Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 30

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 30

– This is the reappearance of when the duel.


Like the name of "The Skywalker," Mr. Samuel is an extremely agile and sophisticated swordsman, and a godsman with a strong sense of the wind.

Jumping back and forth in a complex building, the footsteps are not slipping once, even there is also the protection of Fengshen, but mostly because of the lightness of exercise.

The claws of the wind that chased Varaseka tightly, once and for all, were not caught once.


Then the appearance of his prayers is exactly like a blast.

The Holy Shield, which appeared in a moment of prayer, is not as strong as as mine.

A soft, windy layer with resilience, like a curved arc, wants to avoid the claws of the wind –


Was forcibly torn.

"Oh, oh …!"

Samuel shunned strongly.

Varaseka is like a chase and hits with the wing of inflammation.

"Oh oh oh oh ……!"

Reluctantly took it, but Mr. Samuel fell to the road.


"Quite exquisite escape"

He used the prayers to avoid the heat, savvyly hooking the end of the building with hooks with ropes, and seemed to have succeeded in making a great distance.

Surrounded, vague, there is a breath of opportunity to wait for an attack again.

From the beginning, such attacks and defenses have been repeated several times.

……When will the duel be reproduced on a large scale.

Just smashed and soft, and pressed against the skill.

The reason is clear. The difference in output is very different.

The power of the "Spirit of Creation" that Zhenlong sings is overwhelming.

The claws of the wind, like a tornado, destroy the surrounding buildings.

Every time the white hot Yan Yi wing, the hot wind whispers.

The roof of the building where Wallaseka stands.

Like jumping from the surrounding roads, there are eight breaths.

My body violently waved, Varaseka waved the claws of the wind, and the wings of the fire.

All are direct hits.

But the clouds are foggy, and many of the rubble and the substitutes made with the protected wind.

Then, with the sudden storm, rolled up, breaking the roof of Mr. Samuel and rushing to Varasaka.

clever! Fly into my arms! I am in a state of consciousness, and I am shouting.

– As the six gods gathered a large number of faiths, the Fengshen Val has a wide range of protection.

As a contract of the god of business and gambling, the lucky blessing.

As a travel and investigation, the theft of the gods, the savvy care. (The healthy feet refer to the strong feet, can not find two words of Chinese, directly used Japanese characters)

Then, as the Vale of the God of War, it is a daunting agility and a number of illusions, as well as a blow to the hit, with this feature.

For Varassera, my body is borrowed.

It's strange how to calculate the level of force. If it becomes a short-term offense and defense, there should be some backward things.

Then I lost a lot of blood, and if the bleeding further increased, even if the dragon took the body, it would stop.

If you stop, you will be restrained and take some countermeasures.

……As long as there is a blow to increase bleeding, Mr. Samuel can win.

The sword's tip of the sword was close to the eyebrow, and Varaseka turned to avoid it.

Then, twitch the blade and want to cut off the sword of the back neck.

The time to kill.


But the next moment, Mr. Samuel opened his eyes.

I bent my arm, just at the moment when I pulled the sword at the neck, and hit the side of the blade with my back.

Unexpected resolution. The sword bounced.


But the blade flipped and the forehead was hit.

Varaseka withdrew his footsteps and avoided.

Then, Varaseka blocked the blow of the boxing, and the footing of the aiming foot was also the attack interval of the sword, and went further into the arms.

But the slamming of the air, because this action was turned up, Mr. Samuel's cloak blocked his face and sealed his vision.

In this way, he was covered by a cloak, and in a short period of time, he had a quick attack and defense.

Hey, the same sound as the split, while leaving some distance.

The vision is restored. But


"Question? …Why is it as a dragon, someone, and it's a freehand technique?

Surprised Mr. Samuel.

Varaska, who licks his mouth.

"Simple. – This man, the body remembers. "

How come, think so.

But then, it is possible, and I think so.

My method of combat is a method of fighting between the body and the head.

If you become a real war, you will not be able to separate the heads of the use, and give them to the body because of the fixed movement.

If this action is taken, Varassera is drawn to some extent –

"That is, can you use the dragon of the" Galalier at the End of the World "? …It does not make sense to have a degree.

"Kahha …"

Again rushing.

Flip the sword.

I just thought it was the skill of the North. I moved to the action of the Eastern Fans. When I was used to it, I suddenly became the sword of the orthodox Knight.

Though it is a sword like a rainbow, my body is constantly being resolved.

– Even the flesh that has been exercised has already become my enemy.

Driven by several colorful techniques and prayers, Mr. Samuel struggled to stop me from being captured by the dragons of the gods.


"Oh, yes ….What is the need for you to accompany you? "

Varasserka smiled slyly.

The sulphur smell was strong, and while the breath was leaking, Varaseka knocked out Mr. Samuel's blow and jumped up.

Then in the sky, the wings of the fire flapped – gliding.

This front is …Still, echoing the sorrowful and chaotic sounds, Avenue.


"…, your sister …!"

Samuel has a shaken breath.

Though I want to catch up, I can not catch up.

Rolled up the wind.

The sound of broken roof tiles and pottery sounded loudly.

More sorrow, confusion.

– Oops, this is bad.

Even now I was still fighting the demon, because most of the people who broke the sound of the destruction escaped, creating a vacuum-free no-man's land that did not exist in the metropolis.

Varaseka wants to go through this no man's land.

Investigating innocent people, Varaseka will not be embarrassed, even if they do not consider it it.

Not only that, but even survival is not expected.

……It turns out that that is is a proud dragon to seriously implement itself as a dragon.

Take my body, hide and escape to survive, oh yeah back to life – what to think, no matter how you think it is undoubtedly something that will be cast aside.

In this case, there is only one thing to do.

– The evil dragon was crucified by the paladin, but the curse possessed the paladin, destroying the country and disturbing the world, and finally being sacrificed by the warriors.

What Varaseka asked for is undoubtedly the end.

Use my body, like a boast of my own power, to violently violent, slaughter, and swallow.

Let the three four of the capital, even a country, be surrounded by flames.

Then one day, the soldiers sent by the gods killed.

As a fearsome dragon until the next generations continue to talk about, the last one to go.

"Kahha … !!"

In order to engrave his name in history, craving for blood and ink, Varaseka soared.

Several roofs pass under the eyes like a flow.

You can see the big road.

There are a lot of people.

Horror, desperate sight stabbed.

You can hear sorrow and scream.

– Obviously know that there is something to start after this.

I was shut up and could not do any thing.

Help someone or help someone.

Distortion of consciousness.

The memories of past life, the dim room wakes up.

My consciousness was gradually swallowed up by the dark mud.

Flashback memory.


Painful, tumbling.

My consciousness was gradually swallowed up by the dark mud.

There is nowhere to go to the anxious burning chest.

pain Extremely painful.

My consciousness was gradually swallowed up by the dark mud.

However, nothing can be done.

Nothing can be done.

My consciousness was gradually swallowed up by the dark mud.

no matter what.

I have, everything.

Everything is done – not done.

Finally, when consciousness is all sunk into the dark swamp –


The clear voice really heard.

Not a voice of encouragement.

Not a questionable voice.

Why can not you understand, say so.

Like blame, it is like awkward.

Like her without mouth, just one sentence.


Then I remembered it.

I can not do anything, but even so can do it.

"Hey, hehe …"

Varaseka seems to be anxious.

The claws of the wind are scratching the "that".

But "that" did not move.

Can not break, no shaking.

You sucker! …You sucker! … "The Paladin at the End of the World"! Even if you are taken taken away, you guys …Kuhaha! Really, it's hard to get around! "

In front of Varaseka, there are walls.

The sun sets, and it is gradually dyed under the sky of red wine color. Even so, it is bright and bright – people think it is the light, the wall of light.

"嘎 – !!"

The wing of Yan was hit hard.

The powder of fire flew around.

Even so, the walls, the walls of the lights did not shake.

– I offered a prayer.

Be sure to protect people.

Be sure to stop the dragon's footsteps.

God of Lights, the great goddess of circulation.

Give everything to you, please be sure to hear this prayer.

"Oh oh ooh ooh oh oh oh – !!"

Repeated hits.

Even so, it can not break the wall.

Even if there is only consciousness.

All the tempered flesh was taken away.

Even the throat and fingers that use magic are not.

Nothing can be done.

Even so, you can still still pray.

Still able, think of the connection with the gods.

Still able, thank you for getting something.

– People can pray as long as they have the heart.

So, believe in it, pray.

Like the original, now, not limited to the world.

Like your blessings, shining on the earth.

"■■■■■! ■■, ■■■■ -! "

"The Spirit of the Words" is split.

Destroyed vortex.


Lightning strike

Ice Block

Roll the wall of the light.

Even so I continue to pray.

My you, my goddess, my lights.

– Until the end of the day, give me everything.

The lights that circulate, the one who watches the soul.

Shine the world and dispel the darkness.

Repeatedly praying.

In the concentration of this ecstasy –

「……Did the owner of the body that was taken taken away block the way?

There is a voice coming.

The people who came back to God were completely gone – on the roof of the uninhabited street, Mr. Samuel glared at the sword.

"Apostle of Fengshen. Hey, the leisure time with you – "

"Oh, you, are you going to be completely riddled by bad thieves …"

Mr. Samuel deliberately ignored the dragon's words and held his head.

"It seems that I did not crush this guy. Will …When I was in the Paladin, I heard that you broke the gun. "

"Hey …?"

Slowly lift the sword.

In front of Varaseka, Mr. Samuel said in a grand way.

"In this case, um. – Is it true that there is no difference between you and me now? Plus now, I can look forward to the help of the Paladin. "

In front of the scales of the evil dragons of the gods.

Even so, he is as light and light as the guardian god.

"So just just listen to me. No need to accompany you – not right

Laughing, he laughed.

Then, just laugh like this fearlessly.

"Do not you be afraid to accompany you?"

Release this sentence.

The true dragon of the gods, "The plague of the catastrophe", to the extent of being smothered into the human body, to escape from such a thief, was asked.

At the end of this horrible origin, I have to write the words of "escape" and I was asked.


"Ha ha ha, is it right?" What do you say in the world until the end of the world is a species that is a laughing stock? Why do you say my god is Val?

I will never let go of such a funny topic.

Absolutely until the end of the world will be promoted.

Smoothly shrugging, though Samuel said this, his body posture is completely unintentional.

In order to stop the footsteps of Varassera, he relied on the reputation of Varassera.


"Okay, the apostle of Fengshen ….Give you a sin for letting you see insults. "

"Hah, thank you very much."

Varaseka understood this and stopped on the understanding.

My body, which is considered to be the dragon's cockroach, reveals the teeth.

Mr. Samuel smiled and set up a sword.

The blade that depicts the graceful curve is crystal clear.

"- The name of the newspaper, the swordsman

My name is Varaseka. "The sacred gods and the shackles of the disaster. Compatriots of lava and sulphur king lava

This wing remains in the world …Only a little left afterimage "

Varaseka used a name that was was infiltrated with a bit of complex intelligence.

「……But it was a little stupid to be asked to name the name. The sea breeze scented port Caixia, the black mask hides the face, and steals in the night when the wind is blowing intensely.

The god of the gods, the song of his forward, praised by the righteous thief, the people around him

– "Air Walker"

The sword tip pointed to the sky, and the hilt and hand guards were held in front of him, watching Mr. Samuel who took the ceremonial action.

"Gambling on the reputation of the good gods, the fearsome dragon. Apply for a duel to you "

Hearing the name of the newspaper, slowly, Varassera's mouth hanged.

"Kuku – that's it. Oh, the Warrior

The claws of the wind distorted the familiar air.

The wing of inflammation, burning fiercely.

「……It is enough to die under my claws! "

At the same time as the call, Varaseka broke into.

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