Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the city of Eihua First story

"The situation is getting a little trouble"

"Is it already?"

For Mr. Samuel, who is wrinkled, I ask this question.

……In his character, he will not say such things first, but he already realized the words "has finished".

I'm afraid it's in the coastal area, from the warehouse where the smell of the tide came from, in the basement – something like the safe house used by the slayer of the Air Walker.

Illuminated by the "Engraving", around the table is me, and Mr. Samuel, who is very tired, and Luna Lia.

Until the lady of Mr. Samuel's maid, the woman of Qingfa, was just around the corner. After touching the light of the light, she quit and then quit.

The day before, she also saw her use of "Engraving".

Just look at the technique of collecting Mana. Although it can not be said first to class, it seems to have the corresponding magical experience.

"Not completely deteriorated. In a certain situation, "being becoming" is certain.

Although I do not know how long you plan to sleep, it is now a long time before you fall down. The rumors are also very complicated and the whole place is still in chaos. "

"………… strange? To this extent? "

I was only slightly scared by the time it took me to overslept.

After all, I suffered such a big injury, and there are curses and poisons. Now I think it is a horrible amount.

That curse and poison, if you convert the lethal dose, dozens of people, maybe there are hundreds of people, it is a little difficult to estimate.

The strong curse staying, and the dragon's relying on it also disrupted the pulse.

Considering that there is a limit to recovery with prayers, is not it a long time to sleep?

Though I think so.

Aaah! Raz …The maid of the family, so many poisons and curses and injuries, the body is broken, and Manna's flow is also fragmented. "At least for a few days, or longer, I can not wake up, so diagnosed."

"I am also so estimated, I am planning to take care of you -"

"But now, I am up, what happened?"

Is it a prayer? Or is it magic?

What kind of tricks did Mr. Samuel use?

"No, nothing is used."


"Why can you get up now??"


Why did I have a look at the strange things, I could not help but stay.

Can not help but look at Luna Lia, but,

「……I also did not do any thing. "

"But it is a warm look."

"Hey, hey. It's not the occasion of such a thing. "

"No, the possibility of the power of love is also …"

"If you can cure poison and curse with love, doctors or priests will close close.."

Mr. Samuel, a mischievous tone, and Luna Lia, who waved coldly.

In this case, the two seem to have no clues.

Then, Varaseka will never leave a gift of parting with such a singularity – I put my hand on the corner of my mouth and want to imagine it.

Then, suddenly I noticed it.

– Wrapped in the hands, fire scars.

That "sign". The arm of the flame that took over the mother god, with a slight heat.

The memories of childhood flashed in the brain for a moment.

Then there is the decisive battle of the winter solstice, the words of death.

– This body, most of them are holy cakes!?

Every day, Mary, the mother prayed with pain, got, and then gave me the Holy Communion.

I ate the Holy Communion to develop the body, and then this body, always let Brad, the father exercised.


I can understand the reason why I can get up.

This is or is, the time that should have been lost.

As long as there is a little bit, there is nothing to bite on the gear – as long as there is a little bit, what is slack?

I will fall down and fall into a long sleep. It's time to give the enemy time, and then the stigma. It should be like this.

I squinted a little, and thanked the god of the light, and thank me me for knocking me up.

I felt a smile in her atmosphere.

……Even if you get the power of the dragon, it will work as if there is no change.

Always, just like living with them, pray, eat, exercise.

So I can still stand up. Can go to save.

"Can you get up so early?"

The precious time that should have been lost, solved without loss, because –

「……Because I eat bread every day, I have to exercise hard. "

This tells the truth, I laughed from the bottom of my heart.

Feeling somewhere, Mary and Brad smiled at me too.



Mr. Samuel and Luna Lia looked at each other with a questioning look.

"That is, the sacred muscles are invincible."

I want to laugh like a joke.

– Violence from the muscles that have been exercised can solve most problems.

Brad's words are really correct.

The time is now before dawn. It took about half a day since I ran away at dusk.

The devils disliked, the accelerated riots and destruction of Wallaseka seemed to have become a massive commotion.

It is now also a knight and a light warrior running back and forth to protect people who are injured or their homes are destroyed.

The shrines and public facilities were rushed by the reception of these people.

Wang Cheng, who is also a civil and military minister, hurriedly went to the city to deal with many things.

Remove the rubble, strengthen the guardianship of important facilities, take out the devil's remnant party, including the condolences of the people's hearts, including the riots, etc., etc. – there are many things to do.


"you ……In short, the look of the dragon riots has certainly become a rumor. "

The wing of inflammation, the claws of the wind, the golden eyes, the devil.

The destruction of the fearful "what" was of course witnessed by most people and became a topic.

"The, at this stage, the argument is very complicated.

Let the trustworthy hand go down and investigate. The saying "similar to the Paladin" is also a matter of course. "Is the one who fights with" Air Walker "the superior demons? ", has also developed into such a topic"

I can not immediately conclude that this is acceptable. Wangdu has a large population.

Among them, witnessed the number of people in the battle, in proportion, it is not a big ratio.

When, when I saw that state, I was able to immediately understand what it was.

The devil of the upper class is also a good dragon. The human beings who live very ordinaryly are all "those things that can kill themselves in an instant."


"About the rumors in this regard, the devil will soon spread, I think so.

If I have been asked from the front, I can not escape from my position. Because I can not lie, I can not find an excuse.

It is hard to imagine the demons not using that.

Mr. Samuel also nodded in response.

"Ah, for the devil's side, it's time to bring in a good start for them. It's just a good time for the big man who can not lie at the end of the world. "

In the worst, the status of the Paladin can be deprived, and the momentum of the development of the South can be weakened. The activities of the South Frontier in this base will also become easier. This is the step. But

Mr. Samuel gently shrank his neck.

"In order to assassinate so many of your mobilized people, it's also been killed by the evil dragons like tearing them into confetti."

For the devil, it is also a completely unexpected situation, the expected loss.

Even if the situation is grasped accordingly, the preparatory work beforehand is completely absent, and there is a limit to quick action.

"The devil disguised, Mayor of the Mayor?"

"More. Doing such destructive behavior in the pipe area "

It is impossible to act freely before the priests, and Mr. Samuel, who is busy with this, said so.

"Just, that guy is not a fool. We should make an urgent confirmation of the rumor about "what is the type of human being, and the posture similar to the knight".

I am afraid there is also the intention to prepare rumors in advance. In a conspicuous form, he sent the envoy of the inquiry to the seat of His Highness.

His current point is like being in contact with the paladin and being involved in the incident. Please control the behavior that confuses the people and incites rumors. It seems to answer this way. "

"Is this development really true?"

"With regard to the action inside the temple, there is Sécilla. On the other side of the highness, I ensure that after you, a person, sent a trustworthy messenger and a safe contact. "

This is really good.

"That is to say – can my social position and reputation still last for a few days?"

"That's it."

The "General" demon, disguised as the head of the district, is equipped with Kula, and has been acting for impeachment since the early stages.

In fact, it is not without blasphemy. In this case, there is almost no way I resist.

"So, I also conveyed to the secret the things that ensured you, but -"

When Mr. Samuel said that the door was opened.

It's just a quit, the blue-haired maid.

She handed a slender cloth bag to me with both hands in a respectful manner.

"I was asked to send a message and send a message."

"Send things?"

"Ah. – Open it and see. "

After saying this, after the next parcel, the weight of the heavy metal.

Just this weight, I can understand what it is.

After opening the parcel – just like this, the room is full of warm light.

Plain black sheath.

In contrast, a golden hand guard with a beautiful curve is drawn.

There is a refreshing feel, the handle of gold.

– "Calling the Things of the Dawn."

"There is a rumor"

Take a breath.

"Be free to make a fuss, then try to clean up."

It was too much discourse, I smiled a little.

My Royal Highness seems to be quite understanding of my business.

"So, go to a big fight."

"Well, it's only going to be able to recover from this situation."

When they nod each other –

"Slightly wait, what are you going to do?"

Luna Lia said to us in a panic.

It seems to understand that I can not catch up.

"What, that is,"

"Well, this is …"

We said it in unison.

"" Go in "

Arrive at this stage. There are not many options to choose from.

However there is a risk, before you do the extra action, quickly step into the Temple of Walter and cut off the head of the demons.

If you have to say what, you are to do first, there is nothing else.

"The devil disguised as a superior official and sneaked into the temple. The biggest problem is this. "

"Other things, the result is a question that will be considered afterwards. – For me, even if the society is broken, there is always a way to leave a life. "

Now, there is still the possibility of forcibly rushing in to cut off the head.

What are your own positions, many things in the society, and you can not take action on these extra things.

If I have left it, my position is over, and this is certain.

– That is, there is no need to care about these extra things.

Just follow the conscience and the gods and take the shortest and most appropriate action.

After that, the latter thing will stay behind.

Even if it is subject to the corresponding ruling, there is no way.

"Recalling the words is too sloppy. If you do not think about the extra things, just do it at the beginning. "

Totally agree

Because it is the city that places too much emphasis on various things and risks.

So I was held by the opponent.

I have a lot of reflections – when I think about it,

"You guys."

Luna Lia looked at us with terrible eyes.

「? What?

"What strange things have you said?"

I could not help but bow my head.

"What do you do the blood is mad? Are the soldiers like this? Too decisive, right? "

She looked as if she was stunned.

I used my hand to rub my forehead like a headache, and then I thought about it a bit –

Like taking something out of your heart, take a breath.

「…………I am a little, have an idea. "

She looked at me with a sincere expression.

Purple eyes and gold eyes, staring at me.

"Will. – You helped me. Say something warm to me.

In contrast, I betray you, confuse you, and hinder your feet … "

This, generally I do not think so, can be repaid.

With that said, she bit her lip.

"Just, there may be a slightly better step than going directly to the devil." What are the tricks, small tricks, maybe you can do this?

With a look that seems to be full of fear and sorrow.

"Though I can not trust it …"

"Trusted. – Is it a friend? "

I said that immediately.

Her eyes are wide and her lips are shaking.

Then, smile.

「……This place is really worried about you. "

"Menell …Other friends often say that. Ah, but if this strategy can not be run from the ground up, it will become like something, a little care. "

"At that time, it would not be fine to cut it in the ordinary place? It's just a trick, it's not a trick that you will be bothered after failure. "

It is a bright answer.

"So just go ahead."

I and Mr. Samuel nodded to each other.

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