Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

The wide Walter Temple in the morning, now containing the vestibule and the cloister, became a haven for people who have been injured or lost their homes in previous events.

Men, women and children, all kinds of people gather, the gods hold water bottles and towels, bandages and other activities.

Even so, the anger and crying are intertwined here, a desperate look.

During this half-day period, the response to the essential emergency treatment of the injured person has been completed.

Even in an extraordinary period, obeying a clear command system, the attitude of the officers and men who carried away the duties and disciplines seemed to ease the uneasiness of the people who took refuge.

In this – there is.

Surrounded by several priests, dressed in luxurious robes, slender white-haired old man.

He talked to the refuge, or gave instructions to the priests and walked in the vestibule.

Mayor of the Maynard. The priest who was replaced by the devil.

Really lucky, think so.

I would not want to to show up as much as possible under the pretext of being a senior official.

The believers of the order of the gods are not stupid, but they are also necessary to play the corresponding hand.

The gap that is easy to be drilled is not good.

……But now, he has to show up.

However, I was not know what kind of latitude and longitude replacement was successful, it is said that the head of the district according to the king's position according to the situation.

Give the "Teardrop Capital" to fight, and try to prevent the entry and exit of the street of the deceased who is on the seal. This will not be let him him go.

It is a perfect position to let the Kingdom of Fatel collapse.

Therefore, in this case, he had to appear in front of the public in this situation.

The devil and the devil's violent violent walk, countless houses collapsed, and the situation of the dead and wounded, if there is a position, the person who loses his position will lose trust and generate strong doubts.

I am afraid that it is very necessary for Stolen Kula himself, but how to realize "high risk" and "danger", the demons have to appear in the public before this situation.

Of course, even this is only a matter of days.

The people who have have positions stand in the heads, and the time necessary for the people to settle down is not so long.

It is even more like a rich city like the "Teardrop Capital". The object of disguise is the elderly, and the excuse of "heavy job fatigue" can also be used.

I am afraid that for Stoula, it is also planned to retreat after a few days and return to the depths of the temple again.

Most of the duties are given to the elderly, and the elderly priests who pray in the deep houses on the day.

Even the wonderful language action can be explained by age.

There are almost no suspected elements.

After waiting for the opportunity to make a deadly attack on the kingdom

Easy to understand plot. Clear process.

So, just woke up in a half day, this is really a fluke.

There is the help of Mr. Samuel and Luna Lia.

Then the most important, because of the blame of the gods.

– Now, I am standing here.


Pain throughout the body.

I covered the old coat with my eyes, and when I said the weapon, I only took "The Call of the Dawn", and I walked in the temple.

But it is not the pace of the sac, it is not conspicuous among a large number of asylum seekers.

"no problem?"

Next, Luna Lia, who supported me, whispered.

She is also dressed in an old coat, almost the same dress.

The sound of this worried look, no problem, I gently nodded and said so.

However the whole body is sour and painful, I will take a little walk afterwards and try to adjust to the extent that I can make combat actions in an instant.

In this way, while being supported, the person who is pretended to be injured approached the Mayor of the Maynard.

The feeling of the dragon is told. Sure enough, his heart did not beat.

"That one ……"

Mr. Samuel, who did not expect another action, or the action of Luna Lia.

If you are close to the distance at your fingertips, you can use a knife to cut it.

Thinking so, I am close to the head of the district under the support of Luna Li, but –

"Is there any injury?"

"Slightly, please wait in the same place."

At the same time as the voice, several sergeants were inserted into the middle of us and the district governor.

Their manners are almost in a state of war.

It is evidence that you gently bend your foot like you can immediately rush to me.

The prayers of perceived hostility, and the magical props of the "engraving" that perceive the armed warning system, plus the habit of maintaining law and order and guarding.

For them, I have already regarded the close me as a dangerous person.

Therefore, I am also good at Mr. Samuel, who was involved in the discussion before.

With this group of training as an opponent, I still want to save my goal. I am not so confident.

If you can get help from Walter, I do not think about it …

Looking around, the help of the Lord God, who deals with all kinds of important events in the world, is a good time for yourself. Whatever is too convenient.

Do what you should you do, even if there is is no way. At this time, the gods will definitely help, even they do not believe so.

At the same time, the gods will not happen to only pour grace on me, I am still convinced.


"Please lift your head up."

When the hand of a sergeant soldier reached into the hood, I made a realization.

– God of the gods, please be sure to watch it in the seat of heaven.

At the next moment of whispering inside, the hood was taken down.

Show your face.


The officers and men took a breath.

Because this refuge has also come to the attention – oh, gradually louder and louder.

"The end of the world, the Paladin …?"

"The face is very bad …"

"Oh, I saw it, the man burned the street …"

"Why are you here?"

"Is not the devil disguised?"

Focused on the line of sight, the words of mouth intersection.

From the surroundings, mixed with horror and suspicion, and curious all sorts of sights to concentrate on themselves.

It is obviously not a battlefield, why the mouth is dry, and there is a sense of oppression of the heart.

Among this–

"–you, restrain the man."

The mayor of Maynard, with some strange hoarse voices in the total sense of tone, said so.

"The suspected paladin related to this commotion did not report the name, but also hid his face and visited the temple with a sword ….Not the behavior of a person with identity "

There is such a possibility as to who is disguised or manipulated. He said so.

The sacred warriors looked away and exchanged sights.

Regarding this hesitation, the district governor said another.

"First restrained. If you resist, tie it up and cut it down. "

A tough tone.

Like being forced by this voice, the officers and men began to act.

It is impossible to kill the complete surprise attack.

In this way, the officers and soldiers are stuck in front of us, this time –

wait please

The clear voice echoed the vestibule of the magnificent monastery.

I am between the guardian of the protection zone chief.

"Please wait a moment! I am very sorry, I am very sorry! God official! … "

Light enters the vestibule.

The black hair was scattered, the eyes with different colors were wet with tears, and the woman shouted with desperation.

It is Luna Lia. She pleaded with an eager voice to the officers and men who were in this place.

"As a sword of Justice Walter, please be sure to ask before you draw the sword!" Is this a just act! "

Next to me.

Close your hands, kneel on the floor, ticking tears, staring at the warriors' brunettes.

This is like a painting depicting the scene of the story.

"What this paladin spent like this! And we have hidden things to visit this temple, there are deep reasons …! "

While she screamed in a painful state like a chest being burned, even her voice was clearly spread.

But it is like a messy manner, her gestures are very beautiful – it focuses on people's attention.

And the people who watched the hustle and bustle gradually concentrated.

This is already a beautiful "progressive prosecution" like Fan Wen.

I can not do this in my words, and Mr. Samuel is also suffering.

In all respects, we are the type of warrior. This kind of behavior is outside the box.

However, she is different.

"I am all frank! The paladin's adult, then the captain of the district is terrifying!

Great Thunder, everyone who is protected by the Incarnation of Justice! Be sure to indicate that this statement is true under the witness of the Walter Trial Balance …! "

After saying this, Maynard's shoulders shivered in shock for a moment.

The officers and soldiers also opened their eyes in surprise and stared at them.

The order of the palm of the hand and the thunder of the trial, Walter's protection, does have this thing.

The object does not allow all lies and rumors within a certain period of time, in order to prove its true protection.

– The prayer of "The Trial of Thor".

"Suddenly, suddenly say something!" Maybe it's a demon disguise, a lengthy question and answer- "

"- Oh, I want to prove myself with a prayer of trial? It's really a rare demand. However, it is allowed.

Suddenly, along with a few footsteps from the side, a voice came.

What appeared was the female goddess warrior who was was the more sergeant warriors, and she was upright.

She saw me and widened her eyes with a little surprise, but just looked at Luna Lia and then the head of the district.

It seems to be Mr. Samuel, so I can get through one thing for me.

So. Though I can not understand any situation now …

As a law since ancient times, people who passed out the appeal of the Thor's Walter Temple have always used their own debates to prove the true rights.

Yes, she told the manager of the district as a reminder.


"Because the law is fixed, I will use it if I request it. Only

She continued to speak faintly.

Indeed, this prayer exists. However, as long as it is not a comparable event, this prayer will not be used.

To say why –

"If you are told by the" Thunder of the Thunder "debate, Walter's sanctions are burning through your heart."

If you prove the truth with Shenwei, you will be asked for the corresponding danger.

Is that all right?

with her symptoms. Because I will not say any lies. "

Luna Lia said in a pitiful manner.

Then she turned her head and looked at me.

– Her lips, for a moment, like a new moon, smashed.

It looks like a viper smile.

Though I nodded lightly, I always felt that the back ridge was like the coldness of the fingertips.


If you are normal, you will be worried.

It is better to say that you have to worry.

Weak women, obviously now want to to spend a dangerous bridge.

And it is for me.

But why?

I am worried that I am worried or not. These things have not poured out.

……To say why, I can not imagine the scene where Luna Lia failed here.

At least, about this kind of behavior and demeanor – I, for her means, trust from the bottom of my heart.

She is the strong man who is comparable to "The Paladin at the End of the World."

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