Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure No. 29

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Epicure No. 29

「……I really ate the boring thing. "

Use my voice.

Not what I am, very, boring like this.

The eyelids shimmered sharply, and the pupil began to change shape like a reptile. I do not know why, I can recognize it.

"Mum …"

"That" wants to take a step – shaking and squatting.

It is really hurt too much.

"■■■ -"

As an emergency treatment only, while several "Spiritual Spirits" have only been used, the blood is stopped. Basically, blood is not enough.

And then

In addition, I am afraid that "that" has already –

"I body to the dream of this bubble, the remnant of the" Spirit of the Spirit "that I used to constitute, …"

Slightly, it contains a lot of emotional voices, so whispered, then.

I did not look at it like this, "that", hey, the nose was so stunned.

「……But okay?

Daddy, like a sticky, slightly ridiculously containing dark feelings.

"The dragon is the curse of the winner, causing the destruction of things."

Whispering at the same time.

"That" manipulates my body violently, waving a wounded arm.

The few devils who flew from the back, "that" was easily torn with the wind claws.

Something is captured.

Something broke out of the body and the intestines were dug out.

Something was completely torn in half from the thigh to the top of the head.

HahaKuhahaha! "

The demons are completely unable to become opponents.

Perception, action, abnormality is generally sensitive.

Further, several demons took the joint and attacked.

With the building as a cover, let out the swaying, the avant-garde thoroughly implements the disturbance –


– While breathing out like a sneer, the claws of the wind stretched and ran wildly.

From the second floor of the violently burning building, I slammed my demon, and even the building itself was torn and collapsed.

Entangled around, a deafening crash.

The demons who were caught up.

Yes, if I am making a vow, I will not talk about it.

"That" is just to defeat the vulgar attackers and not consider the things around.

The dust that floats and the fire powder.

A glimpse of these things, "that" sucked a deep breath –

"Oh oh oh ooh oh !!"

Strong roar.

The huge dust generated by the collapse of several buildings collapsed like a huge palm swept.

It seems that the water in the waterway is surrounded by the wind and the wind that flies back and forth in the street.

The sound of red bricks and pottery broken.

Sorrow and screaming, resounding from afar.

"Kahha …!"

Because this roaring mood is getting better?

"■■■■, ■■■■ -!

The flames that ignited around were gathered into a wing with a "Spirit", and "that" flew.

The blink of an eye, the sky above the dusk street.

The gesture of "the one" that floats in the air is full of eyes.

– Carrying the wings of inflammation, carrying the claws of the wind, the golden devil.

Most people who witnessed, or felt the sound and breath, just fell into a panic.

Frenzy, trembling in place, ugly hands and feet and running away – or losing consciousness.

Chaos is accelerating.

Understand the things that can not catch up, yell, the voice of the crying person

I am licking all of this.

"KUHAHA, hahahahaha !!"

"That" – evil dragon Varassera, burst into laughter.

My half-sense consciousness, reaching this stage, also met profoundly about the situation.


Use "Put out everything" to take it into the body, the life of the evil dragon.

This is still, somewhere in me, sleeping.

Then until now – because of my life crisis, I am awakened.

– Such a thing, liberation in the street is unlikely to be good.

With an anxiety, I want to stop moving …I am lost.

Can not stop it.

Feet, hands, fingers, no one can do what you want.

Just like consciousness, the line between the body and the body is completely disconnected.

Just like in a nightmare, just the time when you look at the unclear scene.

Nothing can be done.



Such my horror, anxious.

There are struggles, like ridicule.

"Unexpected end," The Paladin at the End of the World "哟"

Varassera, whispering with a sticky voice.

"Your body is no longer yours, it is like this."

This is really a pleasant voice.

Conscientiously implementing as a dragon, showing the will and persistence of Varassera.

……Such an opportunity can not be let go, and it is impossible to let go.


So what is evil to start with evil is predictable.

Even so

"Blood, not enough …?"

That sight.

In front of that line of sight, the moment facing her direction, my consciousness was frozen.

Luna Lia.

I – I, shut into the sanctuary, will be her.

A look of horror and horror, looking at me.

"Sacrifice girl, though not like this – nothing, no change as flesh and blood."

Varaseka whispered.

My consciousness of being cut off from the flesh.

"The pain, the struggle, the final interruption of this voice. This hot blood, the taste of soft meat …It's being a long time ago. "

Pleasant voice.

Looking back, I saw her through the enchantment.

", Will …?"

Despite fear, timid trembling.

The opposite side of the sigh of the dragon, I looked at me.

"Well, you …No, no. Not Will? "

"Kuku …Of course, but also

The look of terror is also getting stronger.

But for her who had just asked her, she smiled slyly, and Varaseka stretched her claws to the enchantment.

The claws of the wind that infused with the great Mana will be poured into the sanctuary of prayer and slowly pulled apart.

"So, how do you start?" Start with your fingers, start your stomach …Still, feet? "

For Varassera who licked her lips with her tongue.

Luna Lia squinted her eyes, like a trembling body, holding her hands tightly on her chest –

「……What did you do to that person? "

I asked with a real voice.

"Hey. Worried about that than than yourself? "

"Yes. Me, it does not matter how you are treated. "

Because she has been doing the corresponding thing, she is so whispered.

"That that person can not do it. – Because, Will, is not someone who can die here. "

Then she, Luna Lia …Staring tightly, the eyes of gold.

Even the brave men who have fought in battle will give birth to the longan of fear.


"How can I be fine? – If you are finished, please. " Return him back "

This is really a sorrowful voice – but there is no scent, it is a true word.

I heard this pleading.

"Library, Kukuku …Kuhahaha! "

Varaseka laughed.

Loudly, happily.

"Oh, oh oh, fun! Fantastic! This is not the sacrifice girl!


Luna Lia's eyes, a moment, sparkling –

"It's the dragon to devour these ruthlessness."

Then, it was stained with despair.


"Stop it!

"The Paladin"

"Stop it!

"Stop it!

"Try it together, what?"

Claw, toward her, caught the past.

Disconnected from the body, Ielled with anger and despair –

Then, the blood spewed.

The cracked wound, the bright red blood spouted.

The blood that smashed around.

However, this is –


This is not the blood of Luna Lia who finally could not stand the power of the evil dragon, but the blood that Varaseka took, and the blood that fell from my body.

Varaseka took it, even if it was not as strong as the dragon scales, and the stronger body, the cut of this wonderful flash.

Varaseka greeted and waved the claws of the wind.

However, this did not catch the owner who released the sniper.

「…………Even if this is going to be an emergency, I always feel. "

Lightweight, grounded shoes sound.

A mask that covers the eyes and a wide hat.

The exercised body, the black suit that is easy to move, uses part of the Warcraft shell (as opposed to the body armor).

Incorporate several magical cloaks that look like "Spiritual Spirits". In the end, how many demons are blocked. The demon is attributed to the wreckage of the gray, and the marks of the cracks and scorching stain the cloak.

Depicting an elegant curve, carrying a sheathed sword –

"hateful ……Sorry

"Surprising Walker" Samuel Samfund, seeing me, seems to be very sad and stunned.

"Hey, the apostle of Fengshen?"

Conversely, it was was the corner of Varassera's mouth.

The dragon is very happy to be a sudden strong enemy That can not be said to be in a perfect state.

"- Is it a hindrance to stop my claws?

"No, not at all. Because the god of the family hurriedly yelled and hurried, and ran hard – "


"In the middle of the street, what happened to a dragon like a human being, it is impossible to be enlightened."

There is no surplus in the voice of Mr. Samuel who muttered in this way.

The feet can relax like any time, like a temptation with a saber hand, moderate tension.

The eyes are like a absent-minded stare at my whole body. I pay more attention to the standing position of the left and right legs when I move forward. The center of gravity is leaning forward – completely, it is the posture of the opponent on the absolute grid.

"Yeah, but at a glance it is a dragon. This golden eye, this roaring – oh yeah, the mythical dragon is really smashed, you can not help but suck your breath?

"What is it?"

Varaseka laughed.

"- Let time?"

If nothing happened, Samuel was hard.

"Really, this knight's body is so full of ingenuity. If you delay the time, you will bleed, and you will lose your sense of consciousness when you move away. "

A smile that reveals the teeth.

From the corner of the mouth, it overflows with helium that is rich in sulfur odor.

"But it is not as good as as defeating my paladin, you are also a great warrior. Because of this, I understand it. "

Slap the wing of inflammation, step by step, and carelessly shorten the distance.

That's it – Mr. Samuel, who jumped back three times and made a big distance.

No one can say that this is timid.

"With such a thing as an opponent, do you still think there is a chance of victory?Hey! Even if you can understand this, you are better than the devil! "

Varaseka smirked and waved the claws of the wind carelessly.

It was only this aftermath, surrounded by three or four buildings, with the collapse of the boom.

"Sar, end with the blessing. Start fighting? What do you want me to do? What do you want me to see? "

But it seems to be a simple attack, the scope of the damage is as good as the original claws, not a joke.

Avoid it with a desperate look and avoid Samuel, who is back in the collapsed wall.

"-, give my god a wish-"

While repeatedly jumping and retreating, the claws of the wind that are released will be avoided one by one, and the rubble will be blocked by the sword.

He began to sing something quickly.

"Achieve the miracle hands of the miracle! Achieve the charm of lucky Fengshen! "

This is not the Spirit of Creation, but the blessing of the gods.

An application for prayer.

In order to let the world show the power of its patron saint, a simple ceremony.

"Six winds, eight winds, seven winds! Coupling weaving, running through! "

Like responding to this voice, Varaseka took a deep breath.

Mr. Samuel stopped and set up the sword.

"–the god of Fengshen!"

This moment is full of light.

On the battlefield of the impoverished city street, for a moment, the wonderful melody of the wind is filled with the surrounding, faintly shining beauty, and the huge blade of light overlaps with his sword.

The blade of God, which was revealed by the prayer, its sharp edge, spurs to Varaska at the speed of Thunder –

"Destruction exists."

Just one sentence.

In just one sentence, Varaseka uttered the "Spiritual Spirit."

It is entangled in a vortex that is more powerful than unreasonable, twisted and broken, and easily broken.

The Blade of Light shines like a snowflake and fades like a melt on the rubble.

"Is this the killer?"

Vareseka with her head on her head.

"The Blade of Fengshen, it was once confronted with it in ancient times."

Even the gods are afraid of the pressure, the evil dragon of the gods.

In front of this manifestation –

「……God can save lives, can only say this, ah.

Samuel's painful face wrinkled.

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