Paladin of the End

By Yanagino Kanata

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 28

Volume 4:Prostitutes in the City of Eihua No. 28

啪 z 啪 z, sounds like a wood burst.

Black smoke emerged, screaming at the flames of every household. "" Fire, "" What is the "devil"? What are the "devils"?

– The corner of the twilight street, like hell, has become a whirlpool of chaos.

Ah? .. Ah …

The pale face of Luna Lia was swayed by the swaying fire.

Even if she is not the cause, but the related conspiracy has led to such a state of affairs.

Any idea is of course, but –

No problem

I tried to laugh and said so.


"There is always a way."

While saying this, she will put her her.

Gently, in order not to to hurt her.

「…………Will? "

The expression of Luna Lia was gradually distorted.

It's like being surprised, then grabbing your mouth like you aware of it –


"What can be done, no problem."

NoCan not be done "

Unbelievable, thinking calm down.

When will such a day come, I will always think so.

– Set up this vow, and to kill me is limited to this method.

I thought of it.

Even if you want to kill my enemy, I think of it.

So I will probably die in this way, and some solution in my mind is solved.

If you want to die, you can not fight.

In fact – in the distance, the feeling of fighting came faintly.

Who is breaking through the devil's encirclement, is approaching here.

However, this is also very far away. I am afraid I can not catch up.

So after this, the probability of survival is not a lot.

Stop at this place and fight above – the corresponding probability, I will die.

The gods are adults …

"Please, give it to you."

After offering prayers, it was like a faint enchantment around Luna Lia.

The high guardian prayer, "Sanctuary Prayer."

– At this moment, she is not in in danger.

"Will …!"

But in her expression, there is no peace of mind.

Her pale hands, countless times, knocked on the enchantment countless times.

"wait ……Why?

Tears appear,

"It's my fault !? It is my fault! Obviously why, you want, do not do this, no … "

"The bad thing is the devil."

To the question of Luna Lia like yelling, I tried to answer with a calm voice.

Then slowly, a smile emerges.

If you can, smile, do not be so distorted, just think about it.

"And, the paladin, retreating in front of the devil -"

"Do not be afraid!"

Ah, can not you fool the past?

"It hurts, I hate it, I want to escape …Like this level, know it! That being the case, why …! "

It is said so.

I suddenly remembered the nostalgic words.

– There will be something to lose. It will also be blamed unreasonably.

– The beneficiaries are betrayed, they are forgotten, and they lose what they have built, leaving only a large number of enemies, maybe this will happen.

That day's smile.

– Even so, please love people.

– Please also do more good.

– Please do not fear loss, not destruction but creation, forgiveness for sin, hope for despair, joy for sorrow.

– Then, guard the weak from all the violent.

I will not forget.

Absolutely, will not forget.


"There is always a way."

I laughed so much.

Probably still, the expression is very distorted.

Seeing my expression like this, what do you think of?

Beyond the enchantment of the enchantment, Luna Lia, like leaning against the wall, was exhausted and squatted on the ground, and saw it at the end of the field of vision.

The needle is the same, the chest is very painful.

However, already, there is no alternative to fighting.


The biggest weakness of the meteorite was acquired by the opponent Superman.

Being due to several curses and weak strategies, Garna and Kuuchulin, who still provoked the final battle.

The hero in that story really a very good job, so think.

– The power that should be possessed can not be fully played. It is such a terrible thing to face such a battle.

It is facing the staggering "Captain Level" Talpida, and the few demons led – and then put on the posture.

The devil's mouth shouted and screamed like noise, and at the same time, began to straddle with weapons.

I am afraid that the goal is to fight against it, but to spread the flames while spreading away, far and wide to tease me.

The odds are probably quite bad.

3:7, 2:8 …Probably, that's it.

But it is not as desperate as the battle with Varaska, it has shaken the reality of terror and crisis.

It is not a desperate desperation like a dragon, and it is a positive challenge to invest all the power.

Instead, the pot That was malicious and painful was tied, the hands and feet were tied, and the ones were pulled in little by little.

In this feeling.

"- Gambling on the goddess, the light of the ancient Lacefield!

I am again, devoted to the battlefield.

……Like a sticky tar, it is a nightmare battle.

The situation is getting worse at a moment.

Running on the roof, the flying raft wall fell into the alley.

"■■■ – !!"


Knocking down the demons who attacked the citizens.

Let's go Upwind! "

Shouting the moment of refuge,

"The Fire of the Sun!"

On the roofs everywhere, the demons sang the spells of the fire, where they spread flames.

"Ice of the Ice!"

In an instant, the firework shot several fires and smashed into the ice-cleaning of the "marking" that was tracked.

At dusk, the blazing burning red and the crystal green trajectory collided and bounced off.

However, if you sing "Spirit" and describe "Inscription", you will stop anyway.

Then aim at this moment.

"Aha !!"

Let the white blade shine, or set up a claw, a number of "soldier" demons attacked from the shadow of the roof and alleys.

Can not completely avoid, can not completely resolve.

Let the dragon factor be tenacious, forcing several attacks with the arm and the body.

"Oh …"

Though he was still ruined because of the cut in the blade, he took the sword and cut it back.

But even this moment, still.

"Hey …! "Ya Yan Zhi"! "

The burning flame spread and the fire burning in the streets expanded.

If the spread begins, it will not be solved.

Properly deal with the demons.

But anxious still rushed to the roof.

Open your hands –

"Wind Helps the Fire", "Dissipated by the Wind" …! "

The throat is also dry, shouting "The Spirit of Fire Fighting."

The wind pulsing up the vortex, reducing the fire that burned around and over.



As a singer of the price of this "Spirit of Spirits", I was deeply stabbed in my flank.

Initially, there was no pain. It's a shock, and a wonderful sense of foreign body.

Then, I saw the moment when the arrow was stabbed like a birth from the abdomen –

"Hey, hey !!"

Like burning, a strong pain hits.

Just bite the big tooth and endure it.

Exuded tears.


"Oh, oh oh …!"

Still, I have to run.

Even if you grow from the abdomen, even if the curse erodes the body.

I also had to attract the attention of the demons and had to fight.


Will demons the arms, feet, and cuts.

Take the miracle as a shield and use magic as a spear.

Run back and forth on the street, jump back and forth, and continue to fight the demons.

Jumping and jumping, the arms and abdomen are like the pain of being nailed into the thick nails.

From the stabbed sputum, sustained blood loss.

– Already done enough.

Such words flashed in the brain.

– It's ok to have the knees folded down.

Such words flashed in the brain.

– You see, you can not run yet?

This kind of discourse flashed in my mind several times, and repeatedly slammed myself in my head to overwhelm it.

Jump Chasing the demons that are scattered.

"Captain Level" Talpida stood on a roof and set up his claws.

– Kill the words.

"Oh, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah !!"

Stretching the rest of the body in general, like a arrow.

With the sword taken from the devil, I want to smash to Talpida, this moment.

Hey, the impact on the thighs.

It is a feeling of impression.

……Shao Yu.

At the moment when the field of view occurrence narrow, a blow from the side is attracted.

Perfectly counted.

The feet did not listen to the command and the posture collapsed.

Sliding down the roof, falling head down – impact.

Although he barely took the posture, he was still affected by the whole body.

And one end of the sacral stalk hit the slate floor, and the arrow in the body twisted.

The arrow stirs the strange feeling of the body and the internal organs.


I have not even heard the sorrow.

Struggling on the slate floor.

But in the slanted field of view, you can see the devil's posture that attacks people …Already, the body is not active for me.

I still have bleeding from the corner of my mouth. Even so, I want to stand up.

Pursuing the fallen me, the devils headed by Talpida around the ground, raised their weapons high.

Was swung from all around and covered the steel blade of the curse of Dragon Slayer.


No, it will die.

The cool part of the head, so whispered.

……I was surrounded by a surprise attack, and I was used by the vows that I made, and I was beaten and killed by my strength.

Suddenly, if you do not know what you know, it seems to be a situation of anger and anger. Think so.

Obviously she worried about me, or did something bad.

But even so.

If you are still in the same situation, I will do it no matter how many times.

Same as the gentle god, swearing.

Flashing like a lantern, so boring thinking.

Even at this moment, the body that has been exercised is still struggling in the blood that has accumulated itself.

Even if there is, there is no possibility of survival.

It is killed even after a few seconds.

Even so, the blade that is swung down is blocked, or resolved, and you want to explore the possibility of survival – but I do not have any spare power to do what I want to do.

The demons cried like curses and cut them down to me –

Then – hey, the heart beats strongly.

Come back, my consciousness, where is the darkness.

Then the golden eyes like reptiles …Slowly, wide eyes, I saw it.

The blade is boiling.

Not a metaphor.

I waved down to my fallen body, the cursed blade that should have been engraved on my body, boiling, and I felt cruelly melted when I saw it.

It's like – just like, being lava or something else, it's sprayed.


"- 嘎噫 噫噫!?"

Chaos, screaming demons, my consciousness is looking from somewhere.

– My body, ignore my actions.

Although it is not in a jury that is not jealous, it is like a device with a clockwork, and it jumps agilely and agilely.

The body is entangled in suffocation, and the eyes are with strange brilliance.

"■■■■■ – !!"

Dry throat, shouting "Spirit".

I waved my arm, but it was not the time, but the head of the demon around it flew easily.

Condensed Mana, the agglutinated claws cut the devil's head deep.

"You, guy – !?"

Talpida, who barely avoided it, continued to change his appearance during the screaming.

"■■, ■■■■"

Again, there are several "speaking spirits" that are not known.

It's just like this, so the curse of the troublesome 弩 矢 is stripped off like pulling it out.

__ – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Could it be that Could it be that You sucker! …

Devil 飯.

Twisted my face and laughed with my voice as if I had any pleasure.

"Kuku …Kuhaha … "

Where is the memory, this voice.

The existence of this name is –


Talpida wants to call out the name of the moment.

"■■■ …"

Its right arm was hot for a moment and flew.

It is, too easy.

"Oh ah ah ah ah ah ah !!?"

Taking advantage of the carbonized arm, I want to jump to the rear of Talpida when I am depressed.

However, the "that" that violently walks inside me does not allow such a mediocrity to escape.


The lungs accumulate exhaled, and I do not know where the hot heat from them is rolling up the vortex in the body.

"Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh – !!"

The next moment, what is rolled up what is called the roaring is too gentle.

Centering on my body, the slate floor flips up.

The surrounding buildings were shaken like the fists of the giants, smashed and smashed, and the shutters came out.

"Hey, hey …"

From the opposite side of the roaring Talpida, keep the stance of trying to escape hard –

"Hum …"

Walking through my body, running through its chest, grabbing the heart with five fingers and easily returning it to gray.

Far away, I heard the panic of people panic.

This roar, I know.

This is a terror that is rooted in instinct.

This is the roar of the absolute, letting all creatures run wild.

– "The Roar of the Dragon".

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