Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 5:The Goddess of the Twilight Country Part 3

Volume 5:The Goddess of the Twilight Country Part 3

The end of the ant retreat work, the whole body fatigue will fall asleep this night.

That night was a nightmare. I was covering my eyes with my arms swaying in the dim light of the burning corner lights, and opened my eyes.

What you can see see under your arm is a distinct grain of wood.

This was the re-construction of the remains of the well-preserved mansion That was rebuilt in the development of this "Chuankang of Lights" a few years ago.

The habit of the habit.

Habitual smell.

The habit of feeling.

There is no exception in one place.

Many of the hay bundles that were stuffed into the wooden frame, as well as the bed next to the sheets.

Pillows stuffed with vanilla and chaff.

They all sent out a good smell. It is obvious that when you lie down, you can sleep beautifully. I do not know why I have been quiet today.

– Is this not a sign?

So when you are in a state of uneasiness.

Hey, hey, hey, the window made a regular knock.


I frowned.

It's not that that's no "Night attack" That has not flashed Menel's brain in it –

Speaking of it here, the second floor.

However there is a balcony, it is not big, and because of its simplicity, the foot will make a big noise when it is stepped on.

Although it is a state of half-sleeping and half-awake, I do not think that I can not perceive this sound now.

……In this world, there is still no way to mass produce cheap, flat and transparent glass.

Covered on the window is a blind made of ordinary wood.

Can not see the opposite through the window.


The line of sight moved to the side of the bed, on the dwarf man-made, strong bedside table.

In the position at your fingertips, there is "Putting everything".

A simple wooden scabbard, and a hilt wrapped in an inconspicuous leather.

But what is hidden inside is the black glossy blade that even the gods and dragons are afraid.

Even if there is any attack at the moment of opening the window, you can avoid the action of taking the sword.

Then he bends his body and poses a sword sniper.

……Two strokes to solve. No problem.

After confirming this, I carefully opened the blinds –

"Ah ah"

On the arm of the balcony, there is a red-eyed crow.

Backed by the moon and thin eyes, it seems that it has a very happy smile.


I slammed the window silently.

「……It seems to be sleepy. "

After such a mutter, an answer came across the window.

"Of course not sleepy. It's me, Sita Ghannet. My stupid and clever enemy, "The Paladin at the End of the World"


I really want to think of this as sleepy.

"Say, open it to me soon."


I was so shocked that I could not speak.

……Who can think of it?

Even if you assume a column of gods, that is far from awesome existence – even if there are not notices, it is easy to live.

Oh, the sound of knocking on the window again.

I am afraid that before I said it, I would hit the window lightly.

「……What are you doing?

"I hate, actually tell me this?

"Really, I can not think of the reason for accepting the visit."

I felt that I could see the opposite side of the window. The stalker of the stalker of Syracuse was squinting and licking her eyes.

I always feel a very annoying premonition.

「……Not a big deal. Just admire the knight's girl, endure shame to come to the night? I should spend the night with a smile here – this is too much, this sword is not a joke. "

I was noticed that I was silently reaching out to the side of the pillow.

Maybe I should pierce it through the window. Although I think so, after all, it is impossible to use the "ambassador" of the gods as an opponent.

"Do not show such a terrible expression, just half of them are joking."

"Is that half is true?"

"You can say that too."

I felt as if I was very happy and smiled.

A bang was heard.

"In any case, God came to visit humans. Do not say your majesty, still open the window, face to face, okay. "

"If you entertain, can you come in?

After answering this,

「……Correct. Cuku, really sharp, you "

The sound that people can not help but tremble.

……This is the bedroom that just rests on the body.

Although I have greatly deviated from humans, it is difficult to say that the defense in sleep is perfect. I carefully used several different magics and prayers.

For the undead, my room is the net of the enemy's lamp god …Though it is not the enemy, it is undoubtedly a very uncomfortable space.

The words "Mu Ling" will not be done first. The words of "The Messenger" are not at the stage of "can entertain". It is very difficult to come in.


Is it true that it's coming to the night? This kind of idea will not be there.

If you do not make a hospitality or say a word of hospitality, you should not be able to to step into my bedroom.

If you can, just cross the window and ask for something.

"- One thing that owes me, come back."

For this, the words the are smiles, I have to harden.


"No owe, I will never say that."

「……No, that's it. Undead silk Guganette. I have something that owes you. "

The decisive battle between "Black Iron Mountains" and Varaseka is now clearly appearing in my memory.

The help of the undead god who was killed from the side of the crisis.

Because of the power of not dying, the souls of the dwarf warriors who have revenged the opportunity to revenge in Varaseka have shown their smiles.

– All, I remember.

"Sad, can you let me in?


Undead silk tower Gunet is terrible.

Feel like this again.

Spread the dangers to the surrounding with violent and fierce.

If it is such a presence, no matter how powerful and fearful, I can fight in front because of the vows of the gods.

But Sita Ghannet is not so simple and easy to understand.

– but this god is somewhat distorted, there is no doubt that it loves human beings.

Resonate with enthusiasm and ideals, respect people's justice and honor, and then love your career.

So she does not insult the good and justice at all.

It is better to say that they appreciate each other. These are not lies at all.

Then she was soft, and her faith gradually collapsed and dissolved, becoming her followers. These have been understood.

While I understand – then, here can be "even if you do not come in" so severely refuse.

I have something that owes her.

Forgetting about it, and not knowing how to push her away is the act of ruining the reputation of the gods.

God of Lights, Gulesfil.

As a knight who serves the goddess, can you be sure of this behavior?

"Good, slowly worry."

——……I'm asking myself to answer this question, and I've seen it through Sita Ghannet.

Again, I still visited me.

Opposite the window, the fearful goddess of mercy laughed.

"Liu Hu, it is really good ….Just looking at your boredom, I do not know why I am happy to tremble. "

I am embarrassed to say that this is like a provocation.

Really, there is no direct hostility and harm to this, and I can not handle it.

……God, how can I be good?

Even if you are so arrogant in your heart, the gods will not answer me easily for me.

After several intervals of breathing –

「…………Please come in. "

I finally fell into the situation of entertaining the undead into the bedroom.

Just like the air that brought in the early summer night, open the window to both sides.

In the night wind that blows in, the crow flies to the window edge with a brisk action –

"Kuku. Excuse me? Paladin dian – "

Behind me.

The light of the square lamp of the room, call! The strange sound shook.

It is the crow of the messenger who is not dead, the moment I want to enter my bedroom.

"- meet"

The messenger crow opened his wings and raised his feathers like a warning.

"Ah, sorry ….I am scared, probably because of the wind blowing in. "

Stand up, back to the undead, slightly adjust the wind resistance of the following lights.

May there may be some general ideas, she is not the opponent who will lick the knife from behind here, or has such a degree of trust.

"excuse me. Again, please come in. "

「……No, it's here. Let's talk here. "


Why did you suddenly change your mind?

Sure enough, even if permission is granted, maybe this space that prays to the gods of the lights every night is still uncomfortable for the undead.

I think that in this respect, I am not afraid of being afraid of laughing. It is also like Sita Ghannet. It is speculated that it is difficult.

"It's nothing to say, it's very simple."

The crow left at the edge of the window smoothly changed his posture.

– The long skirt that flutters in the wind has a color that reflects the night sky.

The moon falls smoothly on the thick black hair that flutters in the wind.

The bloody eyes are filled with the same glamor that seems to be sucked in.

Purple lipstick, soft lips.

A spotless skin like a protein, a slim, beautiful neck.

Dressed in a dress similar to to night dress, made of cloth with incredible luster.

Though it softly swelled out, the skirt with a lot of wrinkles was long, and even the heels were deeply hidden.

– Boldly emerge from the shoulders until the curve of the full chest. As the exaggeration is generally exposed.

"What do you want to ask about you – oh, oh?"

The shoulders leaned against the edge of the window and placed on the chin, showing me a mischievous smile –

It is the attitude of the goddess that that and is present.

"Looking into the fascination?"

「…………Refused to answer

"Is it true, screaming, yeah. Because you can not lie! ……Then I will not pursue it first! "

Can not help but succeed.

For the gods, appearance and gender are just decorations.

Although I know that I can change whatever I want, no matter how beautiful, how cute, generally I know, there is no way to react.

Standing in front of truly beautiful things, human beings will always be stunned.

"Thank you, compared to this! I am listening to the important things beyond the night attack. "

I am conscious of the fact that the dominant power is actually mastered by the other party, so I ask.

……Sitagunet, who has a large number of undead heroes, asks me?

It is clear that most of her important things can be solved by her heroes and believers.

"Just what you said to me," Please, "is …"

"Ah, very simple things."

Undead silk Tagunette, in front of me, leisurely folded back –

「……Slightly, I want you to help me fight. "

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