Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 32

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 32

Open your eyes and see the strange ceiling.

The coating peels off slightly and the mossy aging ceiling grows.


Where is this, the moment you want to get up with the usual feeling.


There was a strong pain in the whole body.

It is several times more concentrated than the accustomed muscle pain, like stuffing into the joints of the body – the thorns of lead are buried everywhere.

I was stopped by this unexpected pain, and I was lying in bed again with a little tear.

Just move your head and sight and look around.


It is a landscaped, plastered hut.

From the point of view without windows and air vents, I am afraid it is the basement.

There were several wooden boxes piled up in a corner of the room, and I did not see any space for special items.

The bed that fell asleep seems to be a simple thing.

The door is a wooden door that looks strong.

Because I did not see the iron bar and the peek window – not jail?

I woke up and was in the cell. This has already been realized.

Worst, I was cut off before I woke up. This is also the case.

However, it does not seem to be the case.

What is going on like this – I prayed before considering this.

No matter what kind of situation, as a warrior, you must first let the body be able to move.

"Goddess of Light, Ancient Lacefield …"

Because it is very painful to close your hands, just look down and pray for the healing of your body.

But it is not a situation that is suitable for concentration, even in this case, deep prayers are reached within a few seconds.

……However, the pain did not disappear.


The effect of the prayer is not played.

At this moment, "Is not it that the is is deprived?" This thought flashed through the brain.

– Like the thick ice in the cup, the same cold from the back neck to the back.

The body was captured by Varaseka's afterimage, but it was also on the street.

How much loss is caused?

How many people are lamenting and injured?

How much faith did the gods lose?

All are my fault, almost I can not say that. The reason is – the root cause is the devil, and Varassera.

But I also have a responsibility. More subtle ways, is not there?

That is the sorrow of the gods – not only that, but also greatly betrayed the expectation, disappointing her, making her depressed, is not that the case?

Is this the condemnation of the gods?

Or maybe it's more cruel, it's a declaration of severance.

if it is like this. It's because I am guilty, shameful, stupid.

It is obvious that the gentle god of the gods gave me so much, but I can not return.

……In the end, what kind of face should I use to survive?

It was darkened in front of my eyes.

However this is a real moment of thinking, it is accompanied by the impact and horror of the ground like a standing ground.

On the day of the winter solstice, from the time I hoped that she would be a patron saint, the ignorant and gentle god of the gods kept watching me, I know.

……Not believe it.

"I believe" the ground is there, "believe that" the sky is blue, just like no such person.

I walked through the field where I should use the word "believe" and convinced it as a fact.

It is precisely because of that involvement the possibility of severing with the deity of the gods.

It has nothing to do with this sudden and sudden thought, I am very shaken.

I can not use the prayers – this time, how is it.

Losing contact with the gods is terrifying.

I want to cry when I think of the disappointment of the gods.

If the ignorant god of the gods casts a frustrated and contemptuous sight, it seems that the knee will tremble at the thought.

Then this is the one who thinks about such things – not trusting the love of the gods, such a self is too shameful.


It is because of the loss of blood.

Very cold, cold, and trembling.

Can not help but want to to cry –

【……Do not be afraid. I am with you]


I heard the revelation.

The voice of the ignorant god, the unadorned voice.

It sounds like a little bitter smile.

However, it seems to melt the heart that freezes because of anxiety and fear.

It is like holding my heart gently from the back, accompanied by warmth.


– Not cut off.

The god of the lights, still watching me.

I always feel like I want to cry out.

Because the words of the people of the gods have calmed down.

Try to calmly feel the temperament – the reason for the cure is not effective, you can see it.

The flow of mana in the body has gone down.

I am afraid it is the afterimage of Varaseka, beyond the boundaries of my body, unreasonably abused.

Like the connection between the soul and the flesh, like the balance of the whole body Mana, hurting the deep part of the treatment even if the prayer is not immediately.

This is a very painful reason.

Because it is necessary to toure, that is to say, it is necessary to calm down a little in the future.

In this way, if you lie down a little, let Mana slightly –

【……Stand up

"… seriously"

I can not help but think about it and make such a voice.

People like me actually dare to leak a very disrespectful reaction. "Ah, ah, ah, ah!"The land repeatedly sins in the brain, and the reaction to me is not known. The words of the gods continue.

[Advance, crusade]

Open your eyes.

What to do.

What to do

[Believe, think, move forward. The generals of the demon who attacked Nailu, bring peace to the "Tear of Tears"

In this way, the revelation of the gods suddenly broke.

Did not answer any of my questions.

To do those who do this, and there is no such thing as a help.

Just, stand up and march, crusade the devil to bring peace, so to speak.

Let me believe, think, advance, just leave these words.

Even if it is no mouth, it really is too much.

Even if you say something a little, think so.


However, there is quiet trust in this discourse.

It is your words that can be done done.

This tells the voice of the ignorant god, the unspeakable voice.

「……It's too much, the gods are adults. "

I whispered in a wry smile.

It is obvious that the feeling is said to be very unreasonable, but the chest is full of courage.

It was said that was was said.

In this way, the words of unconditional trust – already, have to be done.

Because, already decided this way.

I have vowed to survive this way.

– To the extent that the body is slightly painful now, it is easy to get rid of life.

Breathe. Inject momentum and make awareness.

"Oh …Ah

Climb up, your feet hurt.

Shaking, holding the wall with his hands, his arms hurt.

Abdomen, shoulders, head – endure the severe pain that hits the whole body.

I took a step along the wall.

More than a moment of cleverness, what is needed is the action of bones and stupidity.

I do not know where it is.

I do not know why I fell asleep here.

Even so forward.

Stand up and move forward.

"Will – !?"

"Ah !!?"

Then open the door and walk to the dark corridor, and Luna Lia, who came across from the corridor, hugged.

The bucket and the towel will hold hold flying to me almost as if they were thrown away, but the next one is not the usual state.

"Well, you are fine …!"

"Ah …"

It's not that it's all right now, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts!

"Oh, sorry!"

Did you notice my appearance? Luna Lia left the body in a panic.

Being being hugged by women is an experience of accidental scarcity, it always feels like this before.

very painful. Because it is not the fighting time of the excited state of the brain anesthetic, it is more painful …

「……Body, is it painful? "

"Because it's barely, even the prayers can not be right, this is a little bit."

"A little more, take a break?"

"No, I have to go." Here – probably, Mr. Samuel's hiding place or something else? "

EH eh?

I am here, Luna Lia is coming out, this is the case, even though I think so, it is like this.

Mr. Samuel, then, after I fell down, I let me escape from the scene.

Obviously it is very hard, and it is still beautifully achieved.

How long have you slept? How has the situation changed?

While there are a lot of things to ask, it is all right to ask Mr. Samuel.

"So, do not go to him first."

「…………Shoulder, lend you


Luna Lia made my arm look like a diamond on the neck and let me put my shoulders on.

We walked very slowly in the underground corridor.

「…………I am sorry

After a little speechless.

She used the sound of the squeeze and said so.

"But it is faintly aware that it is a bad opponent. Adjust your position, make a stake, and plan to do it well. "

Just intending, she smiled with irony.

The face that has been low. The slender eyelashes swayed down.

……Well, just like what she said, I understand.

Though the demons also want my intelligence.

Plus, put her next to me, I have to protect her if I have nostalgia, and the layout of this physical attack has such a purpose.

Not accustomed to rudeness, she ignored this and exposed herself and me, as well as the streets, to the crisis.

Then actually, this battle worked quite well.

In fact, if Varasaka's afterimage does not wake up, I will die.


Distress, stress, sigh, responsibility that can not be carried.

Then Luna Lia's face fell into a sad shadow.

「……Then, do it better next time. "

I want to sweep away such a shadow.

If you can, I want her to laugh.

I tried to say so clearly.

"Will …?"

"There is no way to end things. There is no way to do things that can not be done well. "

It is impossible to do everything well.

I am also in this kingdom, and there is no good deal.


"If you are depressed here, frustrated, can not move on …People are really over. "

That, the past life of memory, I am afraid that is the case.

Depression and frustration, if you are afraid of everything, it is really over.

– I do not want her to be like this.

So, ah Let the demons come back. "


The god of the gods told me to stand up.

The god of the gods told me to go forward.

The gods have told me to believe, think, and advance.

So I also want to exist in this way.

"It will count. Let them be shocked and let them panic. Say "How!"


"Then, more people are cured than the injured part."

Do a lot of good deeds, right things, joyful things. Make a lot of things, a lot of laughter. "

I want you to love people, my mother said.

I believe the results are going forward, my father said.

So I also want to exist in this way.



Luna Lia looked at me.

The hair is messy and the pale face is pale.

Even with such a sad face, the eyes of different colors are filled with incredible beauty.

"- me ……If there is no such feeling, say so. How should we do

The words that leaked from the thin lips.

I thought about it a bit –

"It's just for you, I will always find a way."

If you need a break, this is fine.

"This is what is necessary for you to move forward."


After that, a little bit, we walked slowly and silently.

In front of the corridor, you can see the light.

Hearing the leaking voice, Mr. Samuel is there.

「…………It's really dazzling. "

Subtle voice. Can not hear it very well.

Yeah, what?

After asking back, the flank was pinched.

Injecting strength into the body of the pain, the part of the body pain is even more painful.

"Ah, oh …Stop, oh!? "

"I said that you really will be handsome. Really, obviously no one can walk well, and say great things! "

The voice that is said to be justified can not come out.

Actually, I was supported by her and finally able to walk.

It is said that it is a handsome man, it is already said that it can only be said.

"I am very worried …Also, I also borrowed a lot of you, help. There is thing that we can do. ……Everything is done casually, I always feel very angry. "

It is like a disgusting discourse.

Looking to the past, the result was an explicit escape from sight.

However, from this expression, the shadow of sorrow has receded.

– Great, I narrow my eyes.

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