Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 31

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 31

The huge claws of the wind lifted high and waved.

This is exactly the appearance of Longwei.

Repel all life in the world, overwhelming violent.


"Feng Shen. My god "

In front of the tyranny, it is the warrior who faces the tyranny.

"Wind pistol, give my hand!"

Pray for a miracle, and the gun that rolled up the hurricane sharply focused on one point, opening a hole in the claws of the wind.

In this hole, like jumping all over like a body, avoid the claws.

"■■■■ – !!"

Varaseka's throat trembled and released the "Spirit of Spirits".

But like chasing this, there is a prayer of the fire, which obscures the "Spirit of Words."


Pray and pray.

Be sure to guard the Warriors.

Mr. Samuel, who flies into his arms.

The cloak that winds up and flies, like a silver lightning flashed over the sword.

Neck, flank, wrist, calf.

Aiming at the key, but the soft but constantly approaching blade.

Varaseka retreats while jumping horizontally.

Chasing, meet.

Take out the "Spirit of Words" and pray out.

The blade flashed and responded with a fist.

The building changes the battlefield while making a sound of destruction.

Then, on the destroyed roof, both sides landed …

「……It's beautiful to be able to resist here. "

"Sincerity and fear"

The flow of battle suddenly stopped.

Varaseka slammed his nose, and Mr. Samuel, who was on the ground, pulled the cloak closer and exaggeratedly returned a ceremony.

Under the purple sky, the wind blew.

– The situation has been glued.

My prayers and the swordsmanship of Mr. Samuel, against the shadow of the evil dragon Varaseka, resisted.

While yes, resisting …

– There is no decisive hand.

I am anxious in my heart.

If you continue to fight this way, it will only increase the victim.

In addition, the long-term battle of the human body with the dragon as the opponent is unfavorable.

No, then come back.

– What will happen if you win?

Even if the assumption is won.

Even if I am lucky, I am not dead.

Well, after that, I …How is it good?

The curse of the dragon destroyed everything.

Burning down the street, sweeping away the house, and seeing the defaults of laughing a lot.

I might lose everything.

……No, it's just fine.

Paladin, become a dragon's gesture, runaway – what effect will it have?

The disaster that was missed, from the southern continent.

In the dangerous balance of the Kingdom of Fatel.

what what happ happen to you. what might happen to you.

What is frightening, I can not afford the responsibility, and countless things happen –

"- 呐, Will"

The thought of starting to roll up the dark vortex suddenly stopped.

"This squat says that it has become a bad thing."

The eyes covered with black masks always felt like the food that had just been bought at the stalls fell to the ground, and there was a vague smile.

Nothing is, just like laughing at everyday misfortunes – "no way", warm smile.

I only seem to be conscious, I can not help but be brought up and "haunted" together and smiled bitterly.

"Though this is an unfortunate disaster …Well, the winds of luck and misfortune are everywhere. If you live in this area and then participate in the bad news conference of the gods of the family, just think like this. "

Like the apostle's way of speaking, at the same time – hey, the sword of the sword is lifted.

There is only one thing that should be considered, he said so.

「……The confused renter, to be inside, still have to go out, have you considered it, the main house? "

I was so asked, I smiled softly in my heart.

Because of the smile that emerged from being driven – the whirlpool of black thinking does not know where it is get get smaller.

Speaking of it, the image of Fengshen has always been a smile, it seems to be a symbol of optimism.

The so-called laughter is really awesome, think so.

"If there is still a hand, let me see what" evidence "" (here is a pseudonymy, which can indicate the card and the lamp)

I prayed.

In response to the prayer, the gods showed evidence for me.

– A faint light appearance, flashing and extinguishing.

Can you seal the evil dragons? Is there a way to get out?

If you are just asked, the answer will come up.

Yes, can do it. – I can do it all.

Now, thinking about the things ahead, there is no way.

Now I have to smile, and face the time of resistance.

Injecting thanks and praying for the church.

Very good

Mr. Samuel smiled.

Dust and ash, covered with injuries, but with a smile.

"After the end of the scene, the evil dragon temple"

Varaseka is still laughing.

"Kuhaha …Is it a good idea? However, seals, expulsions, or exhaustion means, as long as my consciousness is healthy, do not think that there will be a complete result.

"What, here is my job."

I narrow my eyes all at once.

Showing your teeth.

"Evil Dragon Varaseka. – Take the Fengshen's front, run through!

"Air Walker" jumped up.

Samuel is like a blast to shorten the distance.


"■■, ■■■■ !!"

Take out the "Spirit of Words" and fly the space around you.

It's both boring and no tricks, just a powerful range of efficiency attacks.

But when this cracked, Mr. Samuel had been turned turned his head and ran away, but facing him in the sky,

"嘎 -!"

Chasing the claws of the wind.

In the air without a foothold, there is no place to escape – but his feet are stepping into the air.

OK, OK …

It is the protection of Fengshen.

The moment of prayer stepped on the air, a miracle of extreme height.

One step. Two steps. Three steps.

The "Miracle of the Wind" was reached in succession, and Mr. Samuel danced in the dark air.

The flipped cloak is also matched, as if it were a human whirlwind.

From this whirlwind, fly a short knife and rubble. Throwing skills.

The hand flipped quickly several times, and there are four short knives and rubble released in one breath. With the help of Fengshen and the strong downwind, the arc is accelerated.

My exercised body was visually confirmed and then escaped with reflections – avoiding the front and black small round rubble.

"Mum -!"

Even Varassera seems to be surprised.

The four short knives and rubble that were thrown out allowed the orbit to induce reflection with undue deviations – and five shots in one breath. Plus the final black rubble is a hidden attack.

A great trick.

But Varaseka was also surprised by the fact that my martial arts were of this nature – bending the wrist and hitting the side of the black rubble.

Intuition is not biased, black rubble pops open …

Easily, the rubble cracked open.

「!? ……AHEM! AHEM!

It is colorful powder which overflows, and overflows. ……Destroy the eyes!

In the middle of the hollowed out, the blackened eggshell is filled with ground spices and other things.

Unexpected one, if it is the body of the dragon, no matter what, the current body is my thing.

Because of the dragon's body, there is no possibility of stimulation. Varaseka is fiercely coughing and pressing his eyes.

"Hey, the big prize!"

Yes, now Varaska is definitely not an invincible evil dragon.

Not the body of a full-scale dragon – but my body, and then engraved on it, fighting with a reflective action, greatly seize the opportunity in the close battle.

The use of human weakness above human body is also applicable – for martial arts, the reflex action engraved on the opponent's body is backhand, and such a technique is also available.

If you do not want to be defeated, you can use the skill of injecting strength.

Inducing defense, aiming at the part used to take down the defense, deliberately aiming at the means of pain.

Let the other party think that it is a normal attack, and release the hidden hidden weapon.

Just throwing is also this.

Let the flying object be biased to induce a reflective escape direction, and even more through the opponent will use the strike to block open, if there is a counter – effect throwing object.

……However, even if it seems to work in theory, I really want to do the act of "throwing the dragon with the opponent as the opponent".

Based on the idea of ​​freedom, a highly intensive combination of battles.

"Wind God Vale -"

Visual and olfactory are enclosed by strong stimuli.

There is a breath of falling.

Stepping into the air cons, like aiming at the vertical drop of my head.

"Please look at it!"


Without any worries about the breath of the sword, Varaseka could not fully react.

The response to "the opponent who swung the sword from the bottom with the bottom sealed" can be dealt with without thinking, and I am not a paranoia for such detailed exercise.

There is not enough time to launch "Spirit".

It is not the speed that can be avoided by thinking about the post-action after using the unaccustomed body.

But Varassera is definitely not stupid.

The sword from the head, a blow to its blade, can not evade the head and neck. The body and arms, the shoulders are hit even if it is.

However the amount of bleeding is close to the limit, it is recognized as necessary damage.

– Deliberately take a shot outside the critical part, and then enter "Spirit" to kill!

In the field of vision that I can not understand my tears, I protect my head with my arms and take a breath-

"嘎 – !?"

The next moment is not a sniper that has been cut.

Not breathless. On the neck, there is a feeling of slender things.

Twisted first!?

"Oh, sorry!"

– Take the front of Fengshen, run through!

"That is, lie to you!"

From the top down, the opponent's field of vision is extremely poor.

The attack of the sword is guarded, and the opponent's complete defensive posture is solved for a counterattack.

Use "The Miracle of the Wind" to slightly change the angle of the pace, the perfect gap of the twisted first twist -!

The carotid artery was twisted up in in one breath.

The trachea is blocked, and "Spirit" can not be launched.

"Engrave" and the other arm to release an elbow.

But the fingers can not depict "engraving", and the elbow is cut through the air.

The body of the dragon will not work well, and the human body is now extremely effective.

In the perfect twisting posture, how much resistance is in vain.

The blood flow to the head stopped.

Consciousness fades easily.

"Oh, come -!"

Just add weight like this, twisting like pulling down – suddenly, consciousness is interrupted.

Come back, I am in the dark.

Deep, completely dark.

Even the outstretched hand can not see it in this darkness.

However, the shimmering sparkling gold eyes slowly groaned.

[This is the case, is that the case? ……Kuhaha, beautiful, beautiful! The fragility of the human body can really break through.

At the same time as the words heard, the nose smelled of strong sulfur.

The huge flesh twisted the body, slowly around me, like a round-like atmosphere.

Oh, I blew the heat to me.

[Then, "The Paladin at the End of the World" is awkward. – but the apostle of the god of the wind shoveled my consciousness. How do you seal me or exile? 】

The sound of the teeth.

Asked like it is very interesting.


……This voice, I was somewhere, I heard a casual attitude.

"The Great" The God of the Gods ", Varaseka. You already know it? "


When he looked up and asked questions, he was silent.

"You are the shadow of your past existence, the remnant of the" Spirit "that you constitute. Lost the flesh, the soul fragments

Yes, the soul fragments.

Losing the original flesh, there is no soul to go.

In this case–

"The words now. The words of this situation. I can return you. "

Yes, "The Guidance of the Divine Lights."

Returning the soul of the scorpion to the reincarnation, the manifestation of the miracle endowed by the goddess.

As long as there is this, return Varaseka –

[- can do it, do you think so? 】

Varaseka sneered.

[It turns out that this prayer is so effective, or it is slightly restrained, to seal it with the degree of heavy stone, maybe it will be like like this.

But in the depths of the flesh and soul, the dragon factor is branded. Even so, can you exile me from your body, do you really think so? 】

The corners of the mouth leaked out and it was was happy.

So I looked up at him.

"Oh, you can do it, of course you can do it."

Straight, so answered.

Varaska whispering to the "squeaky".

Keep a little distance and take a breath –

「……If you can guide the lights, accept it. "

So tell.

The atmosphere of Varaska, which was rolling up and down around, stopped.

【…………Library, library, Kuhahaha! 】

Then came, laughing.

It's like laughing at the space itself.

[This is really ridiculous! Why? Why, I have to help you! 】

In the darkness, the laughter continues, and the heat from the surroundings many more intense.

Like the tail hitting the ground, once and twice.

Indeed, I nodded.

Varaseka did not help me.

"Oh, there is no reason to help me. However, it is my wish to want this. "

[What is it? Can you say that I am afraid of the afterimage? 】

"Oh, fear. But this is not a reason. "

If you curse me and want to make me shatter, I am just a strong resistance.


"Your soul is hurt, so I am sad."

in the dark.


The giant body of Varaseka has a twisting body.

I straightened my back and put my hand on my left chest.

"No matter what form, if you want to surpass the number of deaths, you will have stagnation and distortion."

I have seen it several times so far.

Starting with the undead who met on the trip to Rust Hill, even Mary and Brad were distorted because they became undead.

Then probably …Even the undead god Taganet, who did not completely evade from the stagnation and distortion, did not know.

Beyond death, alive, alive, continue to live …Then lost something.

"You are like a fire, like gold, through the battle, this last page is likely to have stains.

I failed, you win, and greet the ruinous destruction, although I regret it, but there is no way.

……But it did not become like this. "

The longer my battle with Wallaseka continues, the more unnatural the state will remain in the world.

Stagnant and distorted, slowly accumulating – but the body disappears, but only that shadow stays in this place.

The current Varaseka body, confused and always feels a little casual air, I am afraid this is one end.

If it is, it is smeared with the smear of the smear.

Think of it here –

"If you can, I want you to be healthy in the reincarnation. Think so. "

Because I think your existence is very dazzling. "

Inject a great tribute to the evil dragon of the powerful enemy, and a few friendly love.

I told Varaserka in a quiet tone.

"Varasek, the goddess of light, will guide your soul with compassion and respect.

……Please be sure to follow the instructions. "

Varaseka did not answer this proposal immediately.

In the middle of the dark darkness, silence surrounds –

【……Yum. The dragon is boarding in the body, and his position is in danger. I really dare to miss the soul of the enemy.

Break the silent words and spit out the same tone.

However, the total feeling contains a breath of laughter.

【Silly. Have not you thought about it? 】

"Even if you are yourself, it is a little bit"

[But do not give in]

"Yes. – This is absolutely "

It is like swearing to the silent god.

[Convince the evil dragon to redeem the soul. – Kuhaha, what is the saint's work?

In the darkness, the breath of Varaska's laughter came.

This is not a sneer, nor a ridicule.

The corner of the mouth, the smile of the same smile.

[However, absolutely not needed]

In the darkness, the dragon reveals his teeth.

Deep in the throat, a dreadful, hot breath.

[Even if the body is destroyed, the soul is damaged, and the curse is still the place where the dragon is.]

Understand the break, I pray.

Even if you can not return it to the reincarnation, at least give this proud dragon a few sleeps, so keep praying.

"God of Lights, Goddess Phil,"

"Heroes," The Dragon at the End of the World "by Dragon Slayer"

Praying white clear light, and hot red light.

「……Rest, and guidance

[–Take this curse, give me a drink and see]

"The Guidance of the Divine Lights" and the evil dragon's breath are intertwined, and the dark space is dyed with light –

Then I woke up.

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