Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 5:Goddess of Twilight Country 2nd Talk

Volume 5:Goddess of Twilight Country 2nd Talk

Author:words on a hard leather armor armor modified to Interfax.

June Solstice

This is the day of the year, the day is the longest.

……It is said that this world is really in the northern hemisphere of the planet and there are also horizontal lines and horizons, what.

……The existence of solar eclipses and eclipses means that the cycle of the planets revolving around the stars is what its cycle is.

But it is not such doubts, I, William G. Mary Brad decided not to care about this.

One of the reasons, first of all, entangled in this aspect of the problem is endless.

Especially in the astronomical field, in order to confirm my assumptions, I have to wait for several years astronomical phenomena, and it is not a common world. I do not have this margin.

The second point, this is the most important point, but it is vague, but I also have the knowledge of past life.

This is what the gods have left because of compassion. However there is no rejection of the idea – not to mention this, this is quite dangerous.

This world is different from previous life.

First of all, this must be recognized as a clear fact.

Indeed, it is similar in appearance to the Earth of the past.

There are suns and moons, and there are nights and stars that shine with trees and animals.

It is indeeded similar.

But just that.

There is an unknown energy called Mana flowing in space, and it is also a miracle of the gods that can actually cure the wounded world.

There is a huge and unreasonable life like the life of the mythology, such as Varaseka. The gods descended the imperial spirit to guide the future of mankind around the world.

If you want to grasp the world in knowledge and grasp the world in such a world, there is a great possibility of misunderstanding because of the preconceived view.

– still there is a night sky, it may be that the gods of goodness and the messengers of the evil gods fight each other and pull the black curtain.

Maybe the so-called star is a small hole in the two camps because of the war there, and the shining stars are a light that shines through the world of shining gods.

– though there are horizons and horizontal lines, this does not necessarily prove that the world is a sphere.

It may also be a hemisphere, or the legendary giant and dragon are supporting the world, and there is also possibility of a fiercely distorted flat world.

– Even if we assume that we have a sphere of planets, there may not be a universe.

It may be floating above the chaos of the vortex and flowing while spinning. If there is no end in the earth, there will be no universe.

Put this possibility on the grounds of "because the past life is not like this".

It looks like a lot of explanation of the world that it is most likely to be correct. "

……Maybe it may not be a big deal, but it will also a major event that distort history.

In case, the scholar said in court that "even if the world is flat …"If you are in trouble, it really feels very difficult to justify.

So I do not care much about this aspect, I think this is all right.

However, I do not think it can be applied to the whole world, and I do not want to actively spread it.

Cash is headed by believers in the metropolis with the knowledge god Enlight, and a large number of sages and bachelors are developing various fields of learning.

In order to align with the "Greater Federal Era," then move on to a more advanced level of knowledge.

The knowledge and academic standards of this world should be promoted by them.

I have what I have to do.

Yes, for example –

"Oh …"

Because of this recent continuous crusade, rest the tired body, what.

I and Menel and Lu, in the evening before the summer solstice, walked on the road in the suburbs of "Lighting the Port of Sichuan".

The monster returned from the rule.

The interpretation of the summer solstice by magic is basically a day when the power of the sun renoun. In general, the attributes of light and goodness are active, and the attributes of darkness and evil are weakened.

It is in the past battles that the goddess of the winter solstice is completely opposite to the undead god Tagunet (Note 1).

The land of the summer solstice is not a place for activities of evil temperament.

– But if something of evil nature is inactive, it is peace. There is no such thing.

"tired ……Really, exhausted … "

I wastally exhausted and my face was walking on the road.

Supporting the change of the sickle, "Calling the Dawn", like walking with a cane.

"I do not want to see bugs for a while …Vomiting

Next to me who is muttering, is a vomiting friend who is the same feeling and seems uncomfortable, half-elves hunter Menel Doyle.

Is it a psychological effect? ​​The pointed ears seem to be slantingly dejected, and it seems to be irritating.

"Me too, I feel like I have a nightmare …Awkward

"Stop talking!"

"Do not think about stupid!"

The dwarf warrior who was dragging the long-handled axe next to him was not as accidental as I was, and Luwen Darwin

We stopped his unscrupulous discourse in unison.

…………The summer solstice, although it is the time when the evil existence has to become honest, the activity of the worm has become active.

It is really lively for ants and flies to make new nests and fly.

Then in this world, there is.

In the past, in the B-class movie and the game of defending the earth from the hands of aliens,

Huge ants.

"- The battle is not mistaken."

Huge ants are mainly inhabited by wilderness and valleys where humans do not live. Sometimes it also landed next to the human field, and then began to build a nest.

……Huge ants, like words, describe aggressive ants that are large in size and strong in territorial consciousness. Once the nesting in a human zone is successful, it will cause panic around.

So this summer, when I reported a huge ant nesting from a village, I just took Menel and Lu.

Because the more you understand, the larger the size of the nest.

The battle is also simple and straightforward. In the hilly area that seems to be a nest, the territory is stimulated to collect the ants in turn, and then step into the nest to solve the queen.

– Originally, such a reservation.

"I did not expect to go through the hills …"

"The nest that has already become a huge scale …"

"Oh, that scene can not be opened in the eyes …"

The front of the three people fell together in front of the egg room.

Countless larvae squirmed, and even more battalion ants rushed to Haiti to reinforce them – well, it became a somewhat difficult situation to describe.

The battle itself is not so dangerous.

Think about it.

There are countless ant larvae like worms.

The mouthpiece creaks, whether it is the floor of the road or the walls and ceilings, there are huge red ants squeezing.

I do not care about the formic acid that involved in the same family.

But the waist was broken, it was shot through, and the smashed body was piled up like a mountain, and it continued to move forward.

Sprinkle body fluids throughout the body.

Even so, there is no red wave of reduction.

Whether it is a warrior or something else, even if the armor is made of dragon leather, it can easily resist the formic acid, but there is no way to bear the burden of the spirit.

Plus the body fluids covered with ants are more and more endless on the way home.

The spirit is low and tired.

To be honest, I also have the feeling of wanting to give up.

With there is no MP in this world, my mind is really at the limit.

"Tomorrow is the memorial of the summer solstice …I went to bed early today, and I changed my mood when I got up. "

"Yes. It will definitely become lively … "

Menel and Lu talked to each other.

As with the ceremonies of the winter solstice at the beginning and end of the year, memorials will be held during the summer solstice.

But the form varies according to country and region, most occasions will set up a column of the summer solstice in the square.

Then decorate the pillars with colorful cloth and flowers, dance around the pillars, and give thanks to the gods to drink and sing. These are common.

"What will happen this year?"

In "The Port of Lights and Lights", it is made up a collection of pioneers from all over the world.

It is given a general framework by the sponsor of the street, mixed with the culture of various regions, and it is difficult to predict what kind of gathering will come from the memorial of the summer solstice.

"The elves also have a variety of summer solstice habits …In the morning, collect flowers and collect them, and women will do it it.

"It seems that the dew of the summer solstice is auspicious, and it can bring bring health and beauty."

"If you are a dwarf, you can use the dusty turmoil to get rid of the habit of disaster relief."

"Hey, why is this ??"

"It seems to be …"

We washed off the stains of the whole body, re-applied the equipment, and then went to the bedroom even though it was earlier than sleeping.

However there are many visitors to the memorial in the summer solstice, the museum is unexpectedly lively, but we are so tired that we do not even care about it.

Then good night, when exchanging words in the corridor – Menel suddenly smiled.

There is no doubt about this, just kidding.

"Speaking, the summer solstice seems to have a night ****

(Please ignore) What is the habit of *****? "

With such a feeling, being he was very tired and still talked peacefully, he returned to the main hall.

At that time, it seemed that there was a smile that did not care.

Menel is joking again, this feeling.

That night, the window of the room was really knocked out …I did not think about it at the time.

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