Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 5:The Goddess of Twilight Country No. 1

Volume 5:The Goddess of Twilight Country No. 1

Think about it.

– Why do we have to fear death?

"The question of the undead god Tagunet"

– After passing through this cave, it is no longer a human domain.

The vast wilderness spread by the abruptness.

Can not see the horizon. Things like white fog in front of the line of sight are looming.

Opposite the fog, the blink of an eye can be vaguely seen in the forest, the building is full, and then it burns and collapses, like a mirage or something else.

Weng Weng …Weng Weng … It's annoying like the sound of the worm's flapping sound.


The line of sight is up, and there is no star in the vast night sky.

At the center of a certain point in the north, there is something that can be thought of as the color of the rainbow, with a huge swirling vortex.

It seems that the soul will be sucked into the same void. I can even feel the impression of hallucinations.

……If the memories of past lives are correct, the starry sky of long-active photography will be like this.

When we think about the scenery like the mirage in the distance, we can understand that the flow of time is strange.

If you go back, the cave that you just passed has not been seen anywhere.

Though it has already been realized, it seems that this place is quite a place.

……Because I could not feel her breath through the cave together, I decided to wait a little.

During this period, the equipment was roughly confirmed.

In lieu of the lost "Yueyue", the golden sword of the knives made by the knives is modified, "Call for the Dawn".

Inherited from Brad, the devil's "The King" wielded the sword of life, "Put the Everything."

Two insignificant self-made slings, half a dozen oval-shaped lead.

A solid short sword for the merger of daggers and work.

The armor worn on the thick clothes is the dragon scale armor.

It is the thing that the leather of the evil dragon Varaseka is detoxified, and the hard leather enamel made of the beeswax of the long-lasting goblin is sewed with the dragon scales of the same poisonous Varaseka.

Fire resistance and corrosion resistance are as high as jokes. Even if you press the red hot iron, it will not burn at all. Even if you cast a spell and strong acid, it will not be damaged. Plus there is also tolerance for magic.

Even if it is an excellent equipment that can respond to acrobatics, swimming and climbing, and a long walk, you can only come to this area that has not been seen before.

Others, using leather gloves made of dragon leather – because it is difficult to use the magic of "writing" even if it is covered with fingertips, you have to drop the protection of your fingers slightly – plus strong boots.

There are many large pocket backpacks plus belt pockets. A pair of replacement boots.

A bundle of thin ropes, plus a small pot of dry food and water bags, a set of needlework plus replacement clothes, a dagger plus a hand axe, ten thick nails, a few fire wine and salt, spices.

On the cloak of the hood, there are talismans carefully engraved with the guardian spirit.

– Except for the equipment of the recently completed Dragon Dragon material, it is about a set of equipment that used to be an adventure.

Repeat these checks, gently move your hands and feet, and then pray to the gods.

This is the pre-adventure, I have always been the practice.

This habit is the source of courage and peace of mind.

I will overcome most of the problems with these equipments, the mastery of the technology, and the protection of the gods.

So this time, let's just say it to yourself.


But now, I am tormented by the restlessness.

Confirm the equipment.

Make sure your hands and feet are as active as usual.

But even if you close it your hands and offer prayers, the presence of the gods who should be so close to you can only felt slightly.

– The words here, the presence of the gods of the lights, are too far away.

「……Lighted, protected. "

The sacred prayer of all along.

It includes whispers of the above sense of reality.

– Please be sure to guard me.

Then, just at this time.

From behind, there was a shivering sound.

Looking back, I saw a red crow with red eyes like a ruby, slowly descending.

Although reluctantly sticking out the wrist with a leather handguard, the crow stopped on my arm.

"Oh, ah, sorry for being late. – Waiting for a long time?

The big crow looked up and I squinted slightly and said something like this.

"The accident has been waiting for a long time, it is very boring."

"Give me here," I have just arrived, "you."

"If you lie," Spirit "will become dull, because it is magic."

"It's so cold, the Paladin!"

Laughing and screaming, her mouth is ringing – not dead god Sigunet.

It is both my old enemy and the enemy of the god of my god, the god of the gods, and then the sister god.

"Well, in general, peace has reached the edge."

"How long will it take to reach the destination?"

After asking this question, Sitagu Gunte took a breath.

Slightly silent – then tilted his head.

「……How long will it take? "

"Why do not you know ??"

"No way, because there is something rare in life that enters this field."

As long as you move on, you will always arrive at Sa, and say this kind of unreliable words.

forgive me.

"In short," The Paladin at the End of the World ". First of all, welcome you soon. "

On my wrist, she smiled slyly and stretched the black wings.

Then the black crow wants to phantom and gently dissipates into the glow –

Looking back, there is a tall girl in the wrist.

Like the god of the lights, the beautiful black hair with waves.

A thin purple dress that boldly reveals the shoulders and chest.

Then the most prominent, is her strong, excellent intellectual, cute childish, no contradictory face at the same time, her ruby-like eyes.

Approaching me while approaching –


Panic and shook his head to avoid, and waved his wrist and hurried back.

The momentum of the sound of rustling in the sand of the wilderness.

「…………Do not be so scared, can you? "

"Be born, it is a coward."

The heart trembled nervously.

Really can not care.

"Well, okay. This is another thing, let's stay behind and enjoy it. "

She said so, shrugging her shoulders –

「……The living man squats, "The Paladin at the End of the World". Welcome to the mysterious township of the undead who sway between the yin and the yang, "The Country of Dusk"! "

She said so with the expression of acting, revealing the expression of joy.

From afar, I felt the atmosphere of the gods who were very worried about the lights.

……Why did I go to such a place, and I still came with the undead.

This passage can be traced back to hours before the summer solstice.

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