Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 5:The Goddess of Twilight Country 4th episode

Volume 5:The Goddess of Twilight Country 4th episode

"Help, your fight …?"

I could not help but wonder about the proposal of Sita Ghannet.

Because that is to say –

"Ah, I hope not to misunderstand. There will be no circumstances in which the apostles and good and innocent people of the gods will work for me.


"A look of suspicion."

"This, well."

Knowing to help me, I am also involved in the situation that must be cut to good people, let me break the vow of the god of lights.

After breaking, I dragged the water bit by bit – I can think of such a strategy.

"You can not think of it, this kind of thing."

"Think of it, but at least this time is not the case ….I do not expect to happen with the overall war of the ancient reconciliation path of the ancient Lacefield.

There is really only one way to go. If you want to start, you will do it it. The god of death shrugged so exaggeratedly.

Just like this kind of action, it is very playful. Very suitable for this enchanting goddess.

"Not so, if it is to use other evil forces as opponents?"

「……The enemy of the enemy is a companion, is this? "

"Yes, that's right. The enemies of the enemy are companions, and that's it. Just like the battle with Varassera in the past. "


"Do not contradict your vows. Can also return the past owe. Is not it a bad thing? "

It's not a bad thing to actually hear it.

However, Syracuse should have many heroes who are not dead.

If the general hostile forces, let them act is enough.

"Why can not you own own hands be used?"

"Now it's the summer solstice. – The most horrible time for the sun to last. During the year, I will always have the weakest strength of my family. "

The undead immediately replied in this way.

"I do not think it 's stupid to let your actions make unnecessary sacrifices in such a period? I want to order external talents as much as possible to solve the situation.

Probably not lying.

Although there is no lie, there is no such feeling to say that all that real things are said.

……Though it is only faint, her answer is too fast.

As if beforehand, I expected this kind of questioning.

In this case, I am afraid that Stoudemone's intention is to just think about the moment when I think deeply about it.

"Well, even if you are fooled like this, can you see it anyway?"


After Stouguane said this, she smiled softly.

Under the faint light, Zhu Hong's lips hanged unconsciously.

My words could not help but slammed into my throat.

"So let's say it all." That is, I moderately recover the debt and want to borrow anything from you. "

It's the worst statement.

"Oh, what's wrong, an unpleasant look is silent."

"This is the most troublesome and the most troublesome thing to deal with in several of the expected ways."

"Ah, I also speculate that this is the most troublesome for you, and the most troublesome to deal with so I made a proposal."

Stoudemone leaned on the window edge and smiled at me with a pleasant look.

That is to say, she intends to let me do something in order to forcibly borrow my things and brains – in this case, let me do something that is not a big deal.

This is the most troublesome thing I expected.

"Get the job you handed over to me and let you thank me. Show me "

"Yes. After all, my summer's weakened summer solstice helped me. No reason not to thank? "

The trap is fine.

That's just over overcome and overcome with the muscles that have been exercised.

Difficult adventures are no problem.

Also use the muscles that have been exercised to cross and overcome to show her.

However, the purpose of not dying is to let me do something big and then thank me –

"I want to help me again on the grounds of gratitude."

– Want to repay the past grace.

– Because I was taken care of by you, this is a return.

– Helped you before you said it, this time to help me a little.

– I have encountered some troubles. If I can use your strength, I will be very happy.

In this way, the book of borrowing is complicated, and this is used as an excuse to increase contact.

In this way, little by little, when you encounter something difficult, it is almost a matter of course to be in a state of relationship with the undead.

Constantly becoming the existence of "taken for granted" for me.

……If you become like this, even the enemy can not do it.

While posing a hostile attitude, but actually unconsciously become a comrade-in-arms, similar to this kind of entangled relationship.

If you get to this point, you can say it. After that, you only need to aim at my faith and shake it.

"- This kind of script is correct."

"Very beautiful"

Syracuse looks so happy.

Just like a cat that caught a mouse, with some eyes mixed with abusive color, it was like staring at me.

"So, is there any effective countermeasure for such an attempt?"

「……Just noticed it "

"This is the case."

Deeply sighed deeply.

For the current Silka Gunnet, even if there are any attempts, as long as there is no malicious, you can not end.

If it is a malicious trap, may it be detected or not, as long as it is destroyed by the muscles that have been exercised, it is better to overcome it.

Even if you can not do it, the worst is to die without regret.

As long as you work hard, this will not be unacceptable.

BUT …"They will not malicious," they will not get destroyed and overcome.

At the very least, the moment when you do this kind of behavior, there is no face to face the gods.

So in the end –

"The helper of the war, I accepted it."

I have only left one side to apologize to the gods in the heart, "I am very sorry," and nodded the option.

After that, I prepared the equipment in the dark and sneaked out of the house.

After all, it is the commission of the undead, these can not be published.

……Undead from the fascinating gesture once again returned to the posture of the big crow, shining the red eyes, waiting for me at the door.

"Is it good to contact my companions?"

"The message has been left"

If you disappear without any contact, it will bring bring turmoil to the surroundings.

– Because there is a god of the gods, you have to leave the town for a while.

Leave this embarrassing article to show that it is not missing but to to risk. Based on the guidance of the gods.

At this time, even if the Shenzhou warrior makes a sudden action, he can use a "god" to let the surrounding acceptance really help.

If this is not the case, it will fall into the situation of being slightly troubled by the copywriting.

"Okay, then, let's go. – Lend a little arm. "

After saying this, the crow stopped on my arm with an action like a trained eagle.

But it is normally rejected, it is accepted now because it is decided to help.

"In short, let me start with the suburbs?"

……Nod to this sentence, on the slightly elevated hills where the mansion was built, looking down at the streets at night.

Under the gleaming moon, I stared at the towns still on the way.

Not beautiful.

There are also many rough-built cottages, as well as many foundations and pillars that support the building under construction.

Giving a messy, uncoordinated impression – then feeling the sense of life and the energy of the day, is my favorite town.

"Is it called" Chuangang of Lights "? …What a nice street. Even from my point of view as a god, there are very few negative feelings conveyed from residents and towns. "

Stouguane looks so happy.

This discourse – even the words of the undead, I am very happy, slightly relieved the corners of my mouth and nodded.

"When the situation ends, you will be able to return to this street. Agree to you "

Syracuse said to me with a clear voice.

There is no false atmosphere in this discourse.

「……I, what should I do? "

It's almost time to ask.

Because I still do not know what work will be thrown, so the equipment is tightly prepared.

"Yes. Just listen to me as you walk. "

Nod, let the crow stand on my hand and walk along the road.

But it was unexpectedly difficult to walk with a bird holding an arm, there was no complaint.

Even if it is me, it is extremely inappropriate to make irresponsible remarks about the weight of the goddess, even the crow's posture, even if anyone can understand it.

"The enemy is a demon. – The battlefield is my dominant place, the mysterious town of mystery, "The Country of Dusk" "

「……On your dominating ground, the devil? "

Oops. Although I do not know what kind of means to invade, but it's on the edge of the territory.

"What are you going to do?"

"This is the case. Of course, I will not say that if you do it alone, you will lend you some subordinates. "


"Really, there is no attempt."

Undead is in my arm, a happy look.

"As long as I can be more intimate with you, my intentions are just that?"

"This is the most troublesome."

"Kuku, this is the best compliment, my enemy, the Knight of the Knights."

The gods have also started from the beginning, and have exceeded the degree of unpleasantness. How to say it, it feels very special and unresponsive.

If you are awkward or angry, it's okay, you really can not feel anything.

"Well, no matter how hiking is, I can not get to my country. – It is one of the different phases of the world, one of the worlds. – T o make life with things, you need to work harder.

After saying this, the undead god sang like "Singing Spirit" like singing.

"The pace is kept like this …

"The Man Who Can Be Seen everywhere", "Nowhere to Be"

This is a very fluent pronunciation that is not thought to be from the crow's throat, which humans can not imitate.

The flow of Mana is also surprisingly smooth, without any hindrance to the power of the Spirit of Creation.


I followed the instructions of the undead, keeping my eyes wide open.

Like the "speaking spirit" of the undead, the darkness around the return of God is deepened.

The bright moon that should have just been hanging in the sky, I do not know when it will disappear.

The towns that should be in the distance are also weakened and can not be seen.

Like a cave or a tunnel, the pressure of a poorly ventilated enclosure.

As if you entered the "Fairy Trail" with Menel, as if the heart was saying "this is not the place where you should exist", the chest burns incredibly uneasy and anxious.

"I have some troubles to get in and out of my country. – Never look back. "

Suddenly, the tone of the undead has changed.

It is extremely low, like the tone of coercion.

「……What happens when you turn back? "

"There is nothing to know that there is no good thing."

While talking in this way, I walked in the dark cave.

Slanting down, sloping down – the road seems to have become a downhill.


From the beginning, I have been snickering from behind.

Like the murderous spurs of the blade.

Unscrupulously licking the whole body with a hostile sight.

"On the edge of the realm of the gods, there are unknown things and unstable things."

In the back neck, wet and warm, the beast's breath blew over.

Behind me.

Gradually approaching, with the footsteps of my pace.

"Sita Ghannet. This is your field, please take a break. "

"I refuse, I waste my energy. It's endless to kill. "

The vest has the feeling of being stabbed.

There is a sharp rear, and what is made of metal is the same feeling of holding the back neck.

– In the distance, you can see the faint light.

"There is the entrance. – I count 1, 2, 3. Can you run together? "

Got it

Because of the words of Syracuse, nodded.

"one two three!"

Like the shackles of the back, the unsettled countless breath.

I kicked the ground below and I ran out of the dark cave.

– Then my, the adventure in "The Country of Dusk" began.

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