!"

"Yes, in addition, the 4AM Vic has been sacrificed in this game! If I am not mistaken, Vic should just be killed when he was hit by a jumper, and then the other team took the opportunity to set fire, and the guns were added. Now, 4AM is only left with the gods Aruka and the eye-catching three."

"Yes, now both sides are moving in the circle, oh! Beautiful! 17Shou sneaked from an ambush on the flank, killing the 4AM's little eye-catching!"

"Yes! But 17 also exposed the target, and the IFTY team in the safe area gathered fire to collect the head!"

"Well, 4AM is pressing forward! This opportunity is very good! Oh! IFTY is also attacked. They were hit by Tyloo from the back!"

"The night hawk is very important. When he came up, he got rid of a fire point of IFTY!"

With the words of explanation, the gunshots in the wilderness suddenly spread...

Almost all the teams chose to shoot at this point in time!

Because in the case of sparse bunkers,

You don't beat others,

Others will hit you!

For a time, the bottom left of the screen brushed out one more killing hint.

The number of survivors on the field has turned sharply down.

Soon there are only ten people left.

Two of them were not able to make up after the fall, and the teammates did not dare to help.

"We can see that the two people of the current wNv team occupy a comparatively advantageous geographical position.

They opened the gun line in the next circle, and it seems that they are waiting for the enemy to transfer. This is a relatively common method of seeking stability. ”

"Well, 4AM only has Wei Shen and Aru! They may have used up all the luck in the previous games and once again been condemned by the safe area."

"Yes! The current situation on the field is three three-teams, and two single teams each falling one, oh! ITFY's VK bleeding is dead, he should have been two down, then there are now nine Personal."

"Yes! Look! On the edge of the safe zone, Tyloo chose to play the internal wNv first. Do they want to go outside?"

"Armani's lone wolf did not support his teammates. He seized the opportunity to cross the fire with Tyloo!"

"There are 4AM outside the ring. They heard the gunshots moving too! We can see that Wei Shen is throwing the smoke forward!"

"Aruka! Aruka went to drive! God! Is he still driving in this circle?"

With the words of explanation,

In the next wave of poison, there are still about twenty seconds.



boom!The battle on the field was rekindled instantly, and the gunfire was once again connected!

It must be said that Tyloo's decision at a critical moment inadvertently gave the 4AM outside the safe area another chance.

And when Wei Shen entered the circle,

The battle in the safe zone is nearing the end, leaving only the last three!

In this wilderness, as soon as he entered the circle, he was discovered by three people on the field.

Wei Shen could not help but grit his teeth and directly lifted AK against the lone wolf on the left side of the slope.

Outburst -!

There was a blazing fire in the AK muzzle, and a series of bullets spurted out!

Not only that, but while he was shooting, the whole person suddenly fell!

Because there is no premise in the place where Weishen is at the moment, the only thing that can be used is the grass on the ground.

In the God’s perspective of the guide,

I saw that Armani's blood volume of the wolf was very disastrous in the original, and the bullets of Wei Shen were only wiped out in a hurry, and they were taken away directly!

The position that Wei Shen had already exposed when he entered the circle was at the moment, and the interference with Tyloo was very limited.

In the safe area, I saw only the rest of the rest of Tyloo, Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang, facing the direction of Wei Shen, a burst of guns!


For a time, countless bullets came out like rain and hit the beach!

Wei Shen, who was kneeling on the ground, snorted and splashed three blood flowers.

Seeing another shot, he will be killed on the spot!

Clinker was at this moment, and suddenly there was a rumbling car from afar!

Immediately, I saw an orange-red car passing a lightning bolt in the wilderness and whizzing toward Tyloo at full speed!

Lying in the trough!

Bai Shaobin and Hou Dongfang were dumbfounded at the time, hurriedly dodging and shooting.

On the occasion of a thousand miles, Wei Shen, who was devastated on the ground, suddenly got up, holding up AK and facing it there for a while!

Under the circumstance, Tyloo was swept to the ground, and Bai Shaobin took a shot and took Weishen!


"Hey," he flew up!

"4AM-Aluka hit the Tyloo-Nighthawk with a vehicle!"

The next moment, the picture of the official live broadcast of Betta is instantly frozen!

Good luck, eat chicken tonight!

Ranked first, 4AM team!

Ranked second, Tyloo team!

Ranked third, Armani team!


After seeing the frame freeze, the game custom interface explores the ranking data statistics panel.

The commentary and the countless audiences in the live broadcast room are also boiling!

"Wow! My God! 4AM! It's 4AM! They're in the finals of the game in the finals! In the case of Vic's jumper, I actually eat chicken again!"

"Beautiful! I have to say! This wave of cooperation between Wei Shen and Aruka is just too beautiful! I remember that when Aruka used to play LOL, he was the first driver of the single Sain to travel around the audience. I didn't expect to In the Jedi survival, our old driver, Aruka, started again!""Yes! The level of excitement tonight is really much beyond my expectations! Not only are the masters gathered, but every game is a quality bureau!"

"Well, especially the 4AM team that is eating chicken in the opposite direction of the show, we have just staged a textbook-style Jedi counterattack tonight! Four games in three games! The total points lead the audience, no doubt will Be the champion of our second season Gold Grand Prix tonight!"

"Yes, and the gold content of this champion is full! Oh! The staff in the background has given the statistics of the killing data! Tonight, four games are going down, the 4AM team totals the first, the IG is the second, then the following is Se7en!"

"The other four average scores of the single-person personal kills are also coming out! The first is the 4AM sniper Vic! This is the first time to enter the Grand Prix of our grand prix! With an average of 16 kills The record! Go to our killing list! Be the first to kill the gold medal finals tonight!"

"Wow! On average, 16 kills in a single game? That means Vic has killed 64 people tonight! Putting it in one game is killing a lot of people on the field!"

“Yes, UU reads www.uukanshu.com and according to the feedback from our back-office staff, the top killer of the last season’s betta grand prix was the autumn god of the Se7en team! The average single kill in his four games. Only 14 kills."

"Well, I remember that the record of Qiu Shen was ahead of the second place with 10 kills at the time, but tonight, this record was the anchor of Vic! This is the more exciting, more incredible, more The shocking kill record was broken!"


In the three discourses of excitement in the studio,

The news of 4AM won the championship in Weibo, Post Bar, Tiger Fight, NGA and other Jedi survival forums!

And the new generation of killing god Vic in the fighting fish value area!

This ID is like a hurricane crossing, quickly swept the network, and became famous!



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