Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitute 35 in the City of Epicure

Volume 4:Prostitute 35 in the City of Epicure

Walter, who is in the order of the palm of the hand, "The Trial of Thor."

This is indeed a very unfortunate miracle.

Sanction all hypocrisy, the protection of the righteous god.

"The Paladin is innocent. Did not commit the crime – "

However, this is actually not absolute.

Before Gath, I was serious when I wasteaching the street of the dead, but it was very interesting to say so.

Walter's prayers have a way to crack.

"Everyone, please be sure!" I accepted the miracle of the god of sanctions, here the declaration! "

Luna Lia yelled.

Looking around, the body movements and gestures are large, attracting the sights of the refuge people and the priests around her, her hands on her chest.

Injecting painful thoughts, tears appearance – it looks.

"The Paladin is trapped! The devil who burned the street is something else with his posture! "

The words that came out did not not contradict the facts.

……While repeating it, Walter's trial prayers have a way to crack.

For example, two villages compete for referees to the border land.

The man who belongs to the villages is praying for the trial, and the declaration "I did stand on the soil of my village", but it was not struck by lightning.

……In the man's boots, it was stuffed into the soil of his village.

For example, a woman who sue a non-Dilico sergeant for the crime of sin.

The woman's declaration "I did see the non-Dilico and the female sheep," but it was not struck by lightning.

……This woman named the male with a female sheep as non-Dilico.

Walter's protection, definitely did not step into the heart.

Even if this person has a wicked heart, it will not be burned through the heart.

After all, this is only a trial that is contrary to subjective facts.

So misidentify the facts, or because of the strange belief that mental illness is convinced that it is contrary to the facts –

Or if you prepare "subjective facts that are the basis of the discourse" like this,

The trial of Raytheon may not sanction the speaker.

Of course, this is "possible" and is different from "actually doing well."

Most people can not lie so well in life-related situations.

Most of the people who want to use the prayers with malicious intentions are asked by the priests, and they can not answer the words and the heart is burned through.

In fact, this kind of talk is also a lot of circulation.

Therefore, most people believe in the "correctness" of Raytheon's Judgment.

However, if you dig digest history, there is no such thing as the success of subtly framing your opponent.

– After that, there is no disclosure, and if there is no one left in the record, I am afraid it is very much.

Such a prayer may be abused, and it will damage the light of the gods. It is said that there are also such priests who pray to Walter for pleading.

I want to be judged regardless of the facts, but the trial of the evil heart.

But at that time, Walter asked the god official for revelation.

– I see all the words of the trial, then you live for what.

The pleading priest is comprehended.

This is exactly what, when Walter's kings in all countries lowered the "Mu Ling" and began to give orders to all things, we can only pray on the ground and pray and obey.

……However, the gods will not expect these.

Walter, who is in charge of justice, will not rule out good and evil.

This is evil, to crusade. Will not tell this.

It merely indicates the contradiction between words and facts, and the believers in fighting the good and justice that they believe.

"When the Paladin was with me, he was attacked by a ready-made demonic group. He was wounded in order to protect me – and then lost consciousness.

– People believe in Raytheon, and Raytheon believes in humanity.

People correctly use their own wisdom to exercise judgments, see good and justice, and sometimes promise to rehabilitate prisoners. Raytheon believes.

「……Then, after this! That, the devil with the attitude of the paladin appeared! "

So, um.

……To be honest, what kind of expression will be revealed by Raytheon in the Holy See of the gods?

Luna Lia now, in order to believe in the good and the justice, the number of the prayers will be used with fear.

The people around the crowd rioted.

The face of the captain of the demon camouflage gradually became pale.

"Ah, everyone. I have to confess here – "

The volume and tone gradually drop.

With this, you gradually calm down.

– People expect her words.

"I am born with a lonely body, selling flowers, and smiling, I need money to survive."

Then, a few days ago, I, who did not even know the name, asked me, tempted the Paladin, and put it into his arms. I nodded.

It is a despicable spy job. But

Like a flower bloom, a smile smiles.

Like praying, like loving the important things, put your hands on your chest.

"But the Paladin, almost I know these, warmly received me.

Though I know that I am a spy, I am still worried about it. Speak to me gentle words. Saved my close people.

Not tempted by me, but also gently told me not to belittle myself, but also become friends.

–very happy. very happy. There really very happy "

And then

"Clearly, that's it …"

Her, her knees are gradually collapsing.

The eyelids ooze tears.

The trembling hand moved from the chest to the slender neck and gradually put it on the face.

"Of course, I still betrayed him!" Aaah!The demons want to kill him, I lead him to the middle of this trap! "

The employer's shadow is vague. Is not it not a bad thing? I also noticed it. Though I noticed it, I still looked away.

– Not something that can be forgiven, so lamented, full of sorrow and sorrow.

A few screams, with a sympathetic color.

No one can insert anything.

The temple, when it comes back to God, has become her personal stage.

"The Paladin, even then, did not abandon such stupid me.

Protect me, and then in order to protect the good citizens, bravely stood in front of the demon group that appeared in the alleys and houses!

Was hit by several vectors. Cursed several times, several times, was cut. Take all of this and let the Paladins fight!

I have been injured several times, and it would be easy to abandon me. I have not done so. But because of the strength, endure the pain, continue to stand – fight to the end … "

She dominated the air on the scene – it was a moment, and from the licking fingers, I plucked a look at me.

It's like a bad boy who has a mischievous talk about his relatives and friends and has a feeling of smile.

"In this way, what happened after the paladin lost consciousness was the fearsome demon."

I looked at her for a moment, responding with a line of sight.

I always feel quite, and I feel like doing something bad.

……However, this time alone, I hope that Walter will close one eye.

Thinking about it, I smiled in my heart.

"Everyone, the so-called high-level demon can actually disguise as a human being. Do you know? "

The predecessor, the lie is not, just the general theory.

Like the last knife, or like filling ammunition, Luna Lia took a deep breath.


Everyone! I know the true body of the devil! "

With that said, Luna Lia stared at the Mayor of Maynard.

Everything, complete, no words.

Just a look, just an action.

However, seeing the horror and hatred, grief and anger, full of all kinds of excitement, what she wants to say is clear.

She is telling the district governor.

Like this, it was seen by people around and was seen by people around.

"What, even …"

Something with the gesture of Mayor's head of the district, rolled his eyes and took a step back.

For Kula, who is disguised as the length of the pipe, it is no longer possible to silence.

I want to kill me and form a thick assassination.

When it is about to succeed, it is bitten by the uncertain element of the dragon.

When I want to build the situation again, it seems that one mouth has to bear all these responsibilities.

"No, no! No, this is fraud! What is the conspiracy -! "

I heard the typical eulogy of the servant, ah.

– That's exactly what it is.

"This woman is not a party …! It's despicable! While I do not know what tricks to use to deceive Raytheon, can you give it to the woman himself? "

It is difficult to judge to defeat Luna Liya.

Szkula switched the spearhead to me.

However, this is a mistake.

"So, may it be very abrupt, can I pray for a trial?"


Immediately after the proposal, Miss Sesilia, who was watching the situation, smiled softly and extended two fingers.

"- The Holy Ghost in the supremacy, our father."

With the statement of prayer, reach out to the fingers of the chest.

A clear light like a thunder, flowing from her fingertips to my heart, the phosphorescence shines.

The moment of not accepting resistance – the brain is believed to be strongly intruded.

"Under the testimony of Thor's trial, now you are not allowed to lie."

Really, if you lie, your heart will be burned to death.

This is such a thing, not a feeling, but an incredible feeling that is convinced without knowing it.

It's like standing in front of the court – even the frightening "speak the right thing", even the serious sense of pressure is accompanied.

Really, Luna Lia was able to make such a beautiful acting when she accepted such a thing, and even surprised.

But at the same time.

……The deity of the trial, the adult, said, "There is no way to feel like a smile. It seems to be felt. "

"Tell me," The Paladin at the End of the World ". – What did you do to attack the streets?

"I feel deeply that I can not suppress the responsibility of the situation."

Choose your language quickly.

But in order not to let Scaller Kula interject, use a very loud voice, like the next one.

But I have not expected to burn the streets and make people suffer! "

I took a breath, as if to transfer everything to the masses, shouting loudly.

"And then as she said -"

Even without her fluent eloquence.

If you can not lie, this is the point –

"There is a demon in the position of the governor there!"

Even if I am, I will not lose so much.

The air in the field changed suddenly.

Even the escort warriors, who were horrified, left a few distances from the "things with the Mayor's position as a mayor" and stared at them with suspicion.

"No, no …"

Muttering the negation of him, the people watching.

Obviously a fearful demon, I do not know why I feel subtle guilt.

When someone is acquitted, there must be a stronger, such mood.

……This strategy should not be used as much as possible. I secretly decided to do so.


"If there is something wrong with my words, that's fine!" But if not, you have to prove this is very simple! Repeatedly endless arguments will not start – "

This is definitely a general.

Even if it was me, I would not have a hint of resignation for the devil's leader who had mercilessly killed me.

"Accepting the" Thunder of the Thunder ", just one sentence, the declaration" I am not a demon "!

After I yelled like this, for a while, I was silent –

Suddenly, "Yes!"I do not know where it came from, and the voice of impression came out.

"The complaint was established! Respond! "

Shouted this sentence, gently disappeared in the crowds.

……Mr. Samuel, really is a good person. Clever.


"Respond to complaints!"


The noise rang.

Szkula can no longer refuse.

「……District chief? "

Miss Sécilla shuddered and looked at the old man.

Now, there is a way to go, there is a demon in the shape of Mayor's head, and the bloody eyes shine with abhorrent light –

His body began to change into a deformed shape.

The arms and feet, like dead wood, swell like rubber.

Wrinkled skin changes as wonderfully as white clay.

……This is like a twisted clay elephant pinched by a child.

The hand with the extremely twisted claws, the big, sly head. And an unbalanced slender body.

Originally, there should be only a dark, elliptical ellipse in the place where the eyes and nose should be.

– Devils of the statue with Kula.

Luna Lia, hey, take a breath.

The crowd stared at this slightly – followed by sorrow.


I can not act as as I, and I endure a body that is constantly making a dull pain.

"Thank you very much, thanks to the fact that you have come to this step."

「……A little guilty, can you count it? "

That's enough

Slightly exchanged a smile, I once again clenched the hilt of the "Call for the Dawn" under the coat.

At the end of the deformation of the Khmer, set up the claws.

– Things have finally become simple.

The goal of Szkula is to avoid avoid any anyway, break through this place and lurk in the streets again.

Devils disguised as human beings do not know where to hide in a tens of thousands of metropolitan areas. This is such a hazard.

After a while, the street is dominated by suspicion, and the act of hunting like a witch begins to ramp up, no doubt it will.

However, in order to do so, there are obstacles.

Running away from me, I fled in this way – it is not stupid to think of Kula.

I also noticed the breath of the standby Kula, and this guy had to knock me down in response to these.

Is it a blow to kill me, or at least make a gap, then escape and lurk.

And Samuel, who pursued the pursuit, replaced the disguised human beings one by one, and the king was in chaos.

– So now, the things to do are simple.

The whole body is dull and painful. To move the joints is like the pain of a thorn that is blown into lead.

However, like being soaked in cold spring water, only consciousness is very clear.

Facing the back of Luna Lia, S, Kula rushed in.

I took a little step like a fuse, and the devil waved his claws to me.

If you avoid it, it will run run through the track of Luna Lia. Thinking like a demon.

Because Mana in the body is not stable, he can not use "Spirit".

The residue of the curse remains in the whole body, and it is in the middle of the dull pain. It is not possible to use more sensitive movements.

– So you can use big moves, only once.

Pull out the sword of gold with minimal movement and cut the claws.


Then use the reaction of the cut, and use the momentum of the opponent's sudden advance, the knee is cut off.

Although it is a rubber-like body, the sword is cut like butter.

"Hey !!"

The slate is shaking, the moment when the giant demons are about to fall –

Call, my coat flew up.

– A flash of gold.

Together with the trajectory of "Whee of the Dawn", the devil's head flies in the air.

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