Kar98K Upon Touchdown! Midnight Iced

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A 98K introduction to the landing: [2018 the most delicious chicken]
Liu Zilang, known as the prodigal son Liu.
Of course, you can also call him a pianist, an imperial eagle eye, a blasting ghost, a war god Vic, Liu Weike..
PDD: Vic is the most talented FPS player I have ever seen.
Wei Shen: If you think of Vic food, then I can only say that I don't deserve to play this game!
Principal Wang: If you are disabled, you can stop, give me some heads, big brother!
Miss eat chicken diary: and Vic can also eat chicken in double row! Super likes and Vic double row!
A domestically-made genius boy who fell on the "Fighting of the Gods" FPS World Championship, who was not willing to touch the FPS game, unexpectedly came into contact with the Jedi to survive.
In this story, there are bloody games, warm daily life, a teasing roommate, and a sister who is deeply involved in the live broadcast of the second yuan!
(Ps: 340W words of the high-order 6300 "The Peak of the League of Legends", double quality of character quality!)

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